YONGNUO – YN685 – Speedlite Now Available

YongNuo YN685


The YongNuo YN685 Speedlite for Canon with YN-622C compatible radio receiver built inside are now available from around $105, and $110 from the official YongNuo Ebay Store.

The YN685 are a fully featured on-camera ETTL flash, as well as providing Radio Slave Modes for both the YN-622C and RF-603 / YN-560 radio systems.

Current compatible transmitter units include –

With the YN-622C-TX and YN-622C / YN622C II transmitters providing the most functionality, including ETTL, HSS, SCS, Remote Manual Power and Flash Head Zoom Control.


YongNuo YN685




  • GN 60m (ISO 100 / 200mm)
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • Flash Mode – ETTL / M / Multi
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
  • 20 – 200mm Auto and Manual Flash Zoom
  • Built-in Radio Slave Modes – YN-622C & RF-603 / YN-560, 2.4GHz RF Systems.
  • Full Power Recycle – From 3 Seconds
  • Supports Multiple Flash Groups
  • Supports Multiple Channels
  • Supports Mixed Mode (with YN-622C transmitter)
  • Custom Functions
  • Auto Save Settings
  • Sound Prompt
  • Heat Protection
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Screen
  • Canon Like Interface
  • AF Assist Light
  • 360 Degree Swivel and Tilt Head
  • Fast Clamping Metal Foot
  • External HV Battery Port
  • PC Sync Port


YongNuo YN685




  • ETTL /M / Multi
  • HSS to 1/8000th
  • 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
  • FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
  • Remote Flash Power – 1/128 – 1/1 (1/3rd increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom 20-200mm – Auto and Manual
  • Group Control



  • Remote Flash Power – 1/128 – 1/1 (1/3rd increments)
  • Remote Flash Zoom 20-200mm – Manual
  • Group Control



  • Fire the Flash
  • Group Control



  • Fire the Flash Only


The YN-685 provide an HV Battery Port for attaching external high voltage battery packs, as well as a PC Sync Port, though unfortunately no USB port for Firmware updates.


YongNuo YN685


To set the YN-685 apart from YongNuo’s RT Radio Flash System for Canon, YongNuo have chosen to produce a completely new case design, a combination of the previous YN-568EX styling and the later YN600EX-RT, including dot matrix LCD screen and quick locking foot.


YongNuo YN685




Hot Shoe TTL Mode:

Canon 1Dx, 1Ds series, 1D series,

5DIII, 5DII, 5D, 7D, 7DII 70D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D,

700D, 750D 650D/T4i, 600D/T3i, 550D/T2i, 500D/T1i, 450D/Xsi, 400D/Xti, 350D, 100D, 1100D, 1000D, 1200D


YongNuo YN685


The YN-685 provide a long awaited Radio Slave Flash for the very popular YN-622C TTL trigger system. And another alternative to YongNuo’s RT system for Canon.

One functional advantage of the YN-685 / YN-622C is the ability to control remote flash zoom length, which the RT system does not provide.

Another advantage is cross compatibility with the inexpensive YN560-TX / YN-560 III / IV Remote Manual flash system.





YongNuo YN685 Speedlites for Canon are available now from around $110 –

Ebay, YongNuo Ebay, Amazon, YongNuo AmazonUK.


YongNuo – Website




  1. Bill 6 years ago

    OK. Great. Looks like an excellent speedlight.

    So the final piece of this system play will be when Yongnuo manufacures and markets a portable strobe.
    Who is willing to put a time factor on that happening?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Bill,

      I really don’t know about that. The YN300W’s ETTL exposures work very well, though the color shift at different power levels is pretty extreme. So I think YongNuo have some more to learn and development to do regarding larger lights.

      They can’t be unaware of where the market has been heading though, so it very likely will only be a matter of time.

  2. K 6 years ago

    Man, I’m slow. I just realized the name doesn’t have “EX” on it. So, can you confirm it’s only a radio slave (I.e., can’t be used as an an optical slave in the Canon/Nikon optical wireless TTL systems)?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi K,

      Canon Optic Wireless, or even basic S1 and S2 slave modes, have not actually been specified.

      So I don’t think we are going to know for sure until YongNuo upload the User Manual, or the flashes start arriving.

      The optic sensors are pictured in the front of the flash so I’d be surprised if there is not some optic slave function provided, even if that may be just S1 and S2.

  3. Nevel 6 years ago

    I noticed shanny and yongnuo use the same crappy display and both have the same crappy dial with the sel/set button that spins in place. Why? “from 3 seconds recyle” why so slow? Shanny does it in 1.8 seconds and others in 2.5 and this is slower than older gen. Why no nikon versions?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Nevel,

      They aren’t quite the same display or dials, though they are unfortunately emulating the Canon 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT interface, display, and dials, which are not particularly great to start with.

