YONGNUO – YN600EX-RT II – Speedlite Now Available

YongNuo YN600EX-RT II


YongNuo have released the YN600EX-RT II Speedlite, once again providing both radio Master and Slave modes directly compatible with the Canon RT radio system.

With the main upgrade from the original YN600EX-RT being the addition of a Canon Optic Wireless Master mode.

Canon and Nikon Optic Wireless Slave modes are also included, as the original YN600EX-RT also provide.


YongNuo YN600EX-RT II



  • Guide Number (GN) 60 Metres at ISO 100 and 105mm
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – ETTL II /M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC – 1/3rd Increments
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 Output Control (1/3rd increments)
  • 20-200mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom
  • 2.4GHz RT Radio Master and Slave Modes
  • Canon Optic Wireless Master Mode
  • Canon & Nikon Optic Wireless Slave Modes
  • Flash Groups – Radio A/B/C/D/E, Optic A/B/C
  • Channels – Radio 1 – 15, Optic 1 – 4
  • Recycle Time – 0.1 – 3 seconds
  • Flash Duration – 1/200 – 1/20000s
  • Custom Functions
  • Sound Prompt
  • Heat Protection
  • LCD Back Light
  • AF Assist Light
  • Head Tilt 90 / -7 Degrees, Swivel 180 Degrees Left & Right
  • Tilt Swivel Lock Button
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • Bounce Card & Wide Angle Diffuser
  • Fast Clamping Foot
  • External HV Battery Port
  • USB Port
  • PC Sync Port
  • Weight – 430g
  • Dimensions – 62 x 78 x 205 mm
  • Power – 4 x AA Batteries


YongNuo YN600EX-RT II


The YN600EX-RT II are directly compatible with the 2.4GHz RT radio system built into Canon’s own RT Speedlites like the 600EX-RT II and 430EX III-RT, and ST-E3-RT transmitter units.

As well as YongNuo’s own increasing range of RT products including the YN968EX-RT Speedlite, YN-E3-RT transmitter, and YNE3-RX receiver units.





The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II are now available 0n Ebay from around $114 –

Ebay, YongNuo EbayAmazon, UKAdorama, B&H Photo


YongNuo – Website


  1. Noi 3 weeks ago

    What is the difference to the YN600EX-RT I?

  2. Michael Quack 3 weeks ago

    The difference is the added optical master mode, and compatibility to both
    Canon and Nikon as wireless radio slave.

    Very likely it will also have added compatibility to Canon Cameras introduced
    Jan 2015 and after. The YN600EX-RT was incompatible to those flashes as
    radio master, and AF help light did not work on some camera models, namely 80D.

    Some users reported to have received mail from Yongnuo stating that
    the need to send in ther units for factory modification, which indicates
    a hardware incompatibility.

    Yongnuo claims that YN600EX-RT units built August 2016 and after are now
    fully compatible. Can’t second that, as mine are dated September 2016 and
    they are incompatible.

    They still do work as radio remotes, but they can’t fire each other as master
    when mounted in the hot shoe, and the YN-E3-RT can’t fire them as well.

    Funny enough, the Canon ST-E3-RT fires both Canon 430/600 RT speedlites
    *and* Yongnuo 600-RT flashes absolutely fine.

    I never use flashes in the hot shoe, so I might take the risk of getting one
    of the YN600-II – it should work as just another radio remote, and one can’t
    have too many of them anyway.

  3. Andy 2 weeks ago

    I hope YN600EX-RT II fixes the following , IMO, the issues:

    1. locking hot shoe wiggles a lot on camera.
    2. YN-ST-E3 cannot trigger YN600EX-RT when using Non-Canon camera (only works with original Canon 600EX-RT)

    • Michael Quack 2 weeks ago

      It was worse than that – the YN-E3-RT (at least the unit I own and the
      two others I could lay my hands upon) does not fire even the Canon 600EX-RT
      or the Canon 430EXIII-RT – and not even their own YN600EX-RT on Canon
      Cameras introduced after Jan 2015. This includes EOS 750D/760D, 80D,
      5D MkIV, M3, M5, 1D-X MkII, 1300D . On all these cameras, the original
      ST-E3-RT fires the same flashes fine.

      For Canon E-TTL2, the brain sits inside the camera and not the flash.
      Trigger transmitter and flash can modify control settings, but the main
      controller is inside the camera. This is the reason why the YN-E3-RT or
      the ST-E3-RT will never work with non Canon RT cameras.

      However, since the YN600EX-II now supports Nikon flavor radio remotes
      as well, there is a chance that a Nikon flavor trigger or a potential neutral
      trigger could work with cameras other than Canon/Nikon.

  4. Alexander 2 weeks ago

    According to tech support YongNuo:
    YN-E3-RT after August of 2016 support a new model Canon cameras

    Dear User,
    Thanks for your email.

    Since 80D is a new release camera, YN flash and trigger produce previously is not fully compatible with 80D(AF beams and camera external flash control menu not working). YN flash and trigger produce after August can fully compatible with 80D. For the flash and trigger not fully compatible with 80D, you can send it to our factory for revise. We are sorry that firmware update can not solve this problem, the hardware needs to be revised.

