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YongNuo YN-568EX II – for Canon – Available from June 13
June 10th, 2013Hotshoe Flashes, NEWS, YongNuoFlash Havoc 79 Comments

YongNuo have announced the MK II version of the very popular YN-568EX TTL & HSS flash for Canon will be available from June 13.

The new YN-568EX II is exactly the same as the current YN-568EX except for an added Master control for the Canon optic wireless system.

For Canon users though this added optic master controller may not be all that important now that there are much more convenient (and inexpensive) radio based TTL triggers like the YongNuo YN-622C available.

This master controller will be a lot more advantage in the coming Nikon version of the YN-568EX II, because the YN-622N TTL radio triggers for Nikon require a master control unit mounted on top of the transmitter, if you want to have full functions and easy control of the system. Where the Canon YN-622C TTL triggers do not use this master at all, as everything is controlled through the cameras flash control menu.

So for Canon users the best part of this MK II release may actually be the opportunity to pick up some current YN-568EX at slightly better prices again. The YN-568EX II is expected around $10 more, with YN-568EX prices on Amazon with local shipping currently from around $185.


The YN-568EX / II is the current flagship TTL flash from YongNuo, and the first flash unit from a Chinese manufacture to feature High Speed Sync (HSS) allowing camera shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second.

The YN-568EX have overwhelmingly been the most popular flash unit to be combined with the also very popular YN-622C, and now YN-622N, TTL and HSS enables radio triggers, which provide the convenience of full remote control of off camera flashes in manual or TTL, directly from the camera.

In terms of power they YN-568EX / II are only 0.3 stops behind the top end Canon and Nikon flashes, and recycle time is around 2.8 seconds. The main feature missing in the YN-568EX is a high voltage port for external battery packs, and that has not been updated in the YN-568 EX II either. If you need the battery port the YN-565EX is the main option, great value at around $40 cheaper now, but without the HSS function.

Apart from that, the YN-568EX flash, and YN-622C trigger offer a very impressive system for the low price.

See a full review of the YN-568EX here, and YN-622C here.


YN-568EX and YN-622C

Price and Availability -


Amazon YN-568EX II Canon - UK
Amazon YN-568EX Canon - UK

Ebay - YN-568EX II - YN-568EX - YongNuo Ebay

EachShot -6% – YN-568EX IIYN-568EXYN-622C

YN-622C TTL triggers for Canon – Amazon - UK - Ebay - YongNuo Ebay


YongNuo – Website.

NOTE – Some MK II units have reported issues with an exposure problem when bouncing when using evaluative metering, and a battery door issue (which should now be resolved) . Please see more in details in the comments bellow. The MK I version does not have the optic master function, though that is not needed with the commonly used YN-622C TTL radio triggers.

'79 Responses to “YongNuo YN-568EX II – for Canon – Available from June 13”'
  1. Wolf says:

    Does anybody know a US store that sells the YN568 II (for Canon)?
    All I found were ebay and amazon sellers from China. Does anybody have experience with taxes when you buy from a chinese reseller?

  2. mvadu says:

    Hi, do you know if this or old YN-568Ex is compatible with canon 6D?

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi There,

      As far as I know they should be compatible with the 6D, I haven’t heard anything to say they wouldn’t be? Thanks.

    • Rory says:

      The 568exII works on my 6D. The camera can access and control the flash no problem through the ‘flash function settings’ screen (mode / wireless / zoom / channel / frequency etc).

  3. Have they been tested with Phottix Odin compatibility? That would be awesome!

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      Unfortunately YongNuo flashes often don’t get along with Phottix TTL triggers, I haven’t tried the YN-568EX II, but the MKI doesn’t work (in the Canon version at least). The Phottix Mitros is a great flash though, and you can pretty much be sure of Odin compatibility into the future –

      Ironically the Phottix Mitros flash appears to work quite well in the YongNuo YN-622C TTL triggers through. Thanks.

  4. Armin says:


    any idea when the 568 II for Nikon will be released?

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Armin,

      Unfortunately it seems the YN-568EX II for Nikon has been postponed for the moment. There is currently no estimated arrival time. YongNuo are likely concentrating on the new YN-622 TX transmitter units for now. Thanks.

