YONGNUO – YN560 IV – Flash With Radio Master Mode – Now Available



YongNuo have announced the YN560 IV which is the latest update in the very popular YN-560 series of manual flash units.

The YN560 IV now adding a master mode, or effectively a YN560-TX radio transmitter unit built into the flash (in addition to the remote manual radio receiver already built into the current YN-560 III).


YongNuo YN-560 IV


The YN560 IV master flash can control the remote manual flash power, and flash zoom length, of 3 individual groups of remote YN-560 III and YN560 IV flashes (while the YN560-TX has the extra ability to control up to 6 individual groups).

Like the current YN-560 III, the new YN560 IV flash has the remote manual radio slave built in as well, which can be controlled by other YN560 IV, YN560-TX, or simply fired by RF-603 II, RF-603, and RF-602 manual radio triggers.

YongNuo YN560-TX


Although I haven’t had a chance to review the YN560-TX properly yet, I can say it does work very well. And this is a fantastic inexpensive remote manual system (there is no TTL) with the 2.4GHz radio system all neatly built inside.

The YN560 IV flashes are otherwise the same as the YN-560 III, and will likely replace them eventually. So if you may not need a master built into your flashes so much, keep an eye out for good prices on the YN-560 III while they are available.


Price and Availability


The YN560 IV are available now from around $80 –

Amazon, UKEbay, YongNuo’s Ebay Store


YongNuo – Website

YongNuo – YN-560 III Full Review




  1. kcvb 6 years ago

    i would like to ask you some before buy this flash.

    1. What is latest version of this flash? Is there YN 560 V yet? When this flash release?

    2. is it separate for canon and nikon for this flash right? not only one can use for both brand? if like this. does YN 560 IV for canon can trigger to YN 560 IV for nikon? or from nikon to canon ?

    3. Does this flash have assist beam light( for off or on camera)?

    4. Does yn 600EX RT radio trigger to this flash?

    Best regards


    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      1. IV is the latest.
      2. No. This is a manual (single pin) flash: all that is required is standard hot shoe.
      3. No. This is a manual (single pin) flash: it doesn’t have an A/F pin.
      4. No (by radio). Different systems.

      • kcvb 6 years ago

        What is yn cheap strobe with more power of light and cheap battery pack for it?

        how much are they?

  2. Muhammad 6 years ago

    I have Nikon D7100 and i’m going to buy Yongnuo560IV … but there’s a little questions

    1: Does it work wireless with commander mode without a trigger … with the builtin flash ?
    2: Is there a big difference between it and 560iii deserve to buy it rather than 560iii ?
    3: does it work with any wireless triggers or needs some special triggers ?

    Best Regards

  3. kcvb 6 years ago

    Dear flashavoc

    do you know how to save file from d7200 in dual memory card? I mean one save to both memory?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi kcvb,

      Sorry no I’m not that familiar with the Nikon cameras. You would need to check he user manual.

      It would just be an option/selection somewhere in the cameras menu settings though.

  4. kcvb 6 years ago

    Dear flashhavoc

    depend on you ur experience on date release.

    1. when flash yn 560 II, yn 560 III, yn 560 IV release date?

    2. can you estimate when yn 560 V release? what estimate feature for new version V?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi kcvb,

      YongNuo are very unpredictable with releasing new models, its very hard to guess when new models will be available or what features they will have.

  5. Jon 6 years ago

    can the yen 560 iv also trigger the 622 triggers with canon flashes attached?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jon,

      No only the YN560-TX transmitter can currently do that, as detailed here.

      And the YN-622C units need to be built from January 2015, otherwise the older units require a YN-622C-TX as well to relay the signal from YN560-TX to the YN-622C receiver.

  6. kcvb 6 years ago

    What other flash have good feature better then this yn 560 iv and similar price to this?

  7. kcvb 6 years ago

    Dear flashhavoc

    Depend on u know alot of flash. What other flash have better feature then this yn 560 iv and similar price to it?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi kcvb,

      A better remote manual flash would be the Godox V850, though they are from $100 plus the clip in receiver.

      I don’t really know of any better flashes for around $70 otherwise. From around $90 you can get decent TTL flashes like the Pixel Mago, and Shanny SN600C, and SN600N. They do not have any radio receivers built inside though.

      YN-560 III /IV are very inexpensive radio enabled flashes, its hard to find better value at this low price.

