YONGNUO – YN600EX-RT Speedlite Price Reduction!



YongNuo’s Flagship YN600EX-RT speedlites have received a considerable price reduction and they are now becoming available from around $126 on Ebay, and currently $160 with “Best Offer” option from the official YongNuo Ebay Store.

Also from around $136 Amazon Fulfilled (though not currently listed in the official YongNuo Amazon Store).




YongNuo once again appear to be heading off competition from Shanny who will very soon have their first RT compatible slave flash available in the SN600C-RT for around $130.

As well as the launch of Pixel’s flagship X800C speedlite, which are yet to be priced, though may now be very competitive and great value for money as well.

In turn YongNuo’s non radio enabled YN-568EX II flash prices are also making their way down even further, now from around $105 on Ebay.


Expanding the Canon RT flash system has never been more affordable, and the recent YongNuo YNE3-RT receiver has provided a significant breakthrough in options for expanding the RT system as well.



YongNuo – Website



  1. revit 5 years ago

    where the hell is the shanny SN600SN?

    I hope they tweaked the display and the dial/sel button.

    instead of having it show the exact readout like 1/32 +1/3 (A la YN560III which is perfectly legible from far) it has a bar with the mark on that. small and hard to read, especially under stress like when shooting weddings.

    the dial is way too stiff and needs fine tuning. and how about making the SEL button straight?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi revit,

      The SN600SN should be available pretty soon. Shanny sent out a sample a week or so ago, though I haven’t received it yet.

      I can’t imagine they would have changed the display from the Canon layout though. I’ll see if there is any improvement with the dial.

      • Ecstatic 5 years ago

        Wonderful! Cant wait. All these 3rd party flashes selling for so cheap. 5 years back i hardly had any decent oltions for an off camera flash let alone a solid ttl flash to use as a main flash. It had to be that you coughed up huge bucks to nikon/canon. Im certain nikon and canons sales are hugely impacted more and more.
        That pixel looks nice as well. But till ill see a nikon feature ill be set with all the gear i need.

  2. Amir 5 years ago

    Wow, fully featured speedlites have become such a commodity. Would be interesting if /when they enter the portable monolight market too.

  3. Apostolos 5 years ago

    What do you think the main reason is? To entice people to spend their flash budget before Shanny brings theirs to market? Or all the negative reviews they’ve been getting? I was almost set to jump on the Yongnuo 600 EX RT bandwagon, but there are a lot of negative reviews floating around, even though my 560 IVs have been performing okay. The thing that will really tip a lot of buyers in their favor would be US-based support, because with all these Chinese flashes, Amazon-fulfilled or not, if anything happens after the first month you’re SOL, you have to ship to China.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      I think the main reason is that Shanny have the RT slave flash coming, which at $130 was considerably cheaper before this price drop.

      So instead of YongNuo producing another comparable slave flash model they have simply dropped the price of the YN600EX-RT, basically trumping Shanny with a master and slave flash for the price of Shanny’s slave only option.

      Pixel are quite well established as well, so even though the X800C are not exactly a direct RT alternative, if they price the flash low like the Mago then they are going to have an impact as well.

  4. Apostolos 5 years ago

    I was under the impression Shanny is coming out with a master-slave flash.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Yes the SN600EX-RT were scheduled for around mid year. I haven’t heard of any updates to that schedule at this stage.

      The SN600C-RT slave only flash are just becoming available soon now though after some revisions from the original release a few months ago.

      • Nick 5 years ago

        Will the SN600C-RT be available on the Shanny aliexpress or somewhere else?
        I have been checking their website every now and then in the hopes of it being up there. A friend of mine ordered one just before they took it down and his seems to be very well made.

        • Felipe 5 years ago

          I have 3 of them, look for goodboystudio on ebay and send them a message. Somehow they find a way of getting it.

          Shanny’s website sucks, they never update it.

