YONGNUO – YN-622C-TX for Canon – Now Available!

The YN-622C-TX for Canon are now available from around $42.




The YN-622C-TX combines with the popular YN-622C TTL triggers to provide a much faster and more convenient user interface on the camera than the Canon Flash Control menu.

The YN-622C-TX also importantly allows remote manual and TTL groups to be mixed together and used at the same time.



  • 3 Groups
  • Mix TTL, Remote Manual, and SuperSync Groups
  • Individual 1/3rd stop Manual Power and FEC adjustment
  • Remote Flash Zoom in 3 groups, and Auto Zoom
  • 2nd Curtain Sync, HSS, SuperSync
  • USB port for Firmware Updates
  • AF Assist Light
  • Remote Shutter Release Function
  • Dedicated Buttons for Fast Adjustments
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • PC Sync Port
  • 7 Channels
  • Improved Stability and Transmission Speed
  • SuperSync Manual Timing Adjustment
  • Flash Exposure Lock Function (FEL)
  • Modeling Flash & Red-Eye Reduction flash
  • Settings Saved Automatically
  • PC Port Input
  • Up to 100M Range (UPDATE – YN-622C-TX range results have been around 1/2 of the YN-622C results)
  • Basic Trigger Mode for Non-Canon Cameras (with standard hotshoe, max sync speed is 1/250s)
  • Remote Manual Power Control using Non-Canon Cameras (requires EX II compatible flashes)
  • EX Flash Compatible Mode – Now Allows remote manual power levels with EX Mark One flashes




UPDATES on the YN-622C -TX ! –

1. As hoped, the YN-622C-TX will also work on NON-Canon cameras to control the manual power levels of Canon EX MK II compatible flashes (YN-565EX, YN-568EX etc included).

2 . There is a new custom option “ex flash compat”, mode which uses ETTL to simulate manual flash output for older MK One EX flashes. Though this only works with Canon cameras (and not with point 1 above).

3. Added Compatibility with the YN560-TX – A new proxy mode allows the YN560-TX to control Manual Output and Zoom of the ETTL flashes on YN-622C receivers.





The YN-622C-TX are available now from around $42 –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, UK.

YN-622C receivers –

Ebay, YongNuo EbayAmazonUK


YongNuo – Website

YN-622C – Full Review



  1. Dybo 7 years ago


    i have a 6D and YN560II. I want rear curtain sync. It is possible by any way?

    Which trigger can let me sync to rear curtain with my combination 6D/YN560II without buying a Canon flash or installing ML? Did i have to buy another Yongnuo flash?

    Many thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Dybo,

      I’m pretty sure you can do second curtain sync using the YN-622C TTL triggers with manual flashes as well. Though I will need to test this again in the morning as there are some catches in the way this can work. I’ll have to get back to you on this.

      • Dybo 7 years ago

        Hi Flash Havoc,

        Thanks for your answer.

        How to set 2nd curtain? The 2nd curtain option will not be grayed out when putting YN-622C on it??

        I still wait for your feedback, i hope, soon.
        Thanks again.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Dybo,

          Ok I tested this again. 2nd Curtain Sync only works if you attach the YN560 II flash to the YN-622C receiver via a PC sync cord, not when mounting the flash directly on the YN-622C’s hotshoe.

          You will need to set the 2nd Curtain Sync on the YN-622C-TX transmitter interface, then it will appear on the 6D camera menu as well.

  2. Kacper Antoszewski 7 years ago

    Hey guys, I’m a little confused as far as the functionality goes with first generation EX flashes. I have a canon 7D and 40D, and I’m trying to remote control the manual settings on my Canon 430EX with this controller. While ETTL works perfectly fine, it will not manually adjust the zoom, or the flash power on either camera, regardless of whether the flash itself is set to ETTL or Manual function.

    I know I require the EX II to do this on non-canon cameras, but should I have this function on my Canon camera?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Kacper,

      You will need to set the transmitter to ECO (EX Compatible) mode for use with MK one flashes. Hold the FN button to go into the custom functions, and number 05 is the ECO mode. Change that to ON.

      Then set the 430EX to ETTL mode, even if you are wanting to use manual power settings on the transmitter.

      I would do a factory reset on both the transmitter and receivers as well before setting the Legacy mode on.

      • Kacper Antoszewski 7 years ago

        Awesome! Flash power control works now, though zoom control remains fully automatic, regardless of whether it is set to automatic, of if I attempt to change it. Is this normal?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Unfortunately I don’t think I have a single MK one flash here to test this. Though I didn’t think there was any remote zoom possible with a MK one flash. Are you saying the 430EX is constantly zooming with the camera lens?

          If setting the YN-622C-TX to a manual zoom setting is not stopping that, then you should be able to set the YN-622C receiver to mixed mode so that you can set the zoom setting directly on the flash. I’m not sure if you would lose the remote power control then though.

