New YongNuo YN-510EX TTL Slave Flash Released

YongNuo have released a new YN-510EX optic wireless slave version of the current YN-500EX TTL flash.

The YN-510EX is a single firing pin flash, meaning it will only operate with manual power setting when mounted on a camera hotshoe, or off camera connected to most radio triggers, whether they are TTL capable or not.

But the YN-510EX becomes a fully enabled TTL and Remote Manual flash when acting as an off camera slave flash to the Canon or Nikon optic wireless systems. Most current Canon and Nikon cameras have a master or commander unit built into their pop up flash, which will control the YN-510EX remotely from the camera.


The YN-500EX and YN-510EX are smaller versions of the current full power YongNuo flashes like the YN-568EX, and about 1/2 a stop less powerful, which is not really that much less.

There is a full power version of the YN-510EX optic slave flash already available in the YN-560EX. That is one of the least known about YongNuo flashes and pretty incredible value with prices down to near $90 Amazon Fulfilled.

So the YN-510EX will become an even lower priced option once it becomes widely available and prices settle.


Again the YN-510EX and YN-560EX are fully enabled TTL flashes only when acting as an off camera slave to the Canon and Nikon optic wireless systems. They don’t have HSS (High Speed Sync) though, as that doesn’t work through the optic wireless systems anyway.

The optic wireless systems work best indoors, or where they are shielded from direct sunlight. Its often said they require line of sight, but that’s not strictly true as the light will bounce around quite a lot indoors.

As mentioned the larger YN-560EX are currently available for around $90 Amazon Fulfilled now. So the YN-510EX will likely be somewhere around $70 mark.

The great advantage of this flash is that its very compact (not to mention inexpensive) so you could carry a couple in a small camera bag with the camera, as a very portable complete off camera lighting option, with full remote control and TTL if needed.


If you prefer to shoot outdoors in bright light, the full powered Manual flashes like the YN-560 II and YN-560 III are also currently at rock bottom prices or around $60 and $80 respectively Amazon Fulfilled. The YN-560 III has a built in manual radio transmitter that will reach 100 meters or more in range.

The current YN-500EX review can be seen here. The YN-510EX is essentially the same flash, just no HSS, and manual only when used on camera or on radio triggers.

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