          • Felipe 5 years ago

            BTW, my reply was for nick ^^

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Hi Nick,

          I just received a sample of the updated SN600C-RT, so I would think they will be available from Shanny etc soon.

          The original version had some issues with radio range and consistency, so once the rain stops here I will see how the new one goes.

  5. Henry D'Silva 5 years ago

    Is a Nikon version of YN600EX-RT Speedlite available?

    • Yuppa 5 years ago

      Shanny plans to service Nikon shooters with their RF line of flashes (eventually). RT = Canon only.

      They hit the ground running: not so much now.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Henry,

      No there is no radio enabled flash available from YongNuo at this stage. The only option is using the YN-622N and flashes like the YN-568EX.

      We would hope YongNuo would be working on a flash with YN-622N transceiver built inside though. They have been pretty slow with new releases for a while now though.

  6. NadGoSmo 5 years ago

    Which of the more recent Flashes HAVE working TTL for MFT? specifically …Panasonic GH3 & GH2
    and will work with the Cactus V6 —[-so i can change power from the camera’s position]—Thanks

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi NadGoSmo,

      The Nissin i40 are the only third party TTL flash available for Panasonic that I am aware of. There may possibly be some Chinese flashes available, though not from the larger companies like YongNuo. Other MFT owners may be able to help you more there.

      I’m not sure if the Nissin i40 are compatible with the Cactus V6, though Cactus are pretty helpful and should be able to tell you.

  7. vcbneo 5 years ago

    Will this flash work well with SN trigger and SN 600C-RT slave flash? I can’t wait SN EXRT version and since this is cheaper I can give it a try. I’m kinda disappointed to SN 600C-RT slave flash due to over exposure issue by around 1 stop. I have to use my FEC -1 stop to overcome this issue.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi vcbneo,

      I’m very wary now of saying what is compatible between the Shanny and YongNuo RT systems because the situation can constantly change with new firmware and models.

      We thought the YN-622C were reasonably safe for example because they don’t have a USB port for firmware updates, but YongNuo updated the latest YN-622C still managing to cause compatibility issues with the SN600SC flashes.

      I have the latest SN-E3-RT and SN600C-RT flash here, as well as the YN600EX-RT, so I can test how well these work together now. Though I personally wouldn’t buy new flashes with the intention of mixing the 2 brands.

  8. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Here’s a tip for you Amanda of Shanny. Do you want to beat Yongnuo, which has a much better name recognition than you? The key is US-based support! I mean, your products have to be decent and reliable, but US-based support is what’s going to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be a huge operation – all you need is a warehouse with some stock, and someone to answer emails –and occasionally the phone. I’ll give you for example my experience with Liliput, the Chinese-made monitors. When I was researching monitors for my video business, I found out they have a warehouse, in the Los Angeles area, within driving distance from me. I drove over there a couple of times and I’ve bought two monitors from them. It’s not anything fancy, a warehouse with stock, and a Chinese girl who answers emails, that’s it. But she answers emails quickly, and I felt confident I can return items to the US if need be. You want to give Yongnuo some real competition, Shanny, that’s the key!

    • revit 5 years ago

      youre asking for a lot. I dont think the US is the main targeted market. first, yongnuos CS is crap. all of the 3rd party are crap. Elvis jump in with this but in europe where the prices are very high to buy OEM, many buy asian gear through all the frequented sites like banggood/aliexpress/dx/chinabuy/ebay its like a ntural process. you save a lot of money. in the US you have good prices to buy OEM gear and a lot of us’ers are hesitant to buy from these places or wait to get gear from asia

      in the US there isnt such a big buyer base whos aware but in europe its just insticnt to buy from out of country because the savings are huge.

      this is the same for australia/india and other countries where the prices in country is high and OEM prices are hard of reach, everyone buys from these places. US have it good. there is more awareness but not like nonUS

      shanny is a small new company theyre resources are slim. theyre going out into the market to compete against yongnuo whos known and IMO outsells oem sales by many times over. if they dont have a CS center in the US, shanny will?

      your mindset is completely off. they dont care who u are. they will sell in truckloads. and most of the sales wont come from us based folks. so your fantasy mindset of the way it should be is far from what it is.

      do you really think the woman who works in shanny is a woman names amanda? dont be naive.