  3. Dybo 7 years ago

    Hi Flash,

    Ok so i need a 1 YN-622C + 1 YN-622-TX + PC to PC cord and everything will be ok. Did the cord come with one of these items?
    It could be more simple if i buy YN565/568 EX? No cord needed, and maybe no YN-622C??

    Many many thanks to you for your answers, all you do, your site and so…

    Thanks again.

    PS: sorry for my little poor english, i’m french 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Dybo,

      Yes that is correct. I don’t think the PC to PC sync cord comes with any of the triggers, though decent screwlock cords are available on Ebay etc for just a few dollars.

      You wouldn’t need a PC sync cord with the YN-565EX or YN-568EX, though you do still need a YN-622C attached to the flashes foot, as there are no flashes with YN-622C receiver built in at this stage.

      You would have remote power control with the flashes then though, which is very convenient. Not to mention ETTL if needed. Using the YN-568EX you even have HSS available.

  4. Dybo 7 years ago

    Thank you for these complementary informations!!

    I’m gonna buy a YN-622C + TX for the moment and maybe later a YN-568EX if really needed.

    Thanks a lot Flash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      No problem, thanks Dybo.

      One thing I forgot to mention is that just using a regular YN-622C as transmitter (and receiver) can provide longer range than the YN-622C-TX if that may be important to you.

  5. nixland 7 years ago

    Elv, is there any possibility that Yongnuo add more group on 622TX to 5-6 groups? (via firmware perhaps)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Its likely possible if they really wanted to, though I don’t know if there is much desire to do that. YongNuo were trying to follow the original Canon system and protocols pretty closely particularly with the TTL groups and metering etc.

      If you only need remote manual for the extra groups it is possible to use more YN-622C-TX transmitters set to a different channel, and connected vial PC sync cord to the first transmitter. Or mounted on top of a YN-622C hotshoe mounted on the camera, covering the TTL contacts.

  6. Greg 7 years ago

    I just bought a set of three 622C + 1 TX, which I got from HongKong last week and have been testing them a bit with my flashes.
    I currently have a Sigma 610 DG ST (not Super), a Metz 52 AF-1 and a YN500EX which I bought at the same time as the triggers.

    Prior to buying the Yongnuo’s, I have had two Viltrox FC-210C triggers which did not really work as announced. Besides the fact that they sometimes didn’t work at all and I had to switch units between camera and flash, or turn on/off etc, the hot shoe pass thru did not sync at all (triggers but no sync). One thing they did however, was to make my Sigma 610 work in HSS mode, even though that is not a HSS capable flash!

    So of course I was curious if the Yongnuo’s would also be able to do the HSS trick with the Sigma… and it turns out that they do!!!

    And I don’t mean using SuperSync and a PC sync cable, because the Sigma flash does not have a sync port… I mean straight off the hotshoe on the 622C, all the way up to 1/8000. I have not really compared the power to my other flashes but it looks pretty similar. I will try to do some more “scientific” testing when I have a chance.

    I don’t know if this is specific to the Sigma 610 DG ST, or if it can work with other flashes as well. But that’s the only non HSS flash I have to test it. Could it be that the Sigma 610 DG ST actually does have HSS but Sigma is saying that it doesn’t? When the flash is mounted directly on the camera hotshoe it obviously reports the inability to do HSS and the camera will not even go there.

    I’m also happy to say that range with the 622C-TX seems to be good, reaching about 80-90 meters inside a window with me out on the street to test it. I was a bit worried having read about issues with them and Yongnuo having done some HW changes in December last year. Mine was produced prior to that date, but seems ok…

    One question I have regarding the 622C is about the use of a Light meter together with the triggers. For example the Sekonic L 308-S which has the ability to trigger a flash via a PC sync port. Has anyone tested this together with the 622C?
    I.e. connecting the Sekonic to one of the 622C’s and trigger all flashes via the 622C but from the Sekonic interface?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      SuperSync works without using a PC sync cord from flash to receiver when using the YN-622-TX as the transmitter, but not with a YN-622C as the transmitter.

      So you could try a YN-622C as transmitter. Or just make sure the flash is not set to full power. If you’re still getting anything like a clean frame at any level below 1/2 power then it couldn’t be due to long duration sync (SuperSync).

      Regarding the meter, I think the YN-622C-TX’s PC sync port is output only, so I think a hotshoe to PC sync cord would be needed to connect the YN-622C-TX’s foot at best.

  7. Greg 7 years ago


    Thanks for the info, that was quick!
    So then I guess I need to do some additional testing with the 622C on camera instead.
    However the Sigma 610 DG ST only has very simple settings; E-TTL, Manual-Hi or M-Lo. And I had it set to E-TTL when I was testing, not Manual-Hi, so I really don’t know how it can work, but it does…
    I’ll have a go at testing it at M-Lo as well to see what happens and report back when I have the chance.