      The Nikon flashes dials are silky smooth and very easy to operate in comparison.

      When extending on the Canon RT system I think it makes a lot of sense to follow the same format, though for other systems like this they could do a better job themselves.

      I’d be surprised if the YN685’s recycle time with Eneloops etc is not around 2.5 seconds again like most YongNuo flashes.

      The Nikon version will no doubt come eventually.

  4. Nevel 6 years ago

    I have tons of flashes but feel my system is all over the place. Sb700. Underpowered and no sync port. Crappy placement of ec button. Sb800 doesnt work well as oncamera flash with 622. Sb900. Decent. Shet reliability. Had to replace bulb twice already. Overheats. Sn600n. Great flash. Shet dial. Shit screen readout. Too long to turn on. Stupid head lock button. Bad placement of ec button. 3x560iii ok. Do their job. 24mm widest setting. No hss.
    565. Doesnt work well with 622. Random misfires. 568-meh. Used godox 860 recently. Garbage flash. Looks nice ttl is crap. I have no idea what to get. Shanny is the best of them all but the flaws it has makes me want to throw it to floor from frustration when i shoot weddings. Btw it sits well in 622 knly because of the rubber seal. Take jt off and it wobbles like anythibg else. Anything i get and its a compromise.

    • Bill 6 years ago

      Nevel, just my two cents…….seems you may be a prime candidate to promote your shooting adventures to strobes. Phottix Indra (either 360 or 500) paired with their Mitros+ line may be in your future. I know its a bit of an investment but if you’re shooting weddings……..

      Think about it.

      • nevel 6 years ago

        Thanks Bill.

        I know of phottix gear for a long time. i just personally dont feel anyone needs to spend more than $200 for a flash at most. and mostly $150 should be the top price for an elite flagship flash. $400 for a flash is much too expensive today. flash is not one of the things a pro wedding photog needs to invest a lot into.

        off camera flashes fall off their light stands with people pushing them over all the time. or doing BG outdoor shoot and the wind pushes it over, even with a sandbag. I also shoot at high iso indoors so no need for a flash like the indra. I sold my 3x 1200WS monolights a few years ago when I got the D3. it was game over. with film and 100/200 iso it was a must. today with my D3s I shoot to iso 8000 on the dance floor if I really need with a little fill from the 3 OCF I use around the dance floor. I power them at 1/32 and just shoot and shoot.

        I also have the nikon flashes which are the choice flashes to sit on my cameras as they seem to gte exposure the most correct. except for the Sb800. I actually have two of those. they dont work well with the 622n. off camera they are fine though.

        the shanny flash would be the ultimate flash if they fixed the flaws I mentioned above. ESPECIALLY the dial which is very stiff and non-responsive. and the EC button is badly designed, very spongy and too flush. these are very minute things and you may say im nitpicking, but believe me when I tell you that weddings are very stressful and everything that you have to put effort into stresses you more. the readout is very small as well. its very hard on your eyes. the dance floor is dark and theres psychedelic dj lights and strobes in your face all night and its hard to see. your eyes constantly adjusting from the viewfinder to lcd on the back to the small screen flash readout. canon makes a bad flash readout and everyone copies them. how stupid are they all? the shanny flash has no loop around as well. meaning you go from 1/1 power and it wont come around to 1/128 power. you have to turn the frustrating dial all the back. very bad thought out designs. they should have consulted with me. but the 2 second recycle is the best as of yet. and sometimes you need it.

        see this image I posted

        use adblock plus though and block all cookies from the site.

        • simon 6 years ago

          I think YN685 for NIKION version is on-going.
          from the image you posted, the power level isn’t easy to read compare to YN560III. But YN685 can act 2.4G slaver with YN622C(/TX)/YN560TX, you can control YN685’s power level /mode remotely by using Master.

  5. Ganesh 6 years ago

    Hi is this flash work as Master with same flash or 622c receiver?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Ganesh,

      No there is no radio master mode with the YN685.

      YongNuo will likely bring out a full master and slave version later.

  6. JeffQ 6 years ago

    Just to confim, does this early version of the YN685C flash have a built-in “dumb slave” mode SL1 or 2 that I can use to trigger the speedlight from a studio strobe?

    Also, curiously one compatible Canon camera that is missing from anyone’s product listing of the YN685 is the Canon 6D (though it does show the more recent 7D2…). Can I consider this just an oversight?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi JeffQ,

      I’m not 100% sure on either question yet, and I’m not confident YongNuo service would provide an accurate answer at this stage either. So I have a flash coming likely within a week or so and will be able to check on this once it arrives.