  9. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Hey FlashHavoc Dude (sorry, I don’t know your name 🙂 ) do you think it’s a good time to jump on the 600 EX RT bandwagon as far as a TTL/HSSS speedlite goes? The price is more attractive now and at this point using the Canon wireless standard is the best option –especially for Canon users like me– , but what about reliability issues? I still read a lot of complaints about these units. I read “first batch, second batch” how can you tell if they belong to the second batch, and even if they do, is the second batch more reliable? At this point I think the only thing you can do is get one from Amazon –or an Amazon Fulfilled seller– or B&H if they cover the shipping both ways in case of failure, and test the crap out of it for the first three weeks or so, hoping that any reliability issues will show up during that first month. The only TTL flash with US-based support is really Flashpoin, Adorama’s version of the Godox 860, if I’m not mistaken.

  10. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Hey FlashHavoc Dude (sorry, I don’t know your name 🙂 ) do you think it’s a good time to jump on the 600 EX RT bandwagon as far as a TTL/HSSS speedlite goes? The price is more attractive now and at this point using the Canon wireless standard is the best option –especially for Canon users like me– , but what about reliability issues? I still read a lot of complaints about these units. I read “first batch, second batch” how can you tell if they belong to the second batch, and even if they do, is the second batch more reliable? At this point I think the only thing you can do is get one from Amazon –or an Amazon Fulfilled seller– or B&H if they cover the shipping both ways in case of failure, and test the crap out of it for the first three weeks or so, hoping that any reliability issues will show up during that first month. The only TTL flash with US-based support is really Flashpoint, Adorama’s version of the Godox 860, if I’m not mistaken.

  11. Dilbert 5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for sharing! Hmmm I wonder if I should sell my 2 600Ex-RT and use the extra money for lens… by the way does anyone else find that Yongnuo flashes drain their batteries even when switched off???

  12. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Hey Revit:

    I don’t much care for the tone of your reply, but I will reply to you based on what I know. US is one of the biggest markets in the world for photographic and video equipment, if not the biggest. I don’t know the specifics, I don’t have any figures. If you have any figures or statistics please enlighten us. The fact that Amanda reads this forum, and replies pretty fast to private inquiries is an indication that they care about this market very much. Whether her name is Amanda, or a Chinese name, or Bob, is irrelevant, she know who I am referring to. She’s the one who usually answers the emails, and I believe she has posted here as well. I can only speak from my experience with Liliput and I offered a suggestion as a consumer. I don’t know how big Liliput are in relation to Shanny, but in my case, the fact that Liliput have a US warehouse and customer service, gave me the confidence to buy twice from them. I don’t know the size of Shanny in relation to Yongnuo, but my point was that if you are no. 2 trying to catch no. 1 you have to do better than no. 1, so this would be a good way to do it.

  13. Yann 5 years ago

    I recently bought a YN600EX-RT, and it came along with firmware version 2. I bought one earlier, but that was with version 1.8.1.
    Have you experienced the same ?

  14. Brett 5 years ago

    For those of you wondering about reliability, I bought 3 YN600EX-RTs through B&H about a month ago. All 3 are already dead. B&H accepted the returns no problem, but I personally wouldn’t buy them again. And if I did, I would only buy them through a store that I trusted to accept the returns.

  15. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Oh, wow, that’s not a good sign at all. My strategy would be to buy them from either Amazon or B&H and test the crap out of them for three weeks to make sure they won’t die on me after that. Three all dead, ouch!

