YONGNUO – YN560-TX Now Available!

The YN-560-TX transmitter units are now available from around $45.

UPDATE – There are now Canon and Nikon version YN560-TX available. Both versions will operate with any camera model which have a standard hotshoe, the dedicated Canon and Nikon function is just for the flash wake up feature.

YongNuo YN560-TX


The very long awaited YN560-TX transmitter unit will provide remote manual power control for the popular inexpensive YN-560 III manual flash units.

The YN-560 III flash units were released back in January 2013, having manual RF-602 and RF-603 / II compatible radio receivers built in. As well as remote functions which would only be enabled once a corresponding YN560-TX transmitter unit would eventually be released.

The YN560-TX will support all the major functions of the remote YN-560 III flashes in up to 6 individual Groups.


YN560-TX Features –

  • 6 Groups
  • Remote Manual Power Control
  • Zoom Head Control
  • Remote Multi (Stroboscopic) Setting
  • Large Clear LCD Screen
  • Fast Setting Interface
  • 16 Channels
  • 2,4GHz 100M Range
  • AA batteries x 2
  • Compatible with RF-602/RF-603/RF-603II
  • Supports RF-603 /RF-603 II Wireless Shutter Release


YongNuo YN560-TX


Price and Availability –


The YN-560-TX are now available now in Canon and Nikon versions from around $45 –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, UK.


YN-560 III – AmazonUKEbay, YongNuo Ebay.

RF-603 II receivers – AmazonUKEbay, YongNuo Ebay.


YN-560 III Flash Review.

YongNuo – Website


Note – Both Canon and Nikon versions YN560 -TX will operate with any camera model which have a standard hotshoe. The dedicated Canon and Nikon function is just for the flash wake up feature.


  1. Pablo 7 years ago

    Pre-ordered! Thanx for the discount.

  2. Greg 7 years ago

    Why the price is higher than the YN-622C-TX?
    YN-560TX not have super sync, etc

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Greg,

      Edit / Update – it looks like the prices have now pretty much equalised.

  3. mike 7 years ago

    Will this work on a 580ex ii and or Un 568 ex? I currently use the yn-622c’s

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mike,

      EDIT – Sorry NO the YN560-TX will only control the power levels of the YN-560 III flash units.

      You can also use RF-602 / RF-603 / RF-603 II receivers to simply fire other flashes like the Canon 580EX II and the YN-568EX. But there will be no remote power control possible with those.

      Sorry I answered this in the comment admin section, and though it was from the YN-622C-TX post.

      • Evaldas 7 years ago

        How come?

        YN-560-TX works only with YN-560-III directly.
        Or with any other flash with RF-602/RF-603/RF-603II but then with no remote power adjustments.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Evaldas,

          Sorry my answer was incorrect, as I answered the comment in the admin section thinking this was referring to the YN-622C-TX post.

          Thanks for pointing that out. I hope my reply did not cause too much confusion. Thanks.

  4. Ranalli 7 years ago

    Love what Yongnuo is doing but I think the V6 system with RF-60 flashes might edge this out in some ways particular HSS sympathy mode and the ability to use other flashes.

    But, still this is great…just look at how many truly affordable options we have now over even just two years ago.

  5. Loveboy 7 years ago


    I guess I’ll pick one up to go along with my 560iii units that are languishing in a drawer.

    I just can’t see myself going back to AA powered flashes now, though. It just seems so primitive (not to mention tedious) 🙂

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      In that case I would personally pass the YN-560 III on to someone that can make use of them, and go with more V850 instead. Its so much more convenient having all the same flashes, and the V850 are so convenient to start with.

      Godox will have a new radio system eventually. I hope they are taking careful note of all the recent transmitter development.

      • Loveboy 7 years ago

        Agreed, not to mention the v850s working alongside my AD360s.

        But having played with the 603s, I’m interested in checking out the 560TX alongside the 560iii for somewhat more… geeky reasons 🙂

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hehe… I think you’re as bad as me 🙂

          (these are very intriguing though)

  6. Mark 7 years ago

    I’m just gonna hold out until the second batch. Yongnuo have frequently failed in their QC at times and I don’t want to pay to beta test anymore.
    Aside from that I am very excited and happy that the nearly year long wait is over.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      I don’t really blame you there. But at the same time the YN-622N-TX units which had some physical issues actually appeared to come from a later batch. So you never know with YN.

      The YN560-TX will not have much in the way or firmware updates either as its basically a closed system with the YN-560 III flash unit at this stage.

      No doubt the YN-622C-TX will have a few updates, though YN have been very fast to work through any bugs with the YN-622N-TX etc. Thanks.

  7. stephen 7 years ago

    does this have HSS? can it shoot 1/8000 to the YN 560 III. there aren’t many units that can shoot HSS

    • Mark 7 years ago

      Steven, No chance on HSS.
      HSS is a component of a flash supporting TTL and the 560iii’s do no such thing. They are manual power settings only. You will likely max out at 250th or 320th on sync speed.

  8. Champ 7 years ago

    Is there a PDF manual available yet for this unit? Thanks.

  9. Jerri 7 years ago

    Yongnuo kind of missed the ball on this one. I can see this being worth it if your already heavily invested in YN-560 iii’s but other than that I Godox v850 seems much more appealing in terms of functionality and flexibility within their ecosystem.

  10. Author
    Flash Havoc 7 years ago

    UPDATE – EachShot YN560-TX limited stock should be in very soon!