    Regarding the Sekonic, I was thinking of the 622C’s, not the TX. But perhaps the 622C sync port is also output only?
    My expected setup would otherwise be to use any number of 622C’s with flashes on them where I connect the Sekonic to one (closest to the subject probably). And I was hoping that with the sync cable connected, pressing the button on the Sekonic would be similar to pressing the Test button on the 622C. So basically all flashes would fire and a good measurement would be made by the Sekonic.

  8. Greg 7 years ago


    I should perhaps add one other thing re the HSS setup with the Sigma flash. I did have the setting on the 622C-TX to ETTL, not to SS. So regardless of the capability of the TX to do SS without a sync cable, it was not set to SuperSync on that group (or any of the groups).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks, I don’t think the SS setting would matter, as you generally get the pre-sync signal in any case if HSS is set on the transmitter, and the cameras shutter speed is over x-sync. I think the SS setting mainly just adopts the custom timing adjust set in the SS custom function.

      Regarding the light meter, I’ll have to test this again, though I don’t think the YN-622C PC sync port works for this either. A hotshoe cord likely will work though.

      I just set the light meter to wireless mode though and it takes a reading once it sees the flash go off. A transmitter in hand can trigger this with the test fire button. It seems like a bit more of hassle to have them joined with a cord?

  9. Greg 7 years ago

    Thanks, sounds reasonable, but I would have thought there might be some more differences between HSS and other modes? I sort of thought that there was a communication protocol to send specific commands to the flash, and to read information from it.

    I have understood it so that HSS utilizes a super fast burst to create “continous light” long enough to cover the time the curtains are moving. To do this, the flash actually would receive a command that is very specific to the HSS function??
    But with SS, or First/Second Curtain sync, it receives a regular “fire” command to pop the flash at the power and time specified. With SS, the power should be set manually? at 1/1 (preferably). What SS then can do is to adjust timing in order to optimize the result by fully utilizing the time the light “fades” out to cover both curtains movement.
    I will be able to do some more testing tonight and will report back but with that in mind, I think it is quite intriguing that the Sigma is actually able to work at speeds over x-sync.

    Could it be so that it is in fact the same HW in the DG ST, as in the DG Super, and all they have done is a simple change in the FW so that it tells the camera it can’t do HSS. But the YN622C doesn’t care about what the flash sais and just does what I tell it to…
    Actually, when I think about it, that is exactly what happens with the manual power settings on the Metz. It has a minimum manual power setting of 1/64. And when on the camera hotshoe I only get the correct options to go down to 1/64. But when it is on the YN622 (or the Viltrox for that matter) the camera doesn’t know and I can try setting it to 1/128. And if I do, the Metz goes completely nuts and starts zooming in and out… I will try with the YN500EX as well since it also has the 1/64 limit…

    Regarding the light meter I agree that using the wireless mode would be the most hassle free setup. However, I was just looking for options where I could still make use of all my triggers for flashes. And perhaps for that odd time when the flash doesn’t trigger the meter reading…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Sorry yes I think you would be right, In SS mode the regular HSS signals may not be sent.

      I’m 99% confident the DG ST won’t have a pulsing HSS mode, so I was overlooking the fact that we were possibly talking about a HSS flash on the YN-622C hotshoe.

      As you mentioned the TX was not set to SS mode anyway, so no problem there.

      If you try Manual Lo on the flash I’m pretty sure you will get half a frame or less lit by the flash.

  10. Greg 7 years ago


    I got home early today so I just finished some more testing and here’s what I discovered:

    YN622C-TX on camera and the Sigma 610 DG ST on a YN622C (The only settings possible, on back of flash is via a simple switch at the rear; Off, TTL, Mhi and Mlo setting:
    1. Flash on MLo (1/16 power according to the manual) – 1/400 and faster gives banding going towards completely dark picture as I increase speed.
    2. Flash on MHi (1/1 power) – same as MLo but more over exposed…
    3. Flash on TTL – works perfectly at any speed setting!

    Changing to a YN622C as transmitter on the camera hotshoe gives exactly the same results… and so does putting the flash on the YN622C hotshoe on camera.
    So basically in regards to sync speeds, my Sigma 610DG ST behaves exactly like the HSS capable flashes I have!! And comparing it to the other two flashes it is quite obvious it has more power as well, also on HSS.
    But HOW I wonder…?

    Then I have to correct myself regarding my Metz freeking out when trying to set it to 1/128 power. That only happens on the Viltrox FC-210C.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Is the TTL exposure low though? As in can you set it up so that you know the TTL is firing at around minimum power at a manual setting?

      I haven’t owned a sigma flash since the DG 500 Super, and looking now I can’t find any specs on either the 610 ST or Super having HSS. The Super must still have HSS though surely, so maybe the ST does as well?

