YONGNUO – YN-622C-TX for Canon – Now Available!

The YN-622C-TX for Canon are now available from around $42.




The YN-622C-TX combines with the popular YN-622C TTL triggers to provide a much faster and more convenient user interface on the camera than the Canon Flash Control menu.

The YN-622C-TX also importantly allows remote manual and TTL groups to be mixed together and used at the same time.



  • 3 Groups
  • Mix TTL, Remote Manual, and SuperSync Groups
  • Individual 1/3rd stop Manual Power and FEC adjustment
  • Remote Flash Zoom in 3 groups, and Auto Zoom
  • 2nd Curtain Sync, HSS, SuperSync
  • USB port for Firmware Updates
  • AF Assist Light
  • Remote Shutter Release Function
  • Dedicated Buttons for Fast Adjustments
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • PC Sync Port
  • 7 Channels
  • Improved Stability and Transmission Speed
  • SuperSync Manual Timing Adjustment
  • Flash Exposure Lock Function (FEL)
  • Modeling Flash & Red-Eye Reduction flash
  • Settings Saved Automatically
  • PC Port Input
  • Up to 100M Range (UPDATE – YN-622C-TX range results have been around 1/2 of the YN-622C results)
  • Basic Trigger Mode for Non-Canon Cameras (with standard hotshoe, max sync speed is 1/250s)
  • Remote Manual Power Control using Non-Canon Cameras (requires EX II compatible flashes)
  • EX Flash Compatible Mode – Now Allows remote manual power levels with EX Mark One flashes




UPDATES on the YN-622C -TX ! –

1. As hoped, the YN-622C-TX will also work on NON-Canon cameras to control the manual power levels of Canon EX MK II compatible flashes (YN-565EX, YN-568EX etc included).

2 . There is a new custom option “ex flash compat”, mode which uses ETTL to simulate manual flash output for older MK One EX flashes. Though this only works with Canon cameras (and not with point 1 above).

3. Added Compatibility with the YN560-TX – A new proxy mode allows the YN560-TX to control Manual Output and Zoom of the ETTL flashes on YN-622C receivers.





The YN-622C-TX are available now from around $42 –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, UK.

YN-622C receivers –

Ebay, YongNuo EbayAmazonUK


YongNuo – Website

YN-622C – Full Review



  1. John Bowden 4 years ago

    I have a YN560II, YN 560,YN568EX, and a Canon 580EXII. If these are all on YN622C’s, can I control their power in manual with a YN622C-TX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi John,

      No you could only control the manual power levels of the YN568EX and 580EX II, with the YN-622C.

      Its not possible to remotely control the power levels of the YN-560 and YN-560 II at all.

      Shanny have a flash coming (SN600C) from around $70 which works with the YN-622C receivers, and has full TTL / HSS and remote manual etc with them.

  2. John Bowden 4 years ago

    So, I can control the YN568EX and 580EX II with the YN622C-TX if the flashes are on a 622C. Is that correct?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi John,

      Yes that is correct.

      Shanny have some fairly inexpensive (SN600C) flashes coming which should have full function with the YN-622C. So they may be a good option for extra slave flashes. It may be worth trading your YN-560’s for those once they are available soon.

  3. Sorin 4 years ago

    I have a Canon 600EX-RT. If this are on YN622C’s, can I control the flash power in manual with a YN622C-TX? Thanks,

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Sorin,

      Yes, as long as you have a YN-622C attached to the 600EX-RT foot, you will have full control with the YN-622C-TX. Thanks.

  4. Randell John 4 years ago

    Just taken delivery of a 622C-TX Wireless Flash Controller and I just wanted to point out a little quirk that threw me for a moment.
    When I fitted the 622C-TX to the hot shoe of my Canon 5D MkII, I noticed that the White Balance display in the viewfinder, automatically defaults to the ‘Flash’ setting.

    At first I incorrectly thought that the TX had locked out my ability to change my camera’s WB, although this isn’t the case.

    Changing WB is still possible but the display in the viewfinder does display the camera’s selected setting.
    A slight annoyance, but besides this the unit works flawlessly and is a huge improvement over using my Pocket Wizard Plus II’s – Much better reliability, no wires to connect and my 580 EXII’s fit directly to the 622TX/RX hot shoes. They’re a great product.

    • Randell John 4 years ago

      Sorry again everyone, my mistake it isn’t the WB Setting showing in the Viewfinder display – I mistook the ‘Flash’ activation symbol for a WB display. – It’s been a long day.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 4 years ago

        No worries, thanks John.

  5. Pat Adolfo 4 years ago

    Just to confirm, the transmitter works universally with all Canon EOS cameras with E-TTLII, yes? Like I said in a previous post, I have a 20D, and I hoping it’s not too old for the YN-622C-TX. I’m thinking of getting YN-622C + TX + YN500EX.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Pat,

      I dug out my 20D to make sure, and yes the YN-622C-TX and YN-622C receiver work with the 20D in TTL and manual. I tried the YN-500EX as well and that works fine too.

      With manual power levels though, I think you need to press the test fire button after changing power levels on the transmitter, as they don’t always update instantly on the flash otherwise. This doesn’t happen with later cameras.