    So the first orders should start going out as soon as next week. I will update this as more details are available.

  11. asdf 7 years ago

    Available now for $50.99

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks asdf,

      For those the have ordered from EachShot.com at a higher price already please don’t panic. EachShot have offered to provide a gift certificate for the difference in price. If you have payed with Paypal they can refund the money back to your Paypal account if preferred.

      • Tyler 7 years ago

        I can confirm that EachShot is refunding the difference. I pre-ordered from them and got a refund of the difference paid to my PayPal account. Thanks!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Ok great, thanks for the feedback Tyler.

      • Lucky 7 years ago

        Received a $29,14 refund half an hour ago, too 🙂

  12. Jon 7 years ago

    Ordered mine! Have 2 of the Godox V850, but i’m not a fan of how the remote works, if this feels better and is faster may sell off my V850’s and pick up a few more of the yn560s!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jon,

      Keep in mind Godox are working on a new trigger system. And the advantage of the Godox system is that it will all be compatible with their coming TTL systems as well (as well as all the many studio lights etc). When it will be available I don’t know, but we are getting closer to Photokina in September so hopefully some details may start to emerge soon.

      • Nice to hear that there will be a new trigger, hopefully with a big screen and a sync plug (mini jack).
        Didn`t know this.
        The Godox booth on the Photokina is on my list …

        Don`t forget that the Ving reloads in about 1 second at full power and uses lithium batteries which for me is a real advantage over AA`s.

  13. James 7 years ago


    Id like to know can this remotely turn off flashes (or set certain flashes not to fire) ?
    If so im sold.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi James,

      Yes you can set each group separately to OFF. Thanks.

  14. frederic 7 years ago

    mine I got it at $ 47. >>> 34,46 EUR

    • Evaldas 7 years ago
      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Hi Evaldas,

        That site is constantly taking advantage of people. Firstly passing themselves off as the YongNuo store, but also charging well over double the price for pre-orders on gear that are a long way from being available.

        I’ve asked them to at least place a disclaimer that they are not affiliated with YongNuo but they won’t even do that.

        Its not a site I want to support, but I’ll leave the link so hopefully people start to recognise them (and for what they are). Thanks.

        • Evaldas 7 years ago

          Thanks for the info.

          I usually buy my gear from reputable sellers, you never know what can happen with those sketchy e-shops.

      • frederic 7 years ago


  15. ivan 7 years ago

    Hi Flashavoc,

    Thanks for the updates. I looked over to the Yongnuo ebay site, and seems like they have few version of YN560-TX (Canon – even listed specific models, Nikon – also with specific models, and ones listed at the very bottom listed as Canon-Nikon). In contrast, EachShot does not list any of these differences. Do you have any info on these differences?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ivan,

      YongNuo make various listings like this for universal manual flashes like the YN-560 III as well. That would just be for the sake of search results etc, and people unfamiliar with the flashes etc looking to confirm their specific camera is compatible.

      I thought there would be different Canon and Nikon versions of the YN560-TX available due to the flash wake up feature like the RF-602/3 have. So I’m not sure what the story is there. The YongNuo listings all appear to be the one model for Canon and Nikon though.

      UPDATE – As seen below, there will be a Nikon version coming in early July as well. Both versions will operate with any camera model which have a standard hotshoe, the dedicated Canon and Nikon function is just for the flash wake up feature. Thanks.

      • Evaldas 7 years ago


        I would assume as well that there should be 2 versions, like 602/603.
        And from the pictures in the listing it does appear to have a Canon-compatible pins, but the description says that its one version for both – ALL Canon and Nikon DSLR Camera.

        • Evaldas 7 years ago


          I have contacted hkyongnuophotoequipment seller on eBay about, what appears, Canon hot shoe on 560-TX.
          Here is the reply that I have got:

          “YN560-TX 5pins canon hot shoe is to wake up the flash on Canon camera, it’s no need to wake up the flash by hand, but if you mount YN560-TX canon hot shoe into Nikon camera, you need to wake up the flash by hand, it’s the only difference.” – hkyongnuophotoequipment

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 7 years ago

            Thanks Evaldas,

            That to me suggests they did at least originally intend on a Canon and Nikon version. Maybe a Nikon version will come later, otherwise maybe they have just chosen the most common one (Canon) to have the wake up feature.

            • Evaldas 7 years ago

              Yes, you are right. Nikon version will be released a bit later.
              Here is a followup of the conversation:

              “If this YN560-TX mounted on Canon does wake up flashes, is there another – Nikon – model that would wake up flashes when mounted on Nikon cameras?” – me

              “Yes, it will be released, but I’m not sure about the exact released date, I think few months later.” – hkyongnuophotoequipment

              I am waiting for Nikon version then…

              • lianggc 7 years ago

                Nikon version will be available early July.

                • Author
                  Flash Havoc 7 years ago

                  Ok great thanks lianggc and Evaldas.

  16. Jerri 7 years ago

    Yongnuo says in their “made specially for Yongnuo YN-560 III made after January of 2013 year”

    How do I know when my yn560 iii was made?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jerri,

      As far as I am aware that is all the YN-560 III made from the beginning. So I don’t think there would be any YN-560 III that are not compatible with the YN560-TX.

      To see when your flash was made though, if you swivel the flash head there is a white sticker with a number for the year, and 12 check boxes for the months. The month that is ticked is the month your flash was made in that year. Thanks.

      • Jerri 7 years ago

        Thanks for the tip.