      • Armin says:

        Thanks for your replay. I think concentrating on the 622 TX is a good idea, but I hope they don’t forget about the 568II for Nikon…

  5. Alex says:

    Anyone experiencing exposure consistency issues with the 568EX II? I just received mine today and is varying between 1-2 stops underexposed on bounce flash compared to forward facing flash. It’s not lack of power because I can set power manually to 1/32 and it’s overexposing on the bounce flash (small room).

    Happens on my 5D II and 5D III, persists after pulling both flash and camera batteries, resetting the flash settings on the camera and the clear option on the flash’s LCD too.

    I’ve owned two 565EXs, Nissin Di866 and Canon’s 430EX, but never had this problem… Anything else to attempt, or should I be looking for a return?

    • wiseman says:

      similar problem with my 650D.
      does it mean we can not bounce it?

      • Photoguy says:

        Just to clarify…. the problem happens using TTL mode. When using TTL, the flash should adjust the power automatically for a good exposure, but that is not happening and images are too dark. Alex, could you confirm that you are talking about TTL mode, right?

        wiseman, when have you bought your flash? I suspect that this is a problem in recent lots.

        • wiseman says:

          problem happens when i use the TTL mode. The TTL works just fine when i directly shoot the flash to an object. different result is obtained when i bounce it. Give me some time to provide you guys with sample of pictures taken.
          Bought it several weeks ago: Jakarta. Indonesia.

          • Alex says:

            Yes I am referring to TTL. If i set the power to manual while bouncing flash, I can easily make the exposure at 1/4-1/8th power in my tests. So it has the power to do it… Set it back to TTL and it’s way underexposed again.

            I’m trying to get it fixed via Yongnuo but they said the folliowing: ‘ the TTL function of YN565 is fixed and not changable, but the you can set the brightness of YN568EX II yourself. We suggest you to set it to the brightest and try again.’

            Is anyone aware of this brightness function? It sounds like a calibration or internal FEC function, but I’m not familiar with it…

          • Flash Havoc says:

            Hi Alex,

            I think they would just be referring to Manual power settings there.

            I have forwarded this to YongNuo. It looks like there is obviously an issue with a batch of these Mk II flashes. You might want to let them know a number of people here are reporting the same problem. Thanks.

    • Photoguy says:

      I ALSO HAVE THE SAME ISSUE…. just bought it!!! When boucing up it is 2 stops underexposed. HORRIBLE!!!! I opened a thread on dpreview forum. Go there!!!

      Maybe it is a problem with one single LOT. I am wondering if older units had this problem too.

  6. PJC Imagery says:

    To; Ales, Wiseman & Fremen9 I’m thinking of getting a YN-568EX II, but not if the ETTL system does not allow you to bounce. I bounce my flash 30% of the time or use a light modifier 40%. So direct flash 30% is just not going to cut it.

    1st is it a bug? If it is does, is the “Average” instead of “Evaluative”, a acceptable fix?

    • Flash Havoc says:

      I don’t think it can be a bug with all the units, otherwise we would have heard a lot more about it.

      YongNuo didn’t think there was really a problem, as you can imagine they would get questions every day which are just based on user error. But I have let them know again there does appear to be a genuine issue with at least some units. Thanks.

    • Alex says:

      Hi PJC,

      100% of my flash is bounce, I don’t like direct flash at all. I’ve found switching the flash metering mode to Average resolves the issue. Exposure variation compared to ETTL II seems slightly higher, but within acceptable limits for me shooting raw. Shooting manual (including remote manual via YN622C) works correctly.

      I believe it is a bug in a small batch, the seller has offered to accept a return, but I’m going to decline. Average works well enough and I don’t feel like paying the return postage or waiting for it to go back to China. I’m just going to ask for a partial refund for affected functionality.

      PS. I shot with this flash for a wedding and I was happy enough with the results with on-camera bounce flash, off camera manual flash (again using the YN622C triggers). The only downside is that once my rechargeable batteries got low, it just stopped firing. Charging didn’t slow down, the LCD didn’t power off or anything, it just didn’t recycle. Change batteries, recycled and fired fine. I was a bit worried at first, because it was a sudden symptom, but now I know what it means.

    • Photoguy says:

      Hi PJC… it worked for me. I works perfect now. Also, in Evaluative, if you press AE lock before taking the shoot, it works good too.