      Are you interested in the YN-500EX because of the lower price, or the smaller size? If its mainly the price, you may want to consider the Shanny SN600SC as they are over double the power (and more in HSS). There will be a lower priced SN600C version coming very soon as well.

      • Pat Adolfo 4 years ago

        I’m interested because of the two reasons you have mentioned. I will have to wait a bit before I purchase anything, so hopefully the Shanny flashes you also mentioned come out soon.

  6. Allen 4 years ago

    Will the TX + 622C enable TTL with the older 430EX mark one flashes (with either SL1 and 30D bodies)? With just the 622C units without the TX, I will only have manual flash trigger capability with 30D + Mk one EX flashes? Thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Allen,

      TTL is not really an issue, as that works with most cameras and flashes. So your 430EX and 30D / SL1 should be fine with TTL, just using regular YN-622C units.

      Its remote manual power control that has issues with MK one EX flashes, and also cameras without a flash control menu.

  7. JoJo 4 years ago

    I am planning to get the YN-600EX-RT. I am wondering whether I should get it with the YN-E3-RT or I can just use the YN-622C-TX with YN-622C attach to the flash?

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      YN-E3-RT for sure.

      You COULD go the 622C/TX route–if you own them and want to save $$–but that kinda defeats the purpose of the 600-RT, IMO. I mean, WHY attach a 622 to the flash? It’s unneeded weight/bulk are reduces the cool factor about 60%.

  8. Tiago Emerick 4 years ago

    I have a 430 EX II. So i need only the 622C-TX? Its not necessary the 622C ETTL Transceiver?

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      No. The 430 EX II has NO radio capabilities what-so-ever.

      You need:

      1 622C and 1 622C-TX


      2 622C’s (they are often sold as pairs)

      The 430 is mounted on the non-TX’s shoe The TX or other non-TX is mounted on the camera’s shoe. If you have a body made after 2009 or so, you can control everything via the camera’s menu. If you have an older body, the TX is a great buy–well, it’s a great buy regardless–as you can control everything with that.

  9. Luc Charron 4 years ago

    My son borrowed me three YN568EX II, one was the master and 2 slaves. He use that on a canon 60D but never the slaves triggered. They were on the same channel. Is it normal or do we need the 622c to make them work. Just tought with only the flashes everything would be fine.

    Do i have a misunderstood of the way the whole system is working. Please, give some light.
    What do we need to be succesful.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Luc,

      No you shouldn’t need any radio triggers if you are happy to use the optic wireless. That often won’t work outside on bright light though, could that be your problem? The slave flashes need to see the light from the master flash.

      If your testing this inside in a small room otherwise, it must be a setting somewhere stopping them from communicating. The slaves need to be in the correct optic wireless slave mode, where the groups and channels etc are showing. The flash on camera need to be in the master mode, and set to something like A:B C if you want all slave groups to fire.

      You’ll need to run through the manual on this, if the bright light / line of sight is not the issue. You probably want to try and get just one slave flash firing correctly to start with, then look at adding more.

      • Luc Charron 4 years ago

        I was just wrong understanding the system. I would like to have flashes firing at any time when we push the camera button without seeing each other, within a range of 100 to 400 feet for trains in movement at night: look at : Railpicture .net ( Gary Knapp or kevin Burkholder). photos.

        Right now, i have 1 Kit Pixel king pro transmitter and receiver, a 1 canon 430EX, 1 Pixel Mago
        ( test unit ) and 3 yongnuo YN568EX II. What would be my best move to make them flashing ( at least 4 at the same time without fail, another Pixel king pro Transmitter. and receiver or 4 YN622-c. or anything that would make things work.

        Thanks for your patience and advice.


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Hi Luc,

          TTL triggers like the YN-622C generally do not have as much range as simple manual triggers. The Pixel King Pro are one exception, having around double the range of he YN-622C.

          The King Pro then come close to the range of cheaper manual triggers like the YongNuo RF-603 II etc, but if you want longer range PocketWizard Plus X and Plus III are often used there. A slightly less expensive option are the Phottix Atlas II.

          I would try your Pixel King Pro first though if you can and see if they have the range you need. They do not have perfect compatibility with the YN-568EX II, though they should be fine just to fire the flashes.

          If the King Pro work out ok, then yes you would need a receiver for each flash. The King X receivers are a little cheaper than the King Pro (which are transmitter and receiver).


          Regarding the Mago “test” flash, that is basically the Pixel X-650C now (a model sold in China only), and there have been a number of firmware updates for that. Hopefully they should eventually have full compatibility with the King pro, ETTL, and remote manual power setting etc. Though I’m not sure the firmware is completely stable with the King Pro just yet.

          • Luc Charron 4 years ago

            Thank you very much, really appreciate,


  10. vcbneo 4 years ago

    Can someone pls help me? Is it better to buy YN-622C-TX + YN-622C + SN600C or wait for SN-E3-RT+SN600EXRT or SN-E3-RT+SN-E3-MD+SN600SC? What is the advantage of SN-E3-RT/YN-E3-RT over the YN-622C-TX system beside the built in convenient? Thanks.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi vcbneo,

      I’m going to have to try and write a post on this.