  7. Jonathan 6 years ago

    I am still looking to purchase my first flash. Was about to go for the 580ex II a month back until I saw this was coming. Wondering which would be he better buy? Or what features/advantages one has over the other?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Jonathan,

      The main feature of the YN685 is the built in YN-622C radio receiver. So if you’re interested in getting the flash off of the camera hotshoe at times (via radio) a YN685 and YN-622C-TX transmitter should be very versatile and convenient.

      You could do the same thing with the 580EX II, though that would require the extra YN-622C as receiver attached to the 580EX II’s foot for off camera use via radio.

      If you’re doing a lot of on-camera work then its hard to beat genuine Canon flashes like the 580EX II and later models. They have considerably better AF assist lights, their ETTL exposures are as good as Canon intended, and they are generally solid reliable flash units. Recycle times are a little slower than third party flashes, though with an external battery pack they are fairly similar.

      So it just depends on what you intend to use them for. If its mainly for more serious on camera use, then the Canon flashes are definitely worth considering. If fast run and gun is not so much what you need to be doing, then off camera flash can often be more rewarding, as you can change the direction and style of the lighting on the subject.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Great, that was pretty quick, thanks Yuppa.

  8. John 6 years ago

    so this will not work on top of a canon 6d?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi John,

      I’m really not sure, though I have a 6D and will check this once the flash arrives (likely within a week of so). Fremen bellow has purchased one as well.

      I wouldn’t expect the AF light to be anything much different to the current YongNuo flashes or YN-622 etc. Will take a look though.

  9. John 6 years ago

    I’d also be interested in a review on how the AF assist light works in low light situations.

  10. Fremen 6 years ago

    There’s just no way these wouldn’t work on a 6D…that wouldn’t make sense!
    I bought one anyway just in case…hopefully it works fine on my 6D

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Thanks Fremen,

      Please keep us posted on how you go. I have a 6D as well and will see if I can see any issues as well.

    • simon 6 years ago

      I can’t see any issue when Yn685 is on the top of 6D. please let me know the firmware version of 6D, if you found any issue.

  11. Emanuele 6 years ago

    do you know if the Yongnuo will provides a Nikon version?
    it seems they are interested for Canon brand only.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 6 years ago

      Hi Emanuele,

      I’m sure YongNuo will produce a Nikon version eventually. The problem unfortunately is knowing just how long that will actually take to become available.

  12. Wayne 6 years ago

    Hey mate, tossing up between these and the older yn600ex rt’s. Did they fix all the problems like the battery staying on in the 600’s?

    Also say if I was using 2x 600’s and I wanted to use an old yn560iii is there a receiver I can purchAse to use with the frequency of the 600?

    If not then these might be the go for me with the 622 receivers.

    Thanks in advance and love your site mate.

    • simon 6 years ago

      Absolutely ,YN685 built a better power and overheat system than yn600ex-rt. Even though office site said battery recycle time is about 3 seconds, YN685’s recycle time is less than 3 seconds in fact.

  13. John 6 years ago

    I want my throw my YN600. Biggest piece of crap ever. I hope this is much better. Just waiting for proper reviews to come in.

  14. Wolf 6 years ago

    Got my YN685 today. No S1 or S2 mode 🙁

  15. Jamesy 6 years ago

    @Wolf – what are your first impressions of the new YN685’s? Too bad about the S1/S2.

  16. Wolf 6 years ago

    @Jamesy: I did not use the flashes very often. Just some test shots. About underexposing (YN600EX-RT) when using bounced – no problem. The hot shoe does not feel better than a YN600EX-RT – Canon does that better. I had no battery drain, but the battery indicator on the LCD-screen does not show full charge.
    S1/S2: No need for them until now. I used two YN685 for fill with some studio strobes. I fire them with RF-603 🙂 – perfect! I can save the RF-603 receivers on the strobes. They fire as slaves from the YN685.
    Everything outside is triggert by YN-622C & YN-622C-TX.
    So S1/S2 might be obsolete for me.
    What sucks: there is no effective flash range on the LCD-screen!

  17. Jamesy 6 years ago

    @wolf – thanks for the mini review. What do you mean by ‘there is no effective flash range on the LCD-screen?’

  18. Wolf 6 years ago

    My YN600EX-RT and 580EX II showed me a line on the display with the min and max flash range.
    I miss it 🙁

  19. Jamesy 6 years ago

    Ah right – I have two 580EXII’s but I never use those indicators. I have four 622’s and one 622-TX (all Mk.I) and am thinking about adding a couple of flahses to my setup and last year was considering the YN600-RT’s but the reports of various issues had me back away. I have been using a buddies YN565 and YN568 in the studio as background lights and thought the 685’s might be the ticket.
    The exposure seems OK using the 685’s?

