YongNuo YN-E3-RT – Now Available!

The recently announced YongNuo YN-E3-RT radio transmitter for Canon are now available for around $85.

The YN-E3-RT, and coming YN-600EX-RT flash unit, are the first and only third party radio trigger and flash units to be directly compatible with Canon’s own 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT radio enabled flash and transmitter.


YongNuo YN-E3-RT

The YN-E3-RT transmitter includes all the features of the Canon ST-E3-RT, as well as extra features including –

  • AF Focus Assist light
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Second curtain sync (in manual only)
  • Full Group Mode with pre-2012 cameras
  • Remote Manual Power Control with Non Canon cameras
  • Slave flash charge status does not stop other flashes from firing
  • Full sync speed maintained for pre 2012 cameras

YonNuo YN-E3-RT


YN-E3-RT features –

  • Two-way 2.4G  radio communication, fully compatible with Canon ST-E3-RT/600EX-RT
  • Control up to 5 groups (15 units) of Speedlites
  • 15 Physical Channels, 1 Auto Channel, Up to 10,000 customizable photographer ID
  • Transmission Range: 100M
  • Multi YN-E3-RT can share slave flashes
  • Display group/charge status of slave flashes
  • Firmware can be upgraded via USB
  • High resolution Dot-Matrix LCD, Backlight for LCD/keys
  • Fast lock mechanism
  • Built-in AF assist beam emitter, buzzer
  • Remote shutter release, Linked Shot
  • Flash Mode: ETTL/M/Multi/GR 4 flash modes
  • A/B/C/D/E 5 groups
  • Supports 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain (Only in M mode), High speed Sync
  • Supports ETTL Ratio, Flash Exposure Compensation,
  • Flash Exposure Lock, Flash Exposure Bracket, Modeling Flash
  • 9 Custom Functions
  • Settings saved automatically
  • Dust and water resistance equivalent to EOS-1D series cameras


YongNuo YN-E3-RT


 YN-622N-TX –

The much awaited YN-622N-TX transmitter (for use with the YN-622 TTL triggers) are reportedly still undergoing testing, and will likely available in the new year now.

The YN-E3-RT (and coming YN-600EX-RT flash) are not directly compatible with the YN-622C TTL triggers, or manual RF-602/603/YN-560 III systems.


Separate Receivers –

UPDATE – YongNuo have now released the YNE3-RX receiver units to accommodate other MK II style Canon or YongNuo TTL flashes.






Updating Firmware –


Firmware download links are found at the bottom of the page here –



A number of firmware versions have been released since the YN-E3-RT was first released. These updates resolve a number of bugs and also add some features.

You can check the firmware version in Menu 4 on the transmitter to see if its up to date with the latest version. If not, its generally a good idea to update.

The update software is currently for Windows only.

You need to download both of the links – “Driver & Software:” and “Firmware v1.XX:

Unzip both packages to a folder on your computer (for windows Vista and later – right click on the folder, and “Extract All”)





The YN-E3-RT transmitters are available now from around $80 –

Amazon, UKEbayYongNuo Ebay Store, Adorama, B&H Photo


YongNuo – Website


Dropbox Uploads :

YN-E3-RT User Manual (August 2015)

Driver & Software (August 2015)

Firmware V2.0
Firmware V1.18



  1. Privatebydesign 5 years ago

    Just saw this first review. Looks good.

  2. sarissa 5 years ago

    I can confirm Group mode works OK with my EOS 60D, as does remote release from a 600EX-RT in slave mode with the supplied cable – which is a bonus i didn’t expect

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ok great thanks sarissa!

  3. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    A new firmware v1.06 for yn-e3-rt is now available –


    Now you can check the firmware version on menu 4.

  4. Anthony_Ray 5 years ago

    Ok, mine just showed up.

    Unfortunately, that firmware upgrade linked to above says it’s a “DFU” file. The manual says to go to the website, and follow the software prompts. Of course, there’s no way to “launch” the dropbox file after unzipping it, and the Yongnuo website has zero information on the YN-E3-RT.

    Pretty much exactly what I was afraid of.

    Since I’m a tech sort of guy and can’t figure this out – who here has *really* updated their firmware, and how?

    • Jeff Hamm 5 years ago

      I updated to 1.07 Anthony_Ray, I own a mac, so I had to use a Windows computer. You download the updater and the DFU firmware update separately. Follow the instructions in the zip files, you have to install the device driver for the YN-E3-RT first, then run the update utility. Press and hold the “MODE” button on YN-E3-RT and turn power “ON”. “Firmware Update” displays on YN-E3-RT display. Then plug the YN-E3-RT into your USB on computer and the utility will say it is connected.

    • Jeff Hamm 5 years ago



      YN_Trigger_Updater.zip is the updater utility, you need to install the Device driver first, one is 32bit (dpinst_x86.exe) and other is 64bit device (dpinst_x64.exe) driver depending on what OS you use. These are in the subfolder labeled Drivers. After you run the EXE for what system you have, then have Windows detect new device when YN-E3-RT is in Firmware Update Mode.