      • Matt 7 years ago

        My Flash has a line thru the year (14) none of the months are ticked and I haven’t been able to get the flash to group with the 560 TX. I did not see any change on the flash’s screen when I activated the group function (as per the 560 TX instructions) and I do not get any results when I try to set the flash’s group as per the 560 TX instructions, the flash fire as if it is being triggered by the RF 603 but no control over group, power or zoom

  17. Mark 7 years ago

    Unable to continue my 10 month wait any longer – Trigger pulled.

  18. Sam 7 years ago

    ….but it is intended and for nikon and canon that compatibility with sony?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Sam,

      Yes the YN560-TX will work with any camera which has a standard hotshoe. The Sony MIS should work, otherwise you would just need an adapter.

      The YN560-TX only needs the center fire pin to operate though. Thanks.

  19. Markg 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info. I pre ordered from EachShot and received by refund balance in PayPal today.

  20. Jda67 7 years ago

    Me too! I’ve got the same mail as you Markg. They have also applied the FlashHavoc discount on the new price and that’s a nice and very cool surprise! Many thanks to eachshots.com! First extremely positive experience with this seller! I love it and will recommand it to everybody!

  21. JHS 7 years ago

    Pre-Ordered it too. Last saturday I got an E-Mail that they need my telephone number for the shipment. I immediately replied to them and gave them my number. Now – 5 days later the order is still blocked. I contacted them using the ticket system and they said they will fix it. Still blocked. With this current experience I would not be surprised when they are suddenly out of stock now after delaying my shipment for days.

  22. hellocrowley 7 years ago

    This makes it much harder to throw away my YN560III to switch to Godox V850. I hate fiddling with rechargeable batteries but remote zoom is sweet.

  23. jcwiggens 7 years ago

    I don’t get the hate for AA batteries, A million companies make them and they are cheap as chips. The V850 uses dip switches which are soo yesterday tech, the display is tiny(I am speaking of the remotes for it) and I have to buy their battery for it. Also it has the dial system like my old 580ex ii, I can change power so much easier with the YN560III’s so why all the love for the Godox flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi jcwiggens,

      I don’t know if you use a number of speedlites, but from my experience that becomes extremely tedious with AA batteries. You end up changing batteries in the middle of a shoot, and you have to change all the flashes at once (when some are less depleted than others) otherwise you’re constantly running around changing batteries.

      The V850 in comparison are a whole world of difference. You can forget about batteries while shooting, and when it comes to charging it takes literally seconds to flip the batteries out and throw them all in to chargers at once.

      I would argue the V850 flash interface is also much nicer than the YN-560 III. The large clear display is better, and the dial works great for fast power level changes. All the buttons are BIG and easy to press and have their own purpose. Its really a great flash. The V860C interface is not quite as nice, but its still good.

      Yes the transmitter unit is very antiquated, and that will be updated. But for now its surprisingly good to use. I find it far quicker and easier than the Canon ST-E3-RT for example, and many other TTL triggers used for the same purpose.

      AA batteries still have their advantages as well, and ideally the flash should take both. But I can totally understand Godox wanting to recoup their external battery pack loses with a proprietary built-in battery. Other manufacturers may get the jump on them later, adding both AA and Lithium-Ion.

      If you don’t find AA batteries a problem for what you do then its not something to be concerned with. But for a lot of people though the V850 have made speedlites far more practical. Thanks.

      • jcwiggens 7 years ago

        Thanks for the reply. I wont deny it would be a lot easier to change the battery with the set up of the Godox and I am sure people will knock it off if there are enough of a demand for them. The math that it equals 12 AA’s is incorrect however. I have 2500mha AAs so thats 5v 2500mha with 2 in parallel that would be 10v 2500mha vs 11.7v 2000mha. So its more correctly stated that it is equal 8 and not 12 AAs. As for the V850 interface it is the same as a Canon 580 EX II, so it is press center button and spin VS the YN560III which is press a single button in the desired direction. So if you go to bump it up or down a bit I find it much easier to control then center button then spin dial. The display on the 560YN III is plenty big for me, good info and quick change. I am not disliking the V850 “except” for the dial change, thats the Canon way and I never really cared for it, just a personal preference I suppose, but the single battery thing is the future I agree for all flashes soon enough. I guess for me it also helps to have the AAs for now because I can dip into my photo AAs for my home remotes of other devices like flashlights when they need a charge and my photo ones are always topped off.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          The V850 dial actually changes the power levels instantly, no need to press and spin. Its much easier than the 580EX II. Canon could learn a lot from the V850 and Witstro flashes as far as flash interfaces go.

          I don’t know about the maths, but I did the real pops, and the V850 battery did more than 12 AA’s worth.

  24. Paul 7 years ago

    Yongnuo just need to bring out a 560iv with dedicated rechargeable battery.

  25. jcwiggens 7 years ago

    I know it is not listed as a feature but I thought I would ask anyway. Does the YN560-TX have an AF assist feature or is it just an IR trigger in front? Thanks for such a great site BTW!!!

    • ben 7 years ago

      no assist

  26. Michael 7 years ago

    Is it possible to fire the 560-III with Phottix Stratos-II, while simultaneously adjusting their power with a handheld 560-TX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      Yes you should be able to do that. I can’t be 100% certain until we get the YN560-TX to try it, though it should be ok. Thanks.

