ZACK ARIAS – ONELIGHT 2.0 – Pre-Order Discount

If you’re thinking its time to stop taking pictures that suck, Zack Arias has just the video to help with that!

Zacks new OneLight Workshop V2.0 will be available March 31st. But you can save yourself a few dollars by Pre-Ordering now for just $50.

If you’re new at all to lighting techniques, or even gear, this would be pretty hard to go past. Close to 7 hours of instructions in Zack’s fun and easy to understand delivery.

You can even grab up souvenir Carl the taxidermy rodent shirt.



I noticed Zack’s even upgraded his trusty “stick” to an upside down Phottix Mutli Boom column. I guess that’s one more way to use them.



Zack’s Travel Kit (or close to it) –


I can’t really argue with these, as the Fuji X100s camera (with leaf shutter) is a special case which gets the most out of fast radio triggers or direct sync cord. PocketWizard Plus X would be just as good here though and save $100 (for a pair).

If you wanted to use another flash without the mounting point on the side like the LP180 shown, the velcro strap on base from Phottix’s HS peed Mount II would do the trick.


OneLight Workshop V2.0 Pre-Ordering now for $50.

See the DEDPXL blog for lots more great information and Q&A to come.


  1. SithTracy 6 years ago

    I am interested in seeing this guys technique for lighting. It might be worth a ½-C note for the view. Saw some YouTube videos from this guy and the way he carries himself is impressive. Might get some useful information from him.

  2. Juan L 6 years ago

    Got it, love it and just nailed a shoot. His dvd is teaching in motion

  3. Nate 6 years ago

    I am quite happy with my purchase as well. Great for a beginner such as myself.

  4. reezluv 6 years ago

    do you have any coupon for that? 😀

  5. Adrian Gudewicz 2 years ago

    anyone have this in poland ?? pliss comment

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