  8. Jacob 6 years ago

    Hi Flashhavoc I have been debating whether to get this flash or not the amazon reviews depict a scary picture with a large number of reviewers stating their flashes have failed and Yongnuo not doing good on their warranty. What has been your experience with the fail rate of these flashes. I’m looking to buy a five light setup and I fear that given the percentage of bad reviews on amazon that greatly increases my chances of getting a defective unit. Also most of the negative review state that the flash was not DOA, rather it failed shortly after the return period or randomly during a shoot.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      It’s pretty much the IV that’s having issues. The III seems more stable.

      The difference between the IV and III (radio):

      IV = more $, master mode (more complex).
      III = less $, slave only.

      If you own a 560-TX–and everybody who has a radio capable 560 should–and don’t need/want a master mode built into the flash, just go with the 560 III.

      It also depends which vendor’s reviews you read. Eachshot’s (on Amazon) reviews of the III are stellar: out of 1,151 reviews, 70% are 5 stars.

      It is possible the YN is dropping the QC ball now–idk.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jacob,

      It looks like there have been some units with the IGBT controller failing so they only fire at full power. I haven’t really heard of any widespread issue with this though. It always looks worse in the reviews when the failures are far more likely to get reported / reviewed. YongNuo have always had a small percentage of failures though.

      YongNuo should provide warranty for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Though you do have to pay for shipping back and forth from China.

      YongNuo do have their own official Amazon store. So that should have the latest stock, and provide warranty if there are issues.

      • Jim Kopriva 6 years ago

        I bought three of the YN-560 IV’s last year and all three failed. 2 suffered from the full power issue and another just became completely unresponsive. They were only used in an indoor studio environment, as well. Very disappointing, especially considering my 5+ year history with great Yongnuo products.

  9. skyline 6 years ago

    Hi flashhavoc,
    I have fuji X-A2 and really love to try YN 560 III / IV + TX controller, does it compatible with my gear.

  10. Maxim 6 years ago

    I want to ask, is there any speedlite from Yongnuo that has af assist beam function AND that can trigger this YN-560 MK4,
    If not, is there any other option (to have speedlite on camera with af assist function that can trigger 560 mk4?

  11. kcvb 6 years ago

    Dear yn 560 IV and yn 600EX RT user

    today i just test these both flash 600ex rt and 560 iv on 550D and 60D camera body. both are same big problem.

    -yn 600ex rt ettl radio trigger gr mode and ratio mode is not work. and it work only for manual.

    -yn 560 IV is big problem with 105mm on camera flash it do not recharge battery and it turn off by itself. let see problem like this videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oBKSSf-hOs

    -yn 560 IV one more problem it’s fast low power of battery. just test a few shot around 30 shot in full power 1/1 with sony recharger battery then low power flash turn off automatic. and sometime just a few shot, the flash also turn off automatically.

    -yn 560 IV S1, S2 is not work properly. for S2 no work with 550D ellt pre flash. it’s fire during flash flash. and it fire same same time during it not yet recharging power with pre flash 550D. and flash sound on S2 pre flash fire it’s like error sound want to broken.

    -yn 560 IV also late recharging power at 1/1, 1/2, take much time more then yn 560III is work great no problem. fast recharging and shooting full day without low battery power.

    do you have problem like me or not? and flashhavoc do you have got this problem or not?

  12. Adrian 6 years ago

    I have several YN 560III and the 560TX. If I had the 560IV on camera I know it will trigger the other 560III but could I still use the 560TX to adjust the 560III?

  13. Otto Haring 6 years ago

    I wish the IV version would be reliable. I may have to buy the older III version of the 560 series.
    I am just wondering which YN flash has HSS, ITTL for Nikon and reliable like the older 560 series?
    YONGNUO should make clear which flash is capable of what. Their website and flash classification is very confusing….

  14. Jeroen STel 6 years ago


    I have been working on night time wildlife photography with several 560 IV flashes and the 560 TX trigger and even when i have the flashes set to “sleep-mode-OFF” and they should stay awake all night the flashes turn off completely after some time (i think somehwere between 60 and 120 minutes)
    Is there a way to work around this..?? So can i keep these flashes awake all night long and ready to fire when a motion sensor reacts to wildlife and triggers the camera (Canon 7D).

    kind regards,


  15. Howling 6 years ago

    Hi All

    Did you guys notice there’s no battery indicator on the screen of the Yongnuo IV until the very last minute before it’s dead

    I cant find in the manual how to turn it on to check how much charge there is before going out for a shoot

    Strange that no one mention this on all the reviews I read


  16. A 6 years ago

    Can 560 IV be fired and controlled with YN-622 TX only? (i mean without adding any receivers to the lamp)

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi A,

      No, the YN-622-TX can not directly fire the YN560 IV, and they can not control their manual power levels in any case, even with a receiver attached.