  27. Mark 7 years ago

    You could possibly use a hand held 560-TX to control power and zoom whilst another simple trigger system could be used on camera to trigger receivers connected to a 560-iii via hotshoe or sync cable.
    Seems to be the hard way to do it but at least it gives freedom to handhold the TX control unit.
    I have not yet received my 560-TX so cannot do a true test but what I can tell you is this…

    RF-603ii(TX) in hand, RF-603ii(RX) on hotshoe of 560-iii set to “- -” mode.

    1. Pressing the TX release button halfway
    RX right LED lights green to indicate connection (wake up?)
    560iii no change

    2. Pressing the TX button fully
    RX right LED lights red
    560-iii bottom left LED lights blue – does not fire.

    Until I get my 560-TX units delivered, I cannot confirm that your method of using a 560-TX for controlling and Stratos-II for firing will work. But the 560-iii certainly recognised when the trigger sent the fire signal (blue LED) and I’m hopeful that when the 560-TX “speaks” to the 560iii to remove the mysterious “- -” indicator, this functionality will be provided.

    For me, I will likely pass on my 602 TX/RX units and keep a couple of 603-II’s for just this purpose as well as backup triggers.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      The YN engineer has confirmed that you can use an RF-603 II as the transmitter on camera, and YN560-TX held in hand to control power and zoom. So that should be handy for light meter reading etc.

      I’m just not 100% sure about using an external receiver at the same time. Though I’d be surprised if that doesn’t work.

      I think the mystery “–” mode will stay. That appears to be the OFF mode, so you can turn groups OFF from the YN560-TX.

      • Michael 7 years ago

        I am asking this, because to fire the YN560-III via Strato’s hot shoe the flash must be in the M mode, otherwise it does not fire.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi Michael,

          I don’t think there is much on this in the manual, so I think we will have to wait and try. The YN560-TX unlocks a new function set in the YN-560 III when its first enabled, so until we do that its hard to know exactly how the YN-560 III is going to react from then.

    • Michael 7 years ago

      Mark, it does sound like the hard way of doing rhings, but this the Strato’s-II are the only triggers on the market that allow instant turning on and off of speedlites, ANC this feature is essential for me…

  28. Jason 7 years ago

    Any idea when the pre-order units will actually ship?

  29. JJ 7 years ago

    Can YN560-TX use for Sony camera?
    I wan’t use TTL but use manual power control.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi JJ,

      Yes the YN560-TX should work on any standard hotshoe for remote manual use. If you have the original Sony/Minolta shoe you will likely need an adapter to the standard shoe. Thanks.

  30. jack k. 7 years ago

    This morning I received this email 🙂

    “Thank you very much for your purchase and patient for waiting
    The long waiting was due to an update in the software of the YN560-TXs as informed by Yongnuo. Otherwise the shipment coold be made earlier.
    Due to different wake-up feautures of Canon and Nikon, Yongnuo decided to update the software as per these camera models, and now there will be Canon and Nikon version too in the market. Both can work for each model without any problem but camera wake-up feature for Nikon may not work on Canon and vice versa.

    In this respect could you please kindly inform me your camera model.”

    • Dean 7 years ago

      I recieved this…

      Thank you for ordering from our website.
      Because the YN560-TX has 2 versions – Canon and Nikon.
      We need you to confirm which version you need?
      Please reply us ASAP.

      The YN560-TX will be available before mid July and the quantity will be very limited. We will ship the items by ordering time.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Hi Dean,

        Is this email from EachShot? Thanks.

        • Dean 7 years ago


        • Champ 7 years ago

          I got the same email requesting a specific version (Nikon or Canon) 560-tx.

          “Thank you for ordering from our website.
          Because the YN560-TX has 2 versions – Canon and Nikon.
          We need you to confirm which version you need?
          Please reply us ASAP.

          The YN560-TX will be available before mid July and the quantity will be very limited. We will ship the items by ordering time.

          Thank you.

          Best Regards,”

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 7 years ago

            Thanks, yes it looks like they have now listed 2 versions, so you can choose Canon or Nikon.

        • Matt 7 years ago

          Got mine today,, kid of disappointed as I have two 560 II w 603 II triggers thought this would work with them (Yongnuo recently unveiled their new manual flash power and zoom controller YN560-TX. It is compatible with RF-602, RF-603 and RF-603 II triggers / receivers and with Yongnuo’s YN560 III manual flashes.

          Together with RF-602/3 triggers it is a wireless trigger with 6 groups and 16 channels. 6 groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G are more than other triggers on the market offer and should fulfill all needs.) I do have 1 560 III so Ihope the isa work around some where. Now I read where the 622C-TX has anfirm ware upgrade that allows it to send signals to 602/3 triggers, I also have Canon 580 EX II’s & a YN 565 EX and 622-C triggers bummerI should have waited on the 622c-TX

          • Evaldas 7 years ago


            602/603/603 II does not have a possibility to control power levels of the flashes.

            If you have YN560II then you will not be able to control power output of those flashes with YN560-TX.

            But YN560-TX will trigger your flashes if set to RF603 mode and same channel as receivers on your YN560II.

            In other words if you do not have YN560-III there is no point to have YN560-TX as RF-603 that you have will do the same – will trigger the flash).

      • lianggc 7 years ago

        It’s NOT true. We decided to make Canon/Nikon version of YN560-TX from the very beginning.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Hi lianggc,

          Obviously a lot of sellers were not aware of that though.

          There also seems to have been some delay with the Canon version, as no one appears to have received them yet (from any sellers).

          • lianggc 7 years ago

            Both of Canon/Nikon version have been available, though the number is limited. The first batch of Canon were sent out on Jun/30.

