YongNuo – Incompatibility Between New Flash Systems

YongNuo have two great 2.4GHz flash and trigger systems on the way with the new flagship YN-622 TX, TTL and HSS enabled transmitter due next month, and the YN-560 TX remote manual transmitter to arrive a month or so later.

But as promising as these 2 systems are looking, YongNuo have confirmed they will have no direct compatibility with each other. So you will effectively have to choose one system or the other, and stick with that. Or start looking at workarounds to somehow cobble the two systems together again (as we know many people will try to do). Which is frustrating, because that really just shouldn’t be necessary.

So there are basically two separate lines of triggers and compatible flash –

  • Manual / Remote Manual – YN-560 TX, RF-603 II, RF-603, RF-602 – Compatible with the YN-560 III flash unit with built in remote manual receiver.
  • TTL / HSS / Remote Manual – YN-622 TX, YN-622 transceivers – Compatible with TTL flash units like YongNuo EX flashes, and compatible Canon/Nikon TTL flashes.


Manual / Remote Manual

The manual line of triggers are compatible with the recent YN-560 III flash unit, which has a very convenient radio receiver built in, and the coming YN-560 TX transmitter which will enable remote manual power control with that YN-560 III flash unit.

They are also compatible with the existing RF-602, RF-603, and now RF-603 II basic manual radio triggers (which only fire flashes, no remote power control).

(Please note, the transmitter images are currently just photoshop examples of what may be expected)

YN-560 TX

TTL – HSS – Remote Manual

Then there are the YN-622 line of TTL and HSS enabled triggers, which also offer remote manual power control, but only with compatible TTL enabled flash units mounted on YN-622 receivers. No other YongNuo radio triggers are directly compatible, except for the coming flagship YN-622 TX transmitter unit.

The new YN-622 TX transmitter due next month should allow easy TTL and remote manual power level directly through the simple built in LCD screen interface. But only with TTL flashes, and not the YN-560 III flash above (with built in remote manual radio receiver built in).

YN-622 TX


So the problem comes if you want to mix in YN-560 III flash units, when using the YN-622 transmitters and receivers.

Currently you can place an extra RF-602 transmitter on top of the YN-622 pass through hotshoe, to at least fire the YN-560 III built in receiver. But we know there is no pass through hotshoe on the coming YN-622 TX, so you won’t be able to do that work with the new YN-622 TX.

YN-622C and YN-560 III

So at best this will mean trying to jerry-rig a second receiver to the camera’s PC sync port, (or possibly to the new transmitter if that possibly has a PC sync out).

Otherwise you could purchase YN-622 receivers for each YN-560 III flash. But that seems just a little ridiculous when the flash already has a more convenient radio receiver built in, and the YN-622 is still not going to be compatible with the remote power control.


This situation has come up (at least to some degree) due to YongNuo trying to support previous RF-602 and RF-603 owners by taking the YN-560 III down that compatibility route.

The question is where should it go from here now? YongNuo say these are two separate lines of triggers that won’t be compatible due to history reasons. But its very obvious in the near future most other companies will have nicely integrated remote manual and TTL systems. Triopo where actually the first to announce theirs months ago.

As mentioned a while ago in the YN-560 III review, one of the most common questions I get is are the YN-560 III compatible with the YN-622? So surely YongNuo also already had to see this issue coming.

It may be a big call, but personally I think if there is no practical way to add YN-560 III support to the YN-622 TX, YongNuo should just bite the bullet now and move YN-560 III compatibility to the YN-622 system rather than RF-602/3 support (call that the YN-660 III for now). Maybe they can offer both, but do it now so people know which remote manual flashes to buy into.

The two systems are not going to go away though, so a dual transmitter catering for both receivers may still be the best way to integrate them. I thought there was a good chance YongNuo would have already catered for this in the coming YN-622 TX, but obviously not.

So have YongNuo missed the priority here again? Would you prefer RF-603 compatibility or YN-622 TX compatibility with the YN-560 III flash if it came down to that?

