YN-560 III Released with Built In RF-602 & 3 Radio Receiver!

YongNuo have released the latest MK III version of the popular YN-560 manual flash unit, this time with a major update of RF-602 and RF-603 compatible 2.4GHz Radio Receivers built in!

The ageing RF-602 and 603, with relatively low sync speeds and lack of refinements, are not our ideal manual radio trigger choice, but the YongNuo Lead Radio Trigger Engineer has previously stated publicly there will be a new radio trigger compatible with both the RF-602 and RF-603. The new YN-560 MK III flash compatible with both 602 and 603 makes that trigger sound a lot more probable.

The YN-560 III specs have no mention of Remote Manual Power setting capability, though this development of built in radio receiver paves the way for some already strong speculation Remote Manual that will also be coming soon in one form or another. Could this function even already be built in to the YN-560 III, only to be enabled with future transmitter units?! [ UPDATE – YongNuo have not confirmed or denied this possiblilty ]

YN-560 III Back LCD

Note the graphic dip switch Channel indicator icon at the bottom left of the LCD screen, this helps you set the corresponding dip switches on the RF-602/3 transmitter units. Later triggers will hopefully no longer have fiddly dip switches like this, so the Channel number is displayed on the flash LCD as well.

Also note there is a Group Selection option (by pushing the 2 centre buttons together), this does very much look to be a feature that will be enabled with a future transmitter supporting a group selection function. [ UPDATE – Group Function with coming Radio Triggers Confirmed! ] This increases the possibility of Remote Manual Power Setting as well.

YN-560 III

Yongnuo the 2.4GHz wireless flash YN-560 III

  • – Using RF-602 / RF-603 2.4GHz built-in radio receivers. Range 100 meters and above.
  • – Full support for RF-603, RF-602 wireless transmitter. Supports 16 channels.
  • –  Large LCD screen, clear and easy to use.
  • – Power zoom function 24 ~ 105mm.
  • – GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm.  Supports M / Multi mode.
  • – Sync methods – triggered on camaera, 2.4GHz radio trigger, or optic slave with S1 and S2 pre-flash avoid.
  • – HV power outlet for external battery packs.
  • – PC sync port.
  • – Sound Prompts system (beeps) (Note: the sound can be turned off).
  • – Recycle 4 to 5 seconds at full power, faster with external battery packs
  • – Custom Functions.
  • – Settings saved automatically.
  • – Strong Metal Foot.


Price and Availability –

The YN-560 III should be available soon on the YongNuo Ebay store, expected around $86.


YN-560 II (from aprox $75)
YN-560 (from aprox $45)

YongNuo Ebay Store


  1. the flasher 6 years ago

    Out of all the Chinese flash manufacturers Yongnuo are my favourites…. after years of messing around with poor quality Poverty Wizard triggers I bought myself a set of 602 triggers and finally realised what the word “reliable” meant!

    Then few years later they dropped the 622c’s and my life changed again!

    This product shows the direction they are heading in and its looks very promising indeed!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      They are certainly moving in the right direction now. It will be very interesting to see what the RF-602/3 update is like, expectations are pretty high now, but I think they will come through this time.

  2. Jan 6 years ago

    sounds grait. I would allso be grait if the build in at A mode like the old days, where the flash it self are messuring the light. Set the iso and the f stop on the flash, and it would mesure the output. It could be wery usefull, the canon 600ex-rt has it, så does the 480ex II they call it ExtM.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jan,

      Yes the old auto mode would be cool, but for off camera use it only really works with one flash, otherwise they confuse each other. Still good for one flash though, even off camera.

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