      I emailed Yongnuo and they said this is a problem in all YN586II… What a shame!!!

      But with this workaround, it works great, and I am very happy with it.

  7. JM says:

    Just got the YN-568ex ii today and i have the same issue with you guys. When i bounce it to wall/ceiling it’s underexposed. Does changing it to “Average” is an acceptable fix for this? this is my first flash and im not sure what is the diff. between average and evaluative.

  8. Alex says:

    I have no problems with exposure when bouncing. Only problem I have is the battery door came loose after a couple of uses. On BOTH of my ex II units. It’s a common issue if you read Amazon reviews. Returning them for the regular ex versions.

    • Photoguy says:

      Hi Alex, that is weird…

      Yongnuo answered my email. They said all YN586II have this problem.

      Putting in Average TTL metering mode, and it works great now.

  9. Mike says:

    Have the exposure & battery door issues been corrected with the 568EX II models ? I’m interested in a purchase of those or possibly waiting for the 600 model.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Mike,

      I really don’t know unfortunately. You can try contacting

      The MK II model only adds the optic wireless master function. So if you don’t need that the original YN-568EX does not have the exposure issue, and I haven’t heard of that having a battery door problem either.

  10. Sesan says:


    Does the YN568EX and 568EXII have the same in built triggering system as the YN560III, or does it need a trigger even for its manual use.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Sesan,

      Sorry no the YN-568EX and EXII do not have any built in radio receiver (or transmitter). At this point you would need the YN-622C or similar to get full remote control via radio. Thanks.

  11. Michael says:

    I just got my YN-568EX II today and it has the same problem of underexposing when bounced on-camera in evaluative mode. Like JM, I don’t have a good enough appreciation of the difference between the evaluative and average modes to know how seriously to take this. But I’m thinking of sending mine back for a refund, and any advice would be appreciated.

  12. Evan says:

    I have lots of yongnuo gear, and the 568 has worse build quality than the 565. The battery door quickly broke and won’t latch and it also dramatically underexposes and I find myself using a minimum of +1 stop exposure compensation compared to my 580ex II.

    Yonguo’s customer service had always been great when their stuff broke, until now. They have been a HUGE pain and refuse to help, or now even return messages. I just get the runnaround. I love all my Yongnuo stuff, but this 568 is weak.

  13. Mike says:

    Is anyone aware of any progress from Yongnuo in resolving the bounce exposure & battery door issues? I’ve noticed some slight increases in the Mk II prices, while similar decreases with the Mk I pricing. I thought this might be an indication that those two issues have been fixed.

    I’m about to make a 568 purchase and I suppose the Mk I is the more sensible unit for me.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Mike,

      From YongNuo service (30-October-2013) -

      “The battery door produced since October of 2013 has been fixed. There is a label of produced time on every flash.

      We do not plan to update the exposure issue of YN568EX II for the moment.”

      So yes if you want to use evaluative flash metering while bouncing, the original YN568EX is the way to go for the moment.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks again for your quick reply. I suppose my only decision will be buy a 568 EX now or wait awhile for the 600 to arrive.

  14. Craig says:

    Has the 568EX II exposure issue when bouncing in evaluative been fixed yet? I saw that the fix is to use it in Average mode, but this seems unacceptable. Will this effect me if I plan on using center focus point and recomposing after? I ordered from since I heard that they have current newer stock. I just learned of this issue after I purchased and now I don’t know if it’s worth sending back to China for the 568EX model instead. Does just leaving the flash exposure compensation set 2 stops overexposed when bouncing flash in evaluative mode fix the issue?

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Craig,

      YongNuo service said they were not planning to update this, but they could change that any time. Average metering is more center orientated anyway, so most people probably wouldn’t find using Average metering much of an issue in general.

      I don’t have the 568EX II to test using FEC to compensate. But I think 2 stops is really too much to try and work around that way, Average metering would be the better option. Thanks.

      • Sig says:

        The workaround with Canon bodies is to use Average metering. What about Nikon bodies?

        I can confirm that the problem with underexposure when bouncing flash off the ceiling concerns Nikon as well. I use Nikon D90 and always notice ~2 EV underexposure in iTTL — no matter if the flash is mounted on hot shoe or is triggered remotely by built-in flash.

        Anyone knows the workaround for Nikon?