  20. Rob 6 years ago

    Very curious if somebody have tried the Canon 6D already! Can anybody help me out? 🙂

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Yn685 works fine with canon 6d

  21. Steve 5 years ago

    Hmmm…I’m stuck.

    I’ve got my new 685 and it seems to work just fine, but I can’t get it to fire my 605 triggers.

    If I ONLY have a 605 ON the hot shoe, it will trigger the 685, but that’s not why I bought this flash.

    I bought this flash because I NEED to have THE FLASH on my hot shoe and NEED it to give me use of the focus assist beam AND trigger my other flashes with their 605 triggers attached. Isn’t that what this new design is supposed to do?

    It’s a TTL flash with a built in transmitter, so I thought it was supposed to give me a focus assist beam AND trigger my other 605s.


    • Steve 5 years ago

      Still stuck with above problem. Anyone have similar experience or help….pleeeez 🙂

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Hi Steve,

        The YN685 are slave flashes with radio receiver modes built in, no master modes. So they alone are not going to fire your RF-605 receivers.

        And unfortunately the RF-605 when used as transmitter units on the camera do not have TTL pass through hotshoes. So they are not going to transfer any AF assist light information to the flash on top.

        Your main option would be to use the YN-622C for the radio triggers instead. You can mount a full TTL flash on top of the transmitter on camera, though the YN-622C also have their own AF assist light built in. So you could even use a basic manual flash on top if you don’t need TTL.

        YongNuo do not have any manual triggers with TTL pass through hotshoe though. And other brands like the Phottix Strato often do not work well with a YongNuo flash mounted on the pass through hotshoe. So YN-622C would really be the main option at this stage.

        • Steve 5 years ago

          Well, crud. I was hoping this flash was going to help with this issue.

          I’ve done multiple factory resets on the YN-622Cs and it helps, but they continue to slip into TTL mode randomly and unexpectedly. It’s a hassle to constantly watch and reset them in critical situations like weddings.

          So, I’ve bought 605s and this 685 flash to hopefully alleviate this…for naught.

          Oh well.

          Thanks for the info. and all your work on a great site.

  22. John 5 years ago

    What is the AF assist beam like in low light, can it help focus on objects in low light?

  23. Steve 5 years ago


    That’s what it does/is for.

    It sends a pattern of red light onto your subject and let’s your camera focus on it. It is essential in extremely low light.

  24. Armand 5 years ago

    Anyone tested on the 6d yet?

    • Hanam 5 years ago

      6D works

  25. Hanam 5 years ago

    I got the 622c (first version, not the TX) to fire it. it’s pretty awesome!

    • Jamesy 5 years ago

      Is the exposure OK with the 685’s? What camera body are you using with them (the 6D?)?

  26. John 5 years ago

    Hmm, ok, let me elaborate. I know what an AF assist beam is, I just want to know if its any good on the 685. You wouldn’t bring a yn 565 into a club because the af assist beam is crap. But a Canon 580 ex2, you could focus on virtually anything in low light conditions.

    • Steve 5 years ago

      The AF light (when used without the triggers) seems identical to other Yongnuo flashes I have.

      Still can’t get any help with my question, but glad I could assist with yours 🙂

      • Yuppa 5 years ago

        You: “It’s a TTL flash with a built in transmitter, so I thought it was supposed to give me a focus assist beam AND trigger my other 605s.”

        Is “that” the question you are referring to?

        Me: “There is NO built-in transmitter.”

        From the very fist line of this review:

        “The YongNuo YN685 Speedlite for Canon with YN-622C compatible radio receiver built inside…”

  27. george 5 years ago

    High Speed Sync — I was understanding, that the YN685/622 combination would allow HSS, when the 685 is off camera, and the 622 on camera — and only fired through the center pin (first trigger)

    In other words, it works fine (with A6000) up to sync speed, but i cant get it to go into HSS.

    Question: does the camera generate the HSS pulses transmitted through the 622, or does the camera only generate the first trigger pulse (single contact?), and the 622 generates the HSS pulses?

    If the 685/622 HSS only requires a trigger pulse to get going, maybe the HSS function is faulty?

    Any help appreciated.

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Yn685/yn622c is designed for canon camera. It’s impossible to trigger Hss flash by single contract.

  28. pete67 5 years ago

    Another new flash from Yongnuo has appeared on their website; the YN660. No details as yet.


    • Jamesy 5 years ago

      Good find. The YN660 looks like a manual only version of the 685. I wonder what the price point will be?

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Thanks Pete, that is interesting.