      YN-E3-RT_FW_V1.07.zip is the latest 1.07 firmware, it is a DFU file which you tell the update utility to update with. Update utility will not detect your YN-E3-RT until you install the device driver included with YN_Trigger_Updater.zip.

  5. Anthony_Ray 5 years ago

    Ok, I went to the previous link for the 1.05 firmware, and the *actual software* was in that folder, not just the dfu file. However, using 2 different PC’s running windows 8 and 7 (and using 2 different cables), it tells me the device is not connected. Over and over.

    Pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Yongnuo. My bad for getting yet another one that wasn’t ready for prime time. Another $150 piece of Chinese junk. To think I was halfway to the real deal.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ok they have updated the links with a separate drive software file now. Which is understandable as that is the much larger file.

      If you have any issues with the links here the YongNuo page would be the first place to check – http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detail.php?ID=337

      I’m not even going to waste any time attempting to help you any further though, because with the attitude you’ve shown from the start its very clear you’re right, these are definitely the wrong product for you !

  6. Anthony_Ray 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, I apologize. I was frustrated after a long day and spent far too much time working on something I should have stopped on.

    I’ve gotten as far as finding out the driver on both machines (dpinst_x64) is having a conflict by checking the device manager /!\ – I just don’t know what and at this point I’m leaving it for another time. I might try an old 32 bit laptop with nothing on it next.

    Again, I apologize to you and your readers – I was terrible for peeing on your fine site. No excuse for my rude behavior.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Anthony,

      Thanks, no worries, I’ve had a very busy week too, Unfortunately I don’t have the transmitter yet so I can’t speak from first hand. But I know a number of people have updated to 05 and 06, and not mentioned any issue.

      That’s not to say it has to be a problem at your end though, as more people start to receive the trigger we might see a pattern with certain operating systems etc.

      I’ll try installing the driver anyway and see how that goes.

      • Anthony_Ray 5 years ago

        Well I’m still sorry – I was completely off base and my personal-family-business issues shouldn’t creep into anyone else’s life. Ah, Christmas time.

        Anyway, if I’m forgiven, I found the issue, which I doubt will affect many other people. I had some very old HTC Android phone driver on 2 of my systems which caused a conflict with the dpinst_x64 from Yongnuo. I thought it would be a backwards compatibility thing but it wasn’t. As soon as I tried it on another system without the driver (windows 8) it saw the device. So I went back and tracked it down.

        Bottom line – with I driver I’d forgotten about removed (I have windows phone now) everything works fine. I told the updater that was in the 05 file to look for the 06 DFU file, and it worked fine updating in seconds.

        So far it works flawlessly with 600EX-RT, and the AF assist light is identical to the “laser like” ones on recent Yongnuo flashes. I’ve only tried it with a EF 24-105 and EF 24-70 II lenses, center point. Having had issues with the pinpoint nature of the YN AF assist on the flashes, how well it works ultimately is TBD, but it’s far better than nothing which is what you get with the Canon.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Anthony,

          Ok great, good to hear you have the firmware update working.

          I have the transmitter here now, and I’m actually a bit disappointing with the AF assist beam, because the pattern is spread out much wider now that it misses single focus points like using the center focus point only. I find its much better with my other YN flashes and YN-622C. But I’m wondering now if later units may be just the same as this YN-E3-RT.

          Its also very loose with side to side movement in the hostshoe, which is common for YN gear, but worse now that there in no locking ring (replaced with the the lever clamp).

          The Group mode with pre 2012 cameras is a major feature though, as is SCS. And it all seems very good otherwise.

  7. John 5 years ago

    Hey guys I’m assuming that there’s still nothing about the yn 600 ?

  8. Chris 5 years ago

    I will purchase the yn-e3rt and yn-600ex-rt. I have a 430ex too. Will the yne3rt work with my 430ex?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      The 430ex won’t work at this stage. Whether YongNuo can or will provide a receiver for other flashes like the 430ex we don’t know at this stage. Thanks.

  9. tomK 5 years ago

    Just got mine — something’s wrong.

    On multiple 70D bodies it will fire multiple 600exRT’s, but they don’t contribute to the shot. Flash goes off, but image is dark. Same flash set-up with STE3 Canon works fine.


  10. tomK 5 years ago

    If it works, I’ll have one Youngnuo and one Canon STE3. I shoot a lot of drunk dancing at wedding receptions and prefer to have 100% off camera light (with a speedlight in my left hand and camera in right). For years I’ve used a TTL cord but now can go wirless for super dark work, if I have AF-assist (Canon 10-22 will give up at some point without AF assist, even on a 7D / 70D).

    Hoping it’s a firmware fix.

    Also hoping the 600exRT clone is as nice as this STE3 clone.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi TomK

      If the firmware update doesn’t fix the issue already YN will no doubt work in one that does.