        • Flash Havoc says:

          Thanks Sig,

          I have not heard of that before with Nikon. The Canon YN-568EX doesn’t have the issue, only the MK II flash.

          I don’t know the metering modes with Nikon so hopefully others can help shed some more light on this. Thanks.

  15. Vic says:

    I have both 568EX an 568EXII (and a Canon 580EXii) and can confirm that the bounce exposure problem exists on both YN units. You must set to average mode unless you have YN622C’s, in which case at all works! Yep, stick a YN622 between camera and flash and all is good in bounce evaluative mode – go figure Yongnuo techie!

    Another problem with these units is they will not work in TTL mode on a Canon G15. Just sayin. I asked Yongnuo technical about this issue and apparently they dont have a G15 to test with!? They only test with DSLRs.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Vic,

      Thanks for that. Could you possibly check the build date on the YN-568EX? (white sticker seen when you swivel the flash head).

      I have an early YN-568EX here and it definitely works fine in evaluative and average. This is the first time I’ve heard of the issue in a YN-568EX as well. Thanks.

  16. Enzo says:

    Hi everyone, i’m french, so forgive me for my english… :D

    I’ve bought à 568EX II. I use it only in manual mode with a 568EX.

    Sometimes, i have some trouble when the speed is higher than 1/200 (of course, i was in High speed)

    The symptoms are : a lack of light from the 568 EXII and sometimes as if the photo was not exposed correctly with black column… (problem of HSS surely).

    Do you even know if the problem came from the bounce exposure and if i could fix it with a evaluative mode ? I don’t think so since this for TTL mode. But, have you ever seen such problem?

    Thank you

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Enzo,

      Do you mean that you are using the optic wireless system (568EX II as master to the 568EX)?

      If you’re getting a black bar that sounds like its not actually going into HSS.

      Is this using a 5D/II/III? Thanks.

  17. Enzo says:

    Hi Flash Havoc,

    Thanks for your answer,

    I use the yongnuo trigger 622C, one on my Canon 5D MIII, one on my 568MI and one on my 568MII

    In fact, i’ve noticed 2 symptoms:

    - Sometimes, the strengh of the light is less important on my 568MII than my 568MI
    - Sometimes i have some black Bar (as you said, and i agree, it may be a problem of HSS… but Why?)

    For the first symptom, i precise that i use them on manual… So Why the strenght of the light of the MII is less important? I don’t Know.
    And, it didn’t appear each time…

    Thank to try to help me.


  18. Flash Havoc says:

    Hi Enzo,

    Ok thanks. If you do not have HSS set on the camera, it will not go over 1/200th shutter speed. So not having HSS set shouldn’t be the problem.

    Unless you’re only getting the black bar at 1/200th, that is possible if you don’t have HSS set, because even with manual triggers or a sync cord the 5D cameras can not always achieve a clean frame at 1/200th without using HSS.

    Its hard to see what is going on without being there. But I would do a factory reset on all the triggers. Clean all your hotshoes with some Isoproply alcohol or contact cleaner if possible. And make sure you have fresh alkaline batteries. Then also make sure very carefully that you have all the flashes seated right in the hotshoes properly. Its very easy to miss this and I have done it many times myself.

    Then retest again. Maybe try with a lower power level as well, because HSS uses a lot of power and they flash may not be fully recycled.

    Its normal for the light output to vary between different flashes in HSS as well. But they shouldn’t vary much from shot to shot. If that’s the case something is going wrong. Thanks.

  19. Enzo says:

    Hi Flash Havoc,

    Thanks for your advise, I will try tomorrow.

    The problem can’t came from the batterie, because when i changed them, i had the same problem. Maybe the triggers, i will try to reset them. I will try to clean them too.

    I’m sure that the problem did’nt came from the seated right since I had this problem when i didn’t seat them right and now i am carefully with this point. I check everytime.

    Thank you very much, now, i have some solution to try, and i hope i will understand why i have such troubles with the 568 II whereas i have no Problem with the 568 I. I regret to have bought this one. I should have bougth the 568 I instead…

    Have a good day.


  20. Gerard says:

    Hi Flash Havoc,

    I seem to be having lots of problems with my 568EX II / 622C /EOS 6D setup. I am trying to establish if my 622Cs are faulty as the 6D and 568EX II work perfectly together.