        • Phillip 7 years ago

          That’s kinda confusing…
          I bought the YN560-TX in YongNuo ebay store ( hkyongnuophotoequipment), but there was nothing about the camera make compatibility.
          The item was listed as:
          “Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Flash Controller Trigger for YN-560III RF-602 RF-603II”

          My YN560-TX was shipped 4.July and I haven’t been asked about the camera I use. So what should I expect now?

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 7 years ago

            Hi Phillip,

            It was the Canon version that was available first, so you will almost surely be getting the Canon version.

            They still work with Nikon and other cameras, just not with the flash wake up feature.

  31. Mark 7 years ago

    …constantly looking out the window for the postman’s delivery.

    • Dean 7 years ago

      Anyone received their shipment?

      • Champ 7 years ago

        Nothing here. Has your tracking info updated on eachshot.com for your order?

      • Matt 7 years ago

        Yes got mine yesterday through Amazon for $44.95 very disappointed so far

  32. Dean 7 years ago

    This is what my tracking says:

    Shenzhen China Our shipping agent will pick up your item and ship your item very soon.

  33. Mark 7 years ago

    Mine said posted on the 1st of July. I’m in Oz.
    Is coming from the hkyongnuophotoequipment ebay store.

  34. George 7 years ago

    I bought a couple of RF603 II triggers from hkyongnuophotoequipment through ebay and they took 3 weeks to arrived in the uk. As an aside i hope you dont have a problem with them because they sent me the original RF603’s which were no use to me as i needed the 300V trigger capability to fire an old flash. Anyway i had to return them to HK at which point they have totally refused to refund me for them. I had to raise a case on ebay who judged in my favour and made the refund but this didnt cover the £10 return postage cost. Abbi at hkyongnuophotoequipment continues to ignore me so i have to say i wouldnt use them again.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi George,

      Sorry to hear that. It might be a good idea to contact service@hkyongnuo.com and let them know about your experience with the official YongNuo Store.

      You could also post your experience on the YongNuo Facebook page. Thanks.

  35. Dean 7 years ago

    Just received my shipping email with tracking number.

  36. Dedi 7 years ago

    I’m waiting for something which seems to be more difficult to deliver than I thought. I bought some yn560 with meyin 604 as temporary solution, but really miss remote manual.

    Using Nikon.

    Transmitter with display, 3 groups, 5 or more better

    Flash – with build in receiver and (more + means more important)
    ++++ manual remote
    +++ supersync
    ++ compatible single receiver to use with old flashes
    ++ lithium-ion battery
    + and changeable
    + power expansion port
    + hss
    + ttl

    @Flash Havoc: do you have any guesses when something like that or close could become available?
    What would be the best option for now?

    Maybe, still just temporary, 2 560-III and ths 560tx, at least I would have remote manual, and still can use my old receivers. But I really would still miss the ++’s and above.

    Would be great to get some advice. It really is a jungle now, can’t see through.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Dedi,

      If you really want the Lithium-ion battery, then Godox is likely the only chance at this stage. Photokina is coming soon (September) so hopefully we may get some update on what Godox have coming. They have already confirmed that they are working on TTL versions of the bare bulb Witstro units, and its expected that these will at least eventually have radio master units built in. The Ving speedlites will then likely go the same way. Though even if these are announced, when they will actually be available could be another thing as well.

      Otherwise the YongNuo YN-622N-TX and YN-622N, will do most of what you want. The flash with receiver could possibly come, as the YN-568EX II for Nikon is well overdue, and its inevitable there will be a flash with TTL receiver built in eventually. Though we really don’t know if, or more importantly when, this flash will arrive. So for now you would have to rely on separate flash and receivers.

      For now the YN-560TX would be the obvious option with the gear you have already. Otherwise you would need to make a switch to the YN-622 and TTL flashes, or change to the Godox system. Phottix Mitros+ are another option, but not in same price range, and not with Lithium-ion power.

      I think it would be worth grabbing a YN-560TX for now, and waiting to see what Godox etc announce around Photokina. Thanks.

      • Dedi 7 years ago

        A big thank you for your reply!

  37. Loveboy 7 years ago


    Mine just arrived for eachshot (Adelaide, Oz)

    • Strober 7 years ago

      Mine too. It seems to be working quite stable with my 5D mark II and mark III cameras.

      Although I’m a little disappointed that transmitter actually has no AF assist light. It even has a place for LED behind the front red glass, but no LED actually implemented.

      • Loveboy 7 years ago

        Agreed, seems a bit crazy.

        I also find it makes it a bit less comfortable to hold – it’s already a bit chunky, and the purely “decorative” front bulge and red panel makes it worse. (I am using it for off camera control, w/ 603II on camera)

        Anyone have any idea what the number you can set after the group means?

        • Loveboy 7 years ago

          Just to clarify:

          Anyone have any idea what the number you can set after the group *on the 560III flash* means?

          • Matt 7 years ago

            I’m pressing both buttons on the flash (as per the instructions that came with the TX) to set the group but nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

            • Loveboy 7 years ago

              Have you “activated” the flash, as per instructions?

              I had to do it twice, for whatever reason, before the ‘group’ setting showed up.

            • Loveboy 7 years ago

              just checked … If the flash is activated, you should see “GR A” (or something like that. Mine might have started at “GR A1”?) right below the channel indicator.

              You don’t have to press the two buttons on the flash to see the group is set (and activated), only to change it.

