YONGNUO – YN560-TX to YN-622C Compatibility Now Added!


UPDATE – The Mark II YN-622C II now have an easily selectable 560-RX mode, directly compatible with the  YN560-TX transmitter, so the YN-622C-TX are no longer requires as a proxy between them as detailed below.

Also original YN-622C units produced after December 15th 2014 provide direct compatibility with the remote manual YN560-TX transmitter units.


I think YongNuo may have finally tired of me hacking on their lack of compatibility between their various radio trigger and flash systems!

YN560-TX / YN-560 III owners will now be able to expand their remote manual system!

YongNuo have released a new firmware update for the YN-622C-TX transmitter, which provides a new proxy mode. This new mode allows the YN-622C-TX to receive commands from the YN-560-TX transmitter unit, and forward them on to YN-622C receivers –


YN560-TX to YN-622-TX


And this will then allow the YN560-TX transmitter to control the manual power levels of both YN-560 III flashes, AND other ETTL flashes mounted on YN-622C receivers!

NOTE – You only operate the one YN560-TX transmitter interface. The YN-622C-TX is just there to pass on the translated signals.

YN560-TX Compatibility

This will require at least an extra $50 YN-622-TX transmitter, and around $45 YN-622C receivers for each extra ETTL flash used. Though this still provides a significant advantage to the inexpensive YN560-TX remote manual system.

For those that may not be familiar –

– The YN-622-TX and YN-622C receivers are a full ETTL and Remote Manual system.
– The YN560-TX and YN-560 III flash units are a Remote Manual system only.


The reason this added compatibility has very likely come about now, is that it will greatly expand the potential market for the just announced YN300W ETTL studio light as well. As the YN300W uses the YN-622C trigger system for ETTL and remote manual power control.

So now YN-560TX / YN-560 III owners will also be able to expand their system, combining the new studio lights with remote manual power control as well –

YN560-TX Compatibility

And you could take that a step further, also including the compatible ETTL flashes. All with the same remote manual power control through the YN560-TX transmitter –

YN560-TX Compatibility


YN-622C-TX to YN560-TX Compatibility –

Compatibility the other way around, from YN-622C-TX as the transmitter unit, to YN-560 III flashes, has not been added at this stage. (And I think is probably unlikely to be added too easily unfortunately).

So the YN-622C-TX as the transmitter will control ETTL flashes (on YN-622C receivers), and YN300W studio lights, all with remote manual power control and ETTL metering.

The YN560 III would not be directly compatible –

YN-622C-TX Compatibility

Although the YN-560-TX and YN-560 III flashes are not directly compatible in the system above, there will likely be some workarounds to combine them in use, at least to some degree.

(As the YN560-TX can be held in hand to change the YN-560 III manual power levels. An RF-603 II or similar transmitter could then be connected to the camera (or another YN-622C receiver) just to fire the YN-560 III).


Works On Any Camera –

The significant thing now with either the YN-560TX or YN-622C-TX as transmitter, is that they can both be used with any camera (with a standard hotshoe) for remote manual power control use!

So this is really no longer a system just for Canon or Nikon TTL compatible cameras.

YN-560-TX and YN-622C-TX


YN622C-TX firmware v1.02 is now available adding the YN560-TX proxy Mode.

Download v1.02 for the YN622C-TX here –

You will also need to download the drivers from the YongNuo Website

Usage –

– Make sure the channel of YN622C-TX and YN560-TX are the same.
– Long press SYNC / FN key to enter the custom function and go to FN.06 (Up / Down key).
– Change the value to ON (Left / Right key).
– Then place YN622C-TX anywhere within the transmission range of YN560-TX.

Now you can use YN560-TX to control Manual Output and Zoom of the ETTL flashes on
YN-622C receivers.

Also Fixed in v1.02 – improved stability.


YongNuo – Website




  1. Robert 4 years ago

    Hello please can you help i have a YN560-TX controller and have 10 RF-603C and RF603C-II but my YN560-TX will not alter any settings on my Yongnuo YN568EX and YN568EX II why . i thought that the controller can alter the power settings and zoom in manual mode

  2. phill 4 years ago

    hi.. lets do the complicated thing.. I have a yn 660 and a 685… I’m using the 560 -tx on a canon 6d. if I buy the YN622-TX, is it possible I use the 560 TX to control the 660, and at the same time, control the 622 TX in HSS mode with 685?

  3. Roland Rodrigues 4 years ago

    I have Yongnuo YN622N iTTL wireless flash controller and Yongnuo YN560 IV flash. Both are set on same group and channel but it doesn’t get triggered. Can you please help me out?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Roland,

      The YN622N will not fire or control the YN560 series flashes unfortunately.

      YongNuo have evolved into providing 2 mostly separate flash systems, the TTL and HSS enabled YN-622 system, and the Remote Manual only YN560 / RF-603 system.

      They have slowly allowed some compatibility with the YN-560TX Manual transmitter to fire and control some TTL strobes, though not the other way around unfortunately. I wrote about the issue here in this post.

  4. Alicia Wynter 4 years ago

    I have the YN-622N II + TX. I’m looking at purchasing two speedlites, either the 660 or the 685, specifically for off camera flash. Will my triggers work with both of these speedlites or just the 685?

  5. Vimal 4 years ago

    Hello, I have Yongnuo YN560 IV flash with YN560-TX trigger. i have two questions here.
    1. does it anyway i can make this flash HSS if i get YN-622C II reciever as its now comparing with YN560 TX trigger ?
    2. And is it possible to make it TTL with using YN 622C II ?

    if any can help on this ? so i willing to buy it YN 622C II.
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Vimal,

      Sorry no, the YN560 IV are remote manual flashes only, the do not provide TTL or HSS. So a different transmitter like the YN622C II can not add these functions to the flash.

  6. AJ 3 years ago

    This update, is it exclusive to the Canon version? Or does the Nikon version have this compatibility now?

  7. RH 1 year ago

    Will the Yongnuo YN-622C-TX & 622C work with the Canon 470EX-AI speedlight? Currently using it on my 430EX II and works flawlessly.

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