In an ideal world people would just use one system or the other, but that’s just not going to happen. Both systems are going to be extremely popular, and people will be rigging their own dual transmitter, and cursing YongNuo for making their life difficult. YongNuo need to get this show on the compatibility road as soon as possible.


  1. Fearless 8 years ago

    In my opinion, the best way to increase our off camera flashes lineup is to leave alone 560III system, in favor of TTL 565ex or TTL & HSS model 568ex which are both compatible with yn-622 system ed the new coming 622 TX.

    The difference in price is not to much and with 565ex and 568ex you have the benefits of CLS or ETTL-II wireless, and TTL on camera

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Fearless,

      Thanks for that. I meant to mention that built in TTL receivers in flash units in the YN-622 line are inevitable eventually (but likely still some time away yet).

      But it will be a long time before prices are comparable. The YN-565EX is around a $140 now which is close to double the YN-560 III currently just $77 Amazon fulfilled. The price of the flash with TTL receiver will be higher still, so they are not really in the same class.

      YongNuo could have had a nicely integrated system right now, with no barriers to choose just one option or the other. Instead they have forced people to make difficult decisions, and made the upgrade path difficult to if they do start with just the remote manual. So there are really no winners there.

      • tommy 8 years ago

        could you say Hi Fearless
        instead of Hi Robert
        Cause we don’t know who is Robert.
        Just saying to avoid confusion
        in a already VERY confusing article.

        YongNuo should just start a NEW number series for system that
        are NOT compatible

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Thanks Fearless 🙂 that’s a good point about the name by the way.

          Ok, if you think this article is confusing, this is exactly the sort of confusion that this situation has created. And everyone trying to buy into new will also find very confusing.

          I have tried to explain to YongNuo this is already creating a headache.

          Regarding the names, you can distinguish to a large degree as YN-622 compatible must be EX flashes. The exception are YN-560EX and YN-510EX which are only IR/optic wirless slaves in TTL. They really need a completely different name to avoid confusion. Thanks.

  2. Jason Langley 8 years ago

    All I ever wanted is a remotely adjustable manual flash with same power of a 580exII and power port. I have been patiently waiting for the yn560III to make this evolution. My problem is that I already invested in Yn622s and need the pass through for bouncing during wedding receptions. I may just completely switch over to the 560 system and use two remote lights instead of one remote for rim and on camera for fill. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Author
    Flash Havoc 8 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    That’s exactly the problem, many people (if not most) need to at least have a TTL flash on hand, and often carry a couple.

    But that’s all the TTL flashes they need, the rest should be able to be YN-560 III, and all fired and controlled through the one YN-622 TX which can make use of the TTL flashes as well.

    Its just a crazy shame to have these two systems available and then not compatible.

    • Kam 8 years ago

      Totally agree with Jason. This is what I usually do. I have a bracket holding yn622c and ETTL flash with my camera. Have a yn622c plug in the hot shoe of my camera. So I can piggyback RF60?TX to the yn622c later.

    • AJ Luna 7 years ago

      YongNuo should have outlined their products’ evolution timeline so they could have foreseen this dilemma. I am trying to make a smart decision about choosing which system I should invest to, but now I am re-considering opting out of Yongnuo. Decisions, decisions, effin’ decisions. Amp.

  4. iTuner 8 years ago

    Yes, it would be great if YN-622TH compatible with the YN-560III.
    But this is not an easy technical problem.
    YN-622 is attached to the Wireless E-TTLII and CLS but YN-560III has nothing on board to support these protocols.
    Embedded in the YN-560III expensive trigger for synchronizing only does not make sense.

    In my view, it would be logical to build (YN-622) during the flash YN-560EX and YN-510EX, which already support optical wireless protocol. If it is possible.
    And of course, need a flash with a similar Canon 600EX

    I often use YN-622C with studio technology and connect via cable receiver YN-622C with transmitter studio flash units.
    Similarly, you can connect the RF-603II if necessary. But I am afraid that the RF-603II will not enter PC-sync like RF-603. Then again have to take up the soldering iron….

