YONGNUO – YN300W – 300WS TTL Studio Light Announced!

YongNuo have announced their first TTL enabled studio light, in the 300WS mains powered YN300W!


YongNuo YN300W


The YN300W monolights have Canon Optic Wireless slave function built in, as well as being compatible with the popular YN-622C TTL radio trigger system, and just released YN-622C-TX transmitter units.




This means the YN300W can be used together with regular TTL speedlites, all using the same radio trigger system, and providing TTL metering and remote manual power control. As well as features like Second Curtain Sync, and Flash Exposure Bracketing.


YN-622C-TX and YN300W

YN300W Featrures –


  • Flash power – 300WS
  • Guide No. – 56M ISO-100
  • ETTL Metering
  • Manual Power Levels – 1/1 – 1/128
  • Canon Optical Wireless Triggering
  • S1, S2 – Optic Slave modes
  • Second Curtain Sync, FEB, FEC
  • Bowen’s S-Type Mount
  • Large LCD Display Screen
  • Hotshoe Foot for TTL Radio Trigger Mounting
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • Sound Prompt
  • Recycle Times – 0.1~1.1sec.
  • Flash Duration – 1/50000s~1/800s
  • Flash Color Temperature – 5500K~8000K
  • Modeling Lamp Bulb – E27 220V 150W
  • Modeling Flash – Sync Mode, Ratio Mode, Custom Mode, Modeling Light Off Mode
  • Supply Voltage – AC182~AC265V 50Hz
  • Fuse – T6.3A 250V
  • Sync Voltage – DC3.3V
  • Triggering Methods – Radio Trigger, Optical Trigger, PC sync, Test Flash.
  • External Interface – Hotshoe, PC Sync Port , USB Port
  • Additional Functions – Auto Save Settings, Clear Settings, Overheat Protection, Advanced Options, Power Saving Mode, Function Locking



The YN300W are mains powered studio lights, with no mention of a portable battery pack and inverted option from YongNuo as yet.

There is also no mention of a HSS (High Speed Sync) function with the YN300W. Though the Long Duration Sync method of higher sync speeds may be possible to some degree, as the compatible YN-622C-TX transmitter has an adjustable Supersync feature.


YongNuo YN300W


The Announcement of the TTL enables YN300W is not a complete surprise, as YongNuo have also previously confirmed there would be a TTL studio light alternative coming which would be compatible with the Canon and YongNuo RT system.

So the YN300W may not be the only TTL enabled studio light coming from YongNuo!

The YN300W will no doubt be very welcome by many YN-622C  / YN-622C-TX owners hoping to expand their lighting kit with larger compatible portable lights.

The key word is portable though, so hopefully YongNuo have not overlooked an important piece of the puzzle with the mains powered YN300W.


Price and Availability –


YN300W are now available from around $320 plus shipping –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, UK


There is no mention of a Nikon ITTL compatible version as yet, though that is likely to follow.

YongNuo – Website


  1. Behrang 7 years ago

    What the heck? Why always canon first? They need to show some Nikonian love!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Behrang,

      The Nikon version YN-622N was actually first to be available this time.

      Canon has the larger market share of DSLR and TTL flash gear, so it makes sense to start where they will have the largest market.

  2. Donald 7 years ago


    But I don’t like the way the flash tube is recessed within the Bowen S mount. OK, the inside of the Bowen S bayonet may be silvered – but not recessed would have been better, especially given a blank sheet design start.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Donald,

      Yes it will be interesting to see how much light they actually produce with that configuration as well.

      Its certainly an interesting design though. I’m also wondering if the flash will be able slide back and forth in that ring attached to the swivel.

      The color variation is also concerning unless that is a typo. And the flash durations stated are certainly pretty fast.

  3. Loveboy 7 years ago

    It has a hotshoe for YN622 connect? Guess it saves them making another trigger… but makes the head brand specific, rather than just the trigger… which is a bit crazy.

    Still, it means you could mount it on-camera I guess 😉

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Loveboy,

      I guess it has to be brand specific for the TTL function.

      The YN-622C-TX will operate on any camera though to provide remote manual power control. So at least the Canon version YN300W should be universal for remote manual use.

  4. Daryl Sturgess 7 years ago

    Like; BIG like, just bring on the Nikon version.

    Then we just need:

    A YN568 with radio-receiver built in, and
    A remote speedlight trigger solution specifically for use with manual metering,
    Or even better, one designed to plug into the comms-enabled meters.

    YN would then offer a very nice integrated solution to fit in with the new YN560-TX and YN560III for total manual stobing.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Daryl,

      I think its very unlikely there will be any compatibility with the YN560-TX unfortunately.

      Once again this highlights the difficult situation YongNuo have created. Unlike Godox for example which will have all their TTL and remote manual speedlites and studio lights compatible with the same trigger system.

      You should be able to hand hold a YN-622C TX for remote power control though.

      I don’t mean to keep rubbing it in for YongNuo, but this keeps making the gear selection very difficult for people. YongNuo may likely produce a YN560-TX compatible manual studio strobe version later, though this keeps spreading their resources thinner, and people waiting longer for solutions.

      The YN300W is another great reason to purchase the YN-622N-TX, but again makes you reconsider the YN560-TX. Which is otherwise great on its own

      UPDATE – Shortly after I wrote the comment above, we actually got the first indication from YongNuo that there may possibly be some compatibility between the YN-560TX and YN-622 coming in the future.

      UPDATE – YN560-TX to YN-622 compatibility now confirmed.

      • Daryl Sturgess 7 years ago

        I find iTTL has real value in some situations, while it produces extremely variable results in others.