      The problem is we don’t know what is planned for these systems (particularly RT system) in the near future.

      The main issue with the RT system is that its currently a very closed system, you can add other non RT flashes, and there are not even any basic manual receivers available to fire studio lights etc (so you would need an extra transmitter on the camera to currently do that).

      Advantages to the RT system include the built in radio, no need for any unreliable pass through hotshoe on the camera (which is a big one for wedding etc photographers), and the RT system is the current and future system for Canon, the old optic wireless system the YN-622C are based on is not going to advance (though YN etc can make their own changes to some degree).

      The RT system is also more advanced with 2 way communication (slaves tell the transmitter when they have recycled and are ready to fire for example).

      The YN-622C etc are an open system, allowing any compatible TTL or manual flash. They currently have flash head zoom control the RT system doesn’t have. And they are currently cheaper. The downside is having the extra receivers and batteries etc, and the pass through hotshoe for flash on-camera.


      Regarding the “SN-E3-RT+SN-E3-MD+SN600SC” combination. Shanny have currently set the SN-E3-MD receiver to $55 plus postage. They were much lower priced before, but if they keep the current $50+ price, there is really no point going with those over the SN600EX-RT or YN600EX-RT flash with radio built in.

      So we will have to watch that (I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop the price yet) but otherwise the EX-RT flashes would the way to go with the RT system.

      • vcbneo 4 years ago

        Thanks for this insight. This should have its own blog because many people have the same question whether to switch over to RT system. For SN-E3-MD receiver, SN600SC is the only one that can work with it and there is no other flash/strobe can work with this receiver yet so it’s not worth to get it now given the price is not cheap ($55). I don’t own any strobe and only have Canon 430 so far so I’ll go with RT system SN-E3-RT+SN600EXRT(2) for now and will add more RT flash/strobe when they will be added in the near future. It’s no brain for me to go forward with RT system although YN-622C-TX + YN-622C + SN600C option is more bang of the buck and more flexible with other flash/strobe but I think about the near future and follow the leader Canon RT system so I don’t have to switch later on. Thanks.

  11. Sebastian Bevan 4 years ago

    Hi all, Just a quick question before i buy, I want to fire my canon 430ex (NOT MK II) off camera using high speed sync, I will be shooting at shutter speeds of over 1/250th sec, my camera is the Canon 5d mkii, Will the Yongnuo yn-622c do the job, thank you , Sebastian

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Sebastian,

      HSS is no problem with the YN-622C and the 430EX, in manual or ETTL.

      The one issue with the MK1 430EX though would be that they have no remote manual power control, as the YN-622C requires MK II style flashes for remote manual control.

      • Sebastian Bevan 4 years ago

        Flash Havoc, Your a star, I just need the higher shutter speed, Thank you so much for your time, Much appreciated.

  12. Precious Sikazwe 4 years ago

    Thanks for having this forum. I own a Canon T4i, and one Canon Speedlite 430ex II. I’d like to purchase

    YONGNUO YN-622C-TX E-TTL Wireless Flash Controller for Canon
    2 Yongnuo YN-622C-USA E-TTL 2.4-GHz Wireless Flash Trigger Transceiver
    YONGNUO YN568 EX II TTL Flash Speedlite with High Speed Sync for Canon

    The Flash is compatible with the T4i, but I am not too sure if the Transmitter/Transceivers will work with the YN568 EX II TTL and the Canon 430ex II TTL. I can’t seem to find any specs for this. Any information on this would be so much appreciated.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Precious,

      Yes they will all work together great.

      There are some good prices at the moment on the YN-568EX II.

      But those lower prices are very likely due to the lower priced and in many ways better new Shanny SN600SC and SN600C.

  13. Precious Sikazwe 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the research and additional information!

  14. saiid parker 4 years ago

    Do you have any flashes with the receivers built in for Canon cameras that can be controlled w/ the yn-622c-tx?

  15. Darryl Walker 4 years ago

    My YN622C-TX is not communication with my 6D. The YN-568EXII’s are attached to my YN-622C & all functions communicate fine but they will not fire when I take a picture.
    All help is appreciated!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Darryl,

      Did you try a factory reset on all the units?

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      Whenever this happens, immediately go into your menu–>flash control->External flash func. setting.

      If you get an error, even though the TX is on the shoe and powered on, it’s not seated properly. Turn off the TX, loosen the lock ring, remove it then re-seat it, making sure it’s in all the way. Tighten the lock ring.

      Try the menu again. It should come up. I had this very issue. I just failed to seat the TX just right.

      Other than this, confirm your channels/groups settings.

  16. Julie Ness 4 years ago

    hi. I have a question for you. I’m planning to upgrade my gear (I currently own a canon 7D and 430ex II). I want to by a 6D, one 430ex II, and the yonguno yn622c transceivers and tx-unit. My question is whether this setup will work? I can’t seem to find any reliable information on compatibility on the web…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Julie,

      Yes the 6D, 430EX II and YN-622C / YN-622C-TX should work fine together.