      Have you tried the AF light yet, and do you have any luck lining it up with the center focus point, or any single focus point?

  11. john 5 years ago

    hey tom im having the same prob. with 70d…. almost as if the flash is firing in second certain however its not and its totally missing the frame.. it puts two flashes out
    also in ettl mode i can adjust fec..

    Now i have a real stupid ? and i apologize in advance for my stupidity but the yn came with only 2 cords ,,if i download software how do i get it on yn e3 if the 2 cord wont go into my computer

  12. john h 5 years ago

    also even when i have found the right cord my computer just will not recognize the transmitter

    completely lost

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi john h,

      The cords that come with the transmitter are just the shutter release cords.

      You will need a regular USB cable to connect to the computer. Most people generally have one connected to something, or with one of their cameras etc. I know its a bit of a hassle, but if you shuffle through the cords that came with your cameras etc you will likely find you have one there somewhere already.

      If the firmware update does fix the 70D issues please let us know.

  13. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    YN-E3-RT firmware v1.07 is now Available:


    Version 1.07:

    Fixed: When one of the group is set to ETTL mode, if one of the flash is not
    recycled, it may make a full output flash due to incorrect light metering. Now
    YN-E3-RT won’t trigger a flash in such a situation. Note: if the group is set
    to M mode, a flash will be triggered no matter it is recycled or not.

    Fixed: improved flash syncing with cameras after 2012.

    Added: Legacy flash trigger (for non canon cameras). Now you can use YN-E3-RT
    on non canon cameras with standard iso hot shoe. You need to press test the
    test button to transfer the M mode parameters.

  14. john 5 years ago

    Hey flash I found a cord to work however my computer will not recognise the yn e3 rt

    And when I download the file to my computer I can’t open it or do anything with it

    I’m starting to get upset but I must find help and there is no one to talk to on the phone which is so annoying. Lol.
    Please help. I am a computer literate

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi John,

      They are zip files so you will need to extract them. If you’re using reasonably recent Windows operating system you should be able to just right click on the zip folder and “Extract All…” then follow the prompts. Its 3am here so I have to go, but others may be able to guide you if your still getting stuck.

  15. john h 5 years ago

    thanks brother i will try

  16. tomK 5 years ago

    I’ve had the AF assist on the whole time. It’s the odd (but powerful) cross hatch design. The body (with AF assist) is really only for the 10-22 (in my world) in it’s delivering spot on results.

    No complaints there.

    I like the panel brightness a bit more than Canon’s (a tad brighter). The hot shoe fit and power switch show the non-Canon stripes but are not a deal breaker (I don’t giggle the flash controller on a job, lol).

  17. john h 5 years ago

    ok well my computer wont reconize the yn e3 rt and i cant find software to use to get it to

    i have the zipp folder on my computer but cant get it on the transmitter

  18. john 5 years ago

    Ok so I went to my brothers and my buddy fixed it I think . My mistake was that I had to download the driver in a different way so that when I downloaded the zip itwould read it so far ithas been working however I have been to busy with family to test everything out but ettl is working so im sure everythings ok but I will do a full system chek when I get home and let you know but thanks for your help………….the camera I have now is new to me (70d) the flash is new to me (600ex rt ) and now this yn e3 rt is new to me so it will be some time but ill get around to it plus I have a new printer to play with 🙂

  19. Privatebydesign 5 years ago

    Got mine.

    I haven’t updated the firmware, everyone I know is Apple only, so that will take me a while.

    First impressions:-
    1: It is not a clone, it is slightly bigger than an ST-E3-RT.
    2: The buttons are all easier/looser than the ST-E3-RT, I find the original ones too stiff but they never get rubbed or knocked to a different setting, I suspect the YN-E3-RT will be the other way around.
    3: Group Mode on my 1Ds MkIII’s works right out of the box.
    4: Second curtain sync in M Mode only and with a maximum of three groups works straight out of the box.
    5: The shutter release cable works badly, it triggers the camera but not the flashes! With the ST-E3-RT all flashes are triggered when the shutter is.
    6: There are no Personal Functions as per the ST-E3-RT.
    7: The AF assist beam works very well on my 1Ds MkIII’s with my crappiest focusing lens, the 50 f1.4. The beam pattern is well lined up for subject around ten feet away, closer and the beam pattern gets progressively higher in the frame. The beam pattern is quite broad, certainly much more than a center AF point only deal.
    8: Range, it is the same as the ST-E3-RT, effectively. In fact it can fire a 600EX-RT from slightly further away than an ST-E3-RT but it doesn’t maintain radio contact anywhere nearly as reliably as the Canon version. Once they both lose contact the ST-E3-RT will reconnect from much further away. All in initial trials. Do not buy a YN-E3-RT based on longer range.
    9: The pouch is much thinner material than the Canon one, not good or bad just different and obviously cheaper material.
    10: I got the two trigger/remote cables with mine. A nice included extra that is a $50 option with Canon!
    11: Mine came with batteries in it. That would have been nice but for the fact that even though it was an unopened box the On/Off switch (remember I mentioned that?) had been knocked to on, so the batteries were dead and my unit had been on the whole time.