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi iTuner,

      Thanks for that. At the very least, could the new YN-622 TX be made to at least fire the YN-560 III built in receiver? And the YN-560 III power levels then just be controlled by a YN-560 TX held in hand. Thanks.

      • iTuner 8 years ago

        From an engineering point of view:
        to get even just fire the YN-560 II with the YN-622TX/YN-622, it is required to fully embed transsiver YN-622 in its entirety.
        Most likely the receiver YN560III and YN-622 is not compatible at the hardware level.
        Otherwise it would not hurt to make them compatible

        • Loveboy 8 years ago

          That is the real question, isn’t it… Do they use a compatible transceiver module. The rf602/rf603/yn560iii all use the A7105 module, and a fairly simple protocol. But I don’t have a 622 set, so I have no idea about those.

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 8 years ago

            Thanks guys, this is great insight.

            But how can YongNuo help then. Many people will be trying to run 2 transmitters, so to what degree can YongNuo incorporate these 2 transmitters, can they put 2 modules into the one transmitter case and transmit and fire both receiver modules?

            It may sound silly, but combining the 2 transmitters is what people will have to try and do themselves otherwise. YongNuo need to get this show on the compatibility road one way or another.

          • Loveboy 8 years ago

            Just an update on this…

            Having got some 622s to check out, I see that they use the A7125 RF chip (and A7770 RF PA/LNA).

            According to the datasheet, the A7125 is only capable of 1Mbps or 2Mbps data rates. The RF603 (A7105) uses 500kbps, and the RF602 (A7105) uses 125kbps.

            However… there are some references to it doing 500kbps; it does indeed have some “reserved” values in the data rate divider and being a simple frequency divider I’d be surprised if they didn’t work. Would have to test it to be sure, and of course it would be using the chip out-of-spec.

            There is also an A7137 chip that appears to do all data rates required to talk to both of the other modules.

            What does this all mean? Well, not a lot unless Yongnuo actually make use of it, but hypothetically either with an A7137, or running the A7125 at 500kbps (assuming it works), one could trigger both 603 and 622 receivers.

            Of course they do not use the same protocol or ID prefix, so you are still looking at sending two trigger packets. This is going to delay one set or the other, and perhaps reduce sync a little. Although if one used some sort of pre-sync (ODS) on the 622s, then regular sync to the 603s, this might be effectively staggered so as to not matter.

            Anyway, all just idle speculation at this point…

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 8 years ago

            Fantastic information again thanks!

            Its nice to know what is actually technically possible, thanks.

      • Mike 8 years ago

        What Yongnuo could do is provide an output on the new YN-622 TX that could fire a 603/2 using cable to hotshoe to 603/2 adapter. This could be 2.5 or 3.5 jack. They may even want to sell the appropriate 2.5 to hotshoe cable adapter.

        Alternatively they could simply include a 2.5/3.5 input on the new 603 to accept triggering from the 622 output when the 603 is in transmitter mode, so that these can in turn trigger 560iii at the same time as the 622s trigger other 622s.

        Ideally if this output port could trigger fire on second curtain when such is selected so that the 565s/568s/etc. fire a the same time (same curtain) as the 560iiis.

        If Yongnuo would allow 560iii owners to fire second/rear curtain using their 622s by means of such cable to 603 connection, I am sure a lot more 622s and 560iiis would be sold.

        Of course just being able to combine their couple 568s and with their five 560iii when firing would alleviate half the headache.

        Allow me to trigger my 560iis on second curtain by 622s via 603 and my headache is gone.

        Give me controllable time delay of the trigger and I think I am dreaming.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Thanks Mike,

          I mentioned a possible sync out on the new YN-622 TX, but have no idea yet if YongNuo would have considered that.

