YONGNUO – YN 50MM F1.4 Lens – Unveiled!

YongNuo have unveiled of all things a prime 50mm lens! The new YN 50mm F1.4 very much resembling the original Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM.


YongNuo YN 50mm F1-4


The YN 50mm F1.4 prototype lens was seen on display, and featured at the YongNuo stand last week at the China International Photograph & Electrical Imaging Machinery and Technology trade show.


YN 50mm F1.4


Other than the new lens there does not appear to be anything new in the way of lighting gear released. The already available YN-E3-RT transmitter does not even appear to be on display.


YN 50mm F1.4


There is not much in they way of details on the new YN 50mm F1.4 lens, the display unit reported to be a basic prototype. The display banners would indicate YongNuo are serious about promoting and producing the new lens though.

YongNuo prices are generally around half that of the Canon equivalent. With the excellent $110 Canon 50mm f/1.8 already available though, the YN-50mm F1.4 may still be a tough sell, unless they really do have some extra performance to offer over the basic Canon f1.8 lens.

Its very interesting to see YongNuo now diversifying into lens production of all things though.

In the mean time the long wait for the YN-622C-TX transmitter, YN-600EX-RT flash, and now very long awaited YN-560-TX continues.

More images of the YN 50mm F1.4 can be seen here – www.weibo.com/szyongnuo

Sources – YN622.RU and dc.it168.com


  1. Armin 7 years ago

    Late april joke? 😉

  2. the Flasher 7 years ago

    Note to Yongnou….. before you “copy” any more canon stuff perhaps you could make a TTL flash with both HSS and an external power socket…..please!

    • Robert 6 years ago

      Yes I would purchase in a hart beat.

  3. Loveboy 7 years ago

    Or maybe release the promised remote power control for these yn560iii flashes sitting around…

  4. SithTracy 7 years ago

    Wish they would just stick with off camera lighting and flash.

  5. Javier 7 years ago

    Are they loosing strategy and direction?

  6. Pablo 7 years ago

    Remote control for the 560-III please!

  7. Alex 7 years ago

    Yongnuo has been very innovative lately. Well featured flashes and triggers for very low prices. And their worked well. Now the best they can do is rip off a 20 year old lens that is now being totally outclassed by a new wave of 50mm lenses (Otus, Sigma Art, Nikon 58mm)?

    Of course, I’m assuming the lens design is as original as the external design, but I don’t think I can be blamed for thinking they drew this design on tracing paper…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Alex,

      Being an old lens is likely part of the reason they have chosen the 50mm to start with, as any patents are likely expired now.

      Their recent direction appears to be firmly set as an imitation company now though, which is pretty unfortunate.

  8. TrP 7 years ago

    Next up, the Yongnou “DSLR” just watch, lol. I hope they stick to flashes and triggers too. I’m still using their old CTR 301p. My YN 04 II’s finally broke and they don’t make those anymore. I’ve been waiting for new triggers from Yongnou and what do I get…a lens, lol.

  9. m4tik 7 years ago

    I hoped for a “B1 like” wireless TTL monobloc from them 🙁

  10. iTuner 7 years ago

    Preoder $299.99 :)))

    EDIT by FlashHavoc – Link to untrustworthy store removed – That price is unrealistic and the lens is not currently available, so don’t trust any pre-orders at this time. That price is very likely over inflated.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Has anyone tried the 2 x teleconverter already by any chance?

      • Ultrazauberer 7 years ago

        I tried the teleconverter but my 550D/6D in combination with the Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS II USM had problems to autofocus correctly. So I sent it back. With my Tamron 28-75 f2.8 all was working fine but I wanted the converter for more focal length with a tele-lens. The optical quality was quite good. Here is a processed example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/97696442@N03/12488808474/

    • Alex 7 years ago

      “… it’s the only lens in the EF system to combine the extra-small Micro USM and still provide full-time manual focusing…”

      Maybe Yongnuo hasn’t heard of the Canon 50mm 1.4, but I doubt it. They copied this description word-for-word from Canon’s website.

      I’ll be honest, I can’t help but mock Yongnuo for this. Their previous efforts would mimic Canon, but they still had some original design elements and they always did things the Canon models lacked (ST-E2 could rotate in the hotshoe, their TTL flashes had optical slave modes, the 560 III had a built-in radio trigger, etc). Even though they copied many physical designs, at least they had interesting features, a good price and they spent time on their own advertising.

      Now we have a product that is an exact replica of the Canon, with no new features that we can see, completely stealing the original advertising and offering it for the same price…

  11. badphoto 7 years ago

    Hopefully they won’t get into the cheap zoom market.

    Better wait for the Yongnuo 300 2.8 IS, which will be available when the 622 tx is.

  12. DB 7 years ago

    I’ve been very impressed with my Yongnuo 560 III Flash, I hope Yongnuo make a series of fast lenses for the Sony NEX / Emount Cameras.

  13. ksporry 6 years ago

    how original, a chinese company that copies something existing… Yes, it is due to the patent having expired. Note to all, it’s not going to be an interesting lens UNLESS they use the exact same optics, which they won’t because its a chinese company that copies other people’s designs. So they copy the shape of the glass, use inferior chinese made glass to make the optics, and voila, you have a piece of rubbish that I wouldn’t even want to bash someone’s head with….
    As a note, I do agree with others that their speedlight and radio trigger stuff is pretty decent fro the price you pay. They woul ddo better stick to that as that’s what they are taking the world with. Copying canon lenses only will result in destruction of their hard build reputation for their other stuff…

  14. Mark 6 years ago

    I want a full frame Youngnuo DSLR for $1000 with 24-70 2.8 for $700 and 70-200 respectively.

    We also want to see some competition in the software department, copy lightroom and add more features such as a more robust book module, ability to clone from a different file, better online gallery module, website module and everything that goes with it such as hosting.

    Oh and please give me a new Yongnuo android phone with a 6″ display and better specs.

    Thanks Yongnuo!

    Oh, and looking forward to RF-603 III triggers in december with TTL pass through feature and grouping options, please drop the PC sync cord and add a locking clip mechanism instead in there,

    Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada!

  15. ken 6 years ago

    I would easily purchase a powerful Yongnuo Bare-bulbflash with ettl for Canon.

  16. King seo 6 years ago

    Nobody would be happy if anyone copied your best selling lenses. Is the easiest explanation just the fact that they’ve got the capabilities to make them sufficient? I’m not taking anyone’s side, but the fact that a lot of our technology we buy is made in China, its only a matter of time before someone in China did this anyhow. They can replicate a Range Rover for crying out loud; I think a lens is extremely doable; and they did. I just bought a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 last night haha but the only thing I’m thinking about buying directly from China is a lens hood that only costs $3.00 compared to Canon’s ES-71 II which sells for over $50 in Canada and only $25 in the US. People are going to buy their cheaper 50mm’s because they can and to save money. Reverse engineering is not new; just ask Ben Affleck about that movie he was in that did just that over 10 years ago.

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