YONGNUO – YN685 – Speedlite for Nikon Announced

YN685 Nikon


YongNuo have announced the YN685 Speedlite for Nikon, with YN-622N and YN560-TX compatible radio receiver built inside.

The YN685 are a fully featured on-camera iTTL flash, as well as providing Radio Slave Modes for both the YN-622N and RF-603 / YN-560 radio systems.

Current compatible transmitter units include –

With the YN-622N-TX and YN-622N / II transmitters providing the most functionality, including iTTL, HSS, Remote Manual Power and Flash Head Zoom Control.


YN685 Nikon



The YN685 for Nikon do not directly provide any radio master functions.

Though when mounted on top of a YN-622N II transmitter, the YN685 can be set to Extended Display mode, where the flash then provides a more convenient control panel and LCD display for the YN-622N II transmitter.

YN685 Nikon




  • GN 60m (ISO 100 / 200mm)
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – iTTL / M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync (?)
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
  • 20 – 200mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom
  • Built-in Radio Slave Modes – YN-622N & RF-603 / YN-560, 2.4GHz RF Systems.
  • Full Power Recycle – From 2 Seconds
  • Supports Multiple Flash Groups
  • Supports Multiple Channels
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Save Settings
  • Sound Prompt
  • Heat Protection
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • 2 Interface Theme Options
  • AF Assist Light
  • 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head
  • Fast Clamping Metal Foot
  • External HV Battery Port (Canon Style)
  • PC Sync Port
  • Firmware Updates Possible (via YN622N II).


YN685 Nikon






  • iTTL /M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Remote Flash Power – 1/128 – 1/1 (1/3rd increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom 20-200mm – Auto and Manual
  • Group Control



  • Remote Flash Power – 1/128 – 1/1 (1/3rd increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom 20-200mm – Manual
  • Group Control



  • Fire the Flash
  • Group Control



  • Fire the Flash Only


The YN-685 provide a HV Battery Port (Canon Style) for attaching external high voltage battery packs, as well as a PC Sync Port.

There is no USB port provided, though firmware updates are still possible via YN622N II transceivers.


YongNuo YN685


YN685 Nikon




YongNuo YN685 Speedlites for Nikon are available now from around $99 –

Ebay, Amazon, UK, Adorama, B&H Photo


YongNuo – Website

YongNuo – YN685 for Canon



  1. Robert T. Johnson 6 years ago

    I sure hope that one will be able to get a meter reading without the pre-flash that the YN’s are known for because the flash must be set to ttl in order to be able to remote adjust the power output.

    • Tim 6 years ago

      It will still utilize the preflash, sorry

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 6 years ago

        It probably shouldn’t if you use the manual YN560-TX or YN560 IV etc as transmitter though.

        • Robert T. Johnson 6 years ago

          The pre-flash is a very big deal when using a meter. I hope that there’s no pre-flash. I currently us Shanny RF flashes with the 910TX remote controller, which does not give a pre-flash, but I would switch if the YN’s would be a better fit for my setup.

        • Tim 6 years ago

          Correct. In manual mode with the 560-tx, there is no pre-flash. When you’re using the 622n/622nii/622n-tx there will be. I’ll have them available on late April.

          • Ben 5 years ago

            Hi guys, so just for clarification, I could have a Nikon system using these flashes and have full manual remote control with the ability to use a meter, and a fully TTL system just by swapping between a 560-TX and a 622n-TX ?

  2. Rob 6 years ago

    Wow wonder what is up with the naming scheme!! I am currently testing the new Godox/Cheetah light TT685 for Sony users.

  3. Charlie 6 years ago

    I have D800e and 560tx. Just wonder if I can trigger this flash in HSS mode off camera using 560tx?

  4. JIm 6 years ago

    Can it be right that this Nikon version uses a Canon external battery port? I hope that’s just a type-o from cut/paste of the Canon Version.