  20. Privatebydesign 5 years ago

    A few other observations.

    12: HSS works exactly as the Canon does.
    13: Sync at close to pre RT speeds (the infamous losing one stop of shutter speed) works exactly the same as the Canon system does, at closed down apertures there is a slight shutter shadow, at wide open apertures there is not.

  21. Privatebydesign 5 years ago

    It keeps getting better…..

    14: HSS works perfectly in Group mode with full selection of Mode, power, and compensation options.

    If you have a pre 2012 camera and 600EX-RT’s this thing is a NO BRAINER, get it, it is vastly better than the ST-E3-RT for you. If you have post 2012 cameras then it is a good cost saving and the AF assist light, if you need that functionality, is a good bonus that actually works, it isn’t a tick on a spec sheet useless addition.

    I have the YN-E3-RT and the ST-E3-RT, I thought I’d sell the ST but at this point I won’t because I need the remote shooting function to fire the flashes too, maybe my unit is defective or maybe it is a firmware issue. The ST-E3-RT is much better made, it is more solid and robust feeling and the buttons and dial, though a little too stiff, are a better compromise than the looser YN-E3-RT ones.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Privatebydesign –

      Fantastic, thanks for the feedback!

      I’ve removed range as a possible added feature.

      I think you may need to update the firmware to check the shutter release though.

      Focus Assist – I’m still not really convinced on that one. As you say at around 10 feet or 2 meters its ideal, as one of the small lines is right on the center focus point. If you move a little closer, or further away, the focus point falls between any of the lines.

      Sure if you’re going to shoot with multiple focus points on then its going to catch one of them. But I just want to shoot with a single focus point, and not have to juggle a way to make it line up. With the previous tighter patterns on the YN-568EX etc, it doesn’t cover all focus points but at least you know its going to work on the ones it does. So I personally think that was much better.

  22. john 5 years ago

    Ok so ihave been playing around with the transmitter now for a couple of days and im happy….

    Everything seems to be working perfectly as far as functions go ever since i updated device

    my only gripe is the rolling wheel feels very cheap and every now and then when im making an adjustment to fec or whatever it acts as if i hit the center button and closes me out. It doesn’t happen so much to the point where i cant stand it but just enough to be annoying.. other than that im good to go and cant wait to get more light power.
    HSS works the way it should and im loving it

    GREAT review privatebydesign

  23. john 5 years ago

    I would like to ask if anyone is having this problem with their unit?
    its starting to really get on my nerves…..
    whenever im trying to make an adjustment with the rolling wheel
    it keeps pushing me out of the fec function or anything else that im trying to change….
    also now im starting to have another problem

    sometimes the unit doesn’t want to turn on at all.. I have to actually pull the batteries out and
    put hem back in and then turn on and it will come on …

    really starting to bother me……..
    The reason why i went with yn is because i had the t3i and wanted group function….
    but now i have the 70d and i am able to use canons st e3 rt and im getting a bit tired of this problem with this unit…….

    I know I know I wont have the af assist beam but i don’t think i can deal with this thing being like this….
    unless if someone know a solution……

    so i just wanted to know if other people are having the same problem i am

    • Privatebydesign 5 years ago


      As I already said, I have both. They both do the first thing, I assumed it was as I rolled the dial with my fat little fingers I was also pushing the center set button. It is even easier to do it with the YN-E3-RT than the ST-E3-RT, but the Canon does it too.

      The second problem, the switching off, I haven’t had with my YN yet.

      As for getting an ST instead, if I didn’t want Gp mode with my 1Ds MkIII’s then I wouldn’t bother with the YN. It is a nice tool that saves a bit of money but, personally, I don’t want AF assist or second curtain sync enough to bother with the firmware upgrades it will need its entire life.

      Lets be honest, at this point it only works with $450 flashes so value is not paramount in most users minds, that should change dramatically when Yongnuo come out with their 600-YN-RT.

      None of this is to underestimate the amazing job the Yongnuo engineers did in opening up features Canon blocked, it truly is an amazing feat, but there is no doubt the ST-E3-RT has a more solid and robust build and will be fully supported by Canon for many years to come.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      I’m not having the problem with the wheel, although they always have been a bit awkward on Canon flashes etc. I would have preferred simple buttons like the YN flashes, the YN-500EX is the easiest to access.

      I try to swivel the wheel by the bottom edge though. I even wonder if it could be possible to 3D print a bigger wheel to stick on top, which has easy access from the side of the wheel at the bottom edge.

      With the on off issue it does sound like you have a faulty unit. It could be a dry solder on the battery contacts to the PCB etc.

