YONGNUO – Coming to B&H Photo



B&H Photo Superstore in New York have now started adding listings for the popular YongNuo flash and radio trigger products for the first time.

Its certainly taken some time, though its looking like the days are now gone when just trying to purchase YongNuo flashes or radio triggers was half the fun and adventure.

A number of listings for YongNuo products have started to appear, meaning stock is likely on its way now. And no doubt there will be more popular YongNuo products to come soon.




Prices also appear to be reasonably competitive with Ebay and Amazon etc. While B&H should provide a hassle free 1 year warranty, and their excellent service.

And even for international customers B&H have been steadily chipping away at shipping costs. DHL courier to Australia for example starts at $16.50, down from around $60 minimum options just a couple of years ago.




You can see all the current YongNuo listing at B&H Photo here. With more likely to come in the near future.


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  1. robert 4 years ago


    if youre in the US its better to buy from BH as youll get it faster and have faster repairs should u need it.

    if you live anywhere else, its best to buy from a reputable dealer on ebay. I buy from thephotogadget.

    the same prices as BH (whcih is the standard more or less everywhere) but includes free shipping.

    • Richard Walker 4 years ago

      I buy from overseas and find amazon and its network much better.
      Will try ebay sometime.

  2. Earle 4 years ago

    And that “usually ships….” disclaimer means that B&H likely is not stocking the product but it will ship from the manufacturer. Not necessarily a bad thing I’ve had that happen with Elinchrom hoods, a Chimera speed ring and most recently the Interfit TL-i N rebranding of the Godox V860n.

    So while there will be more exposure through B&H it’s not necessarily stocking the gear yet.

  3. Brian Hursey 4 years ago

    This is good news.. B&H is the go to here in the US for equipment for me…

  4. Jeremy 4 years ago

    Well not that they really needed it, but being listed on B&H sort of makes them legit now (in my eyes anyway). I’ve had a few of their products and always been happy with them. It’s just nice to see that these are coming from a reputable place.

  5. YS 4 years ago

    It seems Australia is the only country with that option! For many other countries it’s only UPS and those rates have gone UP.

  6. Juan 4 years ago

    I hope they have Godox Product soon!

  7. Author
    Flash Havoc 4 years ago

    YN-560 III, YN-E3-RT and YN-622N-TX now in stock.

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