YONGNUO – YNE3-RX Receiver Announced !

YongNuo YN-E3RX


YongNuo have announced a coming Canon RT radio compatible receiver unit named the YNE3-RX !

Could this YNE3-RX be the holy grail of RT receiver units, allowing previous non RT radio TTL flashes like the Canon 580EX and YN-568EX etc to be controlled by the RT system transmitter units?


UPDATE – More details are now posted on the Chinese YongNuo Website


YNE3-RX Wireless Flash Receiver (new coming soon, so stay tuned)

YNE3-RX Wireless Flash Receiver

  • Supports Flash modes: ETTL, M, M ULTI
  • Supports single contact flash trigger
  • Supports remote shutter function, test firing
  • Supports PC output interface
  • Supports USB upgrades
  • Supports single contact lead flashing

Compatible transmitter (master unit):

Compatible ETTL flash list:
CANON – 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, 270EX II
YONGNUO – YN-568EX  II, YN-565C, YN-468C II, YN-467C II, YN-465C


YongNuo YN-E3RX


The new YNE3-RX receiver will likely mark the most significant addition or change to the RT system so far, opening it up to be used with many other lights than just the current Canon 600EX-RT or YongNuo YN600EX-RT speedlites.

There is no indication of when the YNE3-RX may be available. Though YongNuo are obviously aware this announcement alone will be the reassurance many people need before considering buying into the Canon RT system, with flashes like YongNuo’s recent flagship YN600EX-RT.


YN-E3-RT Firmware Update


YongNuo have also released a new firmware update V1.13 for the YN-E3-RT transmitter unit.

The only description provided for this update are – Fixed: Improved Performance.

The YN-E3-RT Firmware and Driver Software can be downloaded at the bottom of the page here.


YongNuo – Website


  1. Ahmed 7 years ago

    That’s it. I’m sold. Good bye Phottix. It was fun.

  2. The flasher 7 years ago

    Yeah, for me the big question now is….yongnuo or shanny????? Who’s products are worth waiting for????
    If this yn3 is infact a yn622 type attachment for older flashes then it could be revolutionary!

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Well if its any insight I’m actually pretty disappointed at the moment in the direction Shanny are taking now. They now appear to be determined to just rush out as many products as they can as soon as possible, and poorly planned. They specifically said they were not interested in a YN-622C / RF system for Canon, leading me to believe they would concentrate on developing the RT system they started with, and now they are determined to rush out an RF system.

      Shanny are going to end up with multiple incompatible systems, spreading their resources thinner across a lot of products so none of those really get the full attention or development they could use. This is very much a repeat of the mistakes YongNuo made a few years ago, but at least YongNuo now appear to be working to correct these issues (the hard way now).

      From what I can see Shanny don’t really have any plans to actually develop systems beyond what they already are, they are just making the most of what is already available. The SN-E3-RT does make some interface changes, but no real feature development other than adding the optic wireless. Shanny currently have no intention of developing important funtions like YongNuo have added with remote manual on any camera, group mode for pre 2012 cameras, or Second Curtain Sync etc.

      There’s no doubt you can thank the competition from Shanny for pushing YongNuo along, but its going to take some real return pressure from YongNuo with products like the YNE3-RX (and some vocal potential customers etc) to change the track Shanny appear to be on now. That’s not to say the current Shanny flashes are not pretty nice still, but I wouldn’t be counting on further development to the systems beyond the way they are released.


      And it is a concern how compatible these RT systems will be between different brands down the track. Every time YongNuo add a firmware update like this I have to wonder if there will be a little anti-Shanny compatibility surprise included. The second batch of YN600EX-RT are apparently no longer compatible with the Shanny SN600C-RT flash, so I’m wondering if the YN-E3-RT update may possibly introduce similar issues.

      So the safe way may well be sticking with all one brand or the other (and Canon). There are some nice options becoming available now, but it may be a very tricky choice as well.

      • Yuppa 7 years ago

        IMO, both Shanny (SN) and Yonguo (YN) are rather poorly run companies. They each get some things VERY right while doing other things VERY wrong. Neither leverage their apparent strengths.

