YONGNUO – YN622C II for Canon – Now Available

YongNuo YN622C II


The recently announced YN622C II for Canon are now available from around $77 a pair.

Updates to the very popular original YN-622C TTL triggers include quick release lever locking hotshoes, and most importantly USB ports for firmware updates.

As well as an easily selectable 560-RX mode, and slightly more flush mounted buttons.


YongNuo YN622C II


The updated YN622C II will again provide an 560-RX communication mode, as we have already seen in the Version 1.2 YN-622C available since January 2015.

Though this 560-RX mode is now easily selectable via the units On / Off switch.

The 560-RX mode allows the Remote Manual YN560-TX to act as a transmitter unit to YN622C II as receivers, while providing remote manual power, and remote zoom control.

(The Manual YN560, and TTL YN622 systems where originally completely separate and incompatible systems. With this YongNuo are now working to slowly provide some compatibility between them).


YN560-TX to YN-622C


Hardware updates to the YN622C II include the addition of quick release lever locking hotshoes.


YongNuo YN622C II


As well as USB ports for firmware updates, and slightly more flush sitting Channel, Group, and Test buttons, which may be less prone to accidental changes.


YongNuo YN622C II


The addition of a USB port to the YN622C II for firmware updates also now opens the possibility for new features and functions to be periodically added in the future.

(Though this added flexibility may also cast further doubt on the ability of other third party flash manufacturers to retain compatibility with the popular YongNuo system).


YongNuo YN622C II


For more details in the YN622C system please see the original full YN-622C review here.




The YN622C II for Canon are available now from around $75 a pair –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, YongNuo Amazon, UK


YongNuo Website – YN622C II

YongNuo Website – YN622N II


YongNuo – YN-622C Full Review.

YongNuo – YN-622C-TX Overview




  1. the flasher 6 years ago

    The big questions are:

    Have they improved the operating range?

    Does it lock up when used used with godox 860 flashes in HSS mode?

    Has the minimum operating voltage been lowered to allow for more reliable operation with 1.2v rechargeable AA batteries?

    • Nevel 6 years ago

      I recently used a friends newly bought godox 860 at a wedding last week adn it would not release many times. The ttl accuracy is horrible as well. He returned it the day after.

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        – the flasher,

        Its really up to Godox to amend any compatibility issues with the YN-622C / YN622C II. I’ll have a look once I get some YN622C II, though I wouldn’t be expecting any changes in that regard.

        I wouldn’t expect there are any changes to the batteries or range.

        – Nevel,

        Are you referring to using the V860C with the the YN-622C triggers?

        Regarding TTL expsoures with the V860C, there is mode you need to select when using longer focal lengths, otherwise they will underexpose badly. Its not ideal, though it helps to resolve the issue for now.

        Godox have some work to do still in the TTL exposure departments.

    • Alexander 6 years ago

      The Yongnuo devices with USB connector for firmware update (YN622-TX and YNE3-RX) have on a board the voltage regulator 3.3 V.
      But as far as I understand, he is involved only in the circuit of the USB.
      In addition. engineer GL: reported that the use of a USB connector for external power on the receiver it is impossible and in the near future should not expect an upgrade.
      If they implemented this feature, then this would have been a small step in the direction of improvement of usability, but alas.
      I don’t know yet whether the scheme is modified in the new YN622С II for the implementation of external power, but don’t hope for that.

      In addition, I even decided not to buy the updated YN622C II. The need in the system YN622 completely disappeared with the advent of YNE3-RX.
      I sold all my YN622C and bought several receivers YNE3-RX for Studio flashes and other Speedlites.

  2. andyus_08 6 years ago

    I hope locking shoe is better than the one on YN600ex-rt which is wiggle. This will be bad if you put flash on top of trigger which is not securely locked down to the camera hot shoe

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi andyus_08,

      I shouldn’t comment without trying them first, though I would be surprised if these are not a step backwards when it comes to the pass though hothshoe, and mounting an on-camera flash on top.

      I think its likely the YN-622C-TX that would possibly benefit more from the quick release shoe.