              Also, with the activation, make sure you read the instructions. Press the buttons on the controller, then the flash screen goes ‘all-on’. Then press OK (centre button) on the flash to accept activation. If you don’t press ok, it won’t activate.

  38. George 7 years ago

    Hi Flash Havoc, thanks for the link. I will give service@hkyongnuo.com a try and let you know how it goes. I know its not a lot of cash but its annoying to be out of pocket for a mistake they made.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi George,

      Thanks yes, the small price doesn’t really matter, the problem is this shouldn’t happen from the official YongNuo store. Especially when YongNuo are happy to criticise other re-sellers for similar issues.

      If they don’t don’t keep hearing about it they won’t do anything about it and improve the system. Thanks again.

  39. Jason 7 years ago

    I wrote an email to eachshot asking about shipping and was told that my item wasn’t sent out yet because they haven’t confirmed whether I wanted a canon/Nikon unit. I replied to the email where they originally asked which brand over a week ago. Needless to say I’m bummed. Others may want to check to make sure that their orders are shipping and not just sitting.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Jason,

      I think they still have not received the stock yet, it should hopefully be in the next few days.

      • Dean 7 years ago

        My shipment just made it to San Fransisco from China. I should have it in the next couple of days. Hopefully!

  40. Greig 7 years ago

    My Nikon version of the YN-560TX has just been shipped from Eachshot. I originally ordered mine as a pre-order and was able to select Nikon as I asked them the question re whether there were two versions. The next day they had the option up on their website.
    Now I’m looking forward to receiving and then playing with my new toy.
    Already have 2 x YN-560III’s and ordered an additional 2 with the 603II so that I’ll be able to hand hold the TX and trigger the 560III’s with the 603.
    Now all that needs to happen is for Yongnuo to work put the Nikon puzzle of getting the 560TX to talk to the 622n triggers and I can then combine my 3 x 568EX’s into my lighting system.

  41. Karl 7 years ago

    Hello Flash Havoc,

    I was wondering if the 560-TX would be able to send a signal to my YN-560’s while mounted on the hotshoe of a YN-622C Transceiver that is mounted to my camera. Basically asking if the pass through hot shoe on the YN-622C will trigger the 560-TX to set off the YN-560’s. Thanks!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Karl,

      I don’t have the YN560-TX here yet to say 100% for sure, though it certainly should work in theory. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work. Thanks.

  42. Scott 7 years ago

    I received my trigger today – I’m using it on a Sony A6000. Took a little setting up as at first i didnt read the manual.. then read the manual and got it wrong, then realised what they were getting at and it worked 🙂

    For reference, on the 560 MKIII flash guns, set it to Rx receiver mode and ensure the flash guns and trigger are on the same channel (1 by default) – at this point the triggers works as a dumb trigger and should fire the flash. To activate the group functions, press the 2 buttons on the TRIGGER that have ACT between them (ZOOM/CH and HZ/Fn), then press the centre button on the FLASH to activate the group and the Flash will be assigned to group A (and a small gr icon will appear below channel number on the flash lcd). Finally, on the flash press mode and wireless (which has GRP between them) and select a grp (a to f) – after than control 3 560 III flashes was easy and the whole thing works really well.

    • Strober 7 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      You forgot to mention a pretty important thing in your instruction:
      There are two wireless modes in 560-III and 560-TX units, RF602 or RF603 compatibility, that modes can be selected in custom functions menu.

      So at first you must make sure that your flash and transmitter are both running in 602 mode, or both in 603 mode, otherwise ACT function won’t work and nothing will be unlocked on the flash unit.

      P.S. There’s also an annoying bug in RF602 mode, when flash unit is getting “wake up” signal from transmitter. Flash never stops performing that “wake up” command, therefore you completely losing sleep mode with RF602 option. So it’s better to use RF603 protocol, which work fairly well in this case.

      • Scott 7 years ago

        Good catch – mine defaulted 603 and I was already using the flash guns with dumb 603 triggers, hence I skipped it whilst setting up – but that could be an added complication for others not aware of the difference. Next up, I’m going to tried a mixed set up of 3x560III flash gunsand some old (Sony hotshoe) 560II flash guns with said dumb triggers – I realise you lose the power function but if it all works well that gives me a nice 5 flash set up for some interesting lighting effects. Overall I like the trigger and it works well with the a6000 – it looks ungainly but the trigger is actually pretty light and the camera is well balanced with it sitting on top.

        • Birba 7 years ago

          Hi Scott

          I also got my YN560TX and i’m using it with my A6000 and YN560-III.
          For me the trigger only fires if don’t put it completely in the hotshoe. So about on milimeter is left.

          How do you use it?

    • Dean 7 years ago

      Got mine today. Thanks Scott for the instructions. The manual was confusing. Works great! Keep in mind that to move from group C to group D, you need a longer press on the button. Otherwise, it will stay on the same page and go back to group A.

  43. ivan 7 years ago

    Got mine today. Works as advertised.

    One thing I noticed:
    In manual mode, YN560-III allows you to set the up/down button to go 1/2 step (by going to FN, in the INC setting). I don’t think this setting is honored by YN560-TX. The controller will change power by 1/3 steps (+0.3 and +0.7) Not sure if this is intentional or overlooked, or if there is a setting I’m now aware of in the controller.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi ivan,

      Thanks, yes the YN560-TX only supports 1/3rd stops.

      This has become pretty standard with remote power control transmitters. Although the recent Cactus V6 and Radipopper Jr2 offer finer 1/10th adjustments as well.