    In that case, if it is indeed needed, you can send it to us for revising, but you need to undertake high postage. (Please note that you should undertake the shipping cost back and forth, and the postage sending the item back to you is about $25USD or more)

    So we advice you to contact the seller for return or refund according to the purchase agreement. Or you can ask the seller for help of sending.

    Thank you very much for your great support for YONGNUO products!
    Best regards,

    • Andy 2 weeks ago

      I’d rather buy a new flash. For $250, i can get 2 flashes. Since I stuck with YN600EX-RT (only use it as slave flash during the wedding reception), I have to live with it until it dies.
      If I have to do it again, I’d buy Godox (much better quality and Adorama carries them with re-brand as Flashpoint).

  5. jim 2 weeks ago

    Last night I brought 2 flashes to a club, the trusty canon 580ex2 and my back up, the disaster that is the yn 600 ex. I was shooting people etc and someone waved their arm accidently and bashed into my 580 ex2, ripping the bottom half below the AF lights. , wires hanfing everywhere etc. I panicked but thought ok, i have my back up.

    Stuck on the YN600 and away I went, for 5 minutes! After that the battery indicator started flashing batteries empty, so ok, i was shooting for 2 hours, even though they were fully charged, i stuck in a fresh pair. After 5-10 minutes, she died. I had to switch it on and back on again and I could only do that a few times before she REALLTY died. Jesus could raise Lazarus, but asking him to resurrect a YN600 might be asking too much.

    So, i had to find a way of fixing my broken 580ex2. Luckily I had a mini screwdriver set and began to try and reassemble the bottom half back to the top. The washers were missing so I had the 4 scrrews. I re attatched the white panel back into the slot, managed to temporarily get the 4 screws back in and voila, she worked, but on and off, but it was something to get me through the night.

    I am resolutely pissed off at Yongnup right now. DONT BUY THIS FLAS ubless it has a seriously powerful AF light for low light situations, club etc, and 2, it doesn’t die aftr 10 minutes.

    • Andy 2 weeks ago

      I have 4 YN600EX-RT, but I have never experienced something like you have. Being said, I only use YN600EX-RT as slave flashes and my backup is always Canon flashes.
      If you don’t like Yongnuo, take a look at Godox lines. I think Godox is getting good

  6. Michael Quack 2 weeks ago

    To be fair, no Yongnuo flash ever failed on me, and I have more than a dozen.
    Yes, my YN-E3-RT does not work with cameras introduced 2015 and after, and
    the YN600EX-RT can’t master on top of one of those cameras.

    In my world, flashes don’t belong into hot shoes anyway, and the YN600EX-RT
    works fine as a slave The remaining damage is the YN-E3-RT, but I use that on
    a 1D-X ( introduced pre 2015), and fresh cameras are used with the original

  7. jim 2 weeks ago

    Just about to DUMP the original yn600 I had. It was absolutely crap and let me down big time at the weekend. 4 charged batteries and it showed zero power and kept shuitting down or was overheating. NEVER AGAIN.

  8. Frank 1 week ago

    I own a 5D4, YN-E3-RT, 2x YN600ex-rt and 1x Canon 600ex-rt. I bought a second YN-E3-RT, manufactured December 2016, but the same with my “old” YN-E3-RT. AF beams and camera external flash control menu not working. Eveything is ok in full manual mode, flash fires as it should be

  9. Kirill 1 week ago

    I own several YN600EX-RT and they have turned out not be be compatible with my new Canon 5D Mark IV.
    Ihave written to Yongnuo and have got the same answer, that flashes bought before Aug. 2016 are not compatible and have to be sent “for revise”, but I’d rather have to contact the dealer, which was Ebay dealer in my case. I have written to two dealers, where I have bought may recent flashes separately. Only one answered. After much back and forth the dealer has agreed to receive my old flash and send it to Yongnuo “for revise”, charging me 52 Euros (a new YN600ex-rt can currently be bought below 90€). I had no choice, have sent it and got the new one, obviously produced after August 2016. UNfortunately IT DOES NOT function properly with 5D Mark IV either (TTL in group mode, to be particular), so I am no step further.

    The YN600EX-RT has a very weird issue to reset the settings while shooting, changing all Groups from TTL to manual. I have written to Youngnuo and it have had a weird answer, like it is “normal” and Original Canon would do the same (which I doubt).

    Anyway, if I want to stik to Yongnuo, I can just hope that at least the compatibility issues have been solved with YN600EX-RT II.

    • Michael Quack 1 week ago

      Kirill, have you tried the original ST-E3-RT in combination with the YN600 as remote radio flash?
      I have obtained good results that way.

      The YN-E3-RT works okay on cameras pre 2015, but not on cameras introduced after that.

  10. pizzetta72 6 days ago

    What I noticed respect the YN600EX first release is that the version II has GN60 at 105mm instead 200mm, so it should be less powerful.
    Also I expected that version II had the led lights mounted below the head as done for YN968EX. Do you think that is better to have these led lights when you use the bounced flash or not?

  11. Frank 3 days ago

    As i told some postings above i own a YN-E3-RT, mfd date December 2016, not working correctly with the 5D4.
    Here is some clearance :
    We have take your video double confirm with Yongnuo. They say this is the system problem and need to back to the factory upgrade. We feel sorry for this situation. We also confuse that why Yongnuo still send us the items not upgrade yet. For now we are not sure that how many items in the stock still not upgrade.

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