          That is a a very good point about second curtain sync, pre-sync, and even live view shooting.

          But YongNuo should really combine this dual transmitter option already, to save you the hassle of extra loose hardware to mount (and add reliability issues etc). Thanks

          • Mike 8 years ago

            You are right on the money about that. I purposely did not even allow myself the pleasure of considering the possibility Yongnuo would ever put together the two isolated systems into one obvious heaven-sent whole without us having to tinker and solder about grudgingly.

            Combining the two systems would be graceful. It would be cleaner. It would be surprising. It would be unexpectedly altruistic for someone to make it so easy for all of us.

            I venture it would buy Yongnuo a very loyal following. I think I would have a party to celebrate.

            Tell them to go for it. Be convincing.

  5. jd 8 years ago

    If they can’t make the radio signals compatible, they can put dual transmitters into one unit. One brain, but feeding to 2 output radios, and make the user interface seamless.

    The only restriction is each flash group can only have the same flashes, ie. either all 560III, or all 565ex/568ex.

    But why make it too complicated? Just get the new 622 TX, and all EX flashes, then you have the best of both worlds, E-TTL or manual. Still much less $$$ than equivalent Canon radio flash system.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi jd,

      Thanks for that, that is exactly what I was thinking YongNuo may already do with the coming YN-622 TX. But obviously not.

      Both systems are not going to go away, they are both going to be extremely popular, so a dual transmitter sounds like the way to integrate them for now.

      In an ideal world people would just use one system or the other, but that’s just not going to happen. People will be rigging their own dual transmitter, and cursing YongNuo for making their life difficult.

      • Mike 8 years ago

        I curse them for making their 603 2.5mm port output only. Making it function as an input when in transmitter mode would be at least a nice hint at conversation between 622 and 603.

        It’s almost suspicious how impossibly separated the two systems are. For instance, their decision to remove the PC sync from the transmitter on the 602 may be construed to speak for itself. Had they not done that we would now be able to trigger 602s with the 622s and thus 560iiis.

        Instead they chose to quietly remove the PC sync from the 602 providing only very vague and unsubstantiated explanation for why they have done so.

        I am afraid altruism was not at work that day.

        • Mike 8 years ago

          Should Yongnuo sell us triggers that would fire both 603 and 622, I would be delighted. However, should they decide against that, I would respectfully appreciate it if they at least sold us some 602s or 603s with a PC sync input. That way we could run little cables from 622s to 603s and fire all the pretty 560iiis and 568s together. They could call them 603iii and 602iii.

          Or better yet, they could prove their good intentions by offering us a PC sync input on the YN-560 TX so we can do similar. The way conversations between systems go, whenever graceful is absent, awkward is better than impossible.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Hi Mike,

          There was actually considerable issues with the RF-602 PC sync port. I can’t think of the exact details now off the top of my head but they did remove that for valid reasons. It may not have effected everyone, but caused enough issues.

          Agree 100% with sync in though, and sync out for that matter on transmitters and flash units. They would both save a huge amount of hassles with they way things are moving now.

          • Mike 8 years ago

            Turns out that sync in on 603 or 560TX may not necessarily make it possible for 622 sync out to trigger the 603 and thus the 560iiis together with the 565s and 568s. Someone just pointed out to me that a hotshoe adapter does not put the 603 into transmitter mode. The 603 must be mounted on camera hotshoe. Now that I think of it, running a cable from sync out on 622 to a sync in on a 603 may not work either for the same reason. Therefore mounting the new 603iis on hotshoe adapter on a cable running from sync out on 622 probably won’t work either. It would be quite easy for Yongnuo to help out here by providing a mode switch between OFF, TX, RX and AUTO switch modes. Or making a dedicated sync in port that would put the 603ii or 560TX go into transmitter mode.