      It looks like a remote manual YN-560 III like flash, though compatible with the YN-622 transmitter.

  29. Luciano 5 years ago

    Just arrived my two yn685 and they work nice but when working in HSS manual at 1/1 o 1/2 power I quickly had overheating problems with both of them.
    Any advice on how to reduce or minimize overheating? I know it can sound stupid but maybe drilling holes in the case could help to fix the problem.
    Which flash would you recommend for working almost exclusively in HSS manual at 1/1 or 1/2 power without no heating problems?

    • Simon 5 years ago

      Could you give me more detail about the heating problem you met?
      Such as the interval of flash. How many times did fire flash (1/1 power )before overheat?

      • Luciano 5 years ago

        Hello Simon,
        In fact I was not shooting at all, I was conducting a photography lesson under the sun (midday at Dominican Republic, pretty hot, about 31 Celsius degrees) with both flashes turned on in HSS mode, after some minutes (maybe 5 minutes) they showed the overheat warning and one of them entered in protection mode disabling the flash for 10 minutes.
        After this I made some tests and finally realized the overheating is not being caused by the flash fires but by the sun exposition (same tests under the shadow and no overheating problems) and concluded the problem is the flash not being able to dissipate the inner hot in a proper way. I know my working conditions are hot but not that much. At the same time I was working with 3 Canon 600 flashes under the same conditions and they didn’t show any overheat warning.
        Now I am thinking about making a shield (or roof) with maybe p3 isolation sheets on top of the flashes, I didn’t tried yet but I am pretty sure it could help.
        Other alternative would be to drill holes on top and bottom of the flash head (at no critical places) to allow natural heat dissipation by convection (this is a refrigeration technique used by some monolights), I am sure this would be better but it is a extreme solution as a DIY project. I think Yongnuo should think about adding these holes to their flashes, maybe with caps to be opened only when working in hot situations.
        Thanks a lot for your time, any help will be very appreciated.

        • Simon 5 years ago

          Appreciate your finding. I will trying to test yn685 at the same condition. I don’t think it’s a good idea to solve it by drilling holes, since yn685 would be killed during the drilling.

        • Mae 5 years ago


          I’m looking for a way to troubleshoot the overheating in a YN685. I have one that powers on and is stuck on the “Hot” error message. It was only firing indoors at about 1/8 power on the hotshoe and not that frequently. Wondering if there’s a reset capability, or if the flash is just not usable anymore. Let it cool, changed batteries, etc. still blinking the “Hot” error message. Thanks!

  30. Milan 5 years ago

    Dear Ladies And Gentleman,
    I hate to ask anyone to spend any time on my behalf, but I suspect that there are many people here who understand these things so fluently that it would be an easy task to give me recommendations or enlightenment, because, for me, it has been a very confusing project, exploring and studying the various speedlight products, going back and forth between the descriptions and reviews and forum discussions about the various lights and transmitters and receivers, and bouncing from one brand to another.
    I was initially drawn into all this by the announcement of the Yongnuo YN685 light, because I like its capabilities. However, when trying to figure out if this was the right light for me– especially with regard to its communication between multiple units, and with my Canon 6D camera– I became lost.
    Ideally, I would love to be able to amass a collection of 5 speedlights that are all the same. I won’t bother with listing a wishlist of common specs, but some that may not be so common, and which I would love to have, are things like TTL, HSS, GN=60m, 2nd curtain. Radio, not optical, although that’s more for use in bright conditions.. I don’t care so much about distance. Of course, faster recycle times are appreciated over slower ones. Already, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of possibilities.
    And then, when I think about how I would Love to be able to control the flashes “without getting out of my chair,” I become even more confused. I can’t figure out what terms like RF and RT and EX mean, and which might suit me best. Sometimes I would have a flash on-camera, and sometimes I wouldn’t. (When I Do have it on-camera, I don’t mind if it’s on a bracket, so that a transmitter can be on the hot-shoe, if necessary.) And it would be wonderful if each of the 5 flashes could be its own “group” (A/B/C/D/E), although it wouldn’t kill me to only have 3 groups (I actually didn’t even know 5 was possible, until deep into my study of the various products). Lastly– I think 🙂 — it would be wonderful if each of the components could be somewhere around the $100 range, and it would be wonderful if the flashes had reception built-in, so that I didn’t have to buy (and carry/maintain/power/worry about) 5 separate receiver pieces of equipment.
    As I said, I suspect that this sort of set of gear is possible; I just can’t figure out how best to build it. If anyone is able to share any insights, it would be immensely appreciated.
    (And I apologize and thank you for reading this long book I’ve written; hopefully, this discussion will be helpful to many people.)