  44. jcwiggens 7 years ago

    I just got my 560-tx and the date on my yn-560iii flashes are june 2013 but I can not get the group function to work. What am I doing wrong, I can only change the channels?

    • Greig 7 years ago

      Just received mine and had a similar problem.
      Question: Are your 560III’s set to 602 trigger mode, if so, change them to 603 and you should then be able to activate the Group function on the 560III flashes

  45. jcwiggens 7 years ago

    I feel like a dummy, I cannot delete my foolish question lol ugg. Figured it out.

  46. Jda67 7 years ago

    For the french speakers, here’s a small video on Youtube to explain how to set up the new YN560-TX with the YN560III flashes. I hope it´ll be helpfull!

    Pour les francophones, je viens de mettre en ligne une petite vidéo sur Youtube expliquant le réglage du YN560-TX avec les flashs YN560 III. J’espère que cela vous sera utile!


    • frederic 7 years ago

      Salut, j’ai tweeté ta vidéo sur mon twitter strobisme.
      pourrais-tu détailler un peu plus l’utilisation avec un posemètre? en gros, comment déclencher les flashs 1 à 1. bye. f

      • Jda67 7 years ago

        Salut Frédéric!
        Merci pour le tweet!
        Si tu veux “couper” des flashs pour n’en mesurer que certains au posemètre, il te faut tout d’abord selectionner le (ou les) groupe(s) de flash(s) à “éteindre”, puis quand tu es sur le groupe voulu, tu appuies 2 fois sur la touche “MODE” pour passer de “M” à “Multi” puis finalement à “–“. Quand “–” s’affiche en face d’un groupe, le (ou les ) flash(s) rattaché(s) à ce groupe ne se déclenchera (-ont) pas quand tu effectueras ton test lumière. Si d’autres questions, n’hésites pas!

        • frederic 7 years ago

          merci pour ta réponse, j’ai hate de recevoir mon exemplaire.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks for the video Jda67!

      • Jda67 7 years ago

        You’re welcome!

        Many thanks to you for all the informations you’re sharing with us! Your website is the best for me to learn the latest news and I love it!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Thanks Jda,

          Please feel free to post any mini reviews etc on the new forum as well. Thanks again.

  47. Greig 7 years ago

    If you are having difficulties activating the group function on your YN-560III strobes the following solution might help if you are running a 602 trigger system.
    * Make sure your YN-560III strobes are set to 603 (NOT 602) receive mode.
    * Now make sure your channels are the same and then:
    * Make sure both the TX and your strobe are turned on. (I would do each strobe one at a time if you have more than one)
    * Now on the TX, press the Zoom/CH and Hz/FN buttons simultaneously.
    * The 560III strobes screen should show a scrambled screen as shown in the instructions. Press the OK (Centre button on the multi-selector)
    * You should now see a new Gr [ ] box under the Ch [ ] box.
    * To change the Group on the strobe, press the MODE and Flash/wireless buttons simultaneously (the two buttons with GRP between them.
    * Use the up/down multi-select buttons to cycle through the groups.

    Hope this helps anyone that have determined that their 560III’s are group capable via the manufacturing date, but can’t get the group mode to activate.

    NOTE: If you wish to retain your 602 triggering system then instead of changing the 602/603 mode on the strobes, change the 602/603 mode on the TX and you should then be able to activate your 602 mode strobes.

    I now have 4 560III’s working beautifully via the YN-560TX.
    The 602 trigger works beautifully as a trigger on camera with the 560TX hand held (or on the camera) setting all the power levels.
    Now waiting for my 603II triggers to arrive to complete the system.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Greig,

      So if I understand this right, what you are basically saying is to make sure to first set both the flash and the transmitter to the same mode, either both RF-602, or both RF-603, depending on which other triggers you have to include (RF-602’s or RF-603’s)?

      (still waiting on my TX, I think its on the plane now though)

      • Greig 7 years ago

        I had been triggering my 560III’s with the 602 triggers as I wanted to be able to use the 560II’s with my 568EX’s that were being triggered by my 622’s. I joined the 622 to the 602 via PC sync and it would then trigger my 560III’s as fill lights etc.
        Now that the 603II’s are out, I will mothball my 602’s OR find another use for them in my Yongnuo system.

        When I got my 560TX and 2 more 560III’s, the new 560III’s activated with no issues but my old 560III’s refused. I looked at the new items and they were all set to 603. The instructions are a little ambiguous as they state 602/603, but when you get into the menu you only get an option for one or the other. The penny dropped and a set them all to 603, and everything activated beautifully.

        Do you find it strange that Yongnuo have chosen a mixture of upper and lower case letters for the groups eg A, b, c, d, E, F? Would have thought having either all upper or all lower case to be more visually pleasing and obvious.

        • Loveboy 7 years ago

          That’s pretty standard for 7-segment displays; it’s pretty much the only way to make those letters.

          What I’m still curious about is what that number is for. What’s the difference between Group ‘A’, ‘A1’, ‘A2’, ‘A3’ ?

          • Jda67 7 years ago

            Hi Loveboy! I’ve made some test today and I have to apologize but I don’t notice any change between group “A”, “A1”, “A2”, etc.. When a speedlight is set on “A” and the other on “A1”, they react exactly the same way. Maybe it’s only to help the user to identify the speedlights??

  48. Chamith Siriwardena 7 years ago

    Hi All,

    I received mine yesterday (in Sri Lanka) and everything seems to work well except for the rf-602 mode. That has a sync issue with shutter speeds over 1/125.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Chamith.