    When the flash is mounted on either of the 622Cs it cannot be switched of – all functions on the flash back panel do not work. Off camera, the flash only registers on images where the shutter speed is over 1/250 and HSS is set. Using lower shutter speed results in the flash firing; but the effect is not seen in the image, as the flash seems to fire before the shutter opens or after it closes.

    I’m new to this, so maybe I’m doing something very stupid. I also have 603Cs and they fire each and every time. The 622Cs often stop triggering – the flash goes to sleep and the test button cannot wake it. To reset, I have to open the battery compartment door of the flash to turn it off. I can’t imagine that the 568EX II is incompatible with the 622C.

    Has anyone had problems like these? When I use the 568EX II on 622C mounted on camera, it fires repeatedly with a single shutter press on full auto mode. I have a Bower ETTL flash, and two older manual flashes. None of the flashes work properly on the 622C. The manual flashes begin flashing as soon as the 622C is switched on. The Bower will stop firing and cannot be woken by the test button on the 622C.

    It’s strange that both 622Cs would have there apparent faults. I’ve been checking the Internet and I can’t find anyone else with similar problems.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Gerard,

      Firstly have you tried doing a full factory reset on all the YN-622C ?

      Fresh alkaline Duracell/Energizer batteries in all the triggers.

      Fully recharged batteries in the YN-568EX II.

      Clean all the hotshoes and feet contacts if possible with Isopropyl alcohol or contact cleaner.

      And be very careful to make sure you are actually seating all the flash and triggers right into the shoes. Its surprisingly easy to miss this.

      • Gerard says:

        Hello Flash Havoc,

        Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve tried resetting the transceivers. I’ve used both Energizer Alkaline and Eneloop rechargeable batteries – same results. I cleaned the contacts.

        I bought the 622Cs and the YN-568EX II as the 603s worked perfectly as manual triggers and I wanted to take advantage of ETTL capabilities and HSS.

        The fact that the YN-568EX II will not switch off when mounted on either trigger (whether they are switched on or off) seems strange. However, this may be normal behaviour. Have you noticed this in your own tests? If the YN-568EX II can normally be switched off, when mounted on the 622C, I will assume that my units are faulty. They do not seem to be performing as others have suggested. Other users seem to report flawless performance.

        I expected 100% compatibility with the 622C and YN-568EX II, is this not the case?

        Thanks again.

        • Flash Havoc says:

          Hi Gerard,

          You should be able to turn the flash off, and adjust settings while mounted in the YN-622C, so something is going pretty wrong.

          You don’t have the flash in master or slave mode by any chance?

          You shouldn’t be seeing any of that behavior though anyway, I don’t know if anyone else may have experienced something like this.

          Its not uncommon to have an issue with more than one unit purchased together, because issues often seem to happen in batches, not always just one unit.

          They should be 100% compatible, but they are not flawless. 95% of the time they are fine, but they do loose communication sometimes, and simply need a quick reboot.

          • Gerard says:

            Thanks again, Flash Havoc,

            I wanted to be certain that it wasn’t just me (or an inherent incompatibility issue with the YN-568EX II or EOS 6D).

            You’ve been extremely helpful.

  21. Ampol says:

    Hi Everyone,
    This is Ampol, I’m now in thailand. I just got YN568exII yesterday. The issue I have is when bouncing the flash in TTL mode it underexposure. To get it back to the good exposure I need to make it +1.
    By the way “average” mode doesn’t makes thing better.
    Is there any way to get it improved, please?


    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Ampol,

      I don’t have the MK II YN-568EX, but one stop FEC is probably not uncommon. Hopefully other MK II owners can comment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually fairly normal. Different flashes often vary a bit like this.

      If it was much more than one stop I would definitely be suspecting an issue then.

  22. Ampol says:

    Additional information, I’m using EOS-600D.


  23. Ampol says:

    Thanks Flash Havoc,
    Comparing to YN565 that I have this YN568 disappointed me. Trying to contact the shop for new one hopefully they agree to do that.


  24. Frank says:

    Can anyone please advise if the Yongnuo 568 ex ii is fully compatible with the Canon 70d, the Yongnuo webiste doesnt list the 70d perhaps because it is a newer model that they have not tested it as yet.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Frank,

      I can’t confirm this for sure off the top of my head sorry. But its fairly unlikely that we wouldn’t have heard a lot more about it if there was a compatibility issue there. Hopefully a 70D owner can confirm this for you though. Thanks.