      The YN560 and YN-622 systems are mostly completely incompatible. Though YongNuo tried to rectify this a little by allowing the YN560-TX to fire and control the manual power levels and zoom of TTL flashes mounted on YN-622C as receivers.

      This doesn’t work the other way around though unfortunately, with YN-622C as master and YN560 III/IV as slaves.

  17. Matt 5 years ago

    Can I use my YN622N-TX on my camera to wirelessly control my 560IV? Without using the YN622N? Where can I find instructions to sync them like that?

  18. Marius Andrei Belciug 5 years ago

    Hi. I’m having trouble seting the camera trigar faster than 1/200. In the flash notice tells that the speadlight flash goes betwin 1/200 -1/20.000 . so does anybody knows how to set that?

  19. Chris 5 years ago

    Do you happen to know if I have 5 of these YN 560 Mk4s that I can set them up as follows:
    Camera set for 20 second exposure for dark night sky shooting where I want to also capture the lights spaced away from me to light up areas while my long exposure is in progress:
    Flash 1: mounted on my camera set to transmit and have the flash off so it does not emit any light, it just signals the others to fire when I fire my camera.
    Flash 2: set up 10 feet away on receive mode that will have a 15 second delay and then fire.
    Flash 3: set up 20 feet away with a 16 second delay
    Flashes 4 & 5: Set up 30 feet away and both fire after 17 second delay.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      They YN 560 system does not have any sort of delay setting like that, that I’m aware of.

      I know the Cactus V6 triggers have a timing delay, so that you could effectively set up a manual second curtain sync, or other special effects. Though I don’t know if that is possible via separate groups, I would imagine its just one delay setting for all flash groups. You could ask Cactus though as they are quite helpful.

      I’m not experienced in this area though otherwise. Its actually pretty simple what your trying to do, as nothing has to sync in any great accuracy with the camera. I’m just not sure what if anything is available to do this, particularly with multiple groups. Possibly something like Triggertrap. I don’t know if any intervalometers can possibly run a number of groups?

      • Chris 5 years ago

        I understand. Is my camera mounted flash set to Tx, able to not flash, but still send the signal for the other flashes to fire?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Sorry, yes that’s no problem. You just set the master groups mode to off, ” –“.

          I don’t know if you’re aware, but there is also the YN660 flashes available now, which provide 6 groups in their master interface, instead of just 3 with the YN560 IV.

          The YN560-TX also controls 6 groups.

  20. mike 5 years ago

    can i disable the flash to fire on my yn560 IV in tx mode? i want to use only the transmitter of this unit

  21. Oz Primo 5 years ago

    I just added a YN560 IV to my two 560 IIIs. I did a shoot soon after it was delivered and found that when it’s in TX mode and fixed to the camera the flash output is erratic. Sometimes it was on lowest power even though I had it set at 1/4 and other times it seemed to be on full power. Also when I set the channel to – the flash still fires.
    Transmitter functions were all working fine after setting it up with the two 560 IIIs.

    Has anyone had similar issues and found anyway to solve them. The flash functions perfectly in all other modes so I could switch it from M to TX and back to overcome the problem, but it’s far from and ideal solution.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Oz Primo,

      I personally haven’t heard of that issue mentioned before.

      I’d say the flash is likely going to have to go back unfortunately. (Unless that’s not cost effective, you may have to keep it just as a slave flash).

    • Wayne 5 years ago

      I have the same issue… I shoot real estate and use multi flashes to light up multiple rooms, but when I try any of the 4 units I have in TX mode (ON OR OFF THE CAMERA) they ALL under power… So the room I’m shooting is not lit up at all but the other rooms with the flash units on RX mode light up well..

  22. bert 5 years ago

    this flash YN560 IV is compatible for nikon D3200

  23. Wayne 5 years ago

    I bought 4 of these flash units for real estate photography to get away from having to use pocket wizards (and more batteries)…
    The problem I have found is that when the flash is set at TX mode (on top of my camera) it doesn’t fire full power, but the others do while in RX mode…. I need the camera mounted flash to fire full power but non of the flash units seem to fire full power in TX mode???

    Anyone else have this problem??

  24. Harry 4 years ago

    Setup question (newbie here so please be patient): say I have 4 YN560IV. I attach one to my camera shoe but want to use it only as a transmitter. Can I set it up so that it triggers the others but it doesn’t go off itself?

    In other words, when in a group, can I setup each of the lights to a different power level (and I guess set the one I am using as a transmitter to — (0)?)

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