  24. Markus 5 years ago

    Hey. I got my YN-E3-RT yesterday. I’m facing some problems now. (Equipment: Canon 5D II, Canon EF 16 35 2.8 II, Canon 600 EX-RT):

    1. AF assist does not work at all. I switched it on with C.Fn-08 – but does not help, LED red light is not visible …

    2. To test the remote release option I set Canon 600 EX-RT as a slave and YN-E3-RT as master on the 5D, i connected the transmitter YN-E3-RT with 5D using the shutter release cable which was included. The remote release works fine by pushing “REL” button on the 600 EX-RT, but the 600 EX-RT itself does not fire. I expected it would fire – shouldn’t it ?!?

    Is there a way to read the version of the firmware out of YN-E3-RT?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Markus,

      Thanks for the feedback, you can read the firmware version in menu 4, but only if you have at least V.1.06 already installed.

      I’d say you have the early firmware though, so you would need to update first and then see if the issues remain. Thanks.

      • sarissa 5 years ago

        I cant see the the firmware version, so my unit must be on 1.05 or earlier – but tested remote release just now with my G1X and it sems to work just fine.

  25. pedant 5 years ago

    just fyi, running the updater in a virtual machine (VM) did not work for me.
    had to dig up an old windows xp laptop to successfully update the firmware.
    used the files from the official http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detail.php?ID=337 page

    details of the failed vm update attempt:
    Tried to update the firmware to v1.05, but the updater program (which is for Windows only) gave me error code 130. It detected the device (i set up VirtualBox to catch the usb device), but when I hit “Update”, it threw that error code. It didn’t mess up the device or anything, it just refused to update. Used Win7 x64 running in VirtualBox (with the extension pack installed (for better usb support)) on OS X.

    it’s also worth noting that before i got it to work by using an actual windows machine instead of a vm, i emailed their tech support (service@hkyongnuo.com) but never got a response… not cool.

    good product though 🙂

    • Markus 5 years ago

      Hi pedant, have just succesfully updated the transmitter from vUnknown via v1.05 to v1.07 in a VMware Fusion v3.x VM on OS X v10.6.8.

  26. lala 5 years ago

    ok, so you hold the mode button and turn the transmitter “on”. The transmitter then says “firmware upgrade”. Then what do I do?

  27. lala 5 years ago

    Oh, I just figured it out. Thank you anyway ’cause I know you were just coming to my rescue 🙂

    • sarissa 5 years ago

      Are you using a windows PC? If so some help would be appreciated.

  28. John 5 years ago

    Can I ask a stupid ? If I downloaded version 1.06 do I automatically get version 1.05 or do I have to download all versions to get each one


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Each firmware version will basically add improvements to the last one, so you generally want to be going straight for the latest version (1.07 at time of writing this) as that will be made up of all the previous version updates as well.

      Its only if there may be a bug in the latest firmware with a certain model camera or something like that, that you would try and use a slightly earlier firmware version instead.

      At the moment they seem to have updated a lot of teething issues, so you really want the latest firmware at the moment.

  29. john 5 years ago

    Thanks flash

  30. Woody 5 years ago

    YN-E3-RT works on my 5D lll. Running windows 2000 I get a message the trigger updater is not a valid Win 32 Application. I had 2 of my friends try to help with their computers and we were not able to update the firmware. Please help Thanks

  31. Woody 5 years ago

    Did everyone leave this page? I am still trying to upgrade the firmware with no luck.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Woody,

      Windows 2000 is getting very old now, and likely simply too old for this. Are your friends using a more recent operating system?

      • Woody 5 years ago

        I will check with them tomorrow and thanks for responding

  32. Prasad 5 years ago

    Hi Team,

    Please tell me when the Nikon version of the same would be launched?


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Prasad,

      There is no Nikon version of the YN-E3-RT.

      The closest option will be the YN-622N-TX coupled with YN-622N receivers connected to Nikon or YongNuo TTL flashes.

      I would expect YongNuo will make a flash with YN-622N receiver built in at some stage, but there is no word of anything like that coming yet. Thanks.

  33. Woody 5 years ago

    What is the trigger updater? Does it go with the firmware?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Woody,

      There are 2 links at the bottom of the page here – http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detail.php?ID=337

      You need to download both the “Driver & Software:” and the “Firmware v1.07:” links.

      Unzip both packages to a folder on your computer.

      In the “Driver & Software” link is the folder – YN_Trigger_Updater. In that folder is the YN_Trigger_Updater_EN.exe program. That program is used to install the firmware on the YN-E3-RT


      But first you need to follow the instructions in the readme text file and install a driver on your computer so the updater program can run –


      1. Please run Driver\dpinst_x86.exe (for Windows x86) or Driver\dpinst_x64.exe (for Windows x64) to install the driver.

      2. Turn off YN-E3-RT. Keep pressing mode key and turn on YN-E3-RT again. The screen will show “YN-E3-RT Firmware Upgrade”.