      • Fayez Najeeb says:

        This is the second time I am on this website and indeed I must say this it is very informative as Chinese brands like Yongno are not very well covered by Retailers and Reviewers. I am writing this feedback to give an updated view and info for people asking about 70D.
        I have the Canon 70D & I recently bought 2 weeks ago Yongnuo 568 EX II.
        The under-expose problem still exists (the white sticker says October 2013 stock) and it can be fixed by simply changing the setting to ‘AVERAGE’. Also I can use the Wireless Commander on my 70D to control 568ex ii without any trigger. And its working like the way it should :)

        • Flash Havoc says:

          Thanks Fayez,

          Yes YongNuo do not appear to have an intention to rectify the YN-568EX II Evaluative bounce issue. Their solution as you mention is just to use Average TTL metering. Thanks again.

  25. iurgi says:

    Hello Flash Havoc.
    My question is about the compatibility of trigger yn-622c, the yn-568ex flas ii canon 7d body and specifically wanted to ask the following:
    If mounting the n-622c in my camera canon 7d, I can control the flash yn-568exii (not mounted on the body) from the menu of my camera in manual mode
    Thanks and sorry for my horrible English.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi iurgi,

      That is correct. You will need a YN-622C attached to the YN-568EX II foot as a receiver unit as well though. Thanks.

  26. Ad says:

    Hi Flash Havoc,
    Thank for your all suggestions.
    I have a Canon 60 D and i wanna to buy YN-568EX II with a compatible wireless trigger.
    Would you guid me about ghis issue!
    Is there a good choice to choose YN-568 EX II and YN-622 C ?

    Are there compatible with together and with my camera Canon 60 D ?
    If so which seller would be better to buy ?(I live in Canada)
    How many parts are YN-622 C trigger because i don’t want to miss anything in order time .
    And the last question, what is the difference between the YN-568EX and YN-588EX II
    And regarding to my case which one you suggest to buy ?

    Thank you.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Ad,

      Yes the YN-568EX II and YN-622C are a good combination.

      Yes they are compatible with the Canon 60D.

      You will just need a pair of YN-622C to fire one flash off camera. Then for every extra flash you would need one more YN-622C.

      The YN-568EX II has an Optic Wireless Master mode which the original YN-568EX does not have.

      This Master mode is not needed with the YN-622C though, so it won’t matter if you have the MK I or MK II YN-568EX. But the original YN-568EX is getting harder to find now, so its often cheaper and easier to buy the YN-568EX II now anyway.

      If you can’t find a local seller, and Amazon is not suitable, you can purchase directly from the YongNuo Ebay Store, or EachShot is good as well. I have updated the links to those in the post under “Price and Availability”. Thanks.

  27. Rolus says:

    Hej Havoc,

    my question is related to the YN-568EXII with a 7D.
    In the meanwhile I understood, that internal 7D flash needs to be popped out, to ‘communicate’ wirelessly with the 568-EXII (or any other remote flash).
    My expectations had been, that I could control the flash via the 7D menue which has a menu iitem to control the external flash – but as soon as the flash is not mounted on the cam, it doesn’t allow to open the menu anymore.
    But the settings seem to influence the external flash tough – but the integrated and popped out flash is always flashing simultaniously (YN = Slave)
    Is this the max which I can get on remote functions of the YN-568EXII on my 7D (more complicated settings with other external flashes are not in my current focus).

    thanks in advance for your help

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Rolus,

      You’re looking at the wrong camera menu there.

      You will need to look for “Built-in flash func. setting” menu. And then set that to “CustWireless”

      Then you will have full control of the slave flashes in manual or TTL.

      If you do get YN-622C radio triggers later, then you would look at the “External flash func. setting” menu.

      That is because the camera thinks the radio triggers are actually a Canon flash mounted on top of the cameras hoshoe. So the “External flash func.” menu controls that flash.

  28. Rolus says:

    Hi Havoc,

    you’re absolutely right.
    Yesterday I took an extended session (try&error) to see the influence on the settings of the internal flash on pictures (while using remotely the Yongnuo as a slave). I had the wrong assumption about the integrated wireless 7D flash control abilities. From my current understanding the integrated flash is (the only way which the 7D offers) to control the external Yongnuo (via flash-ignition and not by funk, bluetooth, infrared or whatever).

