YONGNUO – YN600EX-RT Now Available!



The very long awaited YongNuo YN600EX-RT flashes are now available from around $105 on Ebay, and from the YongNuo Store on Ebay.

Like the YongNuo YN-E3-RT transmitter, the YN600EX-RT flashes are directly compatible with the 2.4GHz RT radio system built into Canon’s own 600EX-RT flash, and ST-E3-RT transmitter units.

UPDATE – FEB 2017 – The YN600EX-RT II are now available.




Features –


  • Guide Number 60m (ISO-100, 200mm)
  • Canon RT Wireless Support (Master and Slave Modes)
  • Electronic zoom head 20–200mm
  • E-TTL and Manual Power Control
  • HSS (High Speed Sync) to 1/8000 Second
  • Canon and Nikon Optic Wireless Slave Modes
  • S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes
  • PC Sync Port
  • External High Voltage Battery Port
  • USB firmware updates


Also like the YongNuo YN-E3-RT, the YN600EX-RT flash units provide most of the major functions of the original Canon flash.

And over time there may even be extra functions added. Already Optic Wireless Slave modes for both Canon and Nikon flash systems are supported in the YN600EX-RT flash.

The YN600EX-RT are also YongNuo’s first flash unit available with both HSS (High Speed Sync) functions and an External HV Battery Port in the same flash.




YN-622C –

PLEASE NOTE – The YN600EX-RT flashes are not directly compatible with the radio system used by the popular YongNuo YN-622C TTL triggers.

Though the YN600EX-RT will still function with the YN-622C system, provided a YN-622C as receiver is also attached to each YN600EX-RT flash foot.





The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT are now available from around $105 –

Amazon, UKEbay, YongNuo EbayAdorama, B&H Photo


YongNuo – Website

YongNuo – YN-E3-RT



  1. Howard 6 years ago

    thats good to know

    Both mine were firmware 1.2.3 and dated sometime in December as I recall

    I may risk buying another from a local supplier if its not an actual design flaw

    Strange that both of mine were the same though

  2. joe 6 years ago

    I just got mine yesterday. Fits ok on hotshoe. Slight movement but not unlike my YN-E3-RT. I can confirm that the battery drain is real. Left in new Duracell batteries overnight and by the next night the flash was dead. For $160 shipped, I can live with that.

  3. Jamesy 6 years ago

    Battery drain issue is a non-starter for me. I was hoping to move from 622C/580EXIi’s for a reduced kit, fewer batteries, etc but daily swaps of the batteries are a deal killer for me.

    I used 565’s and 568’s in the studio for several months and never experienced this issue – I wonder if it is a design flaw of some sort that they need to work out.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      The design flaw was including a switch with an OFF position 😉

  4. John 6 years ago

    I’m waiting on my 2nd batch version, ordered after the hot shoe issue was fixed and AFTER the battery drain issue was raised. Damn!

    WHY is there a battery drain? How does this happen and why is it happening JUST with the new YN600 and never with any previous YN flashes? What did they do do differently in the build/manufacturing that is causing the battery drain?

  5. John 6 years ago

    edit * BEFORE the battery drain issue was raised

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      It not turning off was the death knell for me, but that wasn’t the only issue. The foot is an annoyance, sure, but the shadow in the bottom of my images, the broken firmware update, and the crippled optical system were deal breakers as well.

  6. Ben E 6 years ago

    I can also attest to battery drain issue. Left brand new batteries in overnight and they were dead the next day. Hope it can be fixed with firmware update

  7. Ben E 6 years ago

    Noticed that batteries were hot to the touch when I withdrew them after leaving them in overnight so seems like something is shorting even though power switch is in off position.

    • John 6 years ago

      You would think this is something they would have tested before releasing , but no 🙁

  8. Steve 6 years ago

    I sent a message to Yong Nuo stating I wanted to return mine and they have yet to give me a reply. The batteries in mine also were hot.
    I complained before about the firmware update problem and got the answer “install the update”.
    So it looks like they don’t want to refund money to people they have sold too.
    Nowhere in the description of the flash online does it say you have to take the batteries out when you turn it off. Or about the updater being broken. I am not sure but didn’t they have a problem like that with the trigger.

    • Scott 5 years ago

      It does actually say to remove the batteries when done. At least my manual for the flash I just bought.