  3. Brett 6 years ago

    Can I use a Canon 600ex-rt as a master to trigger these units (so I can use my 580exII units as radio slaves)?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Brett,

      As andyus_08 mentioned already below, the YNE3-RX receivers are generally your best option if you want to use the Canon 600EX-RT as the master flash on-camera. They will transform your 580EX II into Canon RT compatible slave flashes.

      Otherwise if you do really want to use the YN-622C system, you can mount the Canon 600EX-RT on top of the pass through hotshoe on a YN-622C / YN622C II transmitter mounted on the camera.

      Using the pass through hotshoe is generally a less stable and reliable option than the master flash mounted directly on the camera though. And the 600EX-RT master interface is arguably better than using the YN-622C and camera flash control menu.

      One advantage to the YN-622C system is that they allow remote flash zoom control. With a 600EX-RT flash on camera though, I think the RT system is still a lot more practical.

  4. andyus_08 6 years ago

    you can get YN-E3RX with 580EXII so that 600EX-RT can trigger it.

  5. S. David Rose 6 years ago

    I have a question regarding the trigger. I have multiple 580-II flashes, so am I best to get the 622-Tx-c to control these or am I best to get the 560-Rx? Or does it matter?

    Between the 622-Tx-c and the 560-Rx, does one have more options, or ability, or remote power control, or second-curtain sync that the other doesn’t?

    Am I even best served by investing into one of these Yongnuo systems?


    • andy 6 years ago

      560-TX only control 622C in manual mode, while 622-tx can control mixed M and ETTL mode. If you don’t have any yet, I would start with 622-TX

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi S, David Rose,

      As the other guys have already mentioned, the YN560-TX are only a basic manual system, which can only control remote manual power levels, and remote flash zoom (also flash mode Manual or Multi if that is of any use).

      The main reason people would want to use the YN560-TX is if they are using the inexpensive remote manual YN560 III and YN560 IV flashes, as well as their TTL flashes with YN622C II receivers. All the slave flashes are working as remote manual units only though when the YN560-TX transmitter is used.

      Using the full YN622 system (transmitters and receivers) provides a lot more capability, including TTL, HSS and Second Curtain Sync. As well as the option of having a TTL flash mounted on the camera.

      If you wanted to use inexpensive manual flashes like the YN560 III / IV as well though, then there is basically no option for remote control of those as slaves to the YN-622C-TX / YN-622C transmitters.

      Also as mentioned in reply to Brett just above, if you may have a serious interest in a TTL master flash on-camera as well, then a better option with YongNuo gear may be using their YNE3-RX receivers with your 580EX II as slave flashes, and a genuine Canon 600EX-RT as the master flash on camera.

      Regarding whether to go with YongNuo systems at all. They are exceptional value for what they are. Though they are still built to a price, and do still suffer some quality control issues at times. Though for the most part they are generally fairly stable and reliable, and cheap enough to have plenty of back ups.

      If you would prefer something built to a higher standard though, then the Phottix Odin are a very reliable option. The Odin II should be available in the coming months.

      For the TLL master flash on camera (with Odin receivers off camera), the Phottix Mitros+ are not really quite up to the standard of the Canon 600EX-RT yet, though they will likely improve over time as well.

      Most people are very happy with the Odins though, and with the Indra lights now available, as well as Sekonic (and Elinchrom) integration, the Phottix system is emerging as an all round leader at the more professional end.

      • S. David Rose 6 years ago

        Let me ask the question then, using my Canon 7d (and hopefully upgrading sometime to a Canon 5d mark something), can I use as my portable lighting system:

        Canon Camera with a yn-e3-rt
        and 3 of these flash systems externally / not connected to the camera:
        YNE3-RX with a Canon 580 II flash.

        Would my only limitation on this system be that I couldn’t then have an on-camera flash to both work on-camera to light and control the other 2 external flash/receiver pairs?

        And, if this does work as outlined above, what, if any, benefits does this RT-style system provide that the 622-based system does not?

        Thank you all for the great info!