    • Robert T. Johnson 6 years ago

      That’s not uncommon, Shanny and Godox uses the Canon external power port connection for all their flashes even their Nikon flashes.

  5. Tim Kamppinen 6 years ago

    No on-camera master mode? Yawn. Glad I didn’t wait around to see what Yongnuo was coming out with before going with Godox. Between that and the AD600/360II integration I can’t see why any Nikon shooter would choose this over the TT685.

    • Rich 4 years ago

      ive just found out to my detriment hat switching between a yongnuo system and godox is that the godox system has really poor AF capability. I guess no system is perfect but its kind of a deal breaker for me

  6. Maxim 6 years ago

    Can i conclude that this flash(YN685), when mounted on camera, can trigger other YN-560 off camera flashes ?
    And is that the first Yongnuo flash for Nikon that can trigger other YN-560’s (if it can) ?

  7. ziv 5 years ago

    Hi any info about the next:
    Currently I can work with nikon sb-910 no top of yn-622 as a master to control other nikon flashes mounted on yn-622 and control from the sb-910 itself on power output of my other nikons.
    Is it possible to do the smae with the sb-910 as master but instead of nikon flashes to use the new 685n and control their power output from the sb-910?

    • John 5 years ago

      The answer to your question ziv is that you can use what they call an extended display which lets you control the yn-622n settings from your flash similarly to using the SB-910. The only drawback is that function only works with the yn-622n ii. So you would need to pick up a v2 version.

  8. John 5 years ago

    I just got mine in the mail today. My initial impressions from basic testing is that this is an excellent flash. A couple of things right off the bat.

    This thing is big and chunky. Bigger than my SB-910. The “chest of this flash is also quite fat and has rather sharp rounded edges. Coming from the SB-910 it is actually a lot to hold, and I have large hands. it is also about a half inch taller than my SB-910.

    Build quality on this flash is extremely high. It has an “expensive look to it. I don’t think anyone at a wedding would look twice. It is a noticeable step up from the yn568ex.

    My first test was to see if it triggered correctly when in manual mode from the yn-622n-tx. I purchased a yn568ex which to my disappointment didn’t actually ever go all the way down to 1/128. Using both the tx and a SB-910 on top of a yn-622n the manual power performed perfectly and linearly with even exposures from 1/1 down to 1/128.

    First flaw I have found. When changing modes from Manual to TTL on the yn-622 tx the first flash from the 685 is a full power pop. It happens going both directions. After the first pop it acts as you’d expect.

    Overall I will be selling my yn568ex and buying another one of these. The days of putting a $500 SB-910 on top of a light stand (mine have a tendency to blow over) are over. I love not having to carry around the extra receivers.

    • Mateusz Antonowicz 5 years ago

      Hi, did you test if this flash can remotely [radio] trigger YN-560IV flashes? I got 2x 622n, one on hotshoe with sb-900, next is on my ‘main’ YN-560IV, and it triggers the rest of my 560IV, question is, can this thing mounted on a camera can trigger those flashes without the need of yn-622N? Thx for any reply.

  9. John 5 years ago

    Lastly, Happy to report that the recycle time is about 2 seconds after a 1/1 power shot. I have seen reports about this being up to 12 seconds long which made me check that too.

  10. John 5 years ago

    So I can across two glitches yesterday at a wedding. The 685 would not fire in HSS mode and did not display the correct corresponding manual power when used in the following setup.
    master SB-910 – on top of yn-622n v1 – on top of D750.

    The flash would not sync above 1/200 sec.

    Also the back of the flash would not display the correct power output. This happens when you have the flash already set to manual power and then turn it to radio slave mode. The transmitter will adjust the flash up and down accordingly, but the start point will be whatever it was set on.

    This may be the excuses I need to return these and simply go all Godox.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Would you tell me when did you buy the yn622n
      -v1. Please show me what is the firmware version of yn685. For sync issues, I test it with yn622n-ii and yn622-tx, but it’s works great.