      It is possible the YN-622C allows features the camera won’t, but this would really be taking that to another level.

  11. Greg 7 years ago

    Not sure I follow you regarding “TTL firing at minimum power at manual setting”?

    When the flash is set to TTL mode (with the switch), it works perfectly fine at any and all speeds, from really slow all the way up to 1/8000 sec (when on the YN622C). And with flash in Manual Lo or Hi I sort of get what is expected I would say. It ís either full power or 1/16, so the result depends on my camera setting. I have for the testing been playing around with the camera in Manual mode and have not been paying attention to weather it is over or under exposed. But there have been no problems with the flash in normal use.

    To make a simple comparison of the three flashes I put them in separate boxes next to each other and took pictures with all three boxes visible. All three flashes produce good, and quite similar, results at all speed settings. The Sigma does provide more power and being so close to the back of the box, it generates a burned out area at the center. Next in terms of power, and a visible step down I would say, is the Yongnuo, but very closely followed by the Metz. I do have full control over the Sigmas output at TTL it seems. By adjusting it’s group on the 622C-TX by 2/3 to 1 I am roughly on par with the other two.

    In terms of Specifications there is nothing on Sigmas site about HSS for the DG ST. In the manual there is no mentioning of any high sync speeds either. Interestingly enough in the “product summary” for the ST on the Sigma UK site that I pulled up, some parts actually refer to the DG Super… For example it sais, on the DG ST page; “the 610 DG Super also offers a modeling flash function”.
    AND could you have guessed… the ST does modelling light as well, but there is no mentioning of it in the manual. It does it on camera as well as on the 622C.

    BUT, when on the camera hotshoe, there is virtually nothing in terms of functionality! The only option active in the menu is the FEC adjustment. All other items; ETTL, First curtain sync and FEB are grey. And going to the C.Fn settings brings up “incompatible flash or flash turned off”…

    Does that mean the YN-622C allows features the camera wont, I guess one could say so!! And the reason it can do that I would say is that the communication is split in two separate parts. All the communication from Camera to flash is being done with the 622C as a proxy. There is no communication from the flash about it’s capabilities back to the camera. The camera “sees” any and all capabilities that YN-622C reports and has no clue what is at the other end of the communications channel.
    So basically it does what it thinks it can do, and what I tell it to, and if it works it works, with each respective flash…

    And about what works or doesn’t work, I just noticed one more thing about my flashes. The modeling light for example does NOT work with my Metz when it’s on the 622C for some reason. It only fires a flash, but both the Sigma and the Yongnuo does the full burst thing. In fact the Yongnuo does it when on the camera hotshoe even though I told it not to in the C.Fn 2 menu…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      I was just meaning to confirm that the flash is firing at a low power level (even in TTL) where the flash duration is very short. If you’re still getting a clean frame then, then the flash has to be pulsing for HSS.

      It sounds like you were right from the start though, sorry I didn’t realise the ST model has changed (as he Super is basically still the same flash it has been for years).

      I’d say its pretty much as you describe, the ST is just a firmware dumbed down version of the Super, and the YN-622 acting as a go-between are allowing the extra functions.

  12. Greg 7 years ago


    Ok, then I see what you mean.

    In a way I am a little bit dissapointed of the result though… When I discovered this (on the my FC-210C’s at first) I was thinking it was in fact the Triggers that were doing some magic trick with the flash. Hence almost any other flash could have worked in a similar way. But in the end I was simply lucky with this brand and model… And I can’t complain since I do have HSS capability on all my flashes.

    Perhaps there should be a call for other users to test their non HSS capable flashes in HSS mode to see if there are other models with similar capabilities? Or other capabilities not specified or in the manual, like the modelling light on mine.

    I have to say it’s really a great learning experience to experiment like this, and fun too! And I have really gotten to know my flashes much better and start to understand the “mechanics” behind using triggers a bit more as well.

    Thanks for getting involved and helping out!! Let me know if you find out anything about using a Light Meter to trigger the test button. But perhaps that would require a modified unit?

  13. Dybo 7 years ago


    i’m back to tell you: i get the YN622C!! They work very well!! Super easy to use (intuitive). Accessing flash menu on the 6D is now possible. I’d have a “dslrkit” ttl triggers who can’t allow this possibility. Now, waiting for money to get TX and a TTL flash!

    The range is not a real problem, for the now anyway. Thanks for the information!

    Thanks a lot.

  14. Ruth German 7 years ago

    First thank you for all of your help and reviews!
    I cannot get the 622c-tx to change the zoom settings on my 550ex. Is it capable on ex 1 flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ruth,

      I don’t think the MK I style flashes like the 550EX can not have their zoom adjusted remotely.