  17. victor 4 years ago

    is there any information on how the shutter release works? i can’t seem to find any info. thanks in advance

    • Yuppa 4 years ago


      1. You MUST enable this feature on the TX:

      “02 – SHU(Shutter): Wireless shutter function.” Set it to “On”.

      Attach the cable included (depending on your version) to the shoe mounted TX and plug it into your camera.

      2. USE another 622 (transceiver) to trigger the TX by pressing the Test button. This will test the flash, of course, then about ONE second later (you will hear beeping), the camera shutter will be triggered and the flash will fire synchronously.


  18. Matt 4 years ago

    I have a Canon 6D and just purchased the 622C-TX and the YN568EX II. My understanding is that the YN568EX II is wireless and the 622C-TX should be able to fire it without the need for the flash to be mounted on a trigger, but I’m not able to get it to work. I have them both set on the same channel/group and the same mode. Can you please walk me through how to properly pair the two, or let me know if I’ve misunderstood the wireless function on the flash and if I actually need to have the flash on a YN-622C trigger? Thanks!!

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      No. The 568 is “wireless” optical (infrared) ONLY.

      The TX is radio (transmitter) ONLY.

      You need to purchase a 622C (transceiver) for the flash if you want to use the radio spectrum (with the TX on the hot shoe).

  19. Andy 4 years ago

    I have Canon 550EX and 580EX II, 2 PW FlexTT5 and miniTT1. So, i’m looking for another flash to expand my current system.
    My questions are:

    1. Can i use PW TT1/AC3 to manually change power on YN-565II since it’s TTL flas-TT?
    2. Or Can YN-622 TX change power manually or FEC on either Canon 550EX or 580EX II remotely?

    Basically, i need another flash (use manually only) as background light , but if i can remotely change power on flash would be plus.

    THanks very much

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      RE #2:

      You can manually control the power of EX II flashes with the TX, no problem. To manually control the power of EX I flashes, you have to enable func. #5 on the TX. This emulates manual control internally: you won’t see anything on the flash’s screen.

      You WILL need to purchase a 622C (transceiver) for EACH flash you seek to control with the TX (if you don’t own them aleady).

      • Ruth 4 years ago

        Sorry if I’m being dense :)- if I enable Custom Func. 5 on the TX, can I then remotely control power levels in eTTL or manual on a 550ex flash? The manual says to set the 550ex to eTTL to enable this ability, but does that mean I can only use it in eTTL?

        Thanks a bunch!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          Hi Ruth,

          No you can use remote manual power settings as well.

          The trigger is just using TTL to create its own pseudo manual power levels, as this is the only way it can be done remotely with older flashes.

  20. Valters 4 years ago

    Hi, bought 6d and found out that my YN-ST-E2 is not working with 6d so i am interested in YN-622C-TX setup. Also I found out that YN622C is working with 6d but can’t find confirmation does the 6d works with TX.

    In YN ebay store in TX description 6d is not mentioned as supported camera… :/

    Can some one confirm that YN-622C-TX is fully compatible with Canon 6d?

    • Emmerich 4 years ago


      i have the combination an it works fine. Also HSS is working with the canon speedlite 580EXII, 600, and the youngnou 568II.

  21. Andy 4 years ago

    So Canon 550EX won’t work unless i enable function #5 on TX.
    Is YN-565 II is mk II flash? I’m trying to integrate the new system with yn-622C and yn-622 tx. Looks like i’d better go with fully manual yn-560IV and yn-560 tx . Less external triggers and compact.


    • Yuppa 4 years ago


      “Work” is a loaded word. The 550 EX will “work” but you can’t control manual power unless you enable custom function #5 on the 622-TX.

      The YN-565 EX (I/II) is fully compatible–it just lacks HSS.

      If all you care about is manual power, then the 560-TX/560 IV is a tremendous system.

      If you already own a 622-TX and want to keep TTL as an option (in the future), then you could get a 560-TX and use the 622-TX in proxy mode to control your 622 equipped TTL flash’s power manually.


  22. Lucian B 4 years ago

    Hi Valters,

    I own 2ea YN-622C-TX and 4ea YN-622C and they all work with 5DII and 6D. Great product.


    • Valters 4 years ago

      Thank you Lucian!

  23. Seth 4 years ago

    I have a yn-568ex ii, a yn-565ex ii, and several 560ex iii’s. I have several yn-622c’s and just purchased the yn-622c-tx.
    I was under the impression that the 568ex ii and the 565ex ii were able to be controlled with the tx without being nested on a 622c. If this is correct, could someone please pass on some detailed info on how to set up both the tx and the flash(s) to make this happen. It’s driving me insane that I can’t figure it out.

    I’ll reference a similar eBay ad that I used as reference. Am I misunderstanding the ad?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Seth,

      No unfortunately you will need a YN-622C attached to each flash foot.

      There are no flashes currently available with a YN-622 radio receiver built inside.

      The ad actually says at the top “Note: You should use it with Yongnuo Flash Trigger YN622C transceivers together.”