    • simon 5 years ago

      YN622C(TX) support group A/B/C/D/E , YN685 works with YN622C as a slaver. YN685 support ETTL,HSS,2nd Curtain,Built in YN622C RX… So i think you can get it done by YN622C-TX + 5 X YN685

  31. Milan 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot, Simon. (I’ve noticed– and appreciated– your comments in other discussions.)
    Buuuuut… In my research, everything that I’ve read (and I just re-read) states that YN622C-TX supports THREE groups, so
    1) Is it the case that, through a firmware update, we are given control over 5 groups? or
    2) Did you make a mistake, and the reality is that YN622C-TX only supports 3 groups?

    And, if it was a mistake, does it seem like the combination of YN622C-TX + YN685 would still be my best setup, and I should just adapt myself to having control over 3 groups? Or do we know of something other than YN622C-TX that can work with YN685 (with no extra receiver pieces) and give control over 5 groups?

    • simon 5 years ago

      OH, you’re right. I made a mistake. YN622C-TX only support 3 groups A/BC. Check the spec from HKYONGNUO, YN622C Series only support 3 groups. let me try to clarify the YN RF trigger system.
      YN622C Series Support: ETTL, HSS, etc. Groups: A/B/C
      YN685 compatible with YN622C Series, Yn560TX,RF605,RF603II;
      YN560TX control slaver’s output power, but lack of HSS, ETTL feature, Groups: A/B/C/D/E;
      Yn622C+YN685 : all features except 5 groups.
      YN560/RF605/603 +YN685: only manual Flash Mode, NO ETTL, NO HSS .
      I think the best setup should be Yn622C+Yn685, but they doesn’t support 5 groups, unfortunately.

  32. phoenixAL 5 years ago

    I’m thinking about buying this flash. The only thing that holds me back is that i have two 560EXII that i’d like to trigger. How can I trigger them at the same time? Can the 622 trigger all three of them?
    Thanks for the support.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi phoenixAL,

      Do you mean the YN-560EX, TTL optic slave flash (with a single firing pin foot)?

      If so you could use a YN-622C receiver attached to the flash foot to simply fire the flashes in manual mode. There is no TTL or remote control available though.

      • phonenixAL 5 years ago

        I’m sorry, I mean the 560 MkIII. Can I use three RF603 or 605 (one attached to the camera and the other two to the 560s)? Yes, in manual obviously.

  33. Milan 5 years ago

    Simon, thanks.
    You have been helpful, especially after correcting the 5-group/3-group issue. ( 😉 Kidding.) And I’ve Also been continuing my research, which has been leading me toward what you are saying.
    YN622C-TX transmitter + YN685 flashes may be an almost-magical combination.
    And then what I May also do is get the YN560-TX transmitter for those [many] situations where it would be most helpful to control flash power, remotely, on more than 3 groups, and where TTL/HSS/2nd curtain/AF assist aren’t necessary. I don’t want to be a wasteful shopaholic and buy two transmitters (which could, in many respects, be considered redundant), but it may be worth the extra ~$45 to have that level of versatility. Unless, in the next day or two, someone tells me “STOP. You’re being stupid,” I may just do that. 🙂

    • Luciano 5 years ago

      Not stupid at all, if sometimes you need more than 3 groups is very logic to have both controllers. And yes, YN622C-TX transmitter + YN685 flashes is an almost-magical combination.
      Clarification; YN560-TX controls 6 groups (A-F), not 5. Better !!!
      Note: when using more than 3 groups I recommend to put visible tags on each flash showing its group (maybe with velcro), with 6 groups is very easy to get confused about which group is each flash.

      Changing topic, one thing I haven´t figured out yet is what are sub-groups for on YN560 IV (A1,A2,A3,B1,B2 and so on), if someone knows please let me know, thanks.

  34. Milan 5 years ago

    Thanks for the affirmation, Luciano.
    Good tip about labeling flashes.

    Now payback:
    Regarding your A1,A2… question, I have No idea. But I Did see a discussion of it from about 1yr ago, where someone did a test in which A1 vs A2, etc.. made no difference, and he guessed that the purpose may have been to, for some reason, label flashes Within a group. That’s toward the end of this page:

    • Luciano 5 years ago

      Thanks for the link Milan. I think too that A1,A2… has no practical function.

  35. Pedro 5 years ago


    I’m a beginner in the photography and i’m trying to make up my mind in this complicated flash world.
    After reading a lot of articles through the site i got to a confusing situation. I need to buy TTL speedlites and after all the things i’ve read i would like to ask you guys two things:

    1- Are Godox TT685N an Yongnuo YN685 comparable?
    2- (hard question) Wich one do you guys recommend for a full range capabilities?

