YONGNUO YN200 Speedlite & New YN560-TX PRO Radio System – Coming Soon

YongNuo YN200 Speedlite


YongNuo have a new TTL barebulb YN200 Speedlite coming soon, as well as the next generation YN560-TX PRO Transmitter and Radio System, which should finally integrate the YN560-TX and YN-622 Radio Systems into one cohesive system.

As well as now providing auto sensing radio Receiver modes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony, with full TLL and HSS available.

The YN200 flash has not been released just yet, though the placeholder is up on the YongNuo Website for the YN200 Speedlite, along with the YN560-TX PRO controller for Canon, which usually means they are both coming soon.

A prototype of the flash has been spotted on display at tradeshows, with the unit looking to be a similar format to the Godox AD200 / EVOLV, though with what appears to be a fixed barebulb head design.

(Which may be more limited than a modular head design, though keep in mind options like a remote extension head, or even round head, could still possibly be designed to plug directly into the flash bulb socket).


YongNuo YN200 Speedlite


Once again around the size of a regular speedlite (extended flat), the YN200 are likely to offer approximately 200Ws output, with a removable Lithium-ion battery which slots into the top of the flash body.

The YN200 will be directly compatible with the new YN560-TX PRO Radio System, offering full TTL, HSS, Manual, and Auto Sensing radio Receiver modes for Canon Nikon and Sony.

Or the flash can be used with your existing YN622 or YN560 based Transmitters and Master speedlites (features then depending on what they support).


YongNuo YN200 Speedlite




Possibly of even more significance than the new flash, is the new generation YN560-TX PRO Radio System, which should hopefully finally integrate the YN560-TX and YN-622 Radio Systems into one cohesive system.

Features of the YN560-TX PRO Radio System / Protocol –


  • Provides Auto Sensing radio Receiver modes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems.
  • Where applicable supports full TTL, HSS, Remote Manual, and Remote Zoom.
  • YN-622 / II, and YN968, YN685, etc flashes will require a firmware update to add YN560-TX PRO radio.
  • RF603, YN560 III/IV, YN660, YN860, series can directly receive the YN560TX PRO radio signal already.


NOTE – This does NOT mean TTL and HSS etc will added to the products that do not originally support them.




And to kick off the new YN560-TX PRO System, along with the YN200 Speedlite will be the release of new YN560-TX PRO Transmitters, originally for Canon, with Nikon and Sony to follow.

The YN560-TX PRO Transmitter appears to be based on the same body as the current YN-E3-RT Transmitter, though we don’t yet know if the LCD display layout may possibly be different.

The Transmitters will provide full GR mode, TTL, HSS, Remote Manual, Multi Mode, and Remote Zoom Control where supported.

And should therefore be the flagship Transmitter option to control the full combined flash system at this stage.




Just a few years ago YongNuo were arguably leading the world with their radio triggers, though have since fallen behind, mainly due to the lack of an overall cohesive system, and no larger flash options available.

And these are things we pointed out clearly in some detail 18 months ago.

YongNuo appear to have responded on both points with the coming YN200 Speedlite and new YN560-TX PRO Radio System, and fingers crossed they can build a good practical cohesive system for their customer base going forward.




Price and availability of the YN200 Speedlite and YN560-TX PRO transmitters are not available yet, please stay tuned for more details.


YongNuo – Website


  1. Jerry 1 year ago

    You wouldn’t believe how long I have waited for this.

    • David 1 year ago

      still waiting for their 85 1.4 AF lens for canon

  2. John Wilson 1 year ago

    Good to see some real competition for Godox. The triggers seem to have lever locking. Pricing will be interesting.

  3. Ricardo Gomez 1 year ago

    When I first saw these images, I thought it was some, newer version of the Godox/Flashpoint system.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    If you’re deeply vested in the Yongnuo system, this is a welcome addition. I bet it will be compatible with some of the Godox/Flashpoint AD200 accessories too.

  4. Alex Loff 1 year ago

    It is very good that the flash does not have expensive replacement heads. This flash will be cheaper.
    But it will not be good if Yongnuo does not plan to add a Canon RT Protocol for YN200

    • Author
      FLASH HAVOC 1 year ago

      Hi Alex,

      If they could put Canon RT Protocol in as well as the YN560-TX PRO Protocol, then that would be really interesting.

      Jinbei has done that previously with their strobes, so it can be done. Its just that the YongNuo Canon RT has been much more reliable communication.

  5. Russ 1 year ago

    As Yongnuo can no longer compete with the AD200 in any traditional sense (that boat has now long sailed!), they’ll have to come out with an aggressive price to succeed. The question is, is Yongnuo still “out of it” or are they (finally) starting to get serious about competing once again? I’d love to see the latter but, they’ve been so disappointing for so long, that I have my doubts…

  6. Jacques 1 year ago

    No pass-thru hotshoe on top of the transmitter, no sale. Event shooters NEED a flash on top of the transmitter. Thank you, Godox!

    • Marc Weintraub 12 months ago

      You can get speedlights with master triggers built in so a standalone trigger is not needed… at least with Godox.

  7. jerry 1 year ago

    Use a side bracket like my custom bracket mini-rc. Balanaces the camera and flash weight much better than a flash on top of another transmitter.

  8. Marco 1 year ago

    Too late Yongnuo. I have been waiting too long for a 2-300W unit that could be triggered by the YN-622. I decided to sell those triggers. No way back 😉

  9. sam 12 months ago

    Been waiting a long time for this and I am pretty excited.

  10. Russ Jones 12 months ago

    Amazon has an ad claiming that it will be released (and shipped from China) as of July 31st with a price of $189 USD (free shipping). Also the Yongnuo site webpage is no longer a placeholder page, it is now showing the model specs.

    • John Wilson 12 months ago

      Thanks, Russ!

      Seems to be virtually identical to the AD200 spec except the range is only 1-1/64 vs 1-1/128 for the AD200 and 1/256 for the AD200Pro (and no removable head, of course). The only listing I can find on Amazon.com is $249 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07V67YP1N). No eBay listing yet.

      • Russ Jones 12 months ago

        Yep, that’s the same seller that (apparently fairly briefly) originally showed it at $189 (USD). I guess we’ll have to wait a while to see where the price settles at.

  11. Zeeshan 4 months ago

    Will I be able to trigger YN200 by YN-E3-RT??

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