  11. Thiago Guedes 5 years ago

    The only thing I don’t understand is.. Why would Yongnuo release this without it being also a Master?

    I mean, it’s got a radio already, shouldn’t be too hard.. Unless they are planning to add this feature as a future update. Any word on this? This extended display mode doesn’t really really cut to me.. Sounds kinda meh.

  12. Ron 5 years ago

    Anyone has experience with this YongNuo YN685 operate as a master flash attached to a Pocket wizard TT5 and attached to the camera, than trigger other Nikon flash remotely also attached to a TT5 ?

  13. Bernie 5 years ago

    Just purchased a YN685 for Nikon, all seemed fine except that the LCD backlight didn’t work. A couple of the buttons would light up, but not the actual LCD panel.

    Will return for a replacement, anybody else had this problem?

  14. KW 5 years ago

    I think we just need a TTL flash with Radio Master Function to trigger those YN560iii/IV, that is a sure win and I will buy two to replce my SB-700….
    when Yongnuo will give us this?

  15. Steph 5 years ago


    Maybe it’s just me but… I’d just buy the 685n for get rid of the TX when i need a fill light on top of camera.

    Now my setup is, a 622n + 685n on top of camera, ive got a OCF 568n on top of a 622n and a sb28dx on top of another 622n, it’s all good i control each light (groups) on the 685 just like the TX.
    Except for one thing, the zooming, i try every possibility.
    Maybe some of you can help, maybe ive got to update (a brand new flash)? Don’t know, any ideas?

    • simon 5 years ago

      YN685 provides fix zoom feature in slaver mode.This feature would be active when yn685 has been set to manual zoom.
      if you want to control the zoom though YN622, please set YN685 to auto-zoom first.

  16. Howard Richter 5 years ago

    What is a recommended external power source for the YONGNUO YN685?

  17. Praveen 5 years ago

    You cannot update the firmware of YN685 flash unless you buy YN622N II and attach it to the flash. This is a shame on Yongnuo as many people buy YN685 because it has in built receiver. It is annoying that you cannot even use YN622-TX to update the firmware. Yongnuo is tricking and forcing customers to buy another piece of hardware just to update firmware of the flash.

  18. Hazel 5 years ago

    You can update with the YN622N-TX.

    • Praveen 5 years ago

      @ Hazel:
      I don’t think you can because that is what they have mentioned on their website and got it confirmed via email from their services department.
      Please let me know if you did update firmware using ‘TX’?


    • Robert Johnson 5 years ago

      You can upgrade the YN622N-TX but not the YN622N.

  19. Hazel 5 years ago

    I did. You need the update for the tx to 1.08 I loaded from this site with a great support: https://www.photo-store.net/firmware-downloads/ , the Flash updater and the Firmware from the Flash from here: http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detaily.php?ID=377. After you update your TX to 1.08 you open the installed flash updater, connect your TX with the PC, press the GRoup Button and turn it on. It is all described by starting the Flash updater. I have now on the 685 Flash the version 1.3.3.

    • Hazel 5 years ago

      Sorry for my english.

  20. Hazel 5 years ago

    I wrote the way i did the update,but you must wait because: “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

  21. Praveen 5 years ago

    @Hazel: No worries, mate! It was a surprise because I got an email from YONGNUO services department saying that you can only update YN685 using the YN622N-II and not with YN622N-TX. But, if you have updated using TX, that’s good to know! Solves my problem!

    By the way, I didn’t understand your comment about “Your comment is awaiting moderation” ?

  22. Hazel 5 years ago

    Mybe links are not alowed, so i write it once more.without links how i did the update with the TX. You need the update for the tx to 1.08 I loaded from this site with a great support:photo-store.net , the Flash updater and the Firmware from the Flash from here: hkyongnuo.com. After you update your TX to 1.08 you open the installed flash updater, connect your TX with the PC, press the GRoup Button and turn it on. It is all described by starting the Flash updater. I have now on the 685 Flash the version 1.3.3.