  9. Yuppa 6 years ago

    What I’ll never figure out is why Yongnuo didn’t just incorporate radio in one of their preexisting TTL flashes like they did with the 560 manual series and make it compatible with the 622 series.

    Call it the 568EX-RF and be done with it.

    I guess putting peanut butter and chocolate together is so obvious after all.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago


  10. Jason 6 years ago

    Yuppa, so what’s ur advice? I was looking at this or the shanny …why not just get a yn other series number that has hss ttl or Man settings and but the yn triggers and master in cam adjuster thing? How much would that be seeing that these yn 600 ex rts seem to be terrible and I see the yn 560 iii being their best man but no ttl or hss….would 560$ be better spent on the now $499 canon 600 ex rt that’s still too expensive!! Errrr or the einstein ? U can see I never owned a flash for my canon but I don’t know what to do

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Well, I’m a fan of keeping the flash and radio separate. The downside to that is:

      1. Heavier and more bulky.
      2. More batteries.

      The upside is:

      1. If the radio or flash fails, you’re out one and not both.
      2. You can upgrade flash/radio on different time and manufacturer paths.

      You just have to decide which is for you, built-in or separate. I’ve been very happy with the YN622 transceivers and I’m extremely happy with my Shanny SN600SC (which can be upgraded to radio in the future). If you don’t care about adding a radio module in the future, you can save even more and get a SN600C (~$90.00) and a couple of YN622C’s (~$80.00)–which is cheaper than one YN600EX-RT (~$180.00).

      The ground is shifting a lot right now–with Shanny bringing new equipment out in the next few months–so it’s difficult to offer concrete advice. Flash Havoc is your best resource: you’ll just have to research and decide.

  11. Jason 6 years ago

    Yuppa can one shoot sports portraits with the yn 560 iii with it’s built in triggers although it’s an all manual flash but so many recommend it.
    Can I freeze action with those cheap 70 dollar yn’s?

    • wayne 6 years ago

      Check out my flickr, i shoot using 3 yn560iii’s. HSS isn’t a must have for me but would be handy in some situations. I still get crisp photos of these guys going high speed tricks at 1/250 and flashes popping.


      • Yuppa 6 years ago

        Yes–very good point. I too have used flash to freeze action–like a dog jumping through the air and catching a ball–at shutter speeds as low as 1/60 of a second. This is because the flash duration is so short. That was inside, however. Outside, depending on the Sun, HSS might be required (which is my default answer for such a general question).

        Nice photos!

  12. Yuppa 6 years ago

    No. You need a flash with “High Speed Sync” (HSS) to get above your camera’s max sync speed (typically around 1/200 sec)–which I think is what you meant by “freeze” action.

    The “cheapest” flash Yongnuo (since you mentioned YN) offers with HSS is their 500EX @ -$105.00.


    Please note that you lose around 2.5 stops of light when using HSS, which is why people doing a LOT of HSS work gang speedlites together or use bare bulb flashes or strobes (if they want to use a low ISO number) because (that way) they’re more powerful. I wouldn’t call ANY of those methods “cheap”, however.

    Watch this. It’s Syl Arena talking about Canon’s optical flash system, which is great indoors.


  13. Donald 6 years ago

    Can confirm battery drain. Sucks but worth the price tradeoff for the Canon one for me. I needed a 2nd 600 anyway; hoping Shanny can come out with something with no issues soon

    FlashHavoc has Yongnuo acknowledged this issue?

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Battery drain–especially due to a short–is quite hash on rechargeable batteries (they get quite hot). So I guess the question is;

      “When does the drain start?”

      Is it when you first battery up, or after you turn it on the first time? I no longer own one, so I can’t answer that, but if the drain “happens” JUST because there are batteries in it (persistent and continual), then that’s a very big deal, ’cause now we’re talking “really” dead batteries–the expensive kind.

    • Josuel 6 years ago

      Well guys , I do not understand drain batteries. Use the flashes 600EX-RT over 8 hours and all normal, course always use battery packs in all my flashes 😉 TRY!