  24. Harry Shepherd 4 years ago

    I have 2 x YN 565EX & 2 x YN-622C plus 1 YN622C-TX.
    These work perfectly on my Canon 7D, but constantly over expose when used on my Canon 7D MK11.
    Will the firmware update v1.06 correct this over exposure problem.Unable to try this update until I get a suitable USB lead.

    Regards hssutton

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      1.06 is for Win 8. They don’t show the upgrade history in the latest change-log.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Harry,

      The V1.05 was meant to address the 7DII issues, though some people are still reporting issues on the POTN forum.

  25. Michele Caminati 4 years ago

    Will it be finally possible to control a 580 EX II flash with a Sony A7/r/s mantaining both remote manual flash power control and high speed sync? Or is it better to switch to a Sony flash and wait for a remote control that supports the new multi interface hotshoe?

    • EHJung 4 years ago

      nope. it will fire but no hss or ettl. you have to get sony gear

  26. Emmerich 4 years ago


    i have the Canon 6D and i have also the walimex light shooter 360 (Godox 360). it works, but still HSS is not working with this combination with the cells II Triggers. Is there anybody who have an idea?


  27. Yuppa 4 years ago

    What, “this combination” are you referring to? If you’re not super descriptive, we have no idea what you’re setup is. You should really tell us everything.

    In the meantime, you should read this entire page (if you haven’t already). There’s a TON of very useful info on it (see: Witstro):


  28. Blake Van Noy 4 years ago

    hello, please forgive my ignorance. i’ve tried to lurk and absorb as best i can, but think i must attempt to clarify my confusion by direct inquiry.

    i currently own a Panasonic GH3. i aim to upgrade in 1-2 years to a Canon 5D 2/3/(…4?).

    i now wish to purchase 3 YN or Shanny speedlight units and corresponding remote triggers. Compatibility with the GH3 is the main object, maximum functionality is a significant secondary goal, and the eventual upgrade to a Canon system is a tertiary consideration.

    i figured i’d purchase 3 YN-600-ex-rt units, but am thoroughly confused about which radio triggers are most likely to satisfy my requirements.

    i suppose 4 YN 603ii remotes would do the trick, but might i do better, re: compatibility+functionality?

    much obliged for your consideration!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Blake,

      Ok to start with, the only functionality you are going to get using radio with the Panasonic is remote manual power (and possibly zoom) control.

      So you may like to just consider the YongNuo YN560-TX and YN-560 III and / or YN-560 IV flashes. This is a very inexpensive system and provides easy remote manual power and zoom control. They will provide these functions on any camera with a standard hotshoe.

      The Godox V850 are also a great alternative to the YN560 system above, though they have unfortunately had some significant battery issues.


      Those systems offer maximum bang for buck and will work on the Canon Cameras later as well. But if you want to start looking at TTL / HSS / SCS functions for the Canon camera later as well, then you could look at flashes like the YN600EX-RT as you mention.

      YongNuo do have a mode on their YN-E3-RT transmitter which will allow it to work with remote manual on any camera with a standard hotshoe as well. At this stage YongNuo are the only E3-RT style transmitter to offer this.

      The one issue with the YN-E3-RT is that reliable range can be around a maximum of 15 meters at times. This is still fine for most portraits etc, but certainly not all uses. So you may find yourself with a second set of RF-603 II just to fire the flashes at further distances.

      Another interesting flash option may be the soon coming Shanny SN600C-RT. This flash has RT radio compatible slave mode only, but its also only around $130. We will need to confirm in the next couple of weeks that it does work with the YongNuo YN-E3-RT transmitter though, otherwise you would have not function with the GH3.


      A third option would be to buy TTL flashes possibly like the YN600EX-RT or Shanny flashes, and use a remote manual external radio trigger like the Cactus V6 for now (with your GH3).

      I’m not sure if the YN-600EX-RT or Shanny flashes are compatible with the V6 yet though. And you are sort of doubling up on radio triggers just to get by for now with the GH3.

      For the Price of the V6 triggers you can almost buy the YongNuo YN560-TX and YN-560 III flashes. So the YN’s may be the simple way to go now, as who knows what other gear will be available for Canon in 1-2 years. TTL radio flashes are only getting cheaper now.

      • Blake Van Noy 4 years ago

        Wow, I am grateful indeed for such an excellent response. What a great help! think i’ll save $, cleave to manual, and build my first system around the YN560iv. many sincere thanks!

  29. David Bose 4 years ago

    I am trying to use the 622c TX to fire my 568EXII off camera in TTL mode which it does but when I adjust my exposure compensation on the 622c TX all the way from -3ev to +3ev my flash output does not vary. I believe I must have something set incorrectly…any ideas? I am using a 7d body.

    • David Bose 4 years ago

      Never mind…. I just realized the 622C-TX kit I am trying to use on my Canon is really a 622N-TX for Nikon… no wonder it isn’t working correctly. 🙁

  30. probe 4 years ago

    Which flashes would I be able to trigger without the YN-622C receivers, just using the YN-622C-TX?

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      None. For now, the TX controls 622’s only.

