XPLOR 400 PRO / AD400 PRO Accessories – Now Available


Gel, Grid, Barndoor, Snoot, and Long Focus Reflector accessories are now available for the Flashpoint XPLOR 400 PRO / Godox AD400 Pro compact portable strobes.

And the Flashpoint Barndoor Kit, Snoot, and Long Focus Reflector are available now from Adorama from $18.





The BD-08 Barndoor kit includes a Gel and Grid Holder which attaches directly to the front of the strobes supplied reflector.

The Barndoor can then be attached or removed as required.

A 20° honeycomb Grid and 4 Colored Gels are included in the BD-08 Kit.



DB-08 Barndoor Kit




The SN-04 Snoot concentrates light into a small circular spot pattern. A removable Grid further concentrates the light.

The snoot attaches directly to the strobes supplied reflector, or can be stacked with the Gel and Grid Holder above.


SN-04 Snoot




The AD-R12 Long Focus Reflector attaches directly to the compact bayonet style Godox Modifier Mount built into the XPLOR400 PRO / AD400 Pro strobes.

The 7″ diameter Long Focus Reflector concentrates light into a narrower beam than the supplied compact reflector, effectively boosting the strobes output.





The Flashpoint / Godox BD-08 Barndoor Kit, SN-04 Snoot, and AD-R12 Long Focus Reflector are available now from around $18 –

BD-08 Barndoor Kit – Adorama, Amazon, UK, B&H Photo, Ebay

SN-04 SnootAdorama, Amazon, UK, B&H Photo, Ebay

AD-R12 Long Focus ReflectorAdorama, Amazon, UK, B&H Photo, Ebay


Flashpoint – Website

Godox – Website


  1. Tim 2 years ago

    Godox have done so much for lighting but I don’t see how introducing this proprietary mount was a good contribution.

    These accessories should fit the AD600 PRO as well and that could have easily been achieved by making them use the Bowens mount.

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      Only the AD-R12 used the new mount. The other two fit on the end of the standard reflector.

      There’s Bowens mount equivalents of all three of these modifiers which will fit on the AD400Pro and AD200Pro.

      I think it’s quite a good idea to have these. If I can use the lights without the Bowens adapter it makes my setup simpler and lighter. The AD-S85 softbox looks good too. If there was an S-Type bracket or an version of the AD-B2 which had that mount it would be great (being able to fit the Bowens, Profoto, etc. adapters on it would be a bonus). An AD400Pro and a couple of AD200s would cover a lot of the things I do.

  2. Ricardo Gomez 2 years ago

    I’ve pretty much set on the AD400 Pro units. Being 2lbs lighter and $150 less expensive than the AD600 Pros, to me is a great value. You only lose 1/2 stop of power which I wouldn’t need. The only time I’ve really needed more power than a regular speedlite could provide was on a bright day at the beach and the sun reflecting off the water or using an enormous modifier. Even the AD200 units might be enough. The AD400s would just ensure me power for all day use on these extreme or rare circumstances….

  3. Craig Rennie 2 years ago

    any word on an extension head?

  4. Andy 2 years ago

    I’ll only get the AD400pro when they release the ac adapter.

    • Mark Lee 2 years ago

      And the extension head.

    • Ricardo Gomez 2 years ago

      That’s odd. I just assumed there was an AC adapter for the AD400pro. It’s even on the AD400pro product page as well…. But yeah, that’s a bit of an issue..

  5. Adam 2 years ago

    The ebay listing for the AD-R12 mentions a bowens mount. Is this a mistake?

  6. Mark 2 years ago

    What I would like to see is color gels that aren’t a useless set of novelty colors.
    I would love to have a set of CTS, CTO and CTB gels. But instead we get a yellow, green, red and blue. Dead useless except for a high schooler trying to complete an assignment thinking this is cool.

    • John Wilson 2 years ago

      I have a full set of Lee colour correction and colour effect gels. I’ll just cut my own for the holder like I cut my own for the gel holder in my Bowens fit barn doors. and Ad200 round head gel holders.

  7. Paul Ellis 2 years ago

    My kit arrived a few days ago. The barn doors are nicely made but lack a filter holder. The grid is OK but its holder is quite chunky. Being quite fiddly to fit, the coloured filters are more or less a waste of time. A square of gel and gaffer tape is much quicker and affords the same result. The barn doors live in my lighting bag; the rest of the kit in a box on the shelf.

    All in all a bit of a missed opportunity. To be really useful this kit ought to be an enlarged version of the AD200’s AK-R1.

  8. Michael Santos 2 years ago

    Can anyone confirm whether this will fit on the reflector for the AD600pro?

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