  14. Steve 6 years ago

    Here is the answer to a question I asked them
    A seller answered your question, “What if we have a Version 1 of this flash? When will the software be compatible with Windows 64 bit OS?” about YONGNUO YN600EX-RT YN600-EX-RT Auto TTL HSS….
    YONGNUO answered:
    “Hi Steve, I think it’s a tough question, it’s really hard to say, sorry.”
    That was an answer on from their site on Amazon.

  15. John 6 years ago

    Still waiting on mine, never thought I’d be planning on selling it just as it arrives! So, is the SHANNY – SN600SC the best alternative to the yN 600rt?

    The flash havoc review says AF assist beam, is good not great, which would matter when I am working in clubs etc..

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      The Shanny doesn’t have radio built-in: you’ll need to wait ~3 months or so for the release of the add-on module or the SN600EX-RT.

      I have a SN600SC, and it’s EASILY may favorite (over my Yongnuo and older Canon flashes). The optical wireless system isn’t crippled and works with Yongnuo’s 622 radio triggers.

      As for the A/F assist, it REALLY depends on your camera. I have crop sensor 60D–I use the center point exclusively–and the Yongnuo is useless beyond 50 mm as the pattern is just too dispersed. The Shanny uses vertical lines, which are closer but more faint. Canon wins here easily.

  16. Nukunukoo 6 years ago

    Are these available for the Nikons as well?

  17. erick 6 years ago

    Yuppa so why try all these “generic” flashes that don’t ever do what u want/need?
    Why not stay and buy the canon 600 ex-rt, as it appears u and others are wasting their time in researching subpar chinese flashes that don’t work at all or properly?! wouldn’t it be better just to save money and buy a canon version?

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      That’s a fair question but not everybody is happy with the Canon 600EX-RT, either. Many complain it shuts down (overheats) faster/more than the 580EX II. I wouldn’t trash the “Chinese Connection” based on the sub-par (for many) performance of the YN600EX-RT (a VERY ambitious copy attempt).

      A difference of ~$320.00 is HUGE to most people–you will not be “saving” money going with Canon. I think it’s VERY worth it to buy Chinese flashes so long as you DON’T buy from (mainland) China. I buy all my flashes on Amazon (with “Fulfillment By Amazon”) so it’s super easy to return it within 30 days (most big issues happen in that time frame): heck, UPS comes right to my front door! I understand not everybody can do that.

      These flashes/triggers have shortcomings–yes–but they are FAR from junk (a loose foot or inferior A/F assist light top most complaints) and “they” (YN and their 600EX-RT, especially) will get it right, eventually.

      I am very happy with Yongnuo’s 622 triggers.
      I am very happy with Shanny’s SN600SC.

      I don’t think I’ve wasted my time. But even if I (or any of us) have, wasting time is a LOT cheaper (IMO) than wasting $$$ 😉

  18. Steve 6 years ago

    so much for them standing behind their product
    RE: Firmware for YN600EX-RT

    Add to contacts
    8:49 PM
    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
    To: steve
    Dear User,

    Thanks for your email and sorry for this late response!
    This service center provides technical support and product maintenance. If refund or replacement is needed, we kindly suggest you to contact the seller from whom you purchased this YN600EX-RT and ask the seller to provide you refund or replacement.
    We apologize for any inconvenience bring you and thank you very much for your great support for YONGNUO products!

    Best regards,


    offical ebay shop:
    YONGNUO Facebook:
    YONGNUO Twitter:

  19. Howard 6 years ago

    I returned my two to China and purchased two from a UK supplier

    The first one has arrived and doesn’t drain the batteries 🙂

    Firmware is dated late december.

    It does appear to underexpose by two stops in TTL mode but I haven’t had a chance to test it properly yet.

    I can live with that for now though and I am guess it could be fixed with a firmware update

  20. Kevin 6 years ago

    Ok, I have the battery drain issue and can confirm that around 50% power of my Enloop Pro batteries goes over night. My make shift solution that seems to work is to use a small piece of plastic across the terminals with the cover closed and just remove it when I am ready to go. Got the idea from one of the kids xmas presents with pre installed batteries.
    For those that have missed it, you will need a 32bit operating system to use the firmware updater for the flash unit. The E3-RT updater seems to work on my 64bit…….go figure.

    • Donald 6 years ago

      Hey Kevin, thanks for that solution, I’m going to do that too!