    • Brett 5 years ago

      Yeah, 3 for 3 isn’t a good sign. My theory is that the external battery pack (Bolt CBP-C1) was too much for the circuitry — even though it does have a connection for battery packs — because each died while hooked to the pack. But that might have just been a coincidence; I tend to use an external pack so odds are they’d die while connected to a pack.

      • the flasher 5 years ago

        hi, that Bolt CBP-C1 battery pack looks like a rebranded Pixel TD-381


        I have used it a long time without problems on various branded flashes that accept the Cannon hi voltage connection

        • Brett 5 years ago

          Flasher: Yeah, you’re probably right. Bolt is B&H’s store brand, and it’s all rebranded gear as far as I can tell. It certainly looks like the Pixel pack. I am curious if anyone else’s YN600EX-RT units have died when connected to an external battery pack (whether OEM or non-OEM).

  16. Craig 5 years ago

    Would this work with a Canon SX50? I picked one up cheap as something with reach without breaking out the D610 & big lenses. The 200mm zoom caught my eye.

    Side question: I have an SB910 / YN622N-TX and a couple of YN568’s + YN622N’s. Understand that Nikon / Canon flashes are different, but wondered if any of the Yongnuo Canon – compatible flashes would slave to the aforementioned Yongnuo Nikon setup. If not, then advice on a non-RF SX50 compatible flash with reach from Yongnuo, Shanny or whoever would be appreciated. I think G15/G16 compatibility pretty much equates to SX50 compatibility. Thanks!

  17. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Well, I’m going for them. I decided to take the plunge and get a couple of Yongnuo 600 EX RT, and the transmitter, whatever that one is called. And what made me finally decide it is the fact that B&H offers this Square Trade comprehensive warranty on these units, $20 for two years, $30 for three, and it covers everything, from drops and spills, to any mechanical/electrical failure. If you add this to the cost of the unit, the price is actually a bit less than what they were before the last price drop. Does anyone have any experience from the Square Trade warranty? They offer two-day replacement and free shipping both ways.

    • Brett 5 years ago

      Despite my bad experience, I did the same thing earlier today. Before all 3 of my original units failed, I liked the way they worked. So I picked up 4 units with the Square Trade 3-year warranties, and spent about the same as I would have for one Canon 600EX-RT. From my understanding Square Trade does a good job of standing behind the warranty, so hopefully it’s a no-lose situation.

  18. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Well, that Square Trade warranty is great, at least on paper. $30 for three years is a no- brainer. I had a Canon 580 EX II that got fried on me out of warranty and I paid $200 to Canon to fix it! (And later I learned that you can probably replace the bulbs yourself.) Square Trade covers shipping both ways and if I’m not mistaken they say they have a two-day turnaround policy. I also bought the transmitter the YN-E3-RT from Amazon, because they were selling it for $86 vs $125 that B&H listed it. Amazon offers Square Trade as well, but you have to ask for it, they don’t automatically offer it as an option on your way to paying for the sale, like B&H. So, I feel confident I’m not going to lose my investment. If that investment does not turn out to be junk. We’ll see.

  19. Scott 5 years ago

    How can I tell the difference between the first batch and second batch of the Shanny sn600c-rt?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Scott,

      We have tried to get serial numbers from Shanny previously, without much luck so far. Though as far as I understand there should not be any of the first batch available for sale.

      The serial number of the flashes I have are batch one – SN088503011, and batch two SN088503077.

      UPDATE – As Frank explained further below – press and hold the mode button then turn power on and the firmware version is dispalyed on the flash. V1.02 was the first batch, and V1.03 is the second batch.

      The SN600SN sample I have now also looks to have a manufacture date stamp next to the serial number, so that should help to identify Shanny flash units in the future.

      I haven’t tested the updated SN600C-RT though, I’ll do that in the next few days.