        SN is incorporating their own RF radio system with the slave built-in flash–kudos! YN should have released a 622 system compatible flash–with radio BUILT-IN–a LONG time ago BECAUSE MANY WANT IT THAT WAY (they wasted so much time on the YN600EX-RT and still screwed it up royally).

        The down side is SN took the case of the YouPro Pro-6, threw their own internals inside–which, apparently, are NOT compatible with the very popular Canon 60D–and it does NOT have an A/F assist light. Who would dare release a NEW trigger these days without A/F assist?

        SN’s OFFICIAL supply chain: bupkis. (I NEVER buy from HK/China).


        YN went way back with me with the YN600EX-RT: total disaster. I’m reading that they are fixing things but why have a trigger firmware update that works on x64 and not a flash update, too? Why didn’t they just release a radio slave flash that’s compatible with their VERY popular 622 system? THEY NEED TO ADD A USB PORT ON THE 622 TRANSCEIVERS–NEXT VERSION! YN needs to work on customer service BIG time, too. Most of their reps don’t even know what products they sell, let alone how they work.

        YN has an OFFICIAL Amazon store front: kudos!

        So now many of us are on the fence again.

        • Author
          Flash Havoc 7 years ago

          Yes YongNuo certainly have a lot of work to do still as well. They have apparently addressed the YN-622C-TX’s range issues, though the YN-E3-RT still has this issue as well.

          With so many products and product lines though its hard for any of them to get the complete attention they need. That’s why I say its unfortunate to see Shanny now repeating this, when they had the priceless advantage of starting later with a clean page.

  3. Alexander Loff 7 years ago

    I haven’t received comments from GL but I already have confirmation from the dealer
    YNE3-RX – RT receiver which is created for TTL Speedlites,
    While there is no technical information and no one knows anything about the release date.

  4. Yuppa 7 years ago

    YNE3-RX Wireless Flash Receiver (new coming soon, so stay tuned)

    YNE3-RX Wireless Flash Receiver
    Support Flash mode: ETTL, M, M ULTI
    Support single contact flash trigger
    Support remote shutter function, test firing
    Supports PC output interface
    Support USB upgrade
    Support single contact lead flashing

    Compatible transmitter (master unit):
    IN-E3-RT, RT-YN600EX, ST-E3-RT, RT-600EX

    Compatible ETTL flash lists:
    Canon 600EX(RT) /580EXII/430EXII/320EX/270EX(II)
    YN568EX (II) / YN565C / YN468C (II) / YN467C (II) / YN465C

    What the HECK is the “IN-E3-RT”?

    • Alexander Loff 7 years ago

      where’s this coming from?

    • Yuppa 7 years ago

      “IN-E3-RT” must be a typo. Should read, “YN-E3-RT”.

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Thanks Guys,

      Well that certainly is an ambitious proposal then. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

  5. Ricardo 7 years ago

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that way about Shanny Elvis. As you said, they started with a clean slate and could’ve learned from YongNuo’s mistakes and successes.

    RF technology has no future. At least on the Canon side. And investing in it is a waste of resources. There can be an argument made that is cheap and doesn’t cost anything to do. Well yes, it’s resources away from products that people are waiting for. Like their 600EX-RT version flash. That should’ve been released last month and now we’re talking February. With their investment in RF, I now understand why it’s taking so long… While YongNuo has done some good things, wobbly flash heads??? And both Shanny & YongNuo have horrible websites. Really? They can’t pay a Chinese web developer $500 or so to completely re-vamp and modernize them?

    Company stability and professionalism is one of the original and biggest reasons why I bought into the Phottix system. While Phottix is a Chinese company, they look to have much better planning, prioritizing and engineering on their side. My Phottix Odin trigger system has been nothing but spectacular. Solid engineering, performance and ease of use. And their Odin II and Indra systems? All together, Phottix may have one of the best speedlite-based systems.

    I’m glad for YongNuo and Shanny providing some competition if anything on the low-end. Full-time pros will still buy Canon, semi-pros will buy quality Chinese products like Phottix and everyone else Shanny and YongNuo. And that last segment is absolutely huge. But that lower-market could grab some of the mid market by being just a little smarter. I’m talking just a little smarter…

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi Ricardo,

      Yes that is exactly what I’m meaning. The SN600EX-RT won’t be available in February now either. I wouldn’t hold my breath until possibly mid year.