    • Pedro 5 years ago

      Another question. Where does the YN600EX-RT fits here?

  36. Marco 5 years ago

    I made a short video on the YN 685 in german language. 🙂 A more in depth video will follow. I’ll write some additional infos on my blog also.

  37. PerChr 5 years ago

    my camera is Fujifilm X-T1. Will the YN622C-TX on X-T1’s hotshoe trigger the YN685 (and give wireless control of power output and flash zoom)?

    (I’m asking because I recently bought Yongnuo’s RT system (YN-E3-RT and YN600EX-RT), and the transmitter doesn’t trigger the flash from Fujifilm cameras).

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi PerChr,

      Yes the YN622C-TX will allow this.

      Though if its just for your Fuji camera then you could look at the cheaper YN560 IV flash and YN560-TX transmitter as well. As they are universal for most cameras, and provide remote manual power and zoom, but no TTL or HSS etc.

      • Per-Chr 5 years ago

        Hi again,
        and thank you for replying! Is the 622 system more Canon/Nikon dedicated and the YN560 system universal?

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 5 years ago

          Yes they YN-622 system have dedicated TTL and HSS functions for the Canon and Nikon systems. They do have a mode though for use with single firing pin cameras, or to make them a single firing pin transmitter.

          You’re paying a lot more for TTL flashes, so if you don’t use Canon or Nikon as well then the YN-560 system is a lot more economical if you have numerous speedlites. The YN560-TX will control 6 groups as well, not just 3 like the YN-622C-TX.

          You may prefer the lower profile transmitter though.

  38. Jim 5 years ago

    whats the AF assist beam light in low light conditions. YN haven’t a great history of great AF lights in low light conditions like the canon 580ex2 did 🙁

  39. gianni 5 years ago

    what’s the time to wait for Nikon Version ?

    • Simon 5 years ago

      You will get nikon version next month. As I know, yn685 nikon is at the pre-production phase now.

  40. H. Fischer 5 years ago

    After reading a lot of reviews and comments on different Yongnuo transmitters, receivers, transceivers and flashes with and without built-in receivers, I’m completely confused.

    I’m Nikon-photographer, never using TTL, always using M, working on location or in my studio.

    Looking for two additional speedlites with remote manual power and zoom. The remote control should also trigger four 15 years old studio flash units (Multiblitz, previously triggered with Bowens Pulsar, connected by a 3.5mm plug, no need and no possibility to remote control their power – only triggering the flash is needed.)

    My current idea is:
    2x Yongnuo YN-568EX
    2x Yongnuo YN-622N II
    4x Yongnuo RF-603NII
    1x Yongnuo YN-622N TX
    (~400 Euro)

    Any suggestions for a better and / or cheaper idea? Thanks in advance.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 5 years ago

      Hi H.Fischer,

      You may have actually researched this better than me (as I can’t access the YN622N II user manual at the moment), though I’m not sure if the YN622 system can fire the RF-603N II receivers. The YN622N II added an RF-603 receiver mode, though I’m not sure (and don’t think) the YN622N-TX can fire the RF-603N II receivers. So that part of your plan may not work, you may need to exchange the RF-603N II for more YN622N II receivers.

      If your only after remote manual power and zoom though, no HSS or SCS (or TTL) etc, then you can just go with the complete YN-560 / RF-603 system, as that is cheaper as well.

      So just use the YN560-TX transmitter, and YN-560III or YN-560IV speedlites with radio receivers built inside. Then RF-603II receivers for your old studio lights.

      Another emerging option is the Godox system. They currently have the TT600 remote manual speedlites, though there will be Lithium-ion powered version coming in the next few months.

      You would need the X1-N transmitter, and receivers for your manual studio strobes.

      The advantage of the Godox system is that its all compatible with the rest of their remote manual and TTL gear, which includes a lot of nice portable strobes now. Also the speedlites have a better reliability rate at this stage.

      A main disadvantage for your needs may be the limited remote zoom control currently available. Its just a global adjustment for all flash groups.

  41. i have canon 5ds + yn622c + yn685, on TTL metering i have a lot of overexposed pictures,anybody with same problem ?

    • Simon 5 years ago

      How about 5Ds+Yn685N? Is it over exposure with this combination?

      • photo-fotograf.com 5 years ago

        In that combination everything work fine…

        • Simon 5 years ago

          So I think it’s compatibility issue. Maybe YongNuo will release new firmware to fix it in future. unfortunately yn622c doesn’t support firmware update feature , but yn622c-II has usb port to install a new firmware.