      3. Connect YN-E3-RT to your PC via usb cable.

      5. Run YN_Trigger_Updater_EN.exe, click Browse to select YN-E3-RT_V1.05.dfu, wait a few seconds until the update button is enabled. Then click update button to begin the upgrade.

      6. When the upgrade is done, YN-E3-RT will be reset automatically.


      Let us know where you’re getting up to, did the driver install ok?

      If using an older operating system (before Vista I think) you need to use the x86 driver.

      • Wes 5 years ago

        Flash- THANKS for the speedy replies to everyone. Seriously, I nearly put a hammer to this before finding this forum/page! I was getting more and more angry!

        I just received my trigger today. I have the 5D Mk III and 600EX-RT (obviously).

        I had massive issues with a lot of things. After your most recent reply, above, I now know how to extract and make the files work. I didnt have Winzip and was then trying to use another program. If I didnt have that cut-n-paste above, I’d have been lost!
        I had issues with the flash going off, right at the end of the shutter shutting and then a second flash after that- for some reason? If the flash was trying to evaluate metering to determine the power required, you’d logically think the flash should go off when the button is half pressed, then the flash go off again when the button is fully pressed.
        After the update, its not doing the second flash anymore.

        I wish they had software that would just auto update (or have a drop down menu to choose which one you need and which one you currently have) after you plug it into the computer, like most devices.
        There’s no other reason to be plugging it in to a computer other than requiring an update. As long as there are drivers installed on the YN-E3-RT, this would save a LOT of headaches that a lot of us are clearly having in the “Updating” area.

        I haven’t had any on/off issues. The buttons all work, but the dial is very soft to turn. Too soft. It would be better being firmer and more “notchy” in feeling when its turning because I can barely feel when it is “clicking” to the next option. I know you can use the Lock feature but that shouldn’t be needed for a poorly designed selector wheel.
        I need to test more of the features when I play around with it a bit more. I have a wedding tomorrow so wont be able to get back here till at least 6/1/14.

        Thanks again for all your help Flash. I hope my feedback helps in some way.


        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Wes,

          Thanks for that, good to hear you’re making progress there.

          That’s interesting about your loose wheel, as the one I have here is pretty stiff. The detent (notches) may not be that strong, but the wheel is pretty stiff. So they obviously vary in build.

          I can understand its not that easy to make a good wheel like that, with consistent operation and quality control etc, so I think buttons would be a much safer way to go for YongNuo. Actually I think buttons would be better regardless.

          I’m tempted to try and write a tutorial on the firmware upgrade process, but then no doubt once I do YongNuo will change the procedure anyway, and it would have been a waste of time. The next batch of triggers will likely not need the the updates so urgently either. Thanks again.

      • Woody 5 years ago

        Thank you Flash Havoc, I finally got it to update thanks to your help. I am a Mac man and have problems with PC’s

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Ok great !, thanks Woody.

  34. BuRocK 5 years ago


    I have 568EX and 2x622C right now with using 6D .
    What is the best option for me to expand my flash system ?

    1- Sell out 622 and buy YN600RT + YNE3RT and using 568EX as slave ?
    2- Buying 1 more 568EX and new 622TX ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi BuRock,

      You can’t really use the YN-568EX as a slave to the YN-600EX-RT + YN-E3-RT at this stage because they are not directly compatible, and there is currently no separate RT receiver option available to attach to the YN-568EX.

      Whether YongNuo will make a compatible receiver for the RT system we don’t know. I’d be very surprised if they don’t at least make a manual receiver available, but whether they can make a TTL receiver work I don’t know.

      So its really a decision you will have to make yourself, considering at this point you have to go all one way or the other. The convenience of all built in radio is hard to resist though, so I think its pretty obvious what is going to become the most popular system pretty quickly. Thanks.

  35. BuRocK 5 years ago

    Thanks for your answwer.
    One more question ? Can i do same job with 622TX ? I mean 622 TX and YN-E3RT same capabilities or not ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Ironically at this stage the YN-622-TX will have more capability –

      – 2nd Curtain Sync in TTL & Manual
      – SuperSync manual timing adjustment via group
      – Remote flash zoom.
      – Receivers to fire studio lights
      – Receivers to fire most non RT TTL speedlightes.

      Many of these things could possibly be implemented in the RT system later though.

      And I’d say once the YN-622-TX becomes available as well as the YN-600EX-RT, there’s going to be lot of people asking why those features aren’t in the RT system as well?

      So demand may eventually convince YN to upgrade the RT system features as well. At least on the Canon side of things I’d be surprised if its not the RT system getting all the attention once the flash is available.

  36. BuRocK 5 years ago

    Thanks for your answer.
    It seems current 622 system is far more useful then RT system . Maybe they will improve RT features in future but now it is better to stick on 622 system and wait some time more to have upgraded RT system. For the ones which they buy first speed light they can choose RT but which are already having non RT speed lights they can continue using 622 + non RT flashes .