  21. John 6 years ago

    can yongnuo not make a 64 bit version for the firmware?

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      The firmware updater for their triggers works on x64–and it works well–so why not?

      The real question is, “Why wasn’t this done BEFORE the release of the flash?”

      Do NOT email Yongnuo to complain: they will tell you to, “…install the driver.”

  22. John 6 years ago

    How many complaints an returns and refunds does it take before they realize they have a problem?

  23. Howard 6 years ago

    I now have my second 600ex from a Uk supplier (the same one)

    This also doesn’t drain the battery. The TTL exposure is spot on too unlike the first one.

    The both have the same firmware date – 22/12/14

    Seems like there are still some inconsistancies with these units.

    I can live with one of the units being a couple of stops under in TTL as I probably won’t use it like that very much.

    I think the moral is, unless you need flash now (as I did) then it is going to be better to wait for Yongnuo to sort out the teething problems

    oh, and don’t buy from China – thats a costly mistake I won’t make again.

    • Donald 6 years ago

      Howard, which UK supplier did you get it from? Thanks.

  24. Howard 6 years ago

    It was HiTechProduct on Ebay

    I emailed them first and they said their versions didn’t have the issue. I was a little skeptical but they were correct

    I bought the Trigger from them too and that doesn’t have the battery drain issue that some have reported.

    If you get one I would be interested to hear your results with TTL

  25. Kevin 6 years ago

    Please read below for the response from our friends at Yongnuo regarding my query about battery drain and the firmware updater problems. Just out of interest has anyone got the firmware updater working on a 64bit system? I have responded to them explaining that the drain occurs even while the unit is off.

    Dear User,

    Thanks for contacting us!
    1. Regarding to the battery drain issue, for the guide number of YN600EX-RT is relatively high, it will consume more power. However, if the battery gets overheated seriously, it’s quite possibly that the speed-lite is defective. If so, please contact the seller and ask the seller to provide you replacement or help you to send your 600EX-RT back to maintenance.
    2. We’ve tested the firmware and firmware updater of YN600EX-RT on 32bit Win XP, Win 7 or Win 8, and it turns out that the firmware and firmware updater works normally. At present, The firmware and firmware updater doesn’t support running on 64bit Windows system. Therefore, we kindly suggest you to try to update the firmware of YN600EX-RT on32bit Win XP, Win 7 or Win 8 computer.

    Thank you very much for your great support for YONGNUO products! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

    Best regards,


  26. Kevin Fordham 6 years ago

    Latest update:

    2nd YN 600EX RT arrived yesterday. It was ordered through Amazon UK, it has the latest firmware on and so far no battery drain. I have also installed VMware virtual machine and installed an old copy on Windows 7 32 bit and the firmware program works fine now. The plastic in the battery compartment works really well and I will use this unit as a backup/slave unit. I am happy now and still saved a small fortune compared with buying canon units.
    Any further issues and I will bring them here for discussion.

  27. Wes 6 years ago

    Hey Kevin. I’m really disappointed in all the yongnuo products I’ve bought over the last year.
    I bought the YN-E3-RT which absolutely KILLS batteries for no good reason- even when off- and to hear this same ridiculous situation is happening to many more people with the new 600EX-RT is just unbelievable in this technical day and age.
    I’m an electrician by trade. It shouldn’t be losing charge like this- OH and to find that the two I’d ordered online from cameraparadise had a tiny card inside the battery slot stating “DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES/Li-Ion” just about had me losing it.
    ALL I use is Sanyo Eneloop rechargable’s. Again, in this day and age, how is it that we have a piece of electronic device unable to use 1.2V vs 1.5V. Most togs buy and use rechargables. They save money, and the environment.
    I’m so disappointed in all this. I think I’ll sell these (haven’t even bothered to try the two out that I just bought) and the trigger and buy all Canon.
    Yes, its more expensive, but you’ll have almost ZERO issues, great customer support and can use rechargables in any of their equipment.
    Very angry about this….especially after waiting OVER ONE ENTIRE YEAR for them to release the matching flash for the trigger.
    I just can’t understand this…

    • Wes 6 years ago

      Sorry for the venting Kevin ^. Just tired of so many problems with Yongnuo gear. Its not all just about saving money for me. I think that Canon WAY over-charge on their equipment, so it would be nice to have them bring their prices down to a more sane level whilst maintaining their quality and reputation

  28. Donald 6 years ago

    Able to do a firmware update on VMWare W7 32bit. No battery drain for now… will see by tomorrow. DO NOT TRY W8.1 32bit. DOESNT WORK.