      There are number of reports of this sync issue with the RF-602 mode now.

      It seems not everyone is having the issue, though if anyone is looking to purchase the YN560-TX, and hoping to combine the existing RF-602 triggers then you may want to hold off the YN560-TX purchase for now (as there is no USB port to update the YN560-TX after purchase).

    • Evaldas 7 years ago


      I have same issue with mine.
      With shutter speeds above 1/100th 50% of shots are not synced correctly.

      For now I am using YN560-TX only to control power and zoom, it sits in my pocket.
      On my camera I have RF-602 transmitter which makes sure that flashes are fired.

      I did not tested it yet, but if RF-603 mode works better I will probably change my 602 to 603-II.

    • foto123 7 years ago

      Hi everybody,

      I also have the sync problem with my YN-560 III flashes. I have a Canon version of the YN-560 TX

      I use the 602 mode because I have the old 602 triggers and receivers and use them now to trigger my studio flashes in addition to my three YN-560 III.

      I can only use shutter speeds up 1/100 on my Canon EOS 5D Mark II. But I also have some sync issues with my 602 triggers. I could normally use them up to 1/160. But on a few shots I can see the shutter curtain. I think I ran in that additional issue after turning on the group function on my YN-560III’s to communicate with the YN-560 TX.

      That’s very disappointing because Yongnuo always talked about 602 and 603 compatibility.

      Kind regards

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 7 years ago

        Hi Michael,

        I have the Canon version YN560-TX now as well and have the same issue. Around 1/100th is the best in RF-602 mode without shutter curtain.

        Though we found an easy work around for this, if you cover the TTL contacts on the camera hothoe with a peice of paper you can get full sync speed back again!

        Its still a tiny bit slower than the R-603 mode, but almost as good.

        Regarding the sync speeds with the RF-602 receivers. They are pretty much borderline all the time with full frame cameras, as they are pretty slow triggers.

        I have a couple of YN-560 III here that have not been group enabled yet so I’ll see if I can see any difference.

        Though with the Canon 5D and full frame cameras, you really want to upgrade to the RF-603 II anyway, as the sync speeds are much better. Its not worth trying to squeeze the most out of RF-602 when they are just slow triggers to start with.

        • foto123 7 years ago

          Hi Flash Havoc,

          thank you very much for the workaround.

          It is working very good. With the TTL contacts covered by a piece of paper I can use shutter speeds up to 1/160 (and even 1/200 with a minimal shutter curtain of a few pixels) with my RF 602 again. And I don’t get any shots not beeing triggered by the YN-560 TX any more.

          I think I will open the YN-560 TX and remove the TTL contacts.

          By the way, I asked Yongnuo (service@hkyongnuo.com) about the issue and they are still ignoring the problem. I told them the same things as in my first post here. But they are talking about HSS for sync speeds shorter than 1/100s. That’s a joke, isn’t it.

          Here’s the answer from the Yongnuo “service”.

          “We are sorry to tell you that YN560-TX doesn’t support HSS (High Speed Sync) function. Generally, the sync speed can be set up to 1/200s. We kindly suggest you to switch the communication mode into 603 to see if it will work normally or not. If the communication mode 602 doesn’t work normally any longer, it’s quite possibly that this controller is defective. We are sorry that it should be sent back to YONGNUO factory for maintenance. If maintenance is in need, please feel free to contact us again.”

          Thanks again to Flash Havoc for providing us with a workaround for the sync problem.

          Kind regards

          • Taro 7 years ago

            I just took delivery of YN-560 III (manufacture date: August, 2014) and YN-560 TX. I combined them (both set to ‘602’ mode) with a Nikon SB-80DX mounted on an old RF-602 receiver, and confirmed full frame of flash exposure at 1/200 sec. At 1/250 sec, I see a slight darkness on the bottom 1/10th of the frame. YN-560 TX was fired on Nikon D800. Just another reference point.

  49. Pablo 7 years ago

    Hey i received mine too, everything works fine, only one shot missed sync.
    Using the Nikon version on a Pentax K3.

    Hope to make a little video review soon!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Pablo!

      My YN560-TX arrived as well, and its really a great little unit!

      • Chamith Siriwardena 7 years ago

        Even though there are limitations and few issues, everyone would appreciate that they are able to sell it for such an affordable price.
        I personally wish it was little smaller in size (both thin & short) probably with AAA batteries. But everything has its own compromises.

        Thumbs up !

  50. John Blackburn 7 years ago

    I have an older film camera (Mamiya RZ67 Pro). It has a centre pin hot-shoe as required, none the less will the YN 506 N-TX work correctly with it.

    I am mainly concerned with the timing of the trigger pulse relative to the operation of the shutter. It has an electronically controlled shutter but the shutter itself is a mechanical shutter in the lens.

    P.S. I have found your reviews useful and an interesting read.


    • Evaldas 7 years ago


      it should work fine with your Mamiya RZ67 Pro as longs as you don’t go over RF602/603 sync speed.
      RZ67 has a sync speed of 1/400th of a sec, RF603 mode should be able to sync it with 1/320th of a sec.

      I have not tried YN560-TX on any film cameras yet, but I did tested RF602 on multiple cameras (Ricoh KR5, Nikon FE, Flexaret II) and it worked fine.

      Only thing that will not work is flash wake-up function.


      • John Blackburn 7 years ago

        Thank you Evaldas 🙂

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