            YN-622 absolutely support single pin, and non Canon / Nikon cameras

            I guess I have learned to take this functionality for granted by using Cactus V triggers where I had the option of switching the transceiver between the transmitter and the receiver modes – RX – OFF – TX. The 2.5mm on the Cactus V function as both sync out and sync in. Unfortunately Cactus does not fire 560iiis by RF and I sure don’t want to use the 622 sync out to fire Cactus V which in turn would fire the new 603 mounted on top of it.

            Or does the new 560TX, and the new 603ii support the single pin manual cameras, mean that a 622 sync out cable with a hotshoe adapter would fire a new 603ii mounted on it?

            Here is the conversation I mentioned above that I had on LR comments regarding issues with trying to fire 603s using the 622 sync out:

            If I mount the RF603 on a PC-to-hotshoe adapter and connect it via PC cord to the YN-622C mounted on my 5D Mark II, will I be able to get multiple YN-560IIIs to fire rear curtain sync?

            MarkLivesInLA > Mike
            No. You will not. The PC sync connection on the RF603 is OUTPUT only. I wanted to do this so I could mix Canon 600EX-RTs with my YN-650III’s and it’s just not possible in any formation that I can think of.

            Mike > MarkLivesInLA

            Hmm. What about when the 622 output is translated into hotshoe via cable and the 603 sits on this hotshoe and fires the 560iiis. Have you tried that?

            MarkLivesInLA > Mike

            I have and it doesn’t work. The 603 needs the hotshot to give it the TTL wake up signal to go into transmitter mode which a pc sync to hotshot cable can’t give it. The only way you can do it is to actually do a mod to the unit. Look up “rf-603 mod for Sony” for details on what others have done to combat this limitation.


          • Author
            Flash Havoc 8 years ago

            Hi Mike,

            Yes unfortunately the RF-603 have always been a lot of hassles for anything but straight forward transmitter on camera hotshoe use (and even then they have their flaws, low sync speed etc).

            The new RF-603 II will at least be compatible with non Canon and Nikon, and single pin camera cameras. Whether that will extend to use off the camera hotshoe or sync in I don’t know but, we should find out next week.

            YN-622 TX to YN-560 TX would be the priority so maybe there is still time to look at that if its not already going to be possible.

  6. Loveboy 8 years ago

    Unless they broaden their support a lot (and they seem to struggle to get even both canon and nikon), going 622 only is of little benefit to those of us who shoot sony/pentax/olympus/panasonic/leica/…. If the 622 could operate in single-pin manual mode then that would be less of an issue of course. But I don’t think the current one can?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Loveboy,

      Yes the YN-622 absolutely support single pin, and non Canon / Nikon cameras. As will the new YN-622 TX, YN-560 TX, and the new RF-603 II.

      This is one are YongNuo have really given good consideration now.

      But also just imagine, at least the system would still have remote manual support with the YN-560 III when using Non Canon/Nikon cameras.

      This is just another reason it makes it very hard for people with a number of camera models (as many do now with mirrorless cameras as well) to just choose one system or the other.

      • Chris 8 years ago

        Hello again,
        I’m following this with great interest since I shoot Sony. So, you can confirm that the 560TX will work single pin (and should therefore work in-hand / off-camera AND on top of a Sony hotshoe adapter?)

        I’ve sold my 460ii, 560ii’s, and Pixel Soldiers and ordered the 560iii’s and a Meyin 604 to hold me over for a couple months until the 560TX comes out, but am wary about having to use a Pixel TF 325 between camera and transmitter…

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 8 years ago

          Hi Chris,

          YongNuo have confirmed they will work with single pin and non Canon/Nikon cameras as long as they have standard ISO hotshoe.

          I don’t know for sure yet whether that will include working off camera in hand, or through a Pixel converter (but certainly hope so for both).

          The RF-603 II coming very soon may give more indications. Thanks.

          • Chris 8 years ago

            Great! Thanks for checking! I’ll let you (and other Sony users) know when I have the unit in hand / on camera in a couple months…can’t wait…

  7. Loveboy 8 years ago

    Ah good to know, my mistaken assumption obviously.

    but agreed, without remote manual, it’s pointless anyway.