      I don’t have a MK I flash here at the moment to confirm this though unfortunately.

  15. Ed 6 years ago

    Hey Flash Havoc,

    What exactly is the difference (if any) between the 622c-tx features vs the in-camera flash menu? Is there any incentive to get a 622c-tx vs just another regular 622c to put on top of the camera’s hotshoe if you can do all the same things from the camera’s flash menu?

    Thanks for clarifying,


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Ed,

      Yes the YN-622C-TX allows you to mix ETTL and Manual groups. As well as turning any group on and off as you like instead of just selecting A, A:B, or A:BC.

      For remote manual use in particular the TX is much quicker with instant access to power level changes, instead of digging through a number of menu steps each time.

      The downside is the range isn’t as good as the regular YN-622C as transmitter.

  16. Rick 6 years ago

    Hi Flash,
    Is there a way to connect the 622c-tx to the camera to work with on camera speedlites and off camera? For wedding receptions I use both off camera flash and a speedlite mounted on camera. would a pc to pc sync cord from TX to camera allow this?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Rick,

      Yes you can use a PC sync cord, though that reduces the YN-622C-TX’s remote control ability to remote manual only. No TTL, HSS, SCS etc.

      The other option is to use a regular YN-622C as transmitter and stack a flash on top of that. The camera menu needs to be used then as the remote flash control interface.

      Possibly a better option now though, if you’re using the Canon 600EX-RT as the on camera flash, is to use the new YNE3-RT as receivers instead of YN-622C. That way you have the master interface neatly built into the flash, and no extra transmitters attached to the camera (or less reliable pass through hotshoe transmitters used).

  17. msac 6 years ago

    which flashes support wireless hss without adding another trigger to the flash?

  18. Mark 6 years ago

    Can I control YN560 III with these?

    What is the setup procedure, nothing mentioned in the manual.

  19. Selwyn Bear 6 years ago

    Did some initial testing with the Sigma EF-500 DG Super using 622 as both receiver & transmitter, & ALL functions seem to be working.

  20. Arno35 6 years ago

    Hello, is there some news about some hardware updated YN-622c with better range ? Has someone got some of the new ones and can confirm this ? Thank you !

  21. Arno35 6 years ago

    I mean new YN-622 TX…

  22. Peter 6 years ago

    I just had a weird experience today. I have since before a Canon 7D, a YN-622C TX, 4 YN-622C and 4 Godox V860C. And to the weird part.. Today I bought a Sony DSC-HX60V that I am supposed to use as a light travelcamera. It has a hot-shoe so I thought what the hell.. Lets see iof I can use My YN-622C TX to trigger my godox flash in manual mode, and it worked, which I thought it would. Bur then I tried to trigger them in TTL-mode and it acctually worked!!? Sure, my camera was in manual mode, but the flashexposure got it right, Evert time? I could even use the FEC on the YN-622C TX, and it worked??
    Is it suppose to work? With a Sony compact camera?

  23. Alfor 6 years ago

    Hi, I had 2x YN622C and YN622TX, can I trigger my Speedlite E430ExII and YN560IV remotely if I have YN622C at both flashes using YN622TX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Alfor,

      Yes you can trigger both flashes, though the YN560 IV will not have any remote power or zoom control.

      So if you want remote control with the second flash trading the YN560 IV for a YN-568X II would give the most control – ETTL, Remote Manual, HSS, SCS, etc.

      If you were only mainly interested in remote manual power and zoom control, then you could use a YN560-TX as the transmitter to both the YN560 IV with radio receiver built in, and your 430EX II attached to a YN-622C as receiver.

      The advantage there is that you can easily add inexpensive YN560 III / IV flashes which already have the radio receiver built inside. Though you loose all the TTL, HSS, SCS etc of the YN-622 system.

  24. Manuel 6 years ago

    Hi, ik having some problems for wireless controlling my flashes.
    I have a canon 7d mk2,
    Flash canon 430ex mk1,
    Flash yn 560 iv,
    2 yn622c trancievers,
    and 1 yn622-tx controller.

    I havent been able to wirelessly change the power output of both flashes.
    Could you help me adjusting the settings? Im quite confused with the manuals.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Manuel,

      The YN560 IV are not compatible with the YN-622C triggers for anything more than simply firing the flash (with a YN-622C attached as receiver).

      You need TTL flashes for any remote control with the YN-622 system (and Canon MK II style flashes for remote manual power control, like the Canon 580EX II. All YongNuo ETTL flashes are basically Canon MK II equivalent).

      EDIT – The YN-622C-TX does have an EX compatibility mode allowing MK 1 EX flashes to provide manual power levels.

      The YN-560 and YN-622 are two completely separate systems. Though YongNuo have now added a YN-560 mode to the latest YN-622C transceivers (January 2015 build date), allowing the YN-560TX to control the manual power levels of TTL flashes mounted on YN-622C as receivers.