        I shoot a bit of children in studio-type settings, and I swear I’ll nail one of the little shits to the floor one day, to keep them still (in lighting terms). TTL is likely all that has saved my sanity shooting kids. 😉

        I was aware the YN560 system was incompatible, but YN look like they are going to offer more complete systems.

        I have the YN622N system, and could not be more delighted. It has made finding a new home for my SU800 more difficult though.

  5. Yuval Y 7 years ago

    Flash Color Temperature – 5500K~8000K ????
    I really hope its not real…

  6. Peter 7 years ago

    Awesome!! A couple of requests though. Don’t understand why they don’t make things right where Profoto went wrong. Why not make it lithium-ion battery powered, WITH a DC connector, option for built-in yn-622 receiver would be nice.
    Still, fantastic news though.

  7. the Flasher 7 years ago

    I wish they had copied the Godox Xenergiser design…. now that would be awesome with TTL!

  8. Adam Gasson 7 years ago

    The flash tube is really far back and I think that’s going to have a big say in how they perform. Being cheap and having TTL is one thing but if the light coming out is no better than a powerful speedlite then they have a problem. You’ve also got to add a speedring to the mount, further pushing the bulb back.

  9. Armin 7 years ago

    I don’t see that much sense in a studio light with TTL. I’d prefer a battery version with HSS. So more a full manual B1 clone.

  10. Jerome Yeats 7 years ago

    I like Yongnuo and have three of their 560s and various triggers but this unit looks ugly. I do not need or want ttl but a Profoto battery powered clone would be nice

  11. the Flasher 7 years ago

    I just realised that although they have released all this great new stuff they still haven’t managed to make a TTL speed light with HSS and external power socket…. 🙁

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Flasher,

      That will likely be the YN-600EX-RT when it arrives.

      The Nikon version YN-568EX II has not materialised yet either. So we can only hope that may actually become a more significant update.

  12. Moshe 7 years ago

    5500K~8000K?? wow that’s is a problem :\

  13. Gilbert 7 years ago

    “compatible with the Canon and YongNuo RT system.” do you mean Yongnuo is working on another studio light like this that would be compatible with the canon 600EX-RT and YN-ST-E3 ??? Sounds amazing! Thanks for the updates as usual!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Gilbert,

      The YongNuo engineer originally stated that there would be a studio light solution compatible with the Canon RT system.

      This TTL enabled studio light was obviously what he was alluding to, though this particular model is not really compatible with the RT system. So we can only assume there will be an RT compatible version coming as well at some point. And you would expect that to have the radio receiver built inside. Thanks.

      • Gilbert 7 years ago

        Thank you for the extra info! I’ll keep checking then for more updates on the matter!

  14. Markthetog 7 years ago

    The tube being recessed is an optical illusion caused by the “cooling fins”

    The position of the tube may not be as important as some believe seeing that Profoto did not abandon their recessed design with their new strobe.

    As for the color temperature, I can only imagine a typo but I could be very happy if one could vary the temperature from 5500K to 2900K. 😉

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Markthetog,

      I wouldn’t like to speculate too much until we actually get to see what these are like, but I think seeing the recessed tube as an optical illusion is being very optimistic 🙂

      The Profoto B1 is intentionally designed basically with a built in reflector, to provide maximum light output. Its more rubust for location work with the flash tube well protected as well.

      The YN300W really does not look to have made good use of the recessed tube at all. But we should wait and see.

      The color temperature variation stated doesn’t make any sense either, so again we just have to wait and see what the actual story is. This is YongNuo’s first monolight, not just their first TTL monolight, so its highly possible they have made some less than ideal design choices.

  15. Adrian 7 years ago

    RT compatibility with 600 WS and internal Li battery is the magic bullet. I hope YN steps up.

  16. Robert 7 years ago

    Yes I agree, I do hope that it’s battery powered. I do have some questions, why is the flash tube recessed and why does it look so large? It’s a great idea to use their triggers to expand the functionally of the strobe.

  17. Gordon 7 years ago

    Is there a battery alternative that could be used to power this strobe in remote locations? Like this for example http://amzn.to/1qCznQ5 ?

  18. perez 7 years ago

    will this strobe will work in USA 120V system from the specifications Supply Voltage – AC182~AC265V 50Hz

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Perez,

      It doesn’t look like they will be compatible with the US system at this stage. I will need to check with YongNuo if they can confirm this, and i a US version is planned.

      • hidroilio 7 years ago

        This the replay. From yongnuo ebay
        New message from: hkyongnuophotoequipment (25061TurquoiseShooting Star)
        Hi friend,

        Thank ou for your letter.

        I’m sorr you can’t use it with 120V system, the power should be over 185V. : )

        Wishing you a good day.

        Best regards,

    • Yuppa 7 years ago

      China/Hong Kong is 220v.

      You just need to purchase a step up/down transformer to convert 120v to 220v. Depending on the wattage–based on how many flashes you plan to use–they are not expensive at all.

      A 3,000w model can be had for ~$115.00.

      At this price point, the typically have a single 120v outlet: that’s what a power strip is for!

  19. Jeff 6 years ago

    I have the same comment about this studio monolight, why is it that a Nikon version is never announced at the same time as a Canon version. It’s not like Yongnuo doesn’t know how the Nikon iTTL system works. They have remote triggers and flashes that are fully compatible with the Nikon system.

  20. Avnish dusara 6 years ago

    its been over 2 years since this has been announced i doubt they will bring out a nikon version now, plus i cant see where this is being sold in the uk.

  21. Luis 4 years ago


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Luis,

      No there is no HSS.

      Also as the specs actually state, this strobe has huge color shifts as you change power levels. I think that is why to answer the other peoples questions above YongNuo never produced other versions, becasue I doubt many people would want to buy the strobe the way it is.

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