  8. the Flasher 8 years ago

    perhaps Yongnuo needs to employ someone in their “Common Sense” dept.

    Lets see….

    602 they we great, but they didn’t have a lock on the trigger so it was easy to dislodge from the camera. To avoid this problem i bought a pc sync cable and connected the TX to my camera that way, eventually I bought a second TX only to find they got rid of the pc sync socket on the TX!!!!

    603 have hot shoe pass through but STILL NO LOCKING RING ON THE TX, so if you put a big heavy flash on top of the trigger so the whole lot can slide off the camera’s hot shoe. Plus they made it incompatible with their 602 system….??????

    Their flagship flashes either have HSS or external power socket, but not both features on the same flash????

    622Tx…. this is great product, I love it! The hot shoe is a bit awkward at first when mounting 550EX flashes but other than that I can’t believe it doesn’t have any problems…. maybe they built it properly by mistake?

    I can’t understand why anyone would buy the cheap manual flashes brand new? You can get cheaper more powerful flashes on ebay such as the old sunpak and metz handle mount strobes.

    You can argue that if you are just starting out then the 560III, and the like, are ideal flashes but how long will it take you to realise that for a bit more money you could have had TTL, flash exposure compensation, ratio control and manual power control with EXII flashes, all of which can be controlled from the cameras menu system, plus hypersync with manual flashes?

    Personally I would suggest abort the whole 602 – 603 line of products and just build around the capabilities of the 622 triggers and make a real flagship flash with HSS and External power socket. Something like the Godox 360 with TTL would be amazing….. ahhhhhhhh sweet dreams!

  9. MRomine 8 years ago

    In addition to them not being compatible within the two systems not all of YN stuff is not always compatible with the newest gear on the market, ie Nikon D4, D3s.

  10. Jacques 8 years ago

    What I would really like to see is the ability to put a 568 flash in a TTL pass-through hotshoe on top of a 560 transmitter. This would give us the 560 III/TX remote manual output control for off-camera and TTL on-camera, with remote. I currently use Metz + Stratos, with off-camera strictly manual and on-camera TTL, but would go all-YN for the added remote manual control.

    Also, really, really want to see 568 for m43. In fact, a smaller, lower-power TTL for m43, still with tilt & swivel, would be ideal.

  11. Ahmed 8 years ago

    I am just starting to get into off flash photography. i don’t have any flashes or any triggers. i want TTL and remote power. I was looking at the Odin and King Pro when i saw the Mitros+ and the YN-600EX-RT.

    If i go with the YN-600EX-RT what receivers can i use to trigger speedlites or studio lites?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Ahmed,

      Unfortunately YongNuo are not making any comment about whether there will be any receiver options for the RT system, which makes it very hard for many people to know which way to go with this. And Canon does not provide any receiver options either.

      I would contact YongNuo and let them know that you need to know this otherwise you can’t spend your money, and it may go somewhere else :-). Thanks.

  12. Angus 8 years ago

    Im a little confused, Is it possible to use only the RF600tx to trigger the in built reciever on the 565ex? Do I need to have th 602 reciever attached to the flash also? Im happy to jsut use manual flash and not have to add the 602 reciever to the flash also . Thanks! 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Angus,

      If you were meaning the YN-560 III flash then yes, you only need a transmitter. The YN-565EX doesn’t have any receiver built in, so you would need separate RF-602 receivers for those. Thanks.

  13. Zess 8 years ago

    I love the price of the 560 III’s but I’m reading some discouraging things about when I should expect the 560 TX to be available.

    What alternatives are there that will let me remotely adjust the power of multiple flashguns so I don’t have to drop a stand/wrestle modifiers every time I want to make an adjustment?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Zess,

      Yes, at this point I wouldn’t hold your breath for the YN-560 TX unfortunately. But the Godox V850 is now the first (and only at this point) remote manual flash with transmitter available, and that’s fine because its going to be pretty hard to beat anyway.

