YONGNUO – Confirms RT Studio Light Solution Coming

For many people 2014 is going to be about putting together a nicely integrated lighting system, or at least hoping manufacturers provide some good solutions to enable that.

By integrated system, that is referring to a range of lights, big and small, all fired and remote controlled by the same transmitter unit.

And for many wedding and event photographers that also includes the option of having that transmitter built directly into an on camera TTL flash where its most convenient and reliable. As well as the option of a smaller stand alone transmitter for when the bulky on camera flash is not required.

A number of manufacturers are fast heading towards well integrated solutions now.

And YongNuo have really thrown their hat in the ring now, confirming they have some form of a studio light solution in the works, compatible with their YN-E3-RT and coming YN-600EX-RT radio speedlite system (also directly compatible with Canon’s RT speedlite system).


YN-E3-RT Studio Light Option


In response to a question on the Canon POTN forum, asking when there would be a separate receiver option available for the RT speedlite system allowing studio light to be fired as well?, this was the response from Guanchao Liang, YongNuo’s lead radio trigger engineer –

For strobes cooperation with rt system, We will offer a better solution than most of you expect,  Stay tuned.


That is a fairly significant and rather bold statement, and its clearly alluding to more than simply firing manual studio lights via the RT transmitter units.

At the least that would mean remote manual power control. And with the release of the Profoto B1 TTL recently, that comment could possibly even be alluding to something more, like TTL or HSS in larger studio lights as well.


YN-E3-RT Studio Light


Its not clear whether the comment is actually referring to a coming receiver unit, used to fire and control existing studio lights, or YongNuo produced studio lights with RT compatible receiver built in.

As much as I’m sure many Einstein or Elinchrom etc owners would like to hope its the former, I think its much more likely YongNuo are focused on expanding their own product range where possible.

So although we haven’t seen any studio lights from YongNuo previously, I think its much more likely that is what the comment is referring to.

The question then remains, what can we expect in the way of larger lights from YongNuo?

You would have to be living under a very larger rock to not have seen the rise in popularity of portable mid sized lights like the Cheetah Light and Godox Witstro. So will YongNuo have an alternative on the way for those as well?


YN-E3-RT Studio Light


Once again though, for all the people trying decide which YongNuo system they should go with at this point, this news likely throws up more questions than answers.

For those already happily committed to the Canon or YongNuo RT system it could be very good news, and one major step closer to a nicely integrated system. Particularity for those that need that elusive TTL flash on camera with built in transmitter for a complete system.


600EX-RT Master


Again we will just have to wait as see what unfolds.

And what alternatives will Phottix, Godox, Pixel, Cactus, PocketWizard and Quantum etc have in store?!

YN-E3-RT Release

Radio Flash Systems


  1. denton 7 years ago

    Wow, this could be really good news for a guy like me who sold his studio strobes and put a lot of money into 600-EX-RTs. I have the YN-E3-RT on its way and I’m looking forward to buying a couple of more 600EX clones when they become available. If this stuff works as well as the Canon system, as in flawlessly, I would LOVE to add a couple of inexpensive studio flashes back into the mix. Alien Bee inspired or something like that, with seamless integration into the 600EX system. What a dream!

  2. Jacques 7 years ago

    “That is a fairly significant and rather bold statement, and its clearly eluding to more than simply firing manual studio lights via the RT transmitter units.”

    elude: evade or escape from
    allude: suggest or call attention to indirectly

    Also, I don’t understand the Canon fetish among these flash makers. Godox, at least, offers a platform-agnostic solution, but no TTL.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Godox TTL is coming… but it will be for Canon 🙂 (at least to start with).

      • Amir 7 years ago

        Any more details you can share? I assume this will be a replacement to the FT-16 rather than a new light.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          No they will be new lights. There is an ETTL version of the V850 coming soon, though with Chinese Spring Festival coming that may be delayed now.

          A TTL version of the Witstro is inevitable eventually too, but I don’t know when that’s expected.

          Nikon versions will come as well, its just that Godox have an ETTL flash already, so they have more work to do with Nikon.

          A new transmitter for the current lights is in the works as well as far as I understand.

          • Craig 7 years ago

            Hi Elvis,

            I guess we’re getting a bit off topic in this post, but since you mentioned a TTL version of the V850, I had a question: Do you know if this version will also accept the FT-16 receiver and be able to be controlled via the Tx (manual only) like the current manual only V850’s?

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 7 years ago

              Hi Craig,

              I really don’t know where they will be going with this TTL flash. It could be just a stand alone on-camera style ETTL flash to start with, I’m really not sure yet.

              I’m am sure Godox are very aware of the need for an on-camera TTL flash with master function to control off-camera flashes. I just hope when that comes it will include the current remote manual style flashes like the V850, Witstro, and many of Godox’s current studio lights. Hopefully this coming ETTL flash may provide some answers. Thanks.

  3. David C 7 years ago

    So it seems like Yongnuo are throwing their weight behind the RT canon system instead of the 622N system that we all got so excited about (and bought) last year… I hope whatever they come out with is compatible with the 622s, otherwise I am going to wish I went with Odins……

    By the way, any word on the 622-TX? That was suppose to be out in October, then December, and now I haven’t seen an update regarding when it should be expected…..

    Also Godox, where is the Nikon love?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Yes it makes it very difficult for people to know which way to go at this stage with YongNuo having 2 major Canon systems now (and one minor one with the YN-560 III / RF-603 II etc).