  29. Howard 6 years ago

    I have had a chance to do a bit more testing with mine.

    Manual power levels appear to be similar with both flashes but TTL mode is all over the shop. One of the flashes yields about a two stop difference when taking the exact same shot (this was done on a tripod with the camera in manual)

    Even more strange is that on the one that exposes correctly, the exposure comp is a bit funky – +1. +2 and +3 all yield very similar results (about two / three stops over)

    All very odd

    I would be interested to hear other peoples experiences – I am presuming a lot of people don’t both with TTL anyway though

    I am going to do the firmware upgrade on Monday just to see if that makes a difference

    • Donald 6 years ago

      I have the Canon and Yongnuo. Side by side same shot the Yongnuo has a much cooler temperature. Ill adds pics later tonight. I experienced the same TTL issues as you; all exposure compensation is similar but only when used on close objects while my Canon one is fine. Try shoot something far away and try again. The compensation works okay.

  30. Donald 6 years ago

    Firmware reset fixed my battery drain issue it seems. Not sure about the ETTL issue. Will test tonight

  31. John 6 years ago

    Just how exactly does firmware fix a battery drain? I thought it would be a hardware problem, rather than software?

    • Donald 6 years ago

      Im not sure but I can confirm no battery drain after I did a firmware update on mine.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        Thanks Donald,

        That is very interesting. Hopefully others can confirm the same results.

        I haven’t been able to get any meaningful response from YongNuo in this yet otherwise.

  32. Donald 6 years ago

    Did some ETTL testing on the unit.
    Canon -2.7 = Yongnuo -3
    Canon +1 = Yongnuo 0
    Canon +2.3 = Yongnuo +2
    Canon +3 = Yonguo +2.7

    So with regards to ETTL use, there is 1 stop difference at 0 with the Yonguo but very minor stop difference when you reach higher compensation. Not a dealbreaker by any means. I was going to return my unit but at the price tradeoff and the fix on my battery drain its a keeper

    • Donald 6 years ago

      TLDR Yongnuo ETTL calculation is a bit more on the positive side

  33. Howard 6 years ago

    Cheers Donald

    Going to flash one of my units today and see what effect that has on TTL and EC.

    I am going to do some more testing at longer distances as you suggested.

    I am going to keep mine anyway. I am sure some of these issues will be fixed in future firmware updates

  34. Yuppa 6 years ago

    Though I’m not a fan of this flash (at the moment), I’d be remiss by not letting those who want these to know they are available via the EACHSHOT Amazon (US) store with “Fulfillment by Amazon” (so there’s Prime support–free 2nd day air and easy 30-day returns):


    P.S. You will have to contact EACHSHOT as to the version. It comes with a free diffuser for $179.99.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Version 1, obviously. Having to have a 32 bit OS is just silly, too. I will probably try another one here in a couple of months to better insure my chances of getting the latest fixes. Shanny is losing it with me.

      • Donald 6 years ago

        It’s very easy to get VMWare and install Windows 7 32 bit to update the firmware… fixed all the problems I had with the flash

        • Yuppa 6 years ago

          Having to do anything other than using their application is far from “very” easy (especially when there’s no mention of this limitation on their website)..

          Their trigger update works on x64: so should this.

  35. Krzysztof 6 years ago

    I have a problem to get HSS in my Canon 350D with this speedlight on the top. But if i put in to the hotshoe Shanny sn-e3-et HSS works fine. Any solutions for this problem?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Krzysztof,

      YongNuo have the 350D listed in the compatibility list for the YN600EX-RT, so HSS should work on camera. Have you tried updating to the latest firmware?

      Using a YN-622C transceiver on the camera hotshoe and mounting the flash on top of that is a trick which can often help with some compatibility issues with older cameras. But I don’t think you should need to do this.

      • Robert 6 years ago

        Hi Krzysztof,

        I can confirm that HSS won’t work with my YN-600-ex-rt and my EOS 350D on-camera. Have the latest firmware 1.8.1.

