YONGNUO – YN560-TX – Finally Revealed!

YongNuo have finally revealed images and details of the very long awaited YN560-TX transmitter unit, which will provide remote manual power control for the popular inexpensive YN-560 III manual flash units.

The YN-560 III flash units were released back in January 2013, having manual RF-602 and RF-603 / II compatible radio receivers built in. As well as remote functions which would only be enabled once a corresponding YN560-TX transmitter unit would eventually be released.

The YN560-TX will support all the major functions of the remote YN-560 III flashes in up to 6 individual Groups.

YN560-TX Features So Far –

  • 6 Groups
  • Remote Manual Power Control
  • Zoom Head Control
  • Remote Multi (Stroboscopic) Setting
  • Large Clear LCD Screen
  • Fast Setting Interface
  • 16 Channels
  • 2,4GHz 100M Range
  • AA batteries x 2
  • Compatible with RF-602/RF-603/RF-603II
  • Supports RF-603 /RF-603 II Wireless Shutter Release

YongNuo YN560-TX


Powered by 2 AA batteries, the YN560 TX very much resembles the body of the YN-560 III flash unit. Though its considerably narrower and would be much lighter –


YongNuo YN560-TX


Again the front of the unit resembles a flash body. Its unlikely there will be any AF assist light behind the red lens though.

YongNuo YN560-TX


The base of the YN560-TX shows a metal foot with locking pin and full Canon ETTL contacts. Though these are likely only for the flash wake up feature as the RF-603 II etc have.

Provided the specs have not changed, the YN560-TX should be compatible with any camera which has a standard hotshoe.

YongNuo YN560-TX


The YN560-TX are NOT directly compatible with YongNuo’s popular YN-622C and YN-622N TTL systems though, or the recent YN-E3-RT transmitter and coming YN-600EX-RT radio enabled flash unit.

Though Canon YN-622C users may get away with stacking the YN560-TX on top of the YN-622C pass through hotshoe on the camera, to then fire and control both systems.

To fire other non-YN-560 III flashes with the YN560-TX, the RF-603 II can be used as basic manual receiver units.


YongNuo YN560-TX


Once available the YN560-TX should finally unlock the full potential of the very popular and inexpensive YN-560 III flash units, and provide the remote power control many YN-560 III owners have been waiting a very long time for now already.

The YongNuo YN-560 III flash units released over a year ago were set to be the first remote manual radio flash units available. As impressive as the YN560-TX looks now for an inexpensive option, they do have some solid competition to contend with now from the Godox V850 and Cactus V6 / RF60, which offer much broader systems.


Price and Availability –


YN560-TX price and estimated time of availability have not been made available as yet.

Though going by YongNuo’s other recent transmitters like the YN-622N-TX, prices are likely to be around $60 or less.


YN-560 III flash units from around $70 –
Amazon, UK, Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, EachShot -6%.

RF-603 II receivers –
Amazon, UK, Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, EachShot-6%.


YN-560 III Flash Review.

YongNuo – Website


  1. Geoff 6 years ago

    Got it!

    It will only work when fired from the camera – not in any test mode. My life is complete.

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