      So if remote manual is all you’re after (no HSS , SCS, TTL) then they YN560-TX could be an option. If you’re not really intending to get a lot more flashes though you would likely be better to trade the YN560 IV for a YN-568EX II, or YN-565EX II (no HSS) TTL flash and use the with the YN-622C as receiver.

      • Manuel 6 years ago

        Thank you for your early response,

        I dont think im going to buy more flashes so im going to trade the yn560IV for the yn565 TTL in order to be able to control remotely the power output with my yn622tx and yn622,

        what about the canon 430ex mk I ? I saw a comment from you before:

        ———You will need to set the transmitter to ECO (EX Compatible) mode for use with MK one flashes. Hold the FN button to go into the custom functions, and number 05 is the ECO mode. Change that to ON.
        Then set the 430EX to ETTL mode, even if you are wanting to use manual power settings on the transmitter.
        – See more at: http://flashhavoc.com/yongnuo-yn-622c-tx-now-available/comment-page-3/#comment-25909 ——-

        and in a previous comment you wrote

        ———The one issue with the MK1 430EX though would be that they have no remote manual power control, as the YN-622C requires MK II style flashes for remote manual control. – See more at: http://flashhavoc.com/yongnuo-yn-622c-tx-now-available/comment-page-2/#comments———-

        So my question is, is it possible to control de power of canon 430ex mk i, with yn622c and yn622-tx?
        My attempts on the first quote’s instruccions failed =(.

        Thank you again for your effort.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Hi Manuel,

          Sorry I forgot about the YN-622C-TX’s EX Compatibility Mode!

          Unfortunately I haven’t got single MK 1 style flash here at the moment to test this now. Though I know people have reported the ECO mode working fine.

          What I’m not sure about the ECO mode is if, or how, it works when mixing MK II flashes as well. The MK II flashes appear to go into manual mode fine still though even with ECO mode switched on on the YN-622C-TX.

          I’m not sure why you haven’t been able to get the 430EX working at all though. Can you try doing a factory reset on all triggers, set the ECO mode back on, and only use the one receiver attached to the 430EX to start with.

          Remember the flash will stay in ETTL mode, and won’t show the manual power settings. Though the exposures should still be equivalent to the manual power settings set on the transmitter.

          • Manuel 6 years ago

            unfortunately couldn’t control 430ex power with yn622c and yn622ctx, even after factory reset of both yn items.
            Ill continue my research and if i find a reason/solution ill post it here.
            If someone has managed to control canon 430 ex mk I flash power with yn622c and yn622c tx, i will apreciate a lot if you reply this message.

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 6 years ago

              Ok thanks Manuel.

              I’ll try and get a 430EX to look at this as well. Thanks.

              • Manuel 6 years ago

                Hey! Finally worked!
                After a while researching, i found a comment in another page, and this was the comment of the person that have the solution, its quite magical.

                “I finally got this to work! The only thing needed was to go into the camera’s (5D and 6D) external flash controls menu just once and pressing the shutter button halfway to register the functionality and now I can also control the 430EX (on 622C in any of the A/B/C group) power in manual mode (keep the 430EX itself in TTL mode) to my heart’s desire.”

                Hope it helps anyone in the same doubt i was in before,
                thank you for everything!

                • Author
                  Flash Havoc 6 years ago

                  Ok great, thanks Manuel!

  25. Nikhil 6 years ago


    Will YN-622C-Tx work with YN-560IV without using the YN-622C transreceivers? Also I have a pair of RF-603C. Will they help me to trigger the flash even if I cannot control the settings? If these questions were answered earlier, then please excuse.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nikhil,

      Sorry I missed your question until now.

      No the YN-622C-TX will not work with the YN560 III / IV flashes at all. Unless you attached a YN-622C as receiver to the flash, and even then they would only simply fire the flashes, with no remote power control possible.

      To control the YN560 III / IV flashes you need the YN560-TX transmitter. Or use a YN560 IV flash as the transmitter on camera.

      Yes the RF-603C can also be used to fire the YN560 III / IV flashes inbuilt radio receiver. A YN560-TX can then be held in hand to adjusted the flashes power levels remotely.

      • Marcello 6 years ago

        You can also mount the 560TX on top of the meyin 604, that works for me for now. I didnt know I could still control the 560 iii and iv output via 560TX… That’s something new to me.

  26. Fly 6 years ago

    i want to buy a YN600EX-RT and a 622-TX. But i want to know, before buy, if the 622c-TX alone can fire the 600EX-RT, or did i have to buy a YN622C as receiver and put it under the 600EX? I have a 550D


    Many thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Fly,

      No the YN622C-TX can not fire the YN600EX-RT flash unless there is a YN622C as receiver attached to the flashes foot.

