YN-622N TTL Trigger for NIKON is Official – & Coming Soon

YongNuo radio trigger lead design engineer Guanchao Liang has today confirmed the Nikon version of the very popular YN-622C TTL radio trigger is official, and should be available within the next few months. With Chinese New Year shut downs now being the main challenge.

Hard details on the feature set are yet to be confirmed though Mr Liang commented ” I am really excited about the coming YN-622N. There are a couple of unique features, I believe it will be very helpful for photographers.”


The recent Canon version YN-622C were somewhat of a breakthrough in price and performance of inexpensive TTL radio triggers. Bringing the convenience of remote flash control from the camera, in both ETTL and Manual Power setting, to a very affordable level. With a retail price around $80 – $95 they are the lowest priced TTL capable radio triggers currently available, though still offering a lot of capability for that low price.

The Canon version allow full functions from the Canon Flash Control Menu, including TTL and Remote Manual power setting for up to 3 groups, as well as HSS for shutter speeds up to 1/8000th, and Second Curtain Sync. Also as a full TTL pass through hotshoe for flash on camera use, and a very usable lazer pattern AF assist light (provided you have one that’s aligned correctly).

YN-568EX YN-622C Flash Control Menu

The big question yet to be answered is whether the Nikon version, without the similar camera menus, will have the same range of functions. The Pixel King for example (which is a quite similar type of trigger) only has basic single group TTL, and no Remote Manual control, in the Nikon and Sony versions. So YongNuo may have to pull out something even more special for the Nikon version YN-622N.

YongNuo also have the current lowest priced HSS enabled TTL flash available now in the YN-568EX , ready and waiting to team up with the new YN-622N triggers. Original Nikon flashes will of course be supported as well.

See also the full review on the Canon version YN-568EX HERE.

 YN-568EX and YN-622C

Stay posted for more updates on the YN-622N features and availability.

Available now are the YN-622C for CanonYN-568EX for flash Nikon and Canon.

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  1. Andy 7 years ago

    I recently bought the Yn-568EX and the supplier told me that the YN-622N maybe coming out in June 2013 obviously I cannot confirm exactly if this is true or not.

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