  37. Author
    Flash Havoc 5 years ago

    YN-E3-RT firmware v1.08 is available now:


    Version 1.08:

    Fixed: correct ettl2/gr exposure for 1D-X.
    Fixed: improved light metering for cameras after 2012.

    We have tested YN-E3-RT with 1D-X. After upgrading to v1.08, it works fine.

  38. Amir 5 years ago

    Anyone knows where I can get the driver? The zip file on YN’s website now seems to only contain the firmware update utility, no driver. Without the driver, the update utility can’t recognize the transmitter when connected to PC.

    • Amir 5 years ago

      Scratch that. Found it in the installed folder.

  39. Willy 5 years ago

    Awesome site and source of relevant 411!

    I have a 5D3, and 600 EX-RT & ST-E3-RT. Is it possible to use the ST-E3-RT to control one or more YN 600 RX-RTs simultaneously with the Canon 600 EX-RT?

    Thanks to everyone posting problems & fixes, I’m learning from all of it!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Willy,

      Thanks for that. Yes it will be possible to mix and match the YongNuo and Canon flashes and transmitters (once the YN-600EX-RT flash is available).

      The YongNuo RT flash or transmitter acts just like it is a Canon RT flash or transmitter being used. Thanks.

  40. Wes 5 years ago

    Hey Elvis…. any news on the availability date of the YN600EX-RT?
    Can you also please put the procedure for updating the firmware as some sort of “Sticky” for us to all see and refer to? I see a lot of people asking about it and it will save you and all of us time. I only updated mine once (to the 1.07) and since then completely forgot how to do it and had to scroll back through this forum to find it. lol,
    I’ve since taken a screenshot but it may help others to do the above ^.

    Thanks mate 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Wez,

      YongNuo have updated the firmware upgrading procedure and software, so its much more simplified now. There is only one file for the driver/updater and one file for the firmware.

      Of course I still spent 2 hours starting to write out instructions before realizing that myself 🙂

      I have put the upgrading details at the top of this post now. To find this post just click on the YN-E3-RT in the right column of the page.

      No word yet on the YN-600EX-RT. YN have a very busy production schedule, so as we have seen, we are not really going to know when anything is ready until it is actually available and shipping to sellers etc.

      I doubt we will see anything before Chinese Spring Festival though, so that sets everything back at least a number of weeks.

  41. JP4DESIGNZ 5 years ago

    Hi Flash,

    I’m not sure if you already went over this, but do you think Yongnuo will update the YN-E3-RT with remote zoom? Is there a way I could ask them directly?

    Another thing, it sure would be nice if Yongnuo somehow developed a partnership with Paul C. Buff! I’d love to control my Alien Bee 1600 with any of the new YN triggers being released however, I know I’m being a little too ambitious. 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi There,

      I don’t know if they will add remote zoom, but you can try asking at service@hkyongnuo.com.

      I don’t think you will get any good answer, but the more people ask the more chance they will implement something. Thanks.

  42. BWalworth 5 years ago

    Has anyone used this controller on a non-Canon camera? I have a Fuji X-Pro1, X-E2, & X100s I want to try this out on. Thanks

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi BWalworth,

      Some people have reported issues using the X100 and similar, because the Fuji TTL contacts are in the same position as Canon (but not corresponding or compatible).

      So you may need to block the TTL contacts. Any hotshoe adapter with a single pin underneath should do the trick.

      Otherwise in a pinch a piece of paper or thin plastic can be used to cover the TTL contacts. I just use a piece of plastic and fold it over the back of the hotshoe, or camera, so that it can not slide forward and block the main center pin as you push the transmitter onto the cameras hotshoe. Thanks.

  43. Uzo 5 years ago

    Hello Flash Havoc,
    What a bang up job you’ve done hosting this forum. Kudos! I hope Yongnuo is compensating you somehow for this because having spent hours trying to hunt down information on the manufacturer and their product, most of my questions seems to be addressed here. I am an Apple (Mac) guy and it doesn’t make sense to me that a company as big as this Yongnuo didn’t or can’t release a firmware update for Mac users. Apple computers are made in China for crying out loud! I don’t know what to do with a .exe file! Yikes!!!
    Thanks for letting me rant.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Uzo,

      Thanks for that. Actually YongNuo are likely one of the hardest to get help and basic information from, let alone compensation.

      This is their first time with firmware updates though, and compared to most its actually gone extremely well for a first attempt. They have made a number of fixes very quickly and refined the firmware update procedure and software etc already. So its not uncommon to start with Windows, and try to refine that before adding Mac to the workload. I’m sure they will add Mac at some point though. Thanks.

    • Tony M 5 years ago

      if you look way back at the beginning of this thread (December sometime) there’s mention of the first update. There’s also a link to somebody who did a review on the E3. They had a Mac, and they mentioned a program they used to work the exe file. Since the product is useless without the firmware depending on your camera, it’s sort of important!