      Are you aware the YN-E3-RT transmitters are available for the YN600EX-RT flash? The flash does not need an external receiver then.

      And if you need to fire other existing flashes, you can use YN-E3-RX receivers to do that.

      • Fly 6 years ago

        Hi, thank you for the answer.
        Ok, so 600EX+622c+622c-TX.

        If i get one 622c-TX and one 622c, can i modify the 600EX-RT setting via 622c-TX?
        That’s my last question.

        Many Thanks.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Yes you have full remote manual control, TTL, HSS, SCS, and remote flash zoom.

          This is not using the flashes RT radio mode though, just set the flash to regular ETTL mode and the YN-622C receiver will take over.

  27. Janne 6 years ago


    Thanks for a good review. I’ve been researching speedlites and wireless systems for a quite some nights now but I cannot seem to get the hang of what I should buy. From your great responses to other users here I thought I’d ask too since Yongnuo web pages are not too clear of their cross-compability.

    So, I have 5d2, Nissin di866. I just ordered 622c-TX (maybe too soon?) to wirelessly control the di866 and another flash (Yongnuo) which I’m yet to order. Could you help me and tell me what are my options if I want a Yongnuo flash that I can trigger and adjust with my 622-TX – preferably WITHOUT having to buy additional triggers such as 622c?

    Options if..
    A) I want TTL and HSS functionality?
    B) I forget about TTL & HSS and just want to adjust manual power of the flash via 622-TX?
    C) I also give up and buy the 622c for the flash and want TTL&HSS?

    I tried to be as brief and logical describing my problem but I realize it’s a complex thing to give an quick answer to. Sorry about that. 🙂 Thanks a lot in advance if you find time to reply to me!

  28. Franco 6 years ago

    TOTALLY FRUSTRATED! Can anyone provide me some insight on how to get into the YONGNUO website to update drivers and firmware update v 1.07. I know I can’t access it from a Mac but I’ve tried on a Windows based computer and have had no luck either. Does anyone have an executable firmware file for the YN622C-TX and trigger updates that they can send me? I run an iMac and can’t even access the company website.

  29. Raj 6 years ago


    I have a 5d mark ii and recently bought a yn-568ex II. can I use yn-622c-TX mounted on the 5dmk2 to trigger 568ex II in remote slave canon mode ( I guess it would be “Sc” mode) without any other receiver? i.e. without having the flash mounted on a yn-622c receiver?


  30. Hendra 6 years ago

    Does any one have issue with assist beam on YN-622C TX that not fire? I have tried to activate it by long pressing the SYNC/FN button going to the third option and selecting on, but no luck. I have also activated the AF assist beam on Canon bodies and nothing.

    Also I have YN-622C and the beam works fine in all of them.

  31. Neil 6 years ago

    Hi FH

    Seems that the 622C-TX FW v1.08 is not compatible with the EOS M3 – locks the camera on shutter release – battery has to be pulled from the body to reset the shutter.

  32. Neil 6 years ago

    Update :

    Retried and entered the EOS menu, from there some controls were abel to be set – turned off assist beam. set to Manual power control Now releases shutter and sync up to 1/4000. If changing from ALL to Group A:B:C power – cannot set back to ALL

    Still not 100% but at least no longer locking the shutter.

  33. JL 6 years ago


    I have a Canon 5DIII. I’m looking for a Yongnuo flash. I want to keep it as compact and light as possible. I would like :

    – TTL
    – HSS
    – built-in receiver

    Is the 568EX II Ok for me or is there another Yongnuo alternative ?

    As I’m a newby, after reading several forums, I still don’t really understand which equipment I need to use the YN-568II :

    only one trigger mounted on the hotshoe of my 5DIII or do I need to add another equipment (receiver ?) on the flash itself ? I’m a bit puzzled as I’have seen a picture of the YN-568EX II in your review with a receiver added to it…

    If only one trigger ont the 5DIII is enough, what are the possibilties and the best solution for the 568EX II ?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

  34. JL 6 years ago

    sorry to ask my question here but the YN-568EX II forum seems to be closed and it concerns both flash and trigger (erase this remark if you want and thank you again)

  35. Eric V 6 years ago


    I recently purchased the YN-622C-TX and a couple of YN-685 flashes. Has anyone encountered issues with range, especially when used outdoor?

    I don’t know if the problem would be with the transmitter or with the built-in receiver in the flashes, but both the flashes are triggering only when within 10 feet of the transmitter, which is clearly below the advertised 100 meters.

  36. Grat 6 years ago

    i’m still using EOS- 1Dmark2 body.
    I wonder yn-622tx -flash controller will do its full functionalities with this good old body, too,,
    though it doesn’t have external flash control features built in itself, as other recent bodies of EOS has.
    (i have couple yn-622c s to communicate with tx, already)

    thank you for your attention.