      You can see the other built in radio flash options emerging Guide HERE.

      Otherwise if you use Canon by any chance you could go with something like the YN-622C and TTL flash like the YN-565EX (around $100 now). Nikon will be ok soon too once the YN-622N-TX is available.

      The Godox V850 is cheaper though, and universal if you don’t need HSS (or TTL) just remote manual power control. Thanks

  14. Danny 8 years ago

    I have a yn 568 ex ii and a set of 622c that I very much enjoy using and was excited about the 560 iii until I found out I can’t use it with another 622c if I were to get one. I read that if I were to use an rf 602 and attach one to the top of my 622c on camera I would be able to sync both my 568 and a 560iii and use this combo. What I’m wondering is if I were to buy two yn 560iii would I just need one set of rf 602 to trigger them because of the radio receiver in the flash, or would i need to get recievers for both strobes?Also would I only be limited to a simple single flash from these flashes when coupled with the 622c and rf 602 or would other functions such as multi mode or rear sync be possible too?
    I’m not so concerned with ttl functions as I use manual mode most of all.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Danny,

      You’ve made me do some homework here 🙂 , I had to try all this again to be sure.

      Yes you can simply place an RF-602 TX on top of the YN-622C pass through hotshoe to fire the YN-560 III. No extra receivers are required on the YN-560 III.

      But stacking transmitters like that does have a slight sync delay on the RF-602, which are already not that fast. So there is a good chance you may have to drop shutter speed 1/3rd of a stop down from X-sync to avoid any shutter banding showing in the frame.

      Multi mode appears to work fine as well (using stacked transmitters and no extra receivers).

      Rear Curtain Sync does not work with the RF-602/YN-560 III (again with transmitters stacked). But if you use a YN-622C receiver attached to the YN-560 III it will work then.

      So overall, (and considering you were interested in more YN-622 receivers anyway) you would likely be better off just going with YN-565EX flashes and 622 receivers, so they are all completely compatible, and with the one transmitter. You will probably want the YN-622C-TX once that’s available anyway, and that doesn’t have a pass through hotshoe to stack other TX’s.

      The YN565EX are down to around $100, so not much more than the YN-560 III. Its just that you need the extra receivers.

      Also as mentioned in the post above, since the YN-560 III are not directly compatible with the YN-622C anyway, its worth looking at the Godox V850 if you do want to go the all manual route. As the remote manual transmitter is available for that, and its a great flash. The 565EX and 622 would be better if you do want Rear Curtain Sync etc.


  15. Le Roy 8 years ago

    Hi Flash havoc,

    I am planning to buy triggers for both my SB700 and 2 studio strobes. Will this setup work:

    1 yn622n + 603 on top of camera (D600)

    1 603 studio strobe

    1 603 studio strobe

    1 662n on SB700.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 8 years ago

      Hi Le Roy,

      That probably will work, but I wouldn’t buy RF-603 to do this if you don’t already have them, because of the slow sync speed (which will get worse stacked on top or the YN-622N as transmitter).

      At the least go with the new RF-603 II. But the best option would be just to use extra YN-622 receivers on the studio strobes. Especially if you decide to get the YN-622N-TX later, which doesn’t have a pass through hotshoe anyway. Thanks.

  16. BillMe 1 year ago

    Article is old I know, but I made the mistake of buying a 560III and 560EX, then trying to control both remotely. I bought the 622TX but having to bother with two receivers was cumbersome. Looks like the new 560IV or 660 have built in receivers.

  17. Mitchell Parsons 1 year ago

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry to jump in on your conversation, but maybe someone can help me… I just bought the Yongnuo YN622C II Flash Triggers and YN622C-TX Controller – They seem to be communicating great when the shutter is pressed, but the Canon 580EX ii flashes won’t fire. I’ve tried everything I can think of and find online.

    Would appreciate any advice.

    Thank you!

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