      Yongnuo isn’t a big company, so I can’t blame them for spending more time developing for their product – and 90%+ of us who are on PC’s. Heck, Canon can’t develop their EOS controller for Windows Phone users either – so I feel your pain!

  44. Albin Händig 5 years ago


    Will this give you remote manual control with the YN-560 III?

    If not, is there a trigger on the market that will?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Albin,

      Unfortunately no, there is no trigger currently on the market that will allow remote manual power control with the YN-560 III.

      There is one coming eventually though, I would imagine sometime in the first half of this year. You can see more details on that here. Thanks.

      • Albin Händig 5 years ago

        Thanks for your quick reply!

        Yes, just as I thought. I think I will go ahead and order some 560’s anyway. I’ll have to hope that yongnuo will keep their promise! 🙂 The price on these flashes is just too good to turn down.

        Do you know how much the YN 600 EX-RT will be once they are released?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Albin,

          Did you see the Godox V850 flash? The remote manual transmitter is already available for those, and the flashes a very nice quality from $99 on Amazon.

          I don’t know the price of the YN-600EX-RT, but I think a reasonable guess would be around $200 – $250.

  45. Jason 5 years ago

    Range is not good outdoors with this unit. As Privatebydesign mentioned, it loses radio contact easily and is not reliable outdoors. Does not live up to the 100m transmission specs.
    Tested this shooting on the beach and only could trigger my 600exrt from about 10m away. Used another 600ex unit to trigger and it could trigger the other flash from further. Using v.1.07. Have just updated to 1.08 and will try test again tomorrow.

    Anyone else experience poor performance in range?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for that. I haven’t had a chance to test these in detail yet so I’m not sure about the range. 10m sounds unreasonable though, particularly on a beach with little obstructions. Will look into this though. Thanks.

  46. Jason 5 years ago

    Update: I have updated firmware to 1.08 and still experience poor range when shooting outdoors.

    Thanks Flash Havoc! Would be very interested in your observations.

    • lianggx 5 years ago

      Have you tried a different channel?

  47. P337 5 years ago

    Sorry if this has been asked (didn’t see it) but can a YN-622C-RX work like the YN-E3-RT? ( which can now set manual controls on the Canon and Yongnuo RT 600 flashes even on a non Canon camera.) If I get a YN-622C-RX with a set on YN-622C receivers and Canon flashes, then can I use them on a non-Canon camera with manual settings on the Transmitter unit?

    I ask because I’m switching to Nikon and M4/3 but would like to keep all my Canon flashes and YN-622C receivers; if it’s like the YN-E3-RT then I can at least set them “from the body” by dialing in the manual exposures.

    Thanks for any answers!

    – See more at: http://flashhavoc.com/yn-622-tx-transmitter-with-lcd-coming/comment-page-1/#comment-16624

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi P337,

      I don’t think its really been stated yet one way or the other.

      Considering the Canon system actually changes the manual power level directly on the flash, and that setting stays on the flash until changed, I would think its highly possible. But I don’t think it has been confirmed as yet though. Thanks.

  48. P337 5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for the fast response! I heard the YN-622Ns with Nikon flashes were working on a Lumix (GH3 I think); it would trigger it but you had to set the exposure on each flash manually, so the YN-622 system sounds like it already works for triggering without the brands TTL signal (unlike the YN-603C Transceivers) but if we had a transmitter with manual exposure controls we should be able to control all the flashes from one unit on top of the Hot-shoe (making a practical universal flash system :D). It sounds like it should work, the “non-canon” camera would send a single pin trigger signal to the Transmitter then the transmitter sends your manual settings to each lens; but why did the YN-E3-RT need a firmware update to do this? hmm…

    Also do you know if the YN-622C-RX actually sets separate manual setting on three flashes/groups?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi P337,

      The YN-E3-RT needed a firmware update to do this because like the Canon ST-E3-RT they would change the manual power levels when not connected to any camera (and fire via the test fire button), but they would not fire from the camera hotshoe.

      So YN had to make the YN-E3-RT now fire even when not connected to a dedicated TTL camera hotshoe.

      And YN have just gone one step further with the YN-E3-RT, and added a custom mode to disable the TTL contacts on the YN-E3-RT so that they will not conflict with Fuji and other cameras which were having issues.

      I can’t see why a similar thing could not be done with the YN-622C-TX, but I haven’t actually seen any mention or confirmation of this yet. YN are obviously quite aware of the desire for this now, so they will surely implement it if its possible.

      Yes the YN-622C-TX (I assume you meant TX not RX) will set manual setting on three separate flash groups.

  49. john h 5 years ago

    is anyone else having hard time opening the update links? every time i try to open it says error.
    even when i go to yn site i cant get to it

  50. john h 5 years ago

    every time i try it says,,,,

    The requested URL was not found on this server.
    Please check the URL or contact the Webmaster.

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