  31. Leon 4 years ago

    I have a canon 5d mkiii, canon 600ex rt flash and a canon 580 ex flash with three yn 622c . It works fine, what benefit will I get if I buy the yn 622c controller?
    Thanks Leon

  32. damarcus 4 years ago

    how can i fire 4 different flashes with the yn 622-tx..ie key light, fill light, hair light and back drop light ?

    • Chuck 4 years ago

      Damarcus- In Canon world, (can’t say anything about Nikon) Yes you can fire and control output of 4 flashes with 1 622-TX. The flashes need to be compatible such as Canon 430EX II, Canon 580EX. Yongnuo 565 or 568 (NOT the 560s!) Each flash will need a 622C. You can mix and match ETTL and manual. BUT you only have 3 channels A, B & C so 2 of the 4 flashes will have the same setting.

  33. Gio Angelis 4 years ago

    Can I ask a naive question please? I have recently bought a YN 565EX flash to use with my EOS 5d mark II. Can I use the YN 622c tx to trigger that flash with HSS capabilities?

    • Chuck 4 years ago

      Sorry no. YN 565EX does not do HSS the YN 568 does HSS.

  34. Emil 4 years ago

    I need some help on my Sony a7s using Canon Flash 580ex II. Which Flash Trigger can work and it will shoot 1/8000 sec? Thanks.

  35. Pete Gertonson 4 years ago

    Will the YN-E3-RT (transmitter) control YN622c Wireless Flash Trigger receiver and will the YN622 TX (transmitter) control 600EX-RT flash (Cannon & or Yongnuo) without the YN622 receiver? You have mentioned above how the YN-E3-RT & 600EX-RT are a closed system and the YN622 pair open. I apologize if “open” “close” response answers my question or if I have duplicated an ask. Thanks for taking the time to respond to all theses questions!!!!

    • Yuppa 4 years ago

      All radio systems are closed (using proprietary pulses). The most “open” of these is Canon’s RT system because Shanny and Yongnuo have reverse engineered “their” pulses enabling them to offer compatible products.

      Only RT marked products are compatible with other RT products.

      If you read the “open” comment again, you will see Flash Havoc is referring to flash combinations, not radio communications.

  36. Adam 4 years ago

    Will the YN622c-EX on a Canon 6D control/fire the Yongnuo YN565EX ii off camera without the YN622c?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      No, there are currently no flashes with YN-622C radio receiver built in, so any (compatible) flash will require a YN-622C attached as receiver unit.

  37. Ngoc 4 years ago

    Hello friends,
    I need your help, please.
    My camera is Canon 6D, I have a Canon 600ex-rt, 2x YN600ex-rt, YN568ex II and YN-E3-rt … With YN transmitter, Canon and YN are working good but not YN568 so what do I need to buy for all flashes work together?
    Best regards.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Ngoc,

      Yes the YN-568EX II can not really combine with the YN-E3-RT transmitter at this stage.

      YongNuo have announced a YNE3-RX receiver unit that would allow this by attaching that to the YN-568EX II.

      Though we just don’t know how long YongNuo may take to have this receiver available, so you may really be better off just selling the YN-568EX II and getting another YN600EX-RT.

      (Because the receiver may cost similar to the difference in those flash prices anyway).

      • Ngoc 4 years ago

        Flash Havoc, thank you. ☺

  38. Barry 4 years ago


    I currently shoot with a canon 5d mkii, I have three yn-568ex ii with four yn-622c triggers.

    I like the idea of the extra control I can gain from using the yn-622c tx to set the flashs as apposed to just utilising the in camera menu.
    The trouble I see is that there is no option fornpass through with the tx and while I’m shooting at events such as parties & receptions I like to use an on camera ettl bounce.
    So my question is….
    If I have 1 568ex ii on the hot shoe the other two 568ex ii on yn-622c mounted on stands for ambiant lighting can I plug the yn-622c tx in via the pc sync cable from the camera and still have it control the off cameta flash output??

    Cheers all!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Barry,

      Yes that works fine. You can attach a PC sync cable directly from the cameras PC sync port to the YN-622C-TX’s PC sync port.

      There is no HSS or SCS available then though, not for the off camera flashes.

  39. Harry 4 years ago

    Can I use YN-560 II flash attach with YN-622C and control by YN-622C-TX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Harry,

      No, the YN-560 II can not be remote controlled by anything unfortunately.

      Though even the YN-560 III would not work there either, as the YN-622C system requires ETTL flashes for any remote control.

      The YN-560 III would provide remote manual power control using a YN560-TX transmitter though.

  40. Santosh Kumar T K 4 years ago

    Hi FlashHavoc,

    I just purchased a YN622C-TX to pair with a YN568 EX II flash that is seated on a YN622C transceiver.

    Won’t the YN622C-TX communicate with the (YN568 EX II flash + YN622C transceiver) setup if the flash is not mounted on the hotshoe? This seems to be it in my case.

    When I connect the transceiver to the flash via a cable to their respective PC ports, there is NO communication! But when the flash is directly mounted on the transceiver, there is!

    But when I mount another YN622C transceiver (instead of a YN622C-TX) on my camera, it successfully communicates with the (YN568 EX II flash + YN622C transceiver) setup in either cable, or direct mounted mode.

