NEW YN-622 TX Controller with LCD Screen Coming

YongNuo will release a new YN-622-TX controller unit with built in LCD screen and user interface for use with the current YN-622 TTL and HSS triggers.

UPDATE – Now Released!

The new controller will be a stand alone transmitter unit mounted directly onto the camera hotshoe, (not on top of an existing YN-622 pass through hotshoe, like current Nikon master units need to be).

YongNuo have received a lot of feedback regarding the limited user interface on the recently released YN-622N triggers for Nikon. And listening to customers concerns they have fast tracked a new transmitter unit with built in LCD interface to be available in October.

There are not many details yet as to what exactly the new transmitter will be like, other than –

  • Canon and Nikon versions coming
  • Stand alone transmitter unit
  • LCD screen and user interface
  • Full control of current YN-622 receivers
  • USB port for firmware updates!
  • No Pass Through Hotshoe

And they will obviously allow full control of the flash system directly through that built in user interface.

The image below is just a photoshop mock up example of what the new YN-622 TX could be possible be like. We don’t know yet if it will take this format though. It could possibly also be an upright style unit more like the Phottix Odin. It won’t be in the format of the new Pixel King Pro which still allows a flash to be mounted on top.

YN-622 TX

Just to be clear, the new YN-622-TX will be a stand alone transmitter unit, able to control the current YN-622 transceivers (being used as receiver units).

So if you have an existing set of Canon or Nikon YN-622 triggers, purchasing the new transmitter would simply mean you will have an extra receiver unit to use then as well. And the existing YN-622 transceivers can still but used as transmitters as well if desired (just as they are now).


Nikon YN-622N

With the Nikon YN-622N, if you prefer to have a flash mounted on the camera as well, the Nikon version of the YN-568EX II flash unit with master control function should also be coming soon as well. That will mount of top of an existing YN-622N transceiver, mounted on the camera hotshoe, and provide a full remote flash control interface.

UPDATE – The YN-568EX II for Nikon has now been postponed – there is currently no set expected arrival for this flash. The Nikon SB-700, SB-900, or SB-910 would be the most suitable alternative for now.

Current compatible master flash units for the Nikon version YN-622N, are the Nikon – SB-700, SB-900, SB-910. As well as the Nikon SU-800 controller. [ Note – SB-800 is NOT compatible as a master ].

Canon YN-622C

Canon YN-622C users can simply use the cameras current built in flash control menu to make adjustments. Even though that offers a lot more control and feedback than the Nikon YN-622N (without a master unit on top), it’s still a lot of hard work on your thumb navigating menu’s etc if using manual power settings. So a new transmitter with built in interface will be a lot more convenient and a welcome addition for Canon YN-622C owners as well.

Canon users can also mount a flash on camera as shown above, but a master function in the flash serves no purpose there, and is not required.

YN-568EX YN-622C Flash Control Menu


The YN-622C and YN-622N are currently the lowest priced TTL, Remote Manual, and HSS enabled radio triggers available, and incredible value for the price. If you had any concerns about the lack of control interface, you can rest assured now there is a solution coming soon in the new transmitter unit.

For Nikon owners who can’t wait until October, the Pixel King Pro for Nikon will also be available in just a couple of weeks (at a higher price though).



YN-622C  –  Canon – aprox $85 a pair Amazon Fulfilled, Amazon UK
YN-622N  – Nikon – aprox $89 a pair Amazon Fulfilled, Amazon UK

YN-568EX II Canon – UK – (HSS, optic master – no external battery port) (issues reported in some Mk II model)
YN-568EX Canon
 – UK – (HSS – no external battery port) (no issues as reported in MK II above)
YN-565EX CanonUK – (external battery port – no HSS)
YN-500EX CanonUK – (HSS, 1/2 stop less power – no external battery port)

YN-568EX Nikon – UK – (HSS – no external battery port)
YN-565EX NikonUK – (external battery port – no HSS)

PC sync cord to connect Studio Lights – Amazon – Amazon UK

The Phottix Mitros Flash units also appear to be quite compatible with the YN-622

Mitros Canon – UK
Mitros Nikon – UK


  1. the Flasher 7 years ago


    Christmas has come early!!!!!!