    My expectation on the wireless function was a misconception, I expected the functionality of the ‘ YN-622 Wireless TTL Flash Trigger’.

    So the Yongnuo YN-568EX II works fine in the following configuration (wireless):
    Master = integrated 7D flash
    Remote Slave = YN-568EX II

    The integrated flash always ‘flashes’, but (also) to control the external flash and depending on the settings also to give some light to the picture.

  29. Stacy says:

    Hi All,

    I would like to thank flashhvavoc for all the informative info i get from this site. Especially in regards to Yongnou products. I just purchased the YN568EXII with a date code of Mar/14 through EACHSHOT on Amazon and it does not have the problem with bounce flash and having to use average mode to get proper exposure. I am able to get proper exposure in both Evaluative and Average modes. This is on a Canon 60D. I am not sure if
    1) They have updated the flash.
    2) The problem is not occurring with 60D.
    3) I just happened to get a good copy.

    It appears they corrected the problem with the battery door cover as well. I think that issue may have been resolved for some time though.

    Overall I am very happy with my purchase of the YN-568EXII, again thank you flashhavoc and users for all your insight.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Fantastic, thanks for the feedback!

      This is the first I have heard of this issue being resolved, so I will try and see if I can get some confirmation from YongNuo.

      I doubt very much its just working the the 60D, or that its just a good copy, as the issue was quite widespread. Its highly likely they have been updated now.

      The battery door issue was fixed from units produced in October 2013. Though I’m not sure this is an issue which can really be seen until it breaks (in time). October 2013 units onward should be ok though. Thanks again.

  30. via says:

    I’m really puzzled by this issue with underexposure while bouncing:
    1. Before I did purchase my two YN-568EXii I did read three tests in Internet, none of them did say anaything about this issue.
    2. When I did get the devices I did test them on my EOS 5d Mk 2 & 3 – by taking the second (!) test-picture, first one was direct flash :) , I got the underexposure issue on my 5D Mk 3.
    3. First I did think some weird CF-Setting on my cameras might produce that behaviour as it was “nowhere” mentioned before, then I could immediately find this blog.
    4. On the 5d2 the setting to Avg-measurment did overcome the problem, but not on my 5d3! So please name your camera and maybe FW-version you did test it on when you write a comment to this issue. My 5d3 is Firmware 1.2.1, 5d2 is 2.1.2. I still wonder, here someone said flashes work with 70d, as this is a later EOS-camera-model which might be even more incompatible.
    5. Both my YN-568EXii are February 2014 units according to the white tag when the head is swiffeled. So even new YN-568EXii-devices don’t overcome that problem!
    6. On you can find photos taken by 5D Mk3 with the YN-568EXii, but direct flash, not bounced. In contrast to that, my seller did ask Yongnuo-support if YN-568EXii is compatible with 5D Mk3 and they did say “No”.
    7. On both cameras I did test the flashes with Canon EF 28-135 IS lens.
    8. On my EOS 50d the flashes make no troubles at all.
    9. With YN-622C between camera and flash no underexposure occurs, but as YN-622c is quite large, this construction gets quite bulky!
    10. There was one statement in this blog that YN-568EX (the version 1) also makes troubles with underexposure (when bouncing), others did state version 1 didn’t have any problems with that. As I’m thinking about changing to version 1, can anybody confirm there are no such troubles with flash version 1 on 5d2 or 5d3?
    11. There also was a future YN-model 600 mentioned – anybody knows something about release-date, features, etc.?

    • Stacy says:


      On my 60D the firmware is 1.1.1 the current firmware since 2012.

    • Flash Havoc says:

      Thanks for the feedback via.

      Sorry we don’t know when the YN-600EX-RT will be available. I would expect within the next few months though.

      There may be different versions of the mark one YN-568EX as well. They are getting harder to find for sale now as well. So it may not be easy to find a flash that doesn’t have the issue with your 5DMKIII.

  31. via says:

    Thanks for your replies, I did choose to switch to Nissin Di 866 Mark 2 in the meanwhile, as I do feel more save with a device which says to be able to keep up with new cameras via USB firmware-updates.

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