      Shanny are just feeling their way with a bit of a spray and pray attitude, and they think they have nothing to lose by doing this. But they are throwing away their biggest advantage in the process.

      They change their mind all the time though, and its going to take announcements like this and really a lot of pressure from customers to get them to listen to what people actually want.


      I’m not quite sure what you are referring to with the YongNuo wobbly head? The foot was lose on the flashes in the camera hotshoe, but they appear to have revised this on the second run YN600EX-RT. Again improvements like this would very likely not have happened if Shanny had not released a flash with a more secure foot. So the competition is certainly doing some good.


      Yes Phottix have placed themselves on a different level. They could see there was no point trying to compete with the mass of super cheap flashes and triggers etc and went for a higher quality offering. I have the Indra on order as well.

      A lot of full time pros will be buying extra third party RT flashes as slave units though, as well as a receiver like the YNE3-RX which Canon would never provide. The rise of third party RT slave flashes are definitely going to effect Canon’s bottom line.

      • ronald 7 years ago

        Great! Will you be doing a review of the Indra?

        I think my ultimate setup would be godox v860s, indtras and triggered by the odin system. gives remote control ability and can also down scale to smaller/less powerful flashes if required. the godox bowens mount also makes buying modifers easy

      • Ricardo 7 years ago

        The ‘wobbly head’ comment was in reference to the loose foot of the YongNuo. It was my attempt to be funny. I failed. 🙂

        While Shanny may not be doing well right now, I hope they’ll improve. Let’s call it growing pains. Competition even on the low-end is good. The quality and the functionality of the Shanny and YongNuo units is really good at the price. And it’s only going to get better.

        I think Phottix is taking over the PocketWizard mantle. And so far, is doing a fantastic job. Not only providing solid basics, but doing the development for more advanced products to differentiate themselves. The Indra looks to be an excellent solution for powering a large modifier outside and using speedlites for fill and accent lighting. All controlled with one transmitter. At this point, Phottix looks to be the long-term DSLR speedlite solution. Especially for pros.

        With the release of this new receiver from YongNuo and the loose-foot issue a moot point, this is an amazing system for the speedlite-only user. Even only three years ago, a system like this for the price would be un-heard of…

        Keep up the good work YongNuo!

        • Yuppa 7 years ago

          IMO, the Shanny SN600SC is the best optical master/slave HSS, TTL flash out there for only ~$120.00 USD delivered (and you can get it on Amazon with Prime support from EACHSHOT, so NO Hong Kong/China issues).

          So they ARE capable.

          Where Shanny dropped the ball was wasting time on this “silly” RF system where they just took YouPro’s case and threw some stuff inside that’s just wrong. Their SN600C-RF flash works with the 60D but the RF trigger doesn’t. Huh? (I still can’t swallow that fully.)

          That time should have been invested in bringing the SN600EX-RT (along with the add-on module to support everybody who bought into that possibility) to market NOW. I mean, they have an RT transmitter (“SN-E3-RT”) AND an RT flash (“SN600C-RT”): so how hard could it be to combine the TWO into ONE?

          The next logical step would have been a universal RT receiver (like it appears Yongnuo is about to do) that “hears” RT for non-Shanny (any) flashes (imagine a transceiver, too, like the YN622 system only in RT).

          Make sure everything has a USB port for firmware updates.
          Code update apps to work on PC/Mac (64-bit) OS’s.


          P.S. Canon’s RT protocol has be reversed engineer by both Yongnuo and Shanny: they should both stop this silly infighting and accept the RT “pulses” as the STANDARD and produce products that use only RT and stop trying to block each other.

    • Jamie 7 years ago

      I’ve been told that Phottix is programed in Germany and assembled in China. I would agree that it may be the best system out there. Build quality and reliability is excellent (better than Canon). High speed sync is great and prefer the Odin to the Canon 600EX-RT. the Odin and controller does everything the Canon system does and more. There is even a studio mono light (haven’t tried it yet). I use all my legacy Canon Speedlites and any other brand speedlite.