        Using the YN-E3-RT on-camera HSS works properbly. I have no idea how the firmware/rt-protocols of the tigger differs from the flashgun, but there is definitely a difference.

  36. John 6 years ago

    well I just got mine from China today, the date of production says 12/14 and i have yet to experience any problems with it. I was worries sick about battery drain, but I deliberately left 4x duracel AA batteries in it overnight and checked back in the morning and no change. Maybe I’m lucky with this one, but I’m delighted with it.

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Flashhavoc mentioned the foot’s been improved. Is it tight(er)? Do you have a Canon flash to compare the lock-up to? I had a version 1 and it was pretty bad: with the quick lock system, you can’t cinch it down like the old twist lock.


      • Donald 6 years ago

        I have both… very similar in terms of tightness with the 2nd version

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Thanks Donald and John,

          That means YN must have updated them then, because the two version 1 YN600EX-RT I have here have extremely loose fitting feet. You would certainly notice it if you had one of these.

  37. John 6 years ago

    The Dec 2014 version, or batch 2 fits nicely.

  38. Vincent 6 years ago

    Hi guys, I have a question about the firmware.

    I had just received my YN600EX-RT. When I checked the Version Query menu, I saw the firmware version as 1 2 3 , dated 2014-12-14. The serial number (6600XXXX) was above 2500, can’t remember exactly.

    I then proceeded to download the v1.8 firmware from the Yongnuo site and opened the archive file it comes in – the .hex file there was dated 04 December 2014. So my questuion is : am I upgrading or downgrading the flash ?

  39. Cristian 6 years ago

    Got mine two days ago and just started having issues. The AF assist beam stopped working, then the flash and the shutter curtain didn’t match at 1/30th second ( only the bottom of the frame was exposed to the flash), then the flash didn’t want to fire at all. Sometimes when starting it, the flash zooms in and out for several seconds. Also the Custom Settings (Fn) don’t automatically save. Their website states” Settings Save Automatically, Supports Custom Settings (Fn)
    The parameters on the flash will automatically save when the flash turned off; the users can customize setting the flash function as needed.”
    Another thing is that sellers on ebay claim that the YN-600ex-rt can be used as a master to trigger the following- YONGNUO: YN568EX II, YN568EX, YN565EX, YN500EX, YN560EX, YN510EX 580EX II, 580EX, 430EX II. This is not true. The manual says nothing about triggering those flashes and I’ve also tried.
    I will be returning this item to China even though I bought it in the U.S..

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Christian,

      The seller would be referring to the Canon Optic Wireless mode there, which is compatible with all those flashes.

      There have been a few faulty units reported, though not really that many considering these are in very high demand. So its unfortunate you received a bad flash, but it does happen.

  40. Steve 6 years ago

    Got my second order in. The shoes fit the same as the first one I got I got which was one of the first batch. Everything works ok.
    One minor thing , Thanks to everyone that complained about the case not fitting now the flap is too long so the velcro barely secures the flash. Now don’t complain again. Just stick some cardboard down at the bottom.
    Next time they will shorten the overall length of the flash to fit the case.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Steve,

      Just to clarify, do you mean the shoe fit is still loose in the camera hotshoe, or they were both ok.

      Also you have no battery drain issues now? Thanks.

  41. everton 6 years ago

    hello staff, liked the comments about the flash YN , I wonder which of the two flashes I buy YN600EX -RT or YN568EXII ? please help me I am from Brazil and here nobody comments on YONGNUO = ( .

    • Yuppa 6 years ago

      Since you listed the 568, radio must not be a HUGE priority: you should add the following to your choices:

      Shanny SN600SC ~$120.00
      Shanny SN600C ~$90.00

      I own both Yongnuo and Shanny flashes and–specific requirements aside–prefer Shanny 😉

      Ref: http://flashhavoc.com/shanny-flash-and-trigger-models/

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi everton,

      The YN600EX-RT will do everything the YN-568EXII will and also provide more options and features, like an external HV battery port, and a USB port for firmware updates. Also an interface and design very similar to the current Canon 600EX-RT.

      The main extra feature of the YN600EX-RT is the built in radio transceiver compatible with the Canon RT system, for wireless off camera flash use.

      As Yuppa points out above though, if you’re sure you don’t want the option of the radio transceiver, then the Shanny flashes also provide an alternative similar to the YN600EX-RT design, but at around the price of the YN-568EX II (or cheaper).

  42. Vincent 6 years ago

    A new firmware version on Yongnuo site, v1.8.1. There is also a new updater that should work on 64 Win 7, be sure to download it as well – nothing indicates that on the product page, but it’s different. This is the changelog included with the firmware file:

    Version 1.8.1:
    Fixed: When using the flash with a camera released up to 2011,”!TV” warning icon always appear on the screen of the flash ;
    Fixed: power recycling failure and overheat warning error when this speed-lite is off in dormant state and turned on immediately;
    Fixed: invalid flash ratio settings when this speed-lite is used as wireless master unit.
    Fixed: triggering failure when the built-in flash in the camera is set as wireless master unit and takes part in exposure;
    Fixed: update failure on 64bit Windows XP/7;
    Improved: “buzz” from the flash head when this speed-lite is in stand-by state.
    Added: contrast control custom option (C.Fn 28);
    Improved: inaccurate battery status;
    Modified: version number display mode.

  43. John 6 years ago

    Hi, have you link for the win8 firmware?

    also, One of the thing that annoys me about the flash, is that you have to lock your settings , I notices this at a function when I was doing photos, I’d take a photo in manual 16th power, and it was fine , then then next shot, it wouldn’t fire as it had jumped to another model, MULTI or ITTL or whatever, so its just a bit annoying that you have to lock a power setting, something you didn’t have to do with canon 580 or even their own previous YN flashes.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi John,

      Something is not right there. Not to say this may not turn out to be a common problem, but there must be a reason the flash is changing modes.

      You haven’t got different setting in the cameras flash control menu trying to override the flash settings or something like that?

      • Lupe 6 years ago

        I am having similar issues with the master flash changing modes from Ettl to Manual or Off while in Group mode. I had a Yn600ex-rt on camera and 3 slave Yn600’s. The problem would occur ever couple of shots. I tired swapping flashes to see if the problem would go away but it didn’t. All the flashes have been upgrade to the last 1.8.3 firmware. Really hope to get this resolved soon!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Ok thanks Lupe.

          Can you please let YongNuo know about this at – service@hkyongnuo.com

          As they may not even be aware of this issue yet.

  44. Steve 6 years ago

    The shoes are still as loose as they were on mine. Am checking the battery drain now as I write now. Funny thing is the date on the flashes are 2014-1-11 and 2014-12-15 as the first one I got in November was dated 2015-1-114.
    The first one’s serial number was around 250 while the 2 I just received was between 4000 and 4100. Not gong to look at boxes now.
    Also the 64 bit updater doesnt seem to be working. Anyone else having trouble with it?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Steve,

      Your comment on the foot is worrying though. Others appear to be saying they have been updated.

      The feet on the 2 series one flashes I have are very loose, much to loose to be practical for on camera use. So I seriously hope YN have updated them.

  45. Vincent 6 years ago

    Yes, the 64-bit updater worked for me only after I had updated to v1.8.1 firmware – now the flash gets recognized on Win7 64bit. But first I had to use the new updater with 32-bit Win7 to get to v1.8.1 firmware. Any earlier version of the firmware on the flash and you still have to use 32bit Windows XP/7, even with the new updater.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Vincent,

      I finally came across a 32 bit Win7 laptop, and I was thinking just my luck it wouldn’t be needed anyway now.

  46. Steve 6 years ago

    I got one of the new flashes to update to 1.8.1 but the other one had an error and went back to version 1.5.7. It said every time I tried to update that it was an error. I was doing the same thing as the other 2 I have and I could not get it to update. Kept saying error and explanation had hex file in it. Every file I tried Had yz at the end and I checked and made sure when the updater fiermware selected it that it was a yz file but no luck. I believe I am going to return the one and ask for my money back. The seller at amazon I bought these from has no more and I am not going to trade for something else.
    The seller I bought these from was Better Quality

  47. Vincent 6 years ago

    Today I had more time to test the flash with v 1.8.1 firmware and finally decided to try it on-camera. Complete FAILURE. Bear in mind, the flash works OK as a ETTL slave and manual slave to my 7D’s bult-in flash . It also worked fine just before the update to 1.8.1.But here is what happens on-camera now:

    -it does not fire at all;
    -or it fires out of sync and the shot is completely dark;
    -or it fires out of sync and the shot contains only the focus assist pattern;
    -or it fires but apparently on the lowest setting regardless of lightning conditions and the shot is again completely dark;
    -or the focus assist light stays on during the actual exposure and blinks; it does that before, during the exposure and roughly one or two seconds after that;
    – sometimes I half-press the shutter button, there’s no focus assist light and I take my finger off the button without taking a shot. A moment later out of nowhere the focus assist light starts blinking for two or three seconds and then lights off.

    -The flash does not remember manual/auto zoom settings and manual power. I thought flash settings take precedence over camera flash menu settings and I tried both to no avail – manual flash zoom settings gets overriden with auto whenever I zoom in or out regardless of settings (camera or flash) and regardless of mode (Manual, ETTL).

    Actually when on the hotshoe it fires one out of five times and even when it does, the above happens.
    Out of about 50 shots I could get only one right exposure.

    No cleaning the electrical contacts, changing batteries, resetting settings both in camera and in the flash helped.

    I sent an email to Yongnuo Service and I hope they will take some actions to remedy this situation with future firmware.

    I am just wondering – is it just mine or other people have the same problems ?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Vincent,

      Well I just spent a number of frustrating hours just getting the driver to load on the 32 bit PC. I don’t know if this was any of YongNuo’s issue as the 32 bit laptop was a piece of junk.

      Once the driver finally loaded, both flashes updated with no issues within a few minutes.

      Both flashes appear to work fine on camera, ETTL, HSS, manual etc all appear to be as they should so far.

      The update also fixed the zoom noise when the flash is turned on as mentioned in the change log.

      So no, so far I don’t really have any issues with firmware version 1.8.1.

      The flashes appeared to work fine before the update as well, and they are very early build, No. 13 and No. 217.

      Also if this was a common issue I’m sure we would have heard a lot more about it by now.

      I can’t see any factory reset instructions in the manual, have you tried even just holding the 2 center buttons to “CLEAR” the settings?

    • Vaclav 5 years ago

      Hi Vincent,

      did you find any solution? I have the same problem. After upgrade to any newer firmware, flash in ETTL mode doesnt work. The power is too low or doesnt flash anyway, so pictures are dark.
      I cannot find the first firmware (in flash named 1.2.3.)

      Thanks for help

  48. John 6 years ago

    Hio FH, nopw, I was on Manual and the camera was moving between models. Its only after I figured out I had to LOCK the damn thing, that it stopped. Maybe with Yn 600 ex – 2 they might get rid of the lock button and just leave the wheel, so whatever mode or power output you shoot at , it stays there.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi John,

      I still don’t get this one, and others have not mentioned a similar issue either at this stage, so I think your flash likely has an issue there.

      I’ve tried changing all different setting on the camera and the flash has never changed modes by itself that I have seen as yet.

      The flash control menu and FEC from the camera are not effected by the lock on the flash, so the lock wouldn’t be helping you if they were the issue.

  49. Steve 6 years ago

    Out of the 2 i got the other day I sent one back to Amazon today. I belive I am going to wait 4 to 6 months and see if the get their product fixed and by then will know if sShanny ex rt works with Yn600ex rt. system. If not think I will just buy another Canon flash. I have burnt up quite a few batteries doing Yongnuo,’s job of quality control like the rest of us have.

  50. Cristian 6 years ago

    Hi Flash Havoc,

    The Canon 580exii and 430exii can not be triggered in Canon’s optical wireless system using the YN-600ex rt because one must be able to set the flashes into the same channel. I know that optical wireless system is different from the RT system. The YN-600ex rt does now have a menu to dial in a channel for the Canon optical wireless system. Therefore the YN-600ex rt can not be a master flash for Canon’s 580EX II, 580EX, 430EX II.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Cristian,

      Ok sorry yes you are correct, there is strangely no Canon Optic Wireless Master mode in the YN-600EX-RT. Only Optic Wireless Slave modes for Canon and Nikon.

      I think the ebay sellers are still referring to the Optic Master mode, though just don’t realise its not their. I’m surprised YongNuo would leave that out.

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