  37. Manjula 6 years ago

    Not compatible with My “Pixel Mago” flash.
    Please help.

  38. Louis Mejias 5 years ago

    Hello I have a sigma ef-500 DG super flash and a Canon rebel xsi (450d) are these compatible with the yn-622c TX flash controller and the yn-622c II. Are these yongnuo units compatible with the sigma flash I have and the Canon 5d mark iii. I ask this because I plan on upgrading to the future Canon 5d mark iv when it becomes available.

    Thanks for any help you can provide..

  39. Partik 5 years ago

    Might get one from Geekbuying, they have a special sale and it’s only $35.

  40. frank 5 years ago

    hi, will this trigger a yn568exii directly, or will i still need a receiver trigger on the flash ?

  41. Javier 5 years ago

    I’m trying to fire my Einstein Paul C Buff monolight with a YN622C-TX via a 2.5 to 3.5 chord. It will trigger the flash but the syn is all off! I will fire off a photo on my camera and it will fire the flash like 1 second afterwards! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there is some sort of setting I need to have disabled or enabled. I tried doing the factory reset on both of my units, the one on my camera hot shoe and the one connected to the Einstien and now it wont even fire it at all. Dont get it


  42. tomasz 5 years ago

    i purchased yn622c-tx along with 2 yn685 to use as manual/off camera setup with my sigma sd15 (i plan to buy canon camera soon so thats why i picked this set). i come to a strange thing. the system works flawlessly. once i put the trigger on camera release shutter units fire and thats all. the communication between transmitter and flash gun is lost. green light on transmitter is “flashing” (like you have processing and on flash the red light “link” is on. switching flash off and on brings the link back on. i have set Legacy to On on the transmitter thinking that this may cause problems. it didn’t help. any tips how to overcome this would be much appreciated. if i dont find solution will send the set back.
    looking forward for any help


  43. utan 4 years ago

    Dear FH,

    I had YN 568EX-II + 622C-II. Can i use 622-TX to control YN 600EX-RT (II) + YN 568EX (II)?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Utan,

      Yes, though you need a YN-622C/II as receiver attached to the YN600EX-RT II.

      The YN-622 and Canon RT radio systems are different, so you need to use the YN-622 system to combine both flashes.

  44. john f docherty (jannie) 4 years ago

    Hi flash havoc, I wonder if you could help me with my problem, I use a canon 6D + 7D with C580ex II, C430ex, yn 600exrt, and a yn 568exII + 1 x yn622ctx, trigger and 4 x yn622c transceivers, its pretty hard to work out the chinglish wording in the yongnuo manual so I don’t know if I’ve got it all set up right, I would like to be able to set up the flashguns to either fire all 3 as one group either in manual or ettl mode or one or (on top of the camera) and then 1 more off camera i.e. 2 as a group, I am how ever having bother doing this and I don’t know if its my camera settings that are set up wrong or the trigger and transceivers as when I set them to different groups i.e. group 1A or group 2A they all seen to fire as one group of don’t fire at all…. any help you could give to me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Jannie,

      With the Canon system the flash mounted on the camera is always Group A. So if you want a second group of off camera slaves, set those to Group B, or C.

      Having all the flashes off camera, and in the same group, you should be able to set them all to either group A, B, or C, and control them from the YN-622-TX. If you want different groups, set each flash to a different, A, B, or C.

      The number is the channel, so you need everything set on the same channel or they won’t fire (channel 1 is fine).

      I’m not sure the original 430EX can do manual mode, so I’m not sure if that may also be confusing things.

      • john 4 years ago

        Can you tell me what would the canon 6D flash menu need to be set at for all of the above to work also the menu settings on the 7D too please, many thanks again don’t know where people like myself would be if it were not for this site. cheers F.H.

  45. john 4 years ago

    Hi F.H. thanks for your quick reply im going to give this a go over the weekend.
    many thanks once again John.

  46. Simon Knight 4 years ago

    I have recently purchased a Yongnuo YN622cTX and 2x YN685C flashguns.

    When attached to the camera (Canon 1ds Mark1) the flashguns work correctly in manual and ETTL mode.

    When connected to the YN633C-TX transceiver wirelessly, the data is passed to the flashguns through the hotshoe as I can change ETTL settings, zoom range and manual power.

    If I press the shutter button halfway, the 622 communicates to the 685 with red and blue lights appropriately.
    HOWEVER when I press the shutter button completely, the flash fires and i hear the shutter open and mirror flip up. However it does not drop the mirror and holds the camera in an unusable state. The 622 and 685 do not communicate further.
    If I remove the 622 from the hotshoe, the mirror drops, saves the file and the 622 communicates with the 685. It “beeps” ready and can be used again.

    The shutter always completes it cycle however as the images saved are not completely overexposed.

    Is this a camera problem or an error with the YN622C-TX?

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