    Please Yongnuo make sure it has a AF assist light built in!

    AND hypersync timing adjustment

    And an LCD backlight that comes on automatically, so I don’t have to press a tiny button to turn on the backlight which only stays illuminated for 5 seconds!!!!

    And please make a high end flash with BOTH HSS AND EXTERNAL POWER SOCKET

    ANd how about a really BIG off camera flash with a huge capacitor like the Godox Wistro or even something like the Elinchrome ranger that has TTL or at lease remote manual power control…

    Just wishing………

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hehe… Thanks for that Flasher.

      I think the AF light is mandatory, LCD back light is a very good point, I will forward that to YN.

      My suggestion would be to add YN-560 III control to this unit as well.

      And even then still add a pass through hotshoe somewhere (even on the side) to connect other triggers as well when needed.

      Thanks again.

      • Greig 7 years ago

        Totally agree with you.
        I hope that they include YN-560III support with this new 622 commander.
        I currently use an SU-800 on top of a 622 trigger to control my 568’s then hook up a 602 trigger to the PC-Sync socket on the 622 to trigger my 560III’s.
        One controller to control 560’s and 568 would be a brilliant implementation and also reduce the height of my triggers on top of my camera.

    • Jason Langley 7 years ago

      You took the words right out my mouth! If the 568 had external power port and quick locking mount like the Mitros…… It would be perfect. I use and love The Yn622s and only wish they had a dedicated interface.

    • chilipilot 7 years ago

      re: AF assist light
      an assist light that really covers ALL AF-points would be VERY helpful. the assist light of the 622c is – well – a little bit “basic”. for a dedicated transmitter on camera, the AF-assist-light should be a lot more reliable.

  2. lianggc 7 years ago

    And firmware upgrade ability via usb port, and …

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks lianggc,

      Are you saying the firmware upgrade via usb port is included? or just part of our wishlist?

      [ For those that may not be aware – lianggc is the brains behind the YN-622 triggers ]

      • lianggc 7 years ago

        It’s already there.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Fantastic, thanks lianggc.

          Feel free add any more details 🙂

          Thanks again.

        • the Flasher 7 years ago

          one more request…….

          Radio Poppers have a JRX system where by you turn a dial to adjust the power level of the remote flash. The signal is sent to the Rx and power level can be controlled on any TTL flash via the Quench pin. This allows remote power adjustment on the older TTL flashes which aren’t directly compatible with digital cameras.

          would it be possible to implement this kind of control in the new commander?

          Even if i had to buy some new Rx that supported this function just so i could use some old flashes that I have lying around such as the big old Metz 60ct4…. that would be amazing if i could adjust power levels remotely with that flash!

          Please…….. 🙂

          • Kris 7 years ago

            As YN have followed Canon protocols closely, RP style control is almost certainly impossible and would require a clean sheet of paper.

            If you want RP style, why not RP products (though they are not without their problems, admittedly)?

            What’s the estimated launch date of these eagerly anticipated controllers?

          • Robert T. Johnson 6 years ago

            The YN565EX for Nikon does not work in TTL mode with the Radiopoppers, only manual as well as the Meike MK910, so far only Nikon flashes will work in TTL mode where the power is adjustable via the Jrx system.

  3. Armin 7 years ago

    Brilliant news!
    To keep up with the Pixel King Pro a USB port, a pass through hotshoe and a hypersync timing adjustment would be nice. But hey, a better interface for Nikon is even a fine thing without those features.

  4. Marco 7 years ago

    For me, a very important requirement would be, that they give a clear list of compatible flashes and what functions those support.
    Because a very strong selling point would be a full compatibility with a cheap TTL-flash like an older 430 EX (I) which many people tend to have. Or of course the newer ones from YN themselves (I think the YN-500 EX would be the cheapest here).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Marco,

      EDIT – Update – YN-622C-TX will have a compatible option (manual control) for 550ex/580ex/380ex etc.

