YongNuo YN-E3-RT – Now Available!

The recently announced YongNuo YN-E3-RT radio transmitter for Canon are now available for around $85.

The YN-E3-RT, and coming YN-600EX-RT flash unit, are the first and only third party radio trigger and flash units to be directly compatible with Canon’s own 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT radio enabled flash and transmitter.


YongNuo YN-E3-RT

The YN-E3-RT transmitter includes all the features of the Canon ST-E3-RT, as well as extra features including –

  • AF Focus Assist light
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Second curtain sync (in manual only)
  • Full Group Mode with pre-2012 cameras
  • Remote Manual Power Control with Non Canon cameras
  • Slave flash charge status does not stop other flashes from firing
  • Full sync speed maintained for pre 2012 cameras

YonNuo YN-E3-RT


YN-E3-RT features –

  • Two-way 2.4G  radio communication, fully compatible with Canon ST-E3-RT/600EX-RT
  • Control up to 5 groups (15 units) of Speedlites
  • 15 Physical Channels, 1 Auto Channel, Up to 10,000 customizable photographer ID
  • Transmission Range: 100M
  • Multi YN-E3-RT can share slave flashes
  • Display group/charge status of slave flashes
  • Firmware can be upgraded via USB
  • High resolution Dot-Matrix LCD, Backlight for LCD/keys
  • Fast lock mechanism
  • Built-in AF assist beam emitter, buzzer
  • Remote shutter release, Linked Shot
  • Flash Mode: ETTL/M/Multi/GR 4 flash modes
  • A/B/C/D/E 5 groups
  • Supports 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain (Only in M mode), High speed Sync
  • Supports ETTL Ratio, Flash Exposure Compensation,
  • Flash Exposure Lock, Flash Exposure Bracket, Modeling Flash
  • 9 Custom Functions
  • Settings saved automatically
  • Dust and water resistance equivalent to EOS-1D series cameras


YongNuo YN-E3-RT


 YN-622N-TX -

The much awaited YN-622N-TX transmitter (for use with the YN-622 TTL triggers) are reportedly still undergoing testing, and will likely available in the new year now.

The YN-E3-RT (and coming YN-600EX-RT flash) are not directly compatible with the YN-622C TTL triggers, or manual RF-602/603/YN-560 III systems.


Separate Receivers -

UPDATE – YongNuo have now released the YNE3-RX receiver units to accommodate other MK II style Canon or YongNuo TTL flashes.






Updating Firmware -


Firmware download links are found at the bottom of the page here –



A number of firmware versions have been released since the YN-E3-RT was first released. These updates resolve a number of bugs and also add some features.

You can check the firmware version in Menu 4 on the transmitter to see if its up to date with the latest version. If not, its generally a good idea to update.

The update software is currently for Windows only.

You need to download both of the links – “Driver & Software:” and “Firmware v1.XX:

Unzip both packages to a folder on your computer (for windows Vista and later – right click on the folder, and “Extract All”)





The YN-E3-RT transmitters are available now from around $85 –

Amazon, UKEbayYongNuo Ebay Store


YongNuo – Website


Dropbox Uploads :

YN-E3-RT User Manual (August 2015)

Driver & Software (August 2015)

Firmware V2.0
Firmware V1.18



  1. Fritz 5 months ago

    That was quick, the Yongnuo site has firmware 1.20 on the site. Change log reports:

    2015.12.03 v1.20:

    Fixed: Some LCD screen won’t display after waking up.

    I have not upgraded to either 1.19 or 1.20 yet

  2. Niels Gram 5 months ago

    Yongnuo has resently updated the hardware and firmware prior to V1.18 (as I recall) will not work on the new hardware. I think that the change you mention is that update. Yongnuo can only perform firmware updates on Windows PC’s. I only have a Mac and a PC running Linux so I’m in trouble if I need to update the firmware. Pixel firmware update work directly under Linux. Much better!

  3. David 3 months ago

    I have the a Canon 60D, Canon 600EX-RT and YN-E3-RT.
    I want to buy another flash (manual is good enough, no need for ETTL, etc), but I’m not sure which flash models are compatible so that both existing (600EX-RT) AND new flash will both work AND BE CONTROLLED at the same time by the YN-E3-RT.

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you :)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 3 months ago

      Hi David,

      The YN600EX-RT are really the main option still. They have full TTL and HSS etc as well as remote manual power control, though for $110 its hard to complain.

      The other option (apart from genuine Canon RT flashes) would be using other ETTL flashes with a YNE3-RX receiver attached. That’s not really going to be any more economical though unless you already have access to a good compatible flash.

      • Sam 3 months ago

        Hi! I am using the e3-rt with the YN600 flash currently and wanted to know if the e3-rt could radio control older versions of Yongnuo flashes also? If so I may buy some additional, previous-model YN flashes that cost less than the 600. Thanks!

  4. William 2 months ago

    i just ordered the yn-e3 RT, just wondering does it work with ST-E3 at the same time?
    I usually use 2 cameras, both are 5D mark iii, and I have 1 ST-E3 and 1 canon 600ex-RT
    does the yongnuo work with my setup? I will have 2 master commander, 1 from canon, and 1 from yongnuo.
    (ST-E3 + YN-E3 -> Canon 600EXRT)

    any help would be appreciated

  5. Frank 2 weeks ago

    Does the YN-E3-RT offer a recycle ready indication from the slave flashes ? The Shanny SN-E3-Rt does not.


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