  23. Peter 5 years ago

    I received the same comment from Yongnou Europe, telling me the firmware update would require using a YN622Nii transceiver. That had me worried. I updated the firmware in my YN622-tx and was able to update the YN685 from there. Works just fine.

    Thanks to you Hazel. I appreciate your help and persistence.

    Cheers, Peter

  24. Hazel 5 years ago

    @Peter: I am very pleased to hear that.
    @Praveen: Did it worked.

  25. Praveen 5 years ago

    @Hazel: Yes it did! Thanks!

  26. Sam 5 years ago

    Just letting people know that you can UPDATE the YN685N via the YN622N-TX controller. I did it with no issues
    I also believe this is the same procedure for the Canon version

    Download the files you need from http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detaily.php?ID=377 (Nikon Version)

    Then unzip all the files (Installer & Firmware) , Install the updater and run. I updated using my YN622N-TX unit ( V1.08)
    *******NOTE: you may need to upgrade your controller to the latest version to put it in YN685 upgrade mode

    • Turn off YN622N-TX.
    • Connect the N-TX to your Windows PC via a USB Micro-B cable (not supplied)
    • Hold down [GROUP] and turn the N-TX on again.
    ——->>>>>>The N-TX displays ——>>>>>> yn | 685 | up.
    • Device information should change from “Disconnect” to “Connect”in the Updater window, e.g. *
    ON THE YN685 Flash
    • Press [Mode] on the YN685 and at the same time turn it ON to enter wireless upgrade mode.
    •On the Installer software Click “Browse…” to navigate to the required “.dfu” version, and open. Mine was 1.2.F and have updated to Version 1.3.3
    • Check that the firmware version is as expected, then click [Start].
    ***** NOTE: The blue link led will start to flash and also change colour at times until the process has finished (took about 15 seconds)
    • When completed, the Updater will show e.g. “* updated successfully”.
    ——–>>>> The flash will re-start automatically, using the new version.
    • Turn off the N-TX and disconnect USB cable.
    • Close updater window and your done

    Hope this helps you guys

  27. Kim Crichlow 5 years ago

    So if I have a Mac I can’t update either of my YN622N-tx or my YN685? As I checked they are both on older firmware.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Sorry, YongNuo doesn’t release any tool to support firmware update in non-windows system.

  28. GDG 5 years ago

    I cannot even get the flash update software to recognize the firmware YN685N_FW_V1.3.3.dfu

    it will not place the firmware in the box to update.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Hi,i think
      1.the file is corrupted,please download again.
      2.the updater tool didn’t found any 622TX devices in YN685 update agency mode.(hold key GR then turn on yn622TX)

  29. GDG 5 years ago

    I am using Windows 10 version 1607 latest version, I have followed all steps correctly. After browsing to location of YN685N_FW_V1.3.3.dfu Flash update tool will not load the firmware.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      It seems that the update tool doesn’t compatible with windows 10 yet. Shall you try run the tool in compatible mode?

  30. GDG 5 years ago

    By the way, it was saying connected when holding GR and turning on 622tx

  31. GDG 5 years ago

    Attempted in compatibility mode for Windows 8 ,7 and XP still does not work.

    Windows 10 has been out for over a year, they need to update their installer.

    Even if I really like these flashes it’s hard to continue to support a company when you don’t receive much support back.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Sorry for the inconvenience, I will ask yongnuo for help.

  32. Hazel 5 years ago

    To all, I have windows 10 and it works. I had the same problem with loading the Firmware in the flash update Tool. You have to rename the Firmware in “YN685_1.3.3.dfu”. It worked for me. If anyone have the same problem just try it or send me an E-Mail and i will send my Firmware.

  33. GDG 5 years ago

    Renaming still will not load the firmware for me using updater 1.1 software.