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 6 years ago

          Ok using the Canon 7D (or pre 2012 cameras like the 5D II) you will still have full function when using a YN-E3-RT as transmitter. Canon 580EX II mounted on YNE3-RX receivers.

          If using a Canon 600EX-RT / 430EX III-RT (or ST-E3-RT) as transmitter with pre 2012 cameras you will lose the GR group mode on the transmitter which allows TTL and Manual groups to be mixed and switched on and off easily. The is also some limitation with HSS and 2nd Curtain Sync.

          If you go with the 5D III though you would be fine with Canon transmitters (though still no 2nd curtain sync).

          The other limitation to the RT system is lack of remote zoom control as mentioned previously. The YN-622 system is less effected by older camera models and provides 2nd curtain sync in both Manual and TTL (RT system SCS in Manual at most).

          The RT system is otherwise more advanced, with 2 way communication between the transmitter and receiver units. Recycle ready for the slave flashes is displayed on the transmitter.

          The RT system is also set up to account for multiple users and transmitters using the same slave lights. There are also features like remote camera firing.

          There are some limitations with the RT system, particularly with older cameras, though I don’t think I have ever heard anyone complain after moving from the YN-622C to the RT system.

          On the other hand many people are happy to continue with the YN-622C system. That is why there is very high demand for a flash like the YN-685 (with YN-622C receiver built inside).

          I think the biggest advantage of the RT system though is the ability to use a genuine Canon flash on camera when needed. And the release of the more affordable 430EX III-RT will only help with that.

  6. Bartek Dziedzic 6 years ago

    S. David Rose buy two 622C to mount on flash units and You can control flashes by the camera menu or buy the 622tx controller.

  7. S. David Rose 6 years ago

    Thank you to Andy and Bartek for the info!!!

  8. Niels Gram 6 years ago

    If you want 2nd curtain sync or HSS then get the 622. The 560 has a single pin firing shoe and only support basic sync.

  9. Alterick Wilson 6 years ago

    Still no support for Shanny flashes?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Alterick,

      Compatibility with Shanny flashes is up to Shanny to provide. YongNuo and Shanny are rivals, so you can’t expect they are going to cooperate.

      Now that the YN622C II provide USB ports for firmware updates Shanny could have a very hard time keeping up compatibility. Shanny said a number of months ago they will no longer guarantee YongNuo compatibility.

  10. john rocky 6 years ago

    I recently bought the YN 568 exii with the 622 trigger and i have to say do not buy this!
    IT would be great if YN can go back and put triggers man ttl hss inside the 568 ex ii since i could not buy the yn 600 ex rt because of all the negative users reviews were having sooo many issues with it. THe yn568 ex2 wiuth the 622 does not FIT any softbox easily!!! SUCKS!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi john rocky,

      Its probably a bit late now to warn people against the most popular triggers ever made 🙂

      If you use a Godox S-type softobx mount, or the Phottix HS Speed Mount II then its easy to mount the flash into softboxes with radio trigger attached to the foot.

      YongNuo have also announced the YN685 radio slave flash with YN-622C compatible receiver built inside.

  11. Jeremiah 6 years ago

    Yongnuo really needs to bridge the gap between the two systems OR allow full e-TTL passthrough on their 60X series triggers. I modded several 603 v1 triggers so I could fire them through the sync port and am currently using a Vello PC sync on a 6D to make this work with my 580EX II on top of my camera. I will probably buy one of these 622c IIs and put the 603 trigger on the receiver but it just feels like another hack job with multiple radio systems. As they have just released the 560tx and the 605 triggers along side the 560 IVs, I don’t think they are dropping the line. I am more than happy to keep using manual flash for simplicity and low cost but wish they would develop a trigger that would at least have a manual trigger that fires alongside the TTL one.

    • Jeremiah 6 years ago

      I’m aware, but it doesn’t appear that they will trigger the 560 series so it doesn’t address my issue. They can be triggered by the 603/605/560tx triggers but not the other way around.

  12. VGER 6 years ago

    Seeing that some people have already taken apart the 622:

    How is the on/off-switch connected, on both the new and the old 622, as well as on the TX? Is it a full-off in that a switched off device does not draw any power from the battery any more, or are there elements still powered, even if switched off?