      The YN-622-TX is apparently nearly ready for production, but with the Chinese Spring Festival coming you never know what could happen now.

      Godox are working on ITTL for Nikon as well, its just that they have a Canon flash already, so Nikon will take some more development work. Its definitely in the works though.

  4. Ito 7 years ago

    I have been debating between the YN-E3-RT with Canon 600-EX-RT’s or Phottix Odin and Mitros+, but I think this might have tipped the scale towards the YN solution.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ito,

      Keep in mind Phottix and others will likely have solutions coming as well. Personally I think its best to choose the system with the level of quality you’re after.

      • Ito 7 years ago

        Well then, what would you say is the system with a higher level of quality, the YN-E3-RT with Canon 600-EX-RT’s or Phottix Odin and Mitros+? I am honestly at a loss as to which one will be the higher quality solution as they both seem very comparable in most respects.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Ito,

          That’s not an easy one to answer, as its a mixture of YongNuo and Canon. Canon are definitely the strongest part of the equation when it comes to build quality and reliability. Phottix are pretty strong there too, where as YongNuo are often a mixed bag.

          But I was referring more to the complete system, and what may come as well. Lets say both YongNuo and Phottix make compatible Studio lights for their radio system. You can be sure that the Phottix lights will be higher quality.

          YongNuo have been very smart to tap into the Canon RT system. But YongNuo also have a problem with expanding into any higher priced gear. Firstly the build quality, and consistent quality control, is not there for people to want to risk higher prices.

          But their business model is also built on prices wholesale direct to the public, and sent from China. So they haven’t built up the support network to deal with higher priced gear either. Phottix and even Godox are well ahead already in this respect, so they will have no problem providing higher priced studio lights etc.

          Not to say $250 studio lights will not be half decent, and very popular. But that’s not for everyone, and not always ideal for professional use etc.

          So you’re buying into a system, and you’re pretty much going to be stuck with that level of quality and range of product available if you want the full function of the integrated system. Combining Canon built flashes certainly helps though.

    • Ricardo Gomez 7 years ago

      I made a similar response like this a few days ago Ito. YongNuo is doing incredible work. But I think they are spreading themselves thin and they are not focused. This causes confusion for the buyer. I think they should define their lines as Amateur/Novice and Professional. I think that would help people.

      I’m a Phottix user and love the system. I hope that Phottix comes out with some great monolights and barebulb systems compatible with their radio systems. Their Odin system is total quality. The best in performance IMO.

  5. Belen 7 years ago

    Like David said, I hope they would focus more on a system than trowing out a bunch of stuff.
    I already got some YN “systems” meaning manual and ttl like the 603 with 560 and the 622 with 568EX.

    Still waiting for the 622 transmitter to get out, but it’s a little frustrating to see so many systems getting out.

    I think for quality you get the Odin ones
    Power and portability the Godox
    Portability and price the YN system

    I guess it depends on each user

  6. Adrian 7 years ago

    Less announcing, more releasing! This sounds amazing.

  7. iPadmania 6 years ago

    “the rise in popularity of portable mid sized lights like the Cheetah Light and Godox Witstro.”

    Why you put Cheetah Light in front of Godox Witstro while the real manufacturer is Godox ?

    oh, I forgot, the writer is Cheetah Light people, hahaha … 😀

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi iPadmania,

      I assume you are the same tongki from the Canon forum? If so you would already be aware that Cheetah originally helped Godox to develop the Witstro units, and they were one of the first to have them available.

      They are very widely available now under many names, so I do mostly refer to them as the Godox Witstro or AD180 and AD360 now to save any confusion.

      I do not have any affiliation with CheetahStand. But they are well know in the USA to provide exceptional service. Thanks.

  8. Scott 6 years ago

    I have been banging my head against a wall for three days now. I have Alien Bees lights and using the YN-622-c’s on a Canon 7D. I am trying to set up a way that I can turn off a flash from firing and can’t seam to figure it out or get information about this topic. I thought I could set the YN-622c’s to different groups and having no luck with it. Can someone please explain how to set the camera and the triggers to make this work. Thanks in advance for any help you could provide….

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      Unfortunately you can’t really turn groups on and off with a YN-622C as the transmitter. Though with the YN-622C-TX you can easily turn groups on and off. Thanks.

  9. Hillary 6 years ago

    Any update on this?

    I have a 600EX-RT and an ST-E3-RT and am trying to figure out how to budget for more flashes and studio strobes and have them fire together. If the YN600EX flashes came out soon and Yongnuo came out with receivers I could use on studio strobes that would be ideal. Right now I’m kind of bummed I went with Canon instead of the Phottixx Mitros+ with Odin trigger since they just came out with the integrated studio lights, but then those are $1300 a piece so not in my price range anyway.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Hillary,

      Yes the YN300W are available from some sellers already (though I’m not sure if they are overpricing them at this stage).

      I have a sample here and they work very well with ETTL. Though they are big heavy lights and mains power only. I’m not actually sure if they can run on the USA 110V either. I’m going to be testing them in more detail later in the week.

      EDIT – Sorry, these are not directly compatible with the Canon RT system either, you would still need to use YN-622C. I’m not sure if or when an RT version would be coming. There has been no mention of a stand alone RT receiver either unfortunately.

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