      Compatible flashes – as far a YongNuo flashes go this is pretty simple, ALL YongNuo TTL flashes are compatible, except the few which have a single firing pin (as of now the YN-560EX and YN-510EX) Thanks.

  5. Kris 7 years ago


    A Canon version of the controller, Mr lianggc, pretty please, cherry on top.

  6. iTuner 7 years ago

    Cool picture ELV!

  7. MRomine 7 years ago

    Awesome! Great news!

  8. chilipilot 7 years ago

    good news!

    lianggc, great work. thanks for the 622s. i love them.
    i guess, you are thinking about controlling more than 3 groups for the upcomming 622II, right?

    anyway, i will be a buyer.

  9. jd 7 years ago

    and while you’re at it, when can we have YN-600EX, please? with built-in 622 radio receiver!

  10. Brian Hursey 7 years ago

    Think it will be in the sub 100$ range? I would expect price point to be at least in the 70s+ US$

    • Ike 7 years ago

      I hope so 🙂 This is indeed great.

  11. Mat Smith 7 years ago

    Dear Flash Havoc

    You touched on a really important point in your article about how 622c users have to use their Canon camera menu to set flash power output on the remote flash. I came from using RadioPoppers (the original version) where you could mount flash on camera *and* control the external flash using the on-camera flash.

    My RPs are starting to fall apart now, and the 622c units I bought don’t allow me to do the above, so I’m tossing those out too.

    Am I right in thinking the above doesn’t solve that problem, because the new YongNuo controller won’t have pass-through? (I do really need flash on cam!)

    Basically my question is: what’s the best device (quality, usability) that allows me to

    – mount camera on flash
    – trigger external devices and set their power quickly (don’t care how, just not through the camera!)
    – solid build, don’t require velcro, etc.!



    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mat,

      You’re right there, the new YN-622 TX won’t help for a flash on camera. The Pixel King Pro will allow the flash on top of the pass through hotshoe to be controlled directly through its own interface.

      But the real solution at this point is the Canon 600EX-RT flash, and more 600EX-RT as slaves. You have no pass through hotshoe to worry about then, or receivers etc. The problems can come there if you don’t have 2012 model cameras (as you can’t then mix TTL and manual groups easily then) or if you want to fire other studio lights etc. Then you need to use another transmitter connected to the camera PC sync port to fire any other lights. Other than that they are going to beat stacking a flash on top of transmitters. Thanks.

  12. Mike 7 years ago

    Flash power adjusting must be FAST…..
    – Dedicated button to choose Group A for power up or power down.
    – Dedicated button to choose Group B for power up or power down.
    – Dedicated button to choose Group C for power up or power down.
    NOTE: That is 3 separate buttons….otherwise it involves menu scrolling and is VERY slow (ie: Phottix).

    Yongnuo VS. Phottix Odin:
    – Phottix Odin requires multiple button selects in menu to change flash power for A,B,or C.
    – Having to pause for 5 seconds just to change a simple setting is ridiculous with my Phottix system!
    – Phottix – one excellent advantage is it works in the winter (-15 degrees C // 5 degrees F).
    – My Yongnuo system fails consistently in winter after 2-5 minutes (doesn’t get any flash to fire). Basically Yongnuo only works part of the year, not the full year.
    – Yongnuo DOESN’T WORK in WINTER!
    – Yongnuo YN622 transceivers don’t work in winter either on Cannon or Yongnuo flashes.
    – Yongnuo new controller… to be determined – this is your chance Yongnuo to make a fast easy system that works all year (including winter).

    – Yongnuo – MUST FIX WINTER PROBLEM, BE ABLE TO WORK IN WINTER … just like Phottix Odin (-15 degrees C // 5 degrees F)

  13. T.A 7 years ago

    Will these units allow adjustements similar to what Phottix did with their Odin ? (ODS timing function).