  13. Aleksandar 6 years ago

    Hi ewerybody,
    I want to expand my off-camera flash setup.

    I have a YN560TX on top of Canon 650D and one YN560 lll flash. Also, i have YN622c TX
    controler next to camera in 560 mode that control fore YN622c recevers with one Canon 320EX,
    one Canon 270EX ll and two Canon 90EX flashes.

    I am very satisfied with this setup and everything work as expected in manual mode.

    Recently i both Metz 44 AF-1 flash. It is ttl flash with manual power settings and slave
    mode. When i use this flash as a slave without YN treegers, only with canon 90ex as a master on camera,
    it is working well as in ttl and manual mode.

    I want to add this flash to my flash setup and remotely control the manual power but i don’t know how.

    For experiment, i tried to put canon EX90 on top of of YN622c and both on top of camera.
    Yn622c triggered another YN622c and canon flash, 90ex fire to, but Metz who is on slave
    mode dose not fire.
    Any idea?

  14. don 6 years ago

    It seems I put the yn622 transmitter update (1.08) onto my yn622c II transceivers. The units will not power on now but I can still set them into program mode.
    Do anyone have a version of the software for the TN622c II Ettl transceivers??

  15. Trifon Paskalev 6 years ago

    Hi !
    Can you control the yn 600 ex-rt flash output from your camera menu with pair of these yn622c II ? One on top of my canon 6d and other with yn 600 ex-rt.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Trifon,

      Yes you can control the YN600EX-RT flash output from your 6D camera menu with the YN622C II.

      I don’t know if you’re aware, though you can do that with a YNE3-RT transmitter unit as well, without need for an external receiver attached to the flash.

  16. Nishant 6 years ago


    You have mentioned that, “The 560-RX mode allows the Remote Manual YN560-TX to act as a transmitter unit to YN622C II as receivers, while providing remote manual power, and remote zoom control.”

    This is interesting to me. I have a YN560-TX and YN560III manual flashes. And this manual control system works as desired when shooting with my Canon 5D Mk II. A single drawback is that YN560-TX can remotely control the power of only the YN 560 III or YN 560 IV flash models and not others.

    Now if I get a YN622C II transceiver and use it as a receiver in 560-RX mode to trigger it from my 560-TX, are there a specific set of compatible Speedlite which can only be used with remote manual power, and remote zoom control? Or would every canon compatible Speedlite work in this system?

    Suppose if I have a Canon 430EX II Speedlite, if I use this with 622C II receivers, will I be able to control its power and zoom remotely with 560-TX?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nishant,

      Yes the 430EX II would work. They need to be either Canon EX MK II flashes or one of YongNuo’s ETTL flashes (which are all MK II style function).

      Other third party flashes may work, though you can run into compatibility issues, particularity if the firmware changes later.

      • Nishant 6 years ago

        Thanks for this information. Getting my Yn-622C II set today (in India). Good to add 430EX II to my 560-TX manual workflow. I do have a LumoPro 180 manual flash with me. I wonder if it is compatible with this. Will test and figure it out.

  17. Adam 6 years ago

    I have a few 622C that used to work with my 7D … now I have a 7D mark II and they dont get along (full power flash issue) … if I buy a 622C II would the problems disappear?
    Do I get proper ttl if I put the older units on the speedlites and keep the new one on the camera?
    Any updates on the quick release lever? is it sturdy enough to have a speedlite attached on it?
    Thank you!

  18. i have a problem for yn622c on my canon 5ds, sometimes it work overexposed for +3 or more

  19. Nishant 6 years ago

    Would the MK III version of canon EX flash work with YN622CII? The 430 EX III -RT?
    I see that Canon India lists two models of MK III version of 430 EX. The 430 EX III RT, and just 430 EX III only. I called Canon India, and apparently they introduced this non-RT model along with the RT model. Strange haven’t found a mention on the non-RT model anywhere on the net including Flash Havoc.