  34. GDG 5 years ago

    Everything goes well until I get to the 4th step, which is choosing the firmware to be updated

  35. Hazel 5 years ago

    I can send you my Firmware when you give me your E-Mail.

  36. GDG 5 years ago
  37. GDG 5 years ago

    Worked the FIRST TIME, there must be something wrong with the current files on their website. Thanks for your time,
    I have 4 of these speedlights so gonna update the rest. Thanks again

  38. jake 5 years ago

    Is there a way to use the yn685 on camera and remotely fire yn660’s? Im guessing I need separate receivers still?

  39. Mario 5 years ago

    Can this flash be triggered from my master flash without transmitter? I want to know if I can trigger the flash using my camera flash as master as I do with my nikon flash.


  40. Myrto 5 years ago

    Could you please tell me if this flash is compatible with Nikon D5100? I can not find a Yungnuo compatibility chart to check it.
    Thank you

  41. Shan 5 years ago

    hi guys, Could you please tell me if this flash is compatible with Nikon D7200? and if this YN685 is good or Bad? 🙂

    Thank you.

  42. Robert Johnson 5 years ago

    I have owned the YN685 for about four months with no problems, I own three YN685’s with YN622N-TX and 4 YN622N’s.

  43. steve 5 years ago

    Robert, what flashes are you using with the four receivers ?

    • Robert Johnson 5 years ago

      Shanny Nikon version I can’t remember the model number any longer.

  44. Santosh 5 years ago

    The YN685 for Nikon do not directly provide any radio master functions.
    I did not understand this part.

  45. Lydia 5 years ago

    Please assist me. Nikon d610 with YN-622N iTTL Transceiver. YN685 on camera as master. I should only need the YN685 off camera right? It’s supposed to have a built in YN622N. I can’t get it to control the OCF zoom for the life of me. I saw the tip above and tried that. Please help! This is driving me crazy!

  46. Shari 5 years ago

    I have a Nikon D4S and SB910 flash. Do I need both the 622N-TX controller and the 622N transceiver? Or just the controller?

    • Steve 5 years ago

      For a D4S and SB910 you will need either:

      1 x 622N-TX (on camera) and 1 x 622N transceiver to mount the speedlite on.
      2 x 622N transceivers, one for the camera and one for the speedlite.

      Option one will be much easier to use as you can visualise the settings much more easily.

  47. Chris B. 5 years ago

    Hello I am using YN685 for Nikon with 622N-TX. There are several options for the protocol used to communicate between flash and receiver.
    There is 622m, 622R 622extLCD and I think 603. I was told that I need to set the flash to the I-TTL mode in order to communicate with the transmitter. The issue I have is that in 622m and 622R mode, there is no I-TTL option available!
    It shows up only in 622extLCD mode, but the test button does not work. It only gives me an audiable sound. What is the correct protocol that should be set to connect with 622N-TX set on a Nikon camera? Is there anything else I should change in order for it to work?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi Chris,

      Once you set the flash to 622R (receiver mode) you shouldn’t need to worry about what mode the flash is showing, as it should follow what the transmitter is set to (once thats switched on, and set to the same group and channel etc).

  48. Terje Nicolaysen 4 years ago

    Can i Use my D 500 and get TTL and HSS ?

  49. ian 4 years ago

    hi,i need your help, as i bought the YN685 and the YN560 TX for my D90, but my worries is that the flash can’t fire with the YN560 TX? is there another transmitter to buy to fire the flash? your help is highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  50. Karin 4 years ago

    Hi. Is the yongnuo yn685ex compatible with the Nikon d5100?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 4 years ago

      Hi Karin,

      Sorry I don’t know of this specifically, though I’m not aware of any issue either. Its more than likely that they should work fine together.

      From what I can see the D5100 does not have an FP HSS feature though, so the flash will not provide High Speed Sync when used with the D5100.

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