      While I am very happy and have no plans to give up my Phottix system, I am happy to see progress and more competition.

  6. Tony M 7 years ago

    Shanny has been disappointing, I can’t deny that. Even worse is the excitement level generated at first, only for the big let down. After years in marketing, I can say the worst thing you can do is put out teasers and then never follow up. Make that second worst. The worst thing is to release a product with that hype that is not at all ready for prime time. Yongnuo and Shanny have both fallen on their faces.

    I have to admit, this new teaser is interesting – it’s something I’ve been complaining about for years regarding Canon. Canon has neglected a huge percentage of their user base by not releasing some sort of receiver to work with their legacy products. Doing this could only increase their market share and sales of the 600EX-RT. Instead, they seem more than eager to shovel off these sales to companies like Phottix. After all, why invest in something if you’re not sure if it will be dropped like the proverbial hot potato in the future?

    Personally I’m invested in the Canon system as the extra cost offsets the peace of mind for longevity, durability and repairs. But if I were doing it all over – or somebody asks me (as they do) I point them to Phottix after telling them my Yongnuo flash nightmare stories. I have no problem recommending their triggers – but that’s hardly an investment. Luckily, I’m quite happy with the Yongnuo products I own right now – they’re excellent.

    I really do have to wonder just what these guys along with Shanny are thinking. It’s almost as if they’re one upping each other without consideration for the customer or the actual product for that matter. But that would be cynical, wouldn’t it?

    Regardless, I’d be happy to eat my words if indeed Yongnuo makes good on this one. It would also make an awful lot of sad 580EX owners happy.

  7. fhd 7 years ago

    What I’m missing is support for flash mode Gr, i.e. Groups. That is the mode that really sets the Canon RT system apart, because it allows (i) up to five completely independent groups, and (ii) mixing of ETTL and Manual (i.e., some Groups can be ETTL, while others — say, a backlight or hair light — can be manual).

    From reading the specs, this looks like a 622C that can be triggered by the RT system. If that forces the whole setup back into the old optical mode setup, then this product is useless. You buy the RT system to have Groups, otherwise there are many good workarounds which make the RT system way too expensive.

    Sure hope I’m wrong on this one. A trigger that would bring Groups to flashes other than the 600’s (of whichever manufacturer) would be awesome. Next step: make that Groups enable trigger compatible with studio strobes, and then let those studio strobes do HSS…

  8. nixland 7 years ago

    Why it doesn’t support YN565EXII ??

    • Author
      Flash Havoc 7 years ago

      Hi nixland,

      I’m not sure about that one. It may just be an oversight that they didn’t specifically state the MK II YN565 EX (as well as the YN-565C).

      I haven’t received the YNE3-RX I ordered yet, so I’m not to sure what the YNE3-RX are really capable at all as yet.

      I don’t think I’ve seen any feedback of other people receiving their receiver just yet either.

  9. shamyil 6 years ago

    Hey i have a question recently i bought jinbei hd600v strobe unit ,which is apparently a manual flash not ttl controled but through its own trigger you can switch ln its strobe light and control its power , i have yongnuo flashes ttl and non ttl 565 n 600 rt i also have this trigger for 565 to do hhs n control power through yn-e3rt n yes it does work well the power n hhs though it doesnt saynit do hhs it does go beyong 250 shuttr speed n do hhs now i got jinbei 600watt manual strobe and i would like to use all my flash lights too and take some amazing photos , the unit hasnt arrived yet still waiting for it so not sure if connecting yongnuo yn e3 rx with a sync cable to jinbei hd600v will trigger the strobe unit along with other two yongnuo flashes if i have radio transmitter yongnuo yn e3 RT , i hope all there lights will show thunder soign on radio trigger display and i can manage to change the power , hss mode , groups without spending furtune on strobes like profoto b1 and triggers like PWzz … if yhis does the trick that means i have a 400 usd lithium batteries operated 600w ttl hss strobe light .. tht would be amazinggggg 😀 fingers crossed

    • shamyil 6 years ago

      And sorry just to correct myself TTL flashes are those which take initial readings of things like light exposure blablabla n takes its own decision , good for underwater photography , no need to spend money on that , manual rocks!!!!

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