  42. Kit 5 years ago

    Hi! Has anybody tried using the YN685 flash on a Canon M3?
    How about the YN622 tx on an M3?
    Thanks! 🙂

  43. Golubic Weddings 5 years ago

    I would like to know if somebody have the same problems with YN685 and got any replay from Yongnuo costumer service. I ordered 2 YN685 and right of the box one flash have error ( back light on the display and on the buttons doesn’t work ). But I run few tests and I found few problems on both flashes.

    I used my Canon 6D + Canon 24-105 F4 + Canon 430 EX for the tests to compare it with YN685,

    1.The TTL function is not working good when the flash is in bounce mode at longer focal lengths. At 24 mm it exposes good but as I zoom the photos are getting more and more underexposed. At 104 mm the flash underexpose 2-3 stops ( on Auto flash zoom and all manual flash zoom ).

    I tried all the metering modes ( Evaluative, partial, spot, center-weighted ) and it’s all the same 🙁

    2. When I try to setup the CONTRAST of the display in options ( hold left button ) and make contrast higher I get lines and artifacts on the screen to the point that you can’t see the display normally,

    I choose the YN685 model over YN600EX-RT because it got built in transmitter\newer model and it would be easy to use with YN622C – XT. But not I wish I went with 600EX-RT because at least it has USB for firmware updates…

    Anyone with the same problems?


    • Simon 5 years ago

      you will get a better auto-exposure result in bounce mode once ETTL-II metering mode has been set to Average.
      please notice one thing, ETTL-II metering mode is different from metering mode.

  44. Jerome Davis 5 years ago

    How does one go about using HSS with the 622c-tx? Using off cameta flash with 685’s. But the camera defaults to max flash sync of 250. I have 1dx and I cant do any in camera adjustment because it doesn’t recognize it.

    • simon 5 years ago

      Hi, you need to set sync mode to HSS in 622C-TX.

      • Jerome 5 years ago

        I press the sync/fn button on the 622c-tx and the H with lightning bolt shows up on my flash controller as well as my YN685, but the shutter speed on the camera wont go above 250th. Is there something different I have to do?

        • simon 5 years ago

          I can’t do this test since i haven’t 1DX. I think you can update firmware then try it again. You can download the latest firmware from YONGNUO website. Should you help to test Yn685 on the top of 1DX directly?

        • simon 5 years ago

          you can contact yongnuo for help.

  45. Jerome 5 years ago

    Thanks Simon. I reset every thing, my flash and the 622c_TX and now its working fine. I really appreciate your help.

  46. Cory 5 years ago

    I just used the 685’s for the first time last night – does anyone else notice a considerably slower recycle time from other previous YN flashes? I can tell if I’ve got a dud, but man I hope not – was really excited to finally ditch my 622’s as receivers. Thanks in advance

    • simon 5 years ago

      Hi, could you tell me what’s the firmware version of your YN685? As i know, YONGNUO improve recycle time, provides firmware update feature with revision 2.0.0.

  47. DIMITRIS 5 years ago

    I also notice much slower recycling time on 685c. I have firemare 1.0… put also 2.0.. and both are slow same times. I use them as slave combine 560 iii and 685 miss many shoots

    • cory goldberg 5 years ago

      Dimitris what kind of batteries do you use? Same as with the 560 iii’s ? I was in B&H yesterday to talk to them about this and the y said it was very important to use PRO batteries…

      • Author
        Flash Havoc 5 years ago

        Guys there were issues with slow recycle times with early versions of the YN685.

        I don’t think this is an issue any more with current versions, though I’m not sure if firmware updates are a solution or not.

        @ Cory – Yes rechargeable NiHM batteries will provide faster recycle time than regular Alkaline. Though Sanyo Eneloops are generally the best bang for buck. You don’t need the really expensive versions.

        • cory goldberg 5 years ago

          @Flash Havoc, how do you know if you have an early version or not?

          • Author
            Flash Havoc 5 years ago

            Hi Cory,

            There is a small sticker attached to the flash with the year and month of manufacture crossed out with a pen. My YN-685 has the sticker inside the back of the battery door, though on some flashes you need to swivel the head around to see the sticker.

            I didn’t really follow this recycle issue too closely though, as not many people were experiencing it even from the start.

            As far as I understand it was rectified though and I hadn’t heard it mentioned otherwise for quite a while now. As mentioned I’m not sure if later firmware was a solution or not.

  48. DIMITRIS 5 years ago

    I used on both of them eneloop 2700. So battery must not be the issue. Both flash it was also at manual mode 1/16. I will try it again tonight at a wedding to be soor.

  49. DIMITRIS 5 years ago

    After my use tonight i thing it isnt the recycling time the problem but just miss same shoots. Maybe transmission its bad. I use 622c and 622-tx. Next time i will but 622 under 685 and will try if this is the problem.

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