YONGNUO – YN-622C and YN-622C-TX Updates

YN560-TX to YN-622C


YongNuo have quietly updated YN-622C, YN-622C-TX, and YN-E3-RT triggers manufactured from December 15th 2014.

As well as improved stability, YN-622C used as receivers will now provide direct compatibility with the remote manual YN560-TX transmitter units.


The YN-622C-TX have also received a revised printed circuit board which is reported to increase their working range to match the original YN-622C units (up from around half of the range previously) .

Upgrades to the YN-E3-RT are not clear as yet, though they may hopefully provide similar improvements.




YN560-TX to YN-622C


The latest YN-622C used as receivers will now provide direct compatibility with the remote manual YN560-TX transmitter units.

This allows a YN560-TX transmitter to control the manual power levels and flash zoom of both YN-560 III and YN560 IV flashes, AND now other ETTL flashes mounted on YN-622C receivers as well.

To enable this YN560-TX compatible mode on the latest YN-622C, simply hold down the Channel (CH) button while switching the YN-622C on, and the status LED will turn to orange.


YN560-TX to YN-622C


Although I have not confirmed this yet, this new compatibility should also allow the YN300W studio lights to also be controlled with remote manual power levels via the YN560-TX.

Also while combining the speedlites as before if desired.




So YongNuo have now managed to pull back some important compatibility between their otherwise separate systems.

This compatibility is still only in one direction though, when most people would likely prefer to be combining the YN-560 III and YN560 IV flashes with their YN-622C-TX as the transmitter. As this provides extra features like ETTL in some groups, as well as Second Curtain Sync, and an AF assist light etc.

So at this stage at least there is still unfortunately no direct radio compatibility or remote control between the YN-622C-TX and YN-560 III / IV flash units.




To YongNuo’s credit though, either system (or transmitter) can at least operate in remote manual on any camera with a standard hotshoe.


NOTE – YN560-TX to YN-622C compatibility has actually been available previously to some degree, though this required a more complex work around, using a YN-622C-TX as well to relay the signals from the YN560-TX to the YN-622C receivers. A special Proxy Mode was added to the YN-622C-TX to allow for this.






Since the original YN-622C-TX were released they have unfortunately suffered from range limitations of around half that of the standard YN-622C transceivers.

So the YN-662C-TX have now received a revised printed circuit board design which should reportedly resolve this issue. As well as providing improved stability again.

The YN-622C-TX provide a major upgrade in features and convenience to the YN-622C system, so if all goes well the new transmitter should be a significant step forward for the system.


Upgrades to the YN-E3-RT transmitter are not clear as yet, though they may hopefully provide similar improvements.




The upgraded triggers started production from December 15th 2014. So all units marked from January 2015 onward should safely be upgraded units.

There is usually a sticker in the battery compartment which shows the month and year of manufacture.


UPDATE  – The official YongNuo Ebay Store, and official YongNuo Amazon Store are now selling the updated YN-622C.


For more purchasing links please see the following posts –


YN-560TX, YN-560 IIIYN560 IV



YongNuo – Website




  1. Manjula 6 years ago

    I have Pixel Mago speedlight.
    I bought YN622c-tx and YN622C tranceiver pair.
    But YN622 Kit not compatible with pixel mago.
    Please help me.
    Do you know any firmware update or solution ?

  2. Ruky 4 years ago

    Excuse me i would like to ask the following:

    Ref: This allows a YN560-TX transmitter to control the manual power levels and flash zoom of both YN-560 III and YN560 IV flashes, AND now other ETTL flashes mounted on YN-622C receivers as well.

    Does the high speed sync function of that ETTL Flash work in this case? (as i know the 560tx transmitter does not provide high speed sync function)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Ruky,

      No, unfortunately you would loose any HSS and TTL function when using the YN560-TX as transmitter.

  3. Daniel 4 years ago

    Can a 560TX control an older 622C? This website explains how to make it work for a newer one but what about an older one?

  4. QL Omar 4 years ago

    i have a YN560tx II trigger, two YN622C (2015) and two RF603CII
    I turn on the 622 holding CH/SET to activate the tx mode
    i set up all the radios on the same channel ad group
    on fire (from 560) all shows a green led (they got fire signal) the 603 fire PC or nonyognuo flash on top
    but the 622 doesn’t no PC neither nonyognuo on hot shoe
    what im doing wrong???

  5. Greg 2 years ago

    The problem I have with Yongnuo is that my questions to them are not answered. I have no idea of a Yongnuo sponsored and dedicated forum to resolving user queries.

    Is this why it is cheaper than Godox? If Godox answers my questions, I’ll head to them.

    If Yongnuo wants to be a peer amongst other brands, it has to perform on areas like feedback, dedicated forums, and an instruction manual that exceeds the low standards of Chinglish.

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 2 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      Its actually more the opposite way around. YongNuo used to at least try and provide direct customer support, where Godox have very rarely done that, and currently rely almost completely on dealers to provide support to customers.

      The 2 companies have very different business models, YongNuo products have very little mark up for dealers, where Godox have kept minimum price agreements so that dealers can actually earn a reasonable profit for their efforts and provide warranty etc.

      So the retail pricing is not strictly related to the quality of the products, though Godox speedlites for example do tend to be more durable, and definitely show a lower failure rate. Failures have not been a big issue with YongNuo radio gear though.

      YongNuo were the most popular in speedlite and radio gear a few years ago, though Godox pulled ahead and have grown quickly since, while YongNuo have since put more of their attention into other areas like developing lenses instead.

      The YongNuo Ebay store used to be one of the better options for having your questions answered, so you could try there.

  6. Aron 2 years ago

    I’ve scoured every other place, watched YouTube video, tried a number of things and I can’t solve this issue.

    I have the mentioned kit with a Nikon D750. The issue is, the flashes fire when triggered. However, not in any setting am I able to remotely change flash power. Not in i-TTL or manual mode. I’m trying with three flashes, Nikon SB-910, Yongnuo YN568EX and Meike MK910. The first two are definitely compatible.

    I’ve tried the hotshoe tip of not putting it all the way to the back of the camera or the flash to make sure the connectors make contact. Flash fires, settings do not change remotely. 

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