    If this is the case, I will not be able to mount my flash properly on my speedlite bracket because of the increased height of (YN568 EX II flash + YN622C transceiver) setup. I was hoping to velcro my transceiver to the light stand and connect it to the flash via a cable. If this necessitates a change in my softbox setup, it will be a bummer.

    Please advise!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Santosh,

      The YN-622C must be connected to the flashed foot if you want anything more than a basic fire signal. A PC sync cord can not send any information to the flash other than the fire signal.

      So I’m not sure how your second set up could be communicating with a cord, but if you check again closely you will see its only possible with the flash mounted on the YN-622C’s hotshoe.

      • Santosh Kumar T K 4 years ago

        Damn, you are right! I just rechecked. Grrrr…

        Since you must have played with several combinations, would you please suggest a softbox (~24″ x 24″) that can accommodate externally a (YN568 EX II mounted on a YN-622C hotshoe) combo?

        Like I said mine won’t allow me to do it. The flash when seated on YN-622C just wouldn’t slip through the speedring. Now that you and I confirm it, using a PC sync cord for beyond just firing signal is not an option! 🙁

  41. Santosh Kumar T K 4 years ago

    Dear FlashHavoc,

    Sorry for this barrage of questions!

    1) Does the Canon 580EX II display a distance scale when not mounted on the camera itself (off camera mounted on a YN622C)?
    2) Which Youngnuo flash (eTTL and manual with HSS) features a distance scale?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      No worries, yes the 580EX II should show the distance scale when off camera and mounted on a YN-622C.

      The only previous YongNuo flash I know of which has the distance scale is the original YN-565EX (not the YN-565EX II). They do not have HSS though.

      The YN-600EX-RT do have the distance scale, though they have an RT radio receiver built in as well.

      I’m not sure if any other Chinese flashes have the distance scale as its not very common with third party flashes.

  42. Santosh Kumar T K 4 years ago

    Thank you for your kindness!

    Would I solve my mounting problem if I used an off camera TTL cord instead of the PC sync cable? Meaning one end of the TTL cord to the YN622C and the other end to the YN568 EX II? This way the mounting “may be” easier?

  43. John 4 years ago

    Dear FlashHavoc,

    I got a YN568EX II, and thinking about to get the YN622C-TX,
    before making the purchse, just wish to know if I will be able to control the YN568EXII with my YN622C-TX wirelessly without mounting the YN568EXII to a YN622C as receiver?

    Thanks a lot~

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi John,

      No, at the time of writing this there are no flashes available with YN-622C receivers built in. So you would need a YN-622C receiver attached to the flash foot.

  44. Allen 4 years ago

    I have YN622C-TX and yn622c receivers with yn560III flashes, Is there a way of changing the outputs on the yn622c-tx or do i have the adjust the flashes manually on each device?

    when im on a shoot, if i want to correct flash power i have to adjust each flash separately on each of the yn560III, I would rather be able to set each of them on the yn622c-tx instead or is this not possible, Would i need new set of flashes to do this instead?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Allen,

      No its not possible to adjust the YN-560 III through the YN-622C-TX.

      You could get new ETTL flashes for the YN-622C system if you also want TTL or HSS etc, otherwise just get yourself a YN560-TX instead. That controls power level and zoom on the YN-560 III flashes, and all through their built in radio receiver. So no extra receiver units needed.

      • Allen 4 years ago

        what flashes would be compatible with that system that i have?

  45. ad clark 4 years ago

    URGENT Question. I have two 622c triggers and a 622c-TX transmitter. Everything works like a charm on my 580exii. I can control manual poer, eetl, you name it from the 622c-TX transmitter. I just purchased a Canon 600ex-RT. Using 622c trigger and 622c-tx transmitter, I cannot control any of the settings. The flash will fire, however, I have to change setings on actual flash. I reset all triggers, transmitter, and canon 600 flash toback to factory defaults. Still nothing, however, everything still works fine with 580 exii. I switched triggers as well. Please help!! I’m doing a shoot and do not want to dive into my softbox ecverytime I need to change something. I must be doing something wrong. BTW Canon 5dii.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi ad clark,

      You don’t have any of the master or slave modes set on the 600EX-RT by any chance do you?

      The flash should just be set to regular ETTL mode, and the YN-622C receiver will take over from there.

  46. winters 4 years ago

    i understand the 622c-tx will not control power of any yn560ii/yn560 IV, BUT does it at least trigger them?

    and would it trigger anything else that works with RF 603cII ??

    -a RF603c on camera will trigger a yn-560 IV when in Manual/RX
    -a RF603c on camera will trigger a yn-568ex II set as a master

    but if the on camera controller becomes the 622c-TX and the yn-568ex II is put on 622c, will the yn-560 IV and vintage flash on rf603cII at least trigger?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi winters,

      No the YN-622 system does not directly trigger the RF-602 / 603 / 605 system at all.

      You would need to either attach a second RF-603 II transmitter to the camera via its PC sync port if it has one. Or alternatively place an RF-603 II transmitter onto a YN-622C receiver. You will likely lose a bit of sync speed that way though.