  20. John Cronk 6 years ago

    Hello, considering the following equipment, what should I be looking to buy (sticking with the newer, godox, yongnou) brands to cut costs as I am just starting out and limited budget:
    – canon t5i (upgrade to a 5d mark 3 in a year or two is possible)
    – 1 neewer 860 ettl flash
    – 3 neewer 850 manual flash’s

    do I go with:
    – cells II (currently I have 1 for the hss feature)
    – yn622c
    – yn622c II
    – yne3-rx

    I don’t mind spending money if the system works and will last me awhile, but I am not even considering pocket wizards. Utilizing the full features of my equipment, what is your recommendation or pro’s/con’s on the above?

    Hopefully you know where I’m going with this.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • John Cronk 6 years ago

      Now that I just read up on some past news on this site, a follow up to my previous question is where should I stand with the new 865 flash and the X1-C triggers? So I sell what I have and buy new (my current equipment is only 6 months old) or continue forward with the hardware listed in my previous post above?

      I’m just at a loss as to what I need to complete my current setup or do I make a new shopping list because the new stuff is way better. Of note, we all know about the li-ion battery issue with the 850/860 flashes and I have already dealt with warrenty etc and have a working set.

      I appreciate any light you can shed as I’m sure there are other guys out there in the same boat as me right now wondering what to do.


      • John Cronk 6 years ago

        I also have a full set of ft-16’s for my current 850/860 flashes. as they don’t have a pc port I doubt that helps my case any as I’ll need a new receiver, but now you know what I have to work with.

  21. Dejan Nikolic 5 years ago

    very hard for work on my canon 5DS with youngnuo 622c II, TTL over expose a lot of time, and after upgrade software, maybe time to revise software for 5DS,

  22. Guni 5 years ago

    just got a YN622C II and a YN560-TX.
    I can trigger my Canon 580EX II but i can’t set mode, power or zoom level by the YN560-TX.
    Does that combination work for anyone, and how?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Guni,

      This should work. Do you have the YN560-TX set to RF-603 mode?

      The YN622C II On/Off switch need to be set to the center YN560 mode.

      Both units must be on the same channel obviously.

      Also do a factory reset on the YN622C II if you haven’t done that already.

  23. Niels Gram 5 years ago

    The YN560 flashes are single pin so the best you can hope for is that it can be fired by a trigger receiver regardless of make and model.

    • Niels Gram 5 years ago

      Ups… my mistake; I misread the post by Guni and thought that he would mount the 560 on the 622. I now realize that this was not the case.

  24. Bojan 5 years ago

    Hello, sorry if this question has already been asked. I have Canon 420 EX II and it works perfectly with my YN 622C II (I can control it off camera through the camera menu). However my 580 EX II always fire 1/1 and I have no control over it unless upon manually adjusting intensity on the flash unit. What should I do? Thanks a lot in advance!

  25. John V. 5 years ago

    Does the YN622C use pass-through, via the hot-shoe, to allow my Canon flash TTL functionality? Basically I’d like to fire a manually adjusted off-camera flash while using an on-camera Canon flash with TTL.

    Many Thanks!


  26. Vasilis Kouvalis 5 years ago

    Hi, if I use 560-tx with a pair of the new yn-660 and a yn-568 ex II on top of the 622c II, will the system work? I mean would I have the ability to control the 568 ex II through the 560-tx transmitter and have remote power and zoom control and hss ?
    Thanks !!!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Vasilis,

      You would have remote power and zoom control with the YN-568EX II/YN622C II, though no HSS.

  27. Vasilis Kouvalis 5 years ago

    Thank you !!!

  28. utan 5 years ago


    Is there any update firmware from 2015 to now 2017?
    How can i check existing firmware on triggers?


  29. Tommy 4 years ago

    Is it possible to control the power output from flash via these YN 622 YY Nikon triggers in manual mode? In TTL mode i can adjust it remotely for my Nissin I40 but in manual mode for my Yongnuo Y560 it’s not possible.

    Thank you.


    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Tommy,

      No not with the YN-560’s. You need TTL flashes to have remote control with the YN622C II.

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