    I really hope so.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      YongNuo have not mentioned anything like a timing adjustment as yet, so we will have to wait and see. The firmware is updatable though, so adding features may be possible in the future. Thanks.

  14. Law242 7 years ago

    I have been using the canon flash menu interface for some time now, and honestly it is what it it.I am use to it.As they are I LOVE the my 622’s. The updates I would really want from this unit are, usb connect/firmware updates.
    Similar to pocket wizards “hyper-sync” utility, the ability to fine tune the super sync feature with various flash/strobes
    AF assist beam

  15. MadManAce 7 years ago

    To me the best, fastest interface is the PW AC3 setup control dial. They are rock solid with my Einstein monolights but way too unreliable to use with the Canon speedlites. With the YN-622C, I get 100% reliability, but going in to the camera menu is a hassle. I have high hopes on this YN-622 TX, hopefully YongNuo goes the faster control dial route and use the LCD for other functions such as zoom, HSS, etc.,

  16. Mike 7 years ago

    Is it at all conceivable that the USB on this unit could possibly allow for firmware updates to the 622?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      I don’t know if that could be at all possible technically, but I think the practical chances of YongNuo providing updates this way would be extremely slim unfortunately.

      At least they have made the move to USB now, hopefully that will go into all TTL flashes etc as well.

  17. Graham 7 years ago

    Novice strobist here regarding gear…
    I have a D300s and a sb-900. I wanted to add 1-3 other flashes and control everything from the camera. I’m a hobbiest and just require something to take family portraits or play around in the back yard with my kids…no weddings or events etc. I’ve been playing with the sb-900 off camera with the pop-up flash as the trigger. From researching the site I’m thinking I would add a YN-568ex. My question is if I go outside would the pop up flash still be ok as the trigger…or would I need to use the sb-900 or su-800. Is a yongnuo su-800 style trigger on the way…or would I need to invest in the yn-622?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Graham,

      Nikon CLS is certainly a lot more useful than Canon’s optic wireless system when used outside. But I personally think not having to worry about flash communication makes it a lot easier for anyone to use off camera flash.

      How well CLS works outside is pretty subjective, and you’re probably best to just try it yourself and see how it works for you, but buy any extra flashes with the thought of them being compatible with radio triggers later if needed.

      A set of YN-622N only cost a couple of hundred dollars for a few flashes, so they are still cheaper and much more convenient than an SU-800 or master flash on camera. So I would skip any optic master units and just go radio if you’re looking at alternate transmitters.

      So basically I would just get the YN-568EX first, and try working with that and your SB-900 off-camera, with the pop up flash as commander. If you’re not happy with that, then grab some YN-622N. But you will really want the coming YN-622N-TX transmitter to control them once that’s available. Thanks.

  18. Anthony Baker 7 years ago

    YongNuo will release a new YN-622-TX controller unit with built in LCD screen and user interface for use with the current YN-622 TTL and HSS triggers.

    UPDATE – Now Released!


    I can see that you’re saying:- UPDATE “Now Released”,– However it’s certainly not on the Official YN Web Site! So it would be a great help if you could confirm the Availability and also the price?
    Rgds, Anthony.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Anthony,

      The only details we have about the YN-622-TX at this point are listed here –

      YongNuo appear to be running quite behind on a couple of trigger releases already, and they are not making any more comment on this now, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see delays here as well. Thanks.

  19. Bill 7 years ago

    What does it mean “No Pass Through Hotshoe” I have the Yn560II, YN565EX, YN568EX with the YN622C shooting with the Canon 6D. Will this unit work with my Gear to control all Flashes and Transceivers from on top of My camera’s Hotshoe?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Bill,

      A pass through hotshoe allows a flash to be mounted on top of a transmitter on the camera hotshoe like this.

      You will have full control of the YN-565EX and YN-568EX, but not the YN-560II (or III).

      At this stage the YN-565EX is not all that much difference in price to the manual YN-560 flashes so just using all TTL flashes is they way to go for full control with the YN-622-TX. Thanks.

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