      If your happy without TTL and HSS though, then the YN560-TX can now be used to trigger and control the latest YN-622C as receivers.

      So you could mount your YN-568EX II on a new YN-622C receiver, and the YN560-TX will remotely control the manual power levels of that, and your YN-560 III / IV flashes.

      • Reinhard 4 years ago

        Hi Flashhavoc,
        would the combination of Controller YN-560C-TX and the YN-605C Triggers work together, including the 6 Groups supported by the YN-605C TRX?
        According to your post was the latest update for the YN-622C-Receivers released in December responsible for compatibility with the YN-560C-TX,
        but was the firmware of the Controller YN-560C-TX upgraded, too?
        If the remote control works with YN-622C after this Software update, couldn’t the YN-622C-TX “learn” to control the manual Flash models YN-560*, too – that would be very appreciated (HSS, sync on second curtain)!
        The lack of an upgrade possibility via USB is a severe limitation of the 622C-Triggers.
        Therefore I have to wait until the “Roadmap” of Yongnuo is clear (?)

  47. Reinhard 4 years ago

    * please add “and the 16 channels” after 6 groups in line 2 of my previous comment.

    Is there a table available, which channels correspond to each other, and where the differences are?
    Different frequency (like WLAN channels) or a logical tag in the handshake communication?

  48. Adam 4 years ago


    For a long time I’m looking for some clarity – my local distributor is a disaster and I can not find a solution.

    I have 4xRF-603IIC (using them with old and trusty C430EX) and 1xYN-560IV – the system is working very good – I need only wireless triggering in manual mode.

    The problem is when I connect my Canon 580EXII onto RF-603II. I want the Canon flashlight to work like a normal flash with TTL and these red thing that help to focus.

    Now – the question is: Do Youngnuo has the trigger that both works with the system I got (4xRF-603IIC and 1xYN-560IV) and has TTL option? Will YN-622 do the job? Both let 580EXII work as TTL flash being on top and wirelessly trig simple 603-II receivers and YN-560IV?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      What you’re after is a TTL pass through hotshoe on the transmitter. And yes the YN-622C is the only YongNuo trigger with a TTL pass through hotshoe.

      The YN-622C is unfortunately not directly compatible with the YN-560 and RF-602/3/5 system though.

      So you would either need to get all YN-622C receivers for your other flashes as well. Or connect a second RF-603 II transmitter to the cameras PC sync port via a hotshoe to PC sync cable.

      Or you can also place an RF-603 II transmitter on a YN-622C receiver. That may reduce the maximum sync speed of the remote flashes a little though.

      • Adam 4 years ago

        Thanks for a quick response! Now it all make sense. I will try to “connect a second RF-603 II transmitter to the cameras PC sync port via a hotshoe to PC sync cable” – it sound like a good idea. Thank you very much!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 4 years ago

          No worries. You will need a hotshoe to PC sync cord like this. They are available from FlashZebra.com here if you can’t find anything locally.

          The PC sync port on the RF-603 II is not input unfortunately, that is why you will need to connect to the transmitter via its hotshoe.

          • Adam 4 years ago

            This is very important information! How about the jack connection in RF-603 II?

            • Author
              Flash Havoc 4 years ago

              The 2.5mm jack is just for shutter release as far as I know. I don’t think it can accept any sync-in.

  49. John Christopher 4 years ago

    My Yonguno Strobist kit consist of 2xYongnuo YN 560 mkii flashguns and a Shanny 600RT all controlled with Yongnuo YN 622c TX radio controller via 622c slaves. Yesterday my Yonguno flashguns stopped communicating with my 622cTX which meant I could no longer remotely change the power, ratio’s or motorised zoom. I’ve just re-read this thread and it seems that the Yongnuo 560mkii cannot be remotely controlled with a 622cTX. Which is very strange because has as worked before, no problem. Could someone please tell me what is going on regarding the compatibility between the 560mkii and the 622cTX. Thanks! John

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi John,

      The YN-560 II flashes do not have any remote control capability at all with any radio transmitter. So that had to be some wishful thinking you were doing there somehow previously.

      If you’re happy with the Shanny flash, then the SN600C would give you full functions like your SN600C-RT provides when used with the YN-622C, for around $90 each.

  50. Bob Waters 4 years ago

    Good day,

    I am using a Canon 6D and a Canon 430EXll with Radiopopper Jrx. I love the ability to control the flash power from the transmitter on the camera, however with this set up my max shutter speed is limited to a 160th. At 200 I am catching the shutter at the bottom of the frame even when the flash is set to HSS. I’d like to be able to shoot at a 250th at whatever aperture setting I choose and control the light via the transmitter. Can I do this with a YN set up and what product would I need?
    Thanks very much.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Bob,

      You can certainly do that with the YongNuo TTL triggers. You can use the YongNuo YN-622C-TX transmitter and YN-622C as receiver.

      Not only can you remotely adjust manual power levels from the transmitter, but also remotely control the flashes zoom, use Second Curtain Sync, and ETTL if you like. Plus the YN-622C-TX provide a focus assist light on the camera.

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