  20. Frank 5 years ago

    They both overexposure in HSS ETTL. The second batch with FW 1.03 less but still visible

  21. Frank 5 years ago

    Hi Elvis & Scott,
    press and hold the mode button then turn power on. V1.03 is the actual firmware, V1.02 was the first batch.
    My first batch was SN088503086, my item received some days ago SN088503095, so only 9 digits higher. Alexander from Austria told me his second batch item is with lower SN than his first batch item.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Aha!, great thanks for that Frank!

  22. Yuppa 5 years ago

    I may have to take another bite of what was a rotten apple, what with the price drop and Shanny dragging their feet on the RT side of things. I have a few ?s if anybody has the latest version of this flash:

    1. Does it actually turn off now?
    Mine did NOT. It made a persistent whine with turned off and other complained of this too, i.e. dead batteries.

    2. Can you do firmware updates on x64 machines now?
    When I had mine, it was x86 only.

    3. Is it still dark in the bottom of the frame at portrait distance or closer?
    Not sure, maybe my zoom head wasn’t working correctly, but I had an obvious darkening in the bottom 1/3 to 1/4 of images at portrait distances.

    4. Has the optical wireless been expanded to mimic Canon’s?
    The version I had limited optical wireless to “easy wireless” only (I don’t have my 60D in front of me, so I’m calling it that).


    • Yuppa 5 years ago

      Oh, and the foot, yeah, the stupid, undersized foot, have they fixed that at least?

      I have noticed an improvement–a tad–on my latest 622s, which in nice.

  23. Apostolos 5 years ago

    This might be a naive question. I got my first two Yongnuo 600-EX RT in. And a YN-E3-RT which seems to trigger then fine, even though I haven’t put them through their paces or stressed them yet. My question is, can you actually trigger those from a Canon 6D, or 5Dmk3 without the YN-e3-RT on top, in other words using them as external flashes with no transmitter on the camera’s hotshoe?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Apostolos,

      No you need some form of external transmitter, as the full frame cameras do not even have a pop up flash to use as an optic wireless master. I think the small Canon 90EX speedlite adds the optic wireless master.

      There is no radio master built into any of the cameras though.

  24. Apostolos 5 years ago

    Okay, that’s why I bought the YN-E3-RT. But what is the function of the “external speedlite control” menu option, then?

  25. Omar 5 years ago

    I’m too afraid to buy these…after all the negative reviews and posts from people having problems with them.
    Have they finally fixed the issues they were having with this model?

  26. Apostolos 5 years ago

    I was too. I bought a couple and I still haven’t put them through the stress of a gig to have an solid opinion. Make sure you get the Square Trade warranty from either Amazon or B@H, it’s three years for $30 or so, a no-brainer. This way, no matter what, at least your investment and your money is protected.

  27. D 5 years ago

    Well I decided to get the Yn600 and transmitter … Does anyone know if the Sto-Fen for the Cannon 600 will fit the Youngnuo. I am shying away from the cheap knockoffs because they look a little to cheap.


  28. Brendan 5 years ago

    How could anone buy these YN 600 exrt’s at or through B&H PHOTO i live in nyc and they dont have any! havn’t for at least 3-4 weeks!!!

    look for urself!
    I MEAN WHY NOT JUST GET THE TRUSTED YN 568 EX II for $104 on amazon??
    It makes ZERO sense that a YN 600 ex-RT is $124.00 and the YN 568 ex II with YN 622 KIt is $104 plus $83 for the YN 622 KIt (FLASH CONTROLLER AND TRIGGER RECEIVER TRANSMITTER TRANSCEIVER)
    I just want one wireless off camera flash for my canon 7D that will do TTL and HSS off camera one flash FOR TRAVEL and not be more than $200

  29. brendan 5 years ago

    Yuppa thanks for responding! I just need one off camera flash for traveling at the moment i’ll be taking some portraits near a beach and or inside and want a RT flash not optical and i need to order one this week before i leave.
    Would you say get a Yn 500 Iv or III and use it for inside and use a variable neutral density filter and work the flash with a YN RF trigger?
    thoughts YUPPA?

    • Yuppa 5 years ago

      Well, the 500EX is a TTL/HSS flash. You could go manual with a 560 III/IV–the IV is a transceiver–and buy a 560-TX as the controller (if you want remote control) or a pair of 603/5’s (and change the settings on the flash). If you’re just doing (set) portraits then TTL isn’t mandatory.

      You could use an ND filter or shoot in the morning/late afternoon is you are looking to darken the background. If you’re just looking for fill, then an ND may not be necessary. I don’t have a bunch of manual flash experience in bright Sun, so it would be Google or trial and error for me.

  30. kevin 5 years ago

    anyone experienced broken battery door with your yn600ex?

    i recently discovered that my door tabs are broken. they barely got a beating and the most stressful thing it got was open and close the door for battery changes.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Kevin,

      I haven’t heard of this happening with the YN600EX-RT as yet, though it was a common issue with the YN-568EX, and YongNuo would direct you to their Ebay Store to purchase the replacement doors.

      So you will need to contact service@hkyongnuo.com . Or you could try contacting the Ebay Store directly. If they will sell them they should only be around $5 (basically the shipping cost).

    • Peter 5 years ago

      Yes.. Battery door sucks as hell.
      I got mine 4 months ago. Just used it recently and left it one day with the battery inside. Che next day my battery door breaks with I got it out of the bag..

      What a crap.. Contact yongnuo.. If they don’t want to fix it.. Warn others not to but them.

    • Alfredo 5 years ago

      Mine broke as well. You get what you pay for I guess.

  31. kevin 5 years ago

    actually emailed hkyongnuophotoequipment

    the door is $5.99 and will be shipped in a couple of weeks to my country (philippines)

    i just feel bad i paid $150 for this and then it will easily break down after a few months of very light use

  32. Pat 5 years ago

    they have them at adoroma. There return and warranty policy is pretty good also.

  33. Brendan 5 years ago

    Just got an ail from bandh photo ate these flashes now in working any different better ?

  34. JOSE GREGORIO 5 years ago

    Greetings … I could indicate whether the flashes that have bought some kind of trouble? I have read comments in several specialized forums that some flash units that have problems with overheating and other synchronization problems. I would like to buy two units of this equipment within its respective trigger but I have my doubts whether it will be a good buy. Units that have received are working properly? Thank you very much in advance for your valuable feedback.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Jose,

      There have been numerous different issue reported with the YN600EX-RT flashes. Though I do still think the vast majority of people have been happy with theirs.

      Unlike most cases there are not really common issues with the YN600EX-RT which I could say YongNuo need to fix this or that particular issue.

      All you can do is be aware of the sellers return policy. YongNuo themselves will provide 12 months warranty from the date of manufacture, though you will need to pay for return shipping to and from China if exchanging the flash through them.

  35. kcvb 5 years ago

    Dear flash havoc

    tomorrow i am going to buy YN 600EX RT to use on my 60D and 550D. may you help me please? do all function on this flash work for my both camera or not? if not work. what are function no work?

    Best regards


  36. kcvb 5 years ago

    Dear flashhavoc

    Tomorrow I am going to buy YN 600EX RT for use on my 60D and 550D, can you help me? all function are work for both camera? no problem? example like GR (radio master as group) mode work or not? depend on this video i feel scare alot function no work for 70D it’s no work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9sMmkRbAFs

    best regard

    from vibol

  37. eshan 5 years ago

    hey, i purchased this flash but now ive run into some issues , whats the warranty on this? i purchased it from amazon so do i send it back to amazon or china! pls help

    • Jose Gregorio 5 years ago

      Eshan greetings.
      Could you comment on that issue presents you bought the unit. I think it’s important for those who